Weapons & Equip Pygmy Whip - Voodoo Tag


Sold by the Witch Doctor after 2 mech bosses, the Pygmy Whip tags enemies with a "voodoo" effect. Each tagged enemy will receive damage done to any enemy your minions are doing damage to. In other words, your minions attacking one enemy will magically duplicate that damage and cast it to other enemies that are tagged. The amount of damage duplicated decreases with increasing numbers of Pygmy tagged enemies.

When tagging enemies I imagine that the effect could visually be similar to the Cool Whip, with a little tiki spirit that travels through enemies to tag them.

  • 70 Dmg
  • Slow speed
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The problem with this is that there are three other whips obtainable at this stage of the game (Morningstar, Dark Harvest, Kaleidoscope). It's far too competitive of a spot in competitive for a new whip.
What would be a better spot? I made it Plantera mostly because I thought it was thematically fitting
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