Pylon Activation Range


N.B. : These distances were good for version 1.4 and will need to be reverified and adjusted for version 1.4.1.

Just a very simple guide in the form of a snapshot for those people trying to figure out how far away from their pylon they can build their individual npc houses .

If you build your npc houses in such a way that your two NPCs' home tiles are ON or within the perimeter of stone slab the pylon will work. IF your home tiles (also called anchors) are outside the area the pylon won't detect the npc and will not work.

Ah yes, and for those who don't wanna count, ^_^ :D :p, from the central block underneath the pylon,
the perimeter stands at 84 tiles left/west and 83 tiles right/east for a total width of 168 (84+1+83)
and 66 tiles above and 57 tiles below for a total height of 124 tiles (66+1+57)

Here's the snapshot
Pylon Activation Range.png
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