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Welcome to the homepage of my mods, here I post related updates, links and info.
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currently inactive banner by my friend Goni, thank you Goni!

Pyro's Universe:
My main mod. Ah, yes.
It's been a WIP for a while now. Since 1.3. When 1.4 rolled around. I chose to do the hard option.
Delete and remake it. Since then, I've been working to improve it. And, It's got a lot of changes.
Soon, within weeks to a month or two, it'll release. And, here it is.

Planned to implement: Grazing system, at least 4 bosses, at least 60 items, at least 20 tiles, at least one new biome, maybe subworld before release.

Planned for later:

A LOT of things. Rework Yamato, Draw function based swords, Solaris

-Pyro boss (Not entirely a self insert, it's from a joke suggestion)
-A few weapons
-Grazing is 50% (Currently requires an
accessory, but it works)
-More??? (The Untold)

Sus Mod 2:
I promised it, so, I made it.
Don't bother with it, but for those curious, Sus Mod 2
Sus mod was a mod I made in around 5 minutes, back in '21.
Since Sus mod, the way I mod and code has been changed.
So, I updated it. Pyro's Sus Mod 2.
1 boss.
4 weapons.
1 boss summon.
That's it.

My main mod, often shortened to Pyro's Mod, has not been published for any main release.

Links section

Discord: Join the Pyro’s Mod Discord Server!
My Personal Website: Visit My Website!
Wiki (Main mod): To be continued

Honorable mention

Terra wooden sword :lo:
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