Return to Neibreth: A Sequel to a Text Adventure of mine... [Story based]

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"THAT WAS NOT FUNNY YOU LITTLE! AND WHAT THE butts WRATH!" Scary yells flailing his arms and legs around.

"Invlictus, are you ok with the whole... hole thing?" Secret asks.
Oh, I'm fine.
*Invictus turns Secret into a halberd and stabs Wrath*
Could do without the violent removal of the spear though. Hey, why are you being so nice? Didn't you just try to display our deaths to thousands of people?
“Heh, I know this is gonna be stupid, but I’ve always wondered how my armor would stack against the best stuff in the games...” *Runs up to one of the patrols and fires a missile into them.*

BTW I get why you villanize the enclave in fallout, but looking into fallout 3 what they do does actually make sense, to the point that there are multiple fallout 4 mods where you join them as the good guys.
Grant is appalled at Jack's lack of discretion, and then looks for a moment at one of those patrols, and thinks for a moment, before saying,

Well, if this works, I'm going to cause some chaos, but, I suppose, if that fails, I can try to salvage this into a 'happy little accident'...

He then tries to use the blood art technique to move one of them against their will, in the event that fails, he just tries to knock them out.
Zell is similarly dumbfounded at Jack's actions. He'd rather avoid the conflict this time, quickly getting away from Grant before he's seen as someone who wants to fight. Coward... Zell hides behind a wall to the left of the gate, hoping nobody inside could see him.
"Well, whatever it is, there was some Hootingham Gore... or something like that, mentioned some mirror gate in the Murkfog swamp. I assume that's related to the mirror world, not sure why he was so open about it though."
That foe is strong... *Ryuga looks at Scary, and Invictus and Secret, before 'targeting' the Wrath* I must stay focused on his moves...
*He puts on Defensive Stance, ready to counter the upcoming attack* Alright. Come on !
Ah, peace and quiet. SOAP liked it this way, no people to have to exert precious energy to attempt to communicate with, no monsters to try and tear her to little pieces...


Oh, right. With SOPAH around, it was never quiet.


Ignoring SOPAH's annoying, dumb taunts...


SOAP decided to investigate the present located not too far away.
Current Time of Day: Day: 5/9

~~~~Grant Redman (@Mr. Fury)~~~~ [MENTALLY SCARRED] [SIDESHIELD]
Current Location: Ocean: Newer Ravenrock
HP: 220/235 DP: 6 LVL: 23
Party: Walter: 400/400
Party: OHGAWDSworth: 250/250
~~~~Zell (@Creeper da Snek)~~~~
Current Location: Ocean: Newer Ravenrock
HP: 579/628 [CAT SCRATCH] DP: 70 LVL: 17
Current Location: Ocean: Newer Ravenrock
HP: 480/520 DP: 199 LVL: 16

Zell tries to hide behind the gate door while Edgesworth tells him that we shouldn't be hiding, We should be sneaking!

Jack runs up to one of the patrols and takes em out with a missile! no battle even needed!
Meanwhile Grant decides to test a theory.. and uses blood art technique
An enclave soldier freezes up and drops his weapon as he falls to the ground in pain
Grant has learned the power of blood bending blood art technique to puppet his enemies!
Walter runs up and opens one of the doors and then motions for everyone to come on, Grant drags his victim with him via blood powers while Edgesworth drags zell from his hiding place with the group..

As the group sneaks around in the halls they find a large room, and suddenly the doors close on them, An armored turtle with wings flies in from a nearby hole, while two doors open up and poors out two Enclave and one single shy guy with a sombrero...

An Enclave trooper appears!
An Enclave trooper appears!
An Enclave Paratroopa appears!
A Sombrero Guy appears!

~~~~Aleron (OC) (@tappaja100)~~~~
Current Location: Haven Province: Newer Haven
HP: 300/300 DP: 100 LVL 1
Party: Goresby Purrvis: 500/500

Purrvis: Hootingham-gore? he used to be one of my Comrades... But why would he tell you about the mirror gate and such unless.... unless he wants you to go there, and for you to fall for one of his traps...

Considering purrvis is an Ex-member of the Doom & Gloom Legion, you could ask him questions, likewise now that the drinking has finished you could head off to another building in newer haven, or you could go out to the wilderness and explore, just beware of monsters!

Current Location: The Lost Land: Caves
Team DP: 3293
~~~Happy/Scary (@Xmax360)~~~
HP: 179/200 225/225 LVL 12
~~~~Invictus (@Madder)~~~~ [DEMONS ENRAGEMENT [LVL 1]]
HP: 350/370 LVL 4
~~~~Ryuga (OC) (@Kazuki)~~~~
Current Location: The Lost Land: Caves
HP: 250/250 DP: 33 LVL 1

Wrath grins as he goes for a stab, Ryuga evades and counters, this leads to wrath evading and countering, which leads to ryuga evading and countering, which leads to....

(I'm assuming the comment invictus made at the end was to lemmy.)
Lemmy: Hey, i was just trying to give the people a show, We both share a common and strong enemy, The seven deadly sins...
Happy/Scary finally fall from the roof with enough flailing...

Invictus turns secret into a halberd and runs towards wrath, Wrath turns around but was to slow due to ryuga's constant evading and attacking, it sent wrath flying deeper into the cave. But didn't do any damage....
Wraths heavy and distorted breathing is the only sound that echoes through the caves as he stares at invictus with pure rage, he does a neck slice motion with one of his fingers as he charges forward! But Ryuga att- Wrath, not giving a single :red: about ryuga anymore, decides to just fling em into a wall and continue his war path to invictus!

Scary decides to try to walk towards wrath and talk sense into hi- Wrath picks up scary and shoves him into the ceiling once again...

Lemmy creates a shield, Wrath breaks through, Lemmy creates a bigger shield, Wrath punches it several times before stabbing through it with his shield...
Lemmy: EEK!

Wrath then Smashes the nearby wall causing a cave in behind him! Lemmy,invictus and wrath are now seperated from Happy/Scary and Ryuga!

Wrath draws near!

Invictus: 350/370
Lemmy: 250/250
Dark Sludge Wrath: 400/400

Lemmy starts the battle by casting "Information!"

Lemmy: That's wrath alright, The Demon general.... Said to be the second in command of the hell he came from, He hates when a demon isn't loyal to him and will hunt them down to the ends of the earth to insure that they either bow to him and serve, or perish...

HP is 400, Attack is 80, Defence is 24...

He has been powered up by the black sludge stuff, as such he absolutely REEKS of blackrock! it seems normal attacks like with weapons won't be any effect at all, But abilities and magic should do something!
He will fight with his spear, suplex us into the ceiling or walls, and fire off beams of darkness from his hands, and while he has the black sludge coursing through his bones, He can spew it at us like a fire hydrant, We obviously do not want that...

He has the one time ability "Armageddon" Which requires a 3 turn charge before it's ready, so KILL HIM QUICKLY if he starts casting it!

Happy/Scary and Ryuga think about the situation, They obviously need to get behind the rock slide and help Invictus and lemmy, They realize that one of the cave paths behind them should lead the way, Which path will they take? The left or Right cave paths?

~~~~Catherine (OC) (@SteelSt0rmMaster)~~~~
Current Location: Murkfog Swamp: Maze of Fog
HP: 260/340 DP: 110 LVL 1

Seeing as how you seemingly did not read your entire turn last time, i'll skip this turn to let you reread over the last update and see if just running away after waking up with a healer is the best idea...

~~~~SOAP (OC) (@Sky High)~~~~
Current Location: A dark place...
HP: 250/250 DP: 100 LVL: 1

SOAP decides to try to open the nearby present, inside was a Defence shower! you take it.
As you look around you hear a droning noise and hide behind a nearby ruined wall as you watch this thing creep around turning it's head around looking for.... who knows what...

This thing seems to be watching the road that leads to the dark and ominous castle more than the road leading to the strange glowing bayou...
Something is REALLY compelling you to go to the castle, But common sense says it's a bad idea, What now?

~~~~Theven (OC) (@TheGuy)~~~~
Current Location: A dark place....
HP: 300/300 DP: 160 LVL 1

You are Theven, You awake in a dark and desolate place, the sky is full of black clouds drowning out even the moonlight... most of the trees and buildings around you are dead and in ruins, a present lies nearby being clutched in the arms of skeletal remains. You hear a constant rumble noise and notice that you are near a beach, and it seems that all the water in the ocean is nothing more then a large amount of black ooze sloshing around and banging against the sandy coast... You see a large and evil looking castle in the distance, and a road going to it, you also see that the other end of the road leads into a bayou that is glowing blue....

What do you do?
Well, I see this 'new' skill being a double edged sword, on one hand it's potential extremely powerful, on the other, I have to concentrate on my puppet's actions rather than defending myself...

Grant makes his controlled enclave soldier move over to the 2 enemy enclave troopers to 'relieve' them of their plasma rifles(which I presume they have, because enclave is predictable like that, inb4 one of the weapons is a ripper or something, I feel like Jack would love one of those, they are more fun than plasma guns imho) and throw them(the weapons, not the troopers) over to Grant's allies.
Zell doesn’t take well to being dragged along and promises to himself that he’ll destoy the floating robot later.
For now, though, he has to fight, which is exactly what has was trying to avoid. Great. Why couldn’t he just sit back and let things fall into traps instead? He flings his chain knife at the flying soldier.

[Ability Used: Basic Attack - Target: Enclave Paratrooper]
I seem to have COMPLETELY misread the previous update, I am so sorry.

"I appreciate the help...but why did you save me? I mean, for all you know I fight for the enemy...Not that I do."

Edit: I'd like to apologize for being rather late recently. It's my first time doing this, so I'm not that great, even though I barely have to do anything. :sigh:
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"Yeah, so... I just obliterated an entire patrol in one shot. If you REALLY want to die that badly, fine by me. Just this time, PLEASE leave some loot undamaged." *Shoots the Enclave Trooper A with a missile and scans sombrero guy.*
"Nice. Free stuff."
Theven goes over to the present and decides to be super extra and slice the present open.
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SOAP's first enemy... No good trying to attack it head-on... but that castle seems cool.


SOAP knew she'd have to move fast... but she could stand delaying the monster. After all, it can't stop what it can't see. She decided to blind it, then gun it for the castle. If only Double Down were here...

[Censor Sight > ???]

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