Return to Neibreth: A Sequel to a Text Adventure of mine... [Story based]

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"Well it seems that Wrath either is being controlled, or I... we have been kicked out of the group. Besides that, now I can kill you without anyone knowing." Scary fast attacks Ryūga.
Probably not, but hell, you're able to conjure shotgun shells when you need to. Just do that but with... energy?
Uh... What- *Ryūga parries* Don't try silly things... Scary. From my perspective, you need me, to escape from here, and I need you... Killing me will not solve the situation. Got it ? *He glowers at Scary.*

(Yes! I know how to write in color now !)
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"Ermergerd where is the update, quite doing life stuff and update already" -Said no one ever but i put this here for comedic effect anyways....

So i need to explain some things instead of just leaving you guys here without any updates, Return to Neibreth is currently on a Hiatus, i'm putting it on hold for a while.

"Why?" Because i just cannot find the time to update it at the moment, My personal life/my job/my dedicated hard work on preparing the Land of the Dead/An event on a game that i play dailey are all getting in the way and preventing me from pushing out updates quickly.

"So is return to Neibreth going to be like In the shadows of ivuul chapter 3, AKA cancelled it?" NO! Unlike Chapter 3 i actually have a story laid out and ideas i WANT to use for return to neibreth, i have an entire storyline lined up and ready to do, i just can't find the time and motivation to put it out.

"Why are you working on another forum game and not using that time to work on this one?" For a multitude of reasons... You see, i love Neibreth, Ivuul,Scorpion, and all these great characters that i'm sure many of you have grown to like as well, i really can't wait to finish telling this story because i had a blast writing it. But that's the thing, i love writing stories and the Land of the Dead is a game that i've put in so much more hard work towards, more than normal... The idea of the land of the deads story has actually been around for almost 3 or 4 years now... As such i want to make sure that when i am ready to start the game, Everything is in place...

"So what's the worst case scenario for Return to Neibreth? What would happen if i DID cancel it (Which will not happen...)" If for some unknown reason something like that happened, i would post my entire storyline for the remainder of the story for you guys to at least feel like the story is finally concluded.

"When will the hiatus end" Unsure, But if i can find the time to work on a few turns whenever i can, i should be able to send out updates every now and then. But i'd rather find the motivation/time and work on it to make sure the updates are as good as i can make them, I've pushed out updates with no motivation And it showed... I really wish i could go back and remake several updates of past Text Adventures because of it...

"For the few who know of it, what happened to the Text Adventure story you were writing?" That is more or less dead until i can find ideas for it, You see, making a story that is supposed to be read like an actual story rather than a game story is much harder for me...

Anyways, Seeya guys once return!... Or too most of you here, Seeya in the General channel of our discord!
So I asked @Demon God Ivuul on steam about when he was gonna update, he said 'Do it urslf if ur tht dsprte m8'

So I took his advice :p

Current Time of Day: Day: 6/9
~~~~Grant Redman (@Mr. Fury)~~~~ [MENTALLY SCARRED] [SIDESHIELD]
Current Location: Ocean: Newer Ravenrock
HP: 220/235 DP: 6 LVL: 23
Party: Walter: 400/400
Party: OHGAWDSworth: 250/250
~~~~Zell (@Creeper da Snek)~~~~
Current Location: Ocean: Newer Ravenrock
HP: 579/628 [CAT SCRATCH] DP: 70 LVL: 17
Current Location: Ocean: Newer Ravenrock
HP: 480/520 DP: 199 LVL: 16

Grant tries to get his slave 'loyal' minion to relieve Enclave Troopers A and B of their weapons. However, Vampire Edgelord Earl comes along and screws that plan over.

Earl: You aren't the only one with blood powers... I'm going to offer your blood to the blood overlord!
Earl stabs the Enclave 'Minion' with his sacrificial prison shank.

Enclave Minion is now Enraged Blood Overlord!

Earl then slashes Grant's throat open, killing him.


Enraged Blood Overlord uses his godly powers to obliterate Jack, Walter and Zell from existence!


The remainder of the party stands no chance and surrenders.

~~~~Aleron (OC) (@tappaja100)~~~~
Current Location: Haven Province: Newer Haven
HP: 300/300 DP: 100 LVL 1
Party: Goresby Purrvis: 500/500

Suddenly the D&G has send 8989 Golden Lynels to attack Newer Haven... Newer Haven is in shambles, and you are very ded.


Current Location: The Lost Land: Caves
Team DP: 3293
~~~Happy/Scary (@Xmax360)~~~
HP: 179/200 225/225 LVL 12
~~~~Invictus (@Madder)~~~~ [DEMONS ENRAGEMENT [LVL 1]]
HP: 350/370 LVL 4
~~~~Ryuga (OC) (@Kazuki)~~~~
Current Location: The Lost Land: Caves
HP: 250/250 DP: 33 LVL 1

Wrath looks at Lemmy like he got something wrong.
Wrath casts Armageddon.


~~~~Catherine (OC) (@SteelSt0rmMaster)~~~~
Current Location: Murkfog Swamp: Maze of Fog
HP: 260/340 DP: 110 LVL 1

You have been seemingly spared of the ramp- oh wait, nevermind... The swamp just got nuked...


~~~~SOAP (OC) (@Sky High)~~~~
Current Location: A dark place...
HP: 250/250 DP: 100 LVL: 1

SOAP winds up censoring their own vision somehow...
The enemy notices you and proceeds to kill you while you are weak.


~~~~Theven (OC) (@TheGuy)~~~~
Current Location: A dark place....
HP: 300/300 DP: 160 LVL 1

The Present was a mimic, and enraged by the fact it just got slashed, eats Theven so that is has the energy to heal.




Special thanks to @Demon God Ivuul for letting me pull this!
Well well well... it's time for an important and dire announcement... at this point things have started to happen and i now have ZERO motivation to continue Return to Neibreth....
it's time for the game to end.... i am so very VERY sorry that i need to do this AGAIN... trust me when i say that i hate every minute of needing to type this up and end RTN before we even made it halfway through the story...

"Why are you ending it? WHY ARE YOU LETTING US DOWN ONCE AGAIN?! AHHHHHHHHHHHHRGH!" Again, i really am upset about this... But i now have no motivation to continue, all of my motivation has gone towards Land of the Dead,Work and soon i'll be moving to a new house and have to spend a good lot of my time getting set up there.... The way i see it, i can either pull the plug now, or keep shelling out horrible updates that aren't up to my standards and just keep delaying LOTD...

this document has all of my "roadmap for the rest of this story" i do hope you guys can at least enjoy it...

With Regrets... Ivuul Baalrohne, Better known as Nigel.
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