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PC Reverted world


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This issue is similar to the corrupted world issue a few people seem to be having, but not quite the same. I never got an "unable to load world" error message. Instead, the world save reverted to a different world. I had deleted that world shortly after entering, then I generated a new world (different seed) with the same name which is now lost. The character I was playing seems to be perfectly fine. I had last played on the world in, and it is locally saved.

I'm not sure what went wrong. Maybe it reverted to the backup which was from before I created the second world (even though I had deleted the first one). In any case, the .wld and .bak files seem to be identical now so unfortunately I don't think I can get my world back, but I'm posting here in case it helps with finding the bug or something. I've attached the .wld and .bak files.


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After some thought here's what I think is most likely to have happened:

1. I deleted the first world ingame, which probably only deletes the .wld and not the .bak
2. For some reason, on all my sessions since the creation of the second world, no backups were made
3. After joining the world on, it loaded the .bak file instead of .wld
4. Exiting the game overwrote the .wld file, meaning the second world was completely deleted
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