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Should Ocram be revived?

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Skeletron Prime
As a console player, I love Ocram. However, as of right now he is not that good for equipment and where he is in the game. Here are some proposed changes to re-add him into the game

Health: Upgrade his health to 90,000, and his defense to 40. Improve his melee damage to 85.
Drops: Change his drops and the weapons/armor that he drops. Here are what his new drops would be:

Greater Healing potions
Souls of Blight
Hallowed Bars
Vulcan Repeater
Ocram Staff
(Each of the weapons are a 20% drop chance with only one dropping at a time)

Soul of Blight Changes:
Now used only to craft the Dragon armor (Titan and Specral armor would both be removed)
Dragon armor would be crafted out of Hallowed bars and soul of blight

Weapon Changes:
No longer crafted
Increase damage to 85
Shoots a mini spear that does 75% of weapon damage and is not affected by gravity

No longer crafted
Increased damage to 100
Increase use time to very fast

Vulcan Repeater;
No longer crafted
Add another arrow shot behind the vulcan bolt that is not consumed when used and is whatever arrow is actually used
Change sprite to look more unique

No longer crafted
Shoots 3 arrows, 1 spectral (Center) and the other 2 Hellfire (Outer) for the cost of one
Increased use time

Ocram Staff;
Summons an Ocram minion that looks like a mini version of him
Each minion counts as .75 of a minion
2 variants each representing a different phase
The phase 1 version is faster and shoots mini servants, as well as melee damage
The phase 2 version stays further back and fires demon Scythes
Both have a "melee" damage (the number shown by the staff) of 25, the mini servants do 50 and the demon scythes do 75

All weapons except for the minion summon autoswing/fire

Crafting recipe change to 5 Hallowed bars, 1 soul of each mechanical boss, and 5 ectoplasm

Expert mode:
His expert item could be the Ocram Crystal, which would spawn a crystal above your head that looks like the one on the trophy, that fires demon scythes and lasers at enemies, as well as giving you all of the buffs of the Well fed buff.

Overall I think this would be helpful as Ocram is one of my favorite bosses and I don't want him to be removed completely, however he was underpowered because he was about the same difficulty as a Mechanical boss and his items weren't that good.
More Flat Out Speed, The Activated Beetle Armor Buff Would Be Faster.
Also, Would The Dragon Armor Be The Exact Same, Or Would It Be Buffed?
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