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Roll to Act!

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Skeletron Prime
From the creator of the forum game "Random Forum Fight!". I present to you to this awesome game that went dead so quickly after one update. Seriously.
>TFW a awesome and unique game died from one single update.


Once upon a time... Two factions lived peacefully and in harmony. The ORDER and the HONOR. Until one day, the ORDER fought ruthlessly against the HONOR. Dispite how powerful the HONOR is, they lost against the ORDER. They banished the HONOR to a undisclosed Mountain. In which, the HONOR will never return.

One day, the ORDER learned a dangerous magic spell, which is forbidden to learn, even the most magical spellcasters cannot learn. Teleportalica.

The ORDER once used this spell on a remote site, but...

They just never learn.


Unlike other forums games, this game requires PURE luck and some skill to learn and progress. It's just all about the 6 Die Roll. We'll get to that in a minute. First, Rules.
  1. Stay appropriate. We all know that we should do this.
  2. Yes, it's possible to die in this game. But you'll respawn after 3 turns, with full HP and what not.
  3. I'll be the GM around this place. So keep an eye out for my posts.
  4. You can do creative moves to deal more damage! EX: Uncreative: I slash the enemy with my sword. | Creative: I do a 360 while doing a putting my sword out! Which damages all enemies around me!
  5. Items can be only obtained by getting them throughout quests.
  6. Due to school and other things. I may not update this game as much, so expect updates, usually on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
Time for the main gig for this Forum Game. The mechanics!

One reason why this is called "Roll to Act!" for some reason is because, every action you do, every action the enemy does is only focused on the 6 Die Roll. 1 being the Worst State, 6 being the Best State. For example, I'll do a sample action listed on the space below.

  • "I grab the sword next to me."
Then, I'll do the Die roll. Here is the different states that you can get in one action.

  1. Epic Fail. - You attempted to grab the sword, but sadly, you're to slow to get it! And the enemy got the sword and you're forced to fight them! - Epic Fail is the Worst state.
  2. Fail. - You attempted to grab that sword, but you tripped on accident! - Fail is the second to the worst state, but you still


Skeletron Prime
Oh right, sorry. Somehow this forum game got accidentally posted, I'll continue adding more mechanics. As of now, this game ain't ready yet.

Be sure to check this again when I have time.
Gonna post this as an easy way of watching for when it's open. So far it seems exciting.

I'll guess:
1- Epic fail (the enemy gets the sword)
2- Fail (you don't get the sword)
3- Semi-fail (you get the sword but it breaks/is weaker than you thought/other)
4- Success (you get the sword)
5- Great! (you get the sword, and [positive thing] occurs
6- Amazing! (you get the sword, and [amazing thing] occurs
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