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Story Sailor Moon Aeons Book 2: Rebirth.

Kyouko Tsukino

Act 7 begins. Only "a few" more acts to finish this book. The previous version had more than two hundred episodes, this one may have a few episodes less - but more content.

Sailor Moon Aeons.
Book 2: Rebirth.
Act 7: The Senshi of Chaos.
Episode 98: She's the one named Sailor... What?

By Razor Knight
Last update: May 29, 2015


Usagi looked out the window and let out a sigh. Six months. A whole six months with no enemy attacks. Back when she had started fighting, she would have said she enjoyed the peace, but she couldn't lie to herself. While no attacks meant people could live in peace, she missed the fighting.

And despite how chaotic they had been, she also missed the way fans had reacted to their decision to reveal their identities. Sometimes she would still meet a fan who would be very enthusiastic (or to use Terry's words, "crazy") but those were a rarity.

She looked down and noticed Luna staring at her. "Luna? How long have you been there?"

"A minute or two. You seemed lost in thought, and I didn't want to interrupt you."

Usagi smiled. "Sorry about that."

"Usagi, you've been acting strange lately. When in front of your friends, or your family, you seem to be enjoying yourself, but when you're alone... You look sad, and it worries me."

"I haven't told anyone, because I'm not sure what they'll think. Luna, I miss fighting."

"... That's all?"

"I'm one of the good guys, right? I'm not supposed to like fighting-"

"That's not true. Enjoying something means you're good at it, and since you'll probably have to go through more fighting in the future, it will make things easier for you, in a way. As long as you don't go out there and try to pick up fights with anyone you see-" she sighed. "You should tell the others, I'm sure you'll be surprised at their answers."

"You mean..."

"I'm sure a few of them miss those battles too. Just don't let that ruin everything else for you."

"I won't." Usagi looked out the window as she heard screams, and frowned. "Sometimes I think the universe has a strange sense of humor."

Luna saw what Usagi meant and shook her head. "How many of those are there?"

"Something tells me we won't like the answer to that question."


Nova had been patrolling the city, but then she saw Usagi taking on an enemy. Usagi, not Sailor Moon, but she could guess why. She stopped and watched the 'battle,' short as it was, then phased near her friend. "They don't make alien invaders like they used to."

Usagi looked at the remains of the mantis-like creature. "That's an understatement. Looking for Shingo?"

"No, I was just flying by. Tell him I said hi, though."

"Will do." Usagi saw Nova turn to leave, and sighed. "I've been thinking... Would you be mad if any of us decided to help?"

"Help?" Nova smiled. "Oh, I get it. Honestly, I wouldn't mind, but you would be surprised at the effect having an actual superhero or ten around has on criminals."

Usagi nodded. True, Phase, Ail and Ann and Warwitch had also been seen plenty of times around the city, and caught a good number of criminals. "It's not our 'job' but I feel like I could use some action between evil group and evil group."

Nova stared at Usagi. "As long as you can control your own strength-"

Usagi flinched at that. "I know that. I asked Terry about how strong I was compared to a normal human, he told me even my fists, in my normal form, could kill someone in one blow."

"It's not a bad idea, but you don't need to do it."

"Neither do you," Usagi said.

"I know."

"Hey, I thought you were patrolling?"

Nova turned to see Shingo walking to them. "I am. Sorry I can't spend more time with you, but-"

Shingo smiled at her. "It's fine, don't worry."

"I'll come back before dinner," Nova said, then vanished.

Usagi noticed Shingo's frown. "It's not fine, right?"

"Ugh, sometimes I wish you could turn that ability of yours off. I... Feel useless."

"Shingo, you're just a boy, and-"

"I'm almost as old as you were when you started fighting monsters. Heck, ChibiUsa was younger than me."

Luna had walked out of the house in time to hear that. "Not every human can be a Senshi."

"What if I am?"

Usagi looked down, then shook her head. "Even if my sword chose you to be a Dragon, this is not all fun and games, you-"

"I know that. But both my sister and my girlfriend go and risk their lives while I just sit around. I wish I could help you both."

"There's ways to know if the sword would choose you, but they're not infallible... And the risk is too high."

"What could it do, zap me?"

Luna looked at Usagi, then at Shingo. "I never really described this, even to the Senshi, but here's the thing: If the sword doesn't accept you, and you try to force it to, it has... You could call them security measures, to make sure no evil being can use its power. It would flood your body with energy until there's nothing left - not even a Saturn Senshi could bring you back if that happens."

"Ugh. Well, that's just peachy."

Usagi sighed and summoned her sword. "Feel anything?"

"Anything?" Shingo asked.

"You should have a feeling, in the back of your mind, something... Drawing you to the sword."

"Usagi, that's dangerous," Luna said.

Shingo looked at the sword. "No, I don't feel anything."

Usagi stared at Shingo. "You sure?"

"Yeah. Sorry to nag you with that, sis. I guess I'll just be a normal human being, as always."

Luna saw Shingo walk into the house and frowned. "Well, that's somewhat disappointing, I guess."

Usagi chuckled. "He was lying."

"You mean-"

"I could see it in his eyes - the same 'spark' I saw in Terry's eyes when he used the Saturn sword. He felt something, but... He's scared of it. I don't know if he's scared of the risk, or of the responsibility."

"Why didn't you tell him you knew?"

"An insecure, doubtful warrior would not be any help to us. He'll ask me for the sword when he's ready."

Luna stared at Usagi for a few seconds before whistling. "Usagi, you've grown much wiser than I thought."

"I guess. I couldn't stay an airhead forever."

"... You could have," Luna noted, "but I'm glad you... No, 'changed' isn't the right word, you're still the same in many ways."

"I'm glad, too. I'm going to the base for a while, see if anyone wants to spar."

Luna nodded. "Have fun."

"I'll try."


Warwitch stared at her latest foes. Criminals, they always thought their weapons made them powerful. But she was more than happy to show them the truth.

"What the hell are you?"

The witch smiled at the man, the only one of this 'gang' who was still conscious. "What am I? Someone who uses her power the right way, to help people."

"Stop it right there!"

Warwitch turned to the one police officer who had just arrived. "You're gonna need a bunch of you to take these guys to prison."

"I said freeze!"

Warwitch walked to the man, who just stared at her. She wasn't even close to Usagi when it came to reading people, but this man's fear was clearly visible, he was shaking. "I have no reason to hurt you, so stop pointing that thing at me. It's rude. Calling for reinforcements so you can take that trash I left lying around to the nearest prison would be a much wiser use of your time."

"I..." The man lowered his gun. "You're acting outside the law."

"A 'thank you' would be enough," Warwitch said. "Teleport."

The man stood there, surprised for a few seconds, before sighing. "Damn vigilantes."


Yukiko chuckled as she observed the cops taking the gang she had knocked out away. In a way, she was glad she still had her secret identity - tough as it was to keep it nowadays. She looked to the side as she noticed something familiar, and smiled. "Hey, Usagi!"

Usagi saw Yukiko waving at her, then sensed something. She could a white-haired woman walking straight to Yukiko from behind, but the power she was sensing... It had to be wrong. "Yuki, behind you!"

Yukiko turned and saw a woman growling at her. White hair tied up in buns much like Usagi's ones, and a white business suit which suddenly morphed into something which was halfway between a Sailor Senshi outfit and a swimsuit. "What-"

"Gotcha!" the woman said and rushed at Yukiko, putting a hand in her forehead. As she pulled the hand back, Usagi - who had been rushing in to help - could see a small item pop out of Yukiko's forehead - it looked like a small seed. "Aw crap, a dud."

"Damn it, what did you do to her?" Usagi snapped. "Moon Cosmic Power!"

The woman chuckled. "I would be more worried about what she'll do to you, human."

Moon saw her foe turn to leave and glared at her. "Cosmic Flash!"

The woman turned as the attack hit, smiling mockingly at her. "Seriously? I am one of Galaxia's strongest soldiers. I won't waste my time fighting a weakling. Have fun!"

"Damn it!" Moon glared at the spot where the woman had been for a second, but then sensed movement behind her, and was barely able to move aside as someone rushed by. She looked at the new foe. Wearing a purple Sailor Suit, with a very short skirt - even by Senshi standards - and holding a couple magic wands. Still, she recognized this foe. "What... Yuki?"

The fake Senshi laughed. "I hope you're ready to be demolished by the burning passion of Sailor Otaku!"

Moon saw Yukiko strike a pose, and winced. "Damn did we look that silly back when we did that?"

"Who are you calling silly? You're the one wearing a bad cosplay. Who are you supposed to be, Cutie Honey's uglier sister?"

Moon frowned. Whatever that woman had done to Yukiko, it had turned her into... Well, probably what she would be like if she didn't curb her enthusiasm. She saw the 'seed' still floating in mid-air, near them, and blinked. "The whole 'take something out of the target' deal again? This is getting old."

'Sailor Otaku' growled at her. "I see you're not taking me seriously, evildoer. Let that be your last mistake. Manga storm!"

Moon had to admit that Otaku was right, she hadn't been taken her opponent seriously enough. But after being knocked back half a block by a wave of manga pages, she could see this enemy was quite a threat. "Damn it, Yukiko, get a-" she looked at the 'seed' and frowned. It seemed impossible, and yet... "Oh, I get it. Cosmic Flash!"

Otaku was knocked down by the attack, but leapt back up and charged. Before Moon could react, she had already hit her several times - with a rolled-up manga. "Time to finish this! DVD Finisher!"

Another 'beam' was shot, this time made of Anime DVDs. Moon was shocked, this 'Otaku' had looked like a bad joke at first, but... She fell to one knee and winced. She had to think of something, or else...

Otaku smiled and summoned a sword twice as tall as her. "Time to rid the world of you, evildoer. Mecha Blad-"

"Golden Paw."

Moon saw Otaku get hit from the side, and 'fly' for a whole block before hitting a car. "Yuki!"

Luna rushed by - in her Senshi form, and smiled at Moon. She grabbed the seed and dropped it on Sailor Otaku's forehead, and the fake Senshi turned back into her old self. "It's done."

Moon tried to stand up. "You didn't need to hurt-"

Luna returned Moon's glare. "Yes, I did. That's how this will work as long as whoever did this is around. You need to weaken these fake Senshi or knock them out cold before returning them to normal."

Moon looked down. "Sorry." She then blinked and looked up at her friend. "Wait, how do you know-"

"Who was the enemy?"

"Some white-haired girl, her suit looked like a Senshi suit. She mentioned Galaxia, I think I've heard that name before-" Moon stopped as she saw Luna's face. It was the first time she saw Luna that scared. "Luna?"

"It's just as I feared, only someone like Galaxia could give others such a power."

"How did you know-"

"If you don't mind, call all your friends. Any who is able to use magic. I need to warn you about this, but I'd rather do it once."

Moon saw Luna return to normal, and sighed. "Thanks for saving my life."

"It's what I-" Luna shook her head. "No, even if it wasn't my mission to protect you, I would not let you die, Usagi. You're like a daughter to me."

Moon blushed slightly, then sighed. "Okay, I'll call the others."

Luna saw Yukiko stir and smiled. "Welcome back."

"What the heck-"

"I'll explain it all, but not here."

"... Gotcha."

Moon was done talking through her communicator, and turned to them. "You don't remember a thing? That's sort of good. You turned into a fake Sailor Senshi and, frankly, kicked my :red: badly. Luna had to jump in and fight you herself."

"Whoa, I missed the one time I was able to beat Sailor Moon?" Yukiko said, then noticed the way Moon was looking at her. "Uh, sorry, I just-"

Moon smiled. "It's fine. Let's go to the base, Luna will tell us what we know about that white-haired freak."


"So, she's already here."

"We have to make sure she doesn't get the golden seed."

"I know that. What about the Senshi?"

"They're too weak to face her. We should focus on our mission, this world's fate is irrelevant for us."

Sailor Moon Aeons.
Book 2: Rebirth.
Act 7: The Senshi of Chaos.
Episode 99: Legendary Senshi.

By Razor Knight
Last update: June 8, 2015


"So, here we are," Terry commented, looking around the room. "If we keep on getting allies, we'll need a bigger base."

Usagi smiled at Luna. "I think you have a lot of things to explain."

Luna nodded. "This new enemy will be more dangerous than anything you've faced thus far. I only heard of such an ability in legends, legends which were already old and mostly forgotten in Silver Millennium. Also... The enemy Usagi faced, and who turned Yukiko into a 'fake Senshi' mentioned Galaxia."

Ami paled. ":red:."

Luna wasn't amused at all by Ami's reaction, because she knew its cause. "I can guess you read about her."

"Yes," Ami said, "she was one of the first Senshi, and possibly the most powerful Senshi ever born. She supposedly died fighting a strong enemy known as Chaos."

Luna smiled. "That's the official version, but the legend I read... This creature, Chaos, erased mankind from many worlds, including the Earth, but Galaxia defeated it. Or so she thought. Chaos needed a host, and after its previous host was destroyed, it used Galaxia's rage and despair against her, taking over her and destroying her very soul. However, Galaxia's last act before being erased was to teleport to a very distant galaxy, buying this galaxy time, hoping by the time Chaos returned there would be Senshi here who could destroy it for good."

"Wait, how long has it been since that happened?"

"A few million years," Luna explained.

"So basically, you're telling us there's a group of Senshi who shrug Moon's attack off, turn anyone they target into a fake Senshi who can kick Moon's rear, and are being lead by an immortal, evil Senshi who may possibly out-power us all combined?"

Luna looked at Minako. "That's right."

Artemis saw Minako's worried face and smiled. "We have faith in you, guys."

Shade nodded. "And we don't even know if it's the same Galaxia. It could be someone using that legend to scare potential enemies away."

"Well, I hope that's the case."

Usagi frowned. "Guys, what if she's supposedly invincible? Fighting isn't the only way to fix things. She's a Senshi, perhaps..."

"Sailor Galaxia is gone," Luna said, "what's left is a soul-less puppet."

"Can you be sure of that?"

Luna stared at Usagi for a few seconds before shaking her head. "No, all I have are legends."

Usagi nodded. "So, perhaps there is a way to win without killing her. But guys, don't underestimate the fake Senshi. I did, and it almost got me killed, again."

"Any of you could be a target. The 'seed' Usagi saw coming out of Yukiko is called a Star Seed. It's basically a representation of your soul, in a much more complete sense than the 'Heart Crystals' were. Also, unlike the crystals, you won't die from having that seed removed, unless it's destroyed. I'm not sure what the enemy is after, but-"

"The Golden Seed."

Shade looked at Ami. "What is that?"

Ami had been busily browsing her computer's archives while listening to the cats, and she had found something the trio didn't seem to know about. "It's an old legend, that one Senshi of each system, of each generation, has a Golden Seed, a special seed."

"When Yuki's seed showed up, that woman said it was 'a dud,'" Usagi noted. "Perhaps they're looking for that golden one."

Terry turned to Luna. "Say, just out of curiosity, what 'level' was Galaxia supposedly at?"

"It can't be classified, much like with every Serenity we know of - A level beyond Holy, sometimes called "Aeon." But what makes her different to every other 'Aeon' Senshi we know of, is the source of her power."

Ami flinched at that. "I had thought about this. If Senshi are named after the thing they take their power from, then she has... The power of a whole galaxy."

"Crap, that's just-"

Usagi looked at her friends in turns. "We shouldn't give up before we try. That's not how a Senshi should be."

"You're right," Rei said, "it's not like any of our wars have been easy. We'll find a way to beat that Galaxia woman."


Next morning, Usagi was greeted by a familiar sight - the school's entrance was completely blocked by a crowd of students, mostly females. "Eh... It was today?"

"Sure was," Rei said with a smirk.

"So those three are coming to our school," Usagi said, looking up at Rei.

Rei leapt off her air board and shrugged. "Brings back memories, huh?"

"You're talking like it happened years ago."

"Ugh, I should have known this would happen."

Usagi heard Hotaru's voice, then heard screams coming from the crowd and saw some students running away. She could see the reason as the crowd dispersed: Several skeletal arms had risen from the ground. "Hotaru..."

"What? They were in my way, and those are not meant to harm, just hold."

"Still, that's not nice," Usagi said. "Effective, but not nice."

"I'm not nice to those I consider annoyances."

"I thank you for dispersing the crowd, however, it was not needed."

Hotaru looked at the guy who had just spoken. Brown hair, tied in a long ponytail which almost brushed the ground. One of the three people responsible for that mess. "I didn't do it for you."

"Thank you anyways," the guy said, then looked at her. "You know, it's a rare sight to see a girl who's not interested in us."

"No offense, but you're just musicians. Me and my friends, we save the world a few times per year. Sorry if I'm not impressed by your popularity."

The black-haired guy smirked at that. "I like girls who see beyond the surface."

Hotaru sighed. "Sorry, I'm taken."

"From what I heard, that's true for all of you."

"Seiya, we should head for the classroom, the bell's about to ring."

Seiya, the black-haired guy, smiled. "Sure, we don't have anything better to do now that the fans were scared off."

Hotaru saw them walk in and sighed as she saw the way the other two girls were looking at her. "I know, I know, perhaps I could have been a bit nicer to them."

"I'm sure they know why you're so grim nowadays."

"The whole damn world knows," Hotaru said. "But... I don't think any of them really understands."

Usagi smiled at that. "I don't think anyone went through what you're-"

Hotaru shrugged. "I'll get over it, eventually."


As the three reached their classroom, however, Hotaru felt her mood darken again. "Damn, they're in our group?"

Mako walked out of the crowd and smiled at them. "We're lucky, huh?"

"Your definition of luck worries me," Hotaru said.

Haruna walked in right then, and let out a very loud growl. "Not this again. Okay students, whoever is not from this class, leave, whoever is, please return to your seats. If that isn't done by the next minute, I'll suspend everyone until I feel like they've learnt the lesson."

Just like months before, the crowd quickly left the classroom. "How do you do that?"

Haruna smiled. "It's a talent you're born with, much like your powers."


"Hey, it's Sailor Moon!"

Usagi saw a group of kids run her way and let out a short sigh. "Guess that's me."

"Can you show us your suit?"

Usagi smiled. "Sure. Moon Cosmic Power!"



Naru walked by and chuckled. "It never gets old, huh?"

Moon smiled at her. "I guess." She turned back to normal (causing some of the children to complain) and walked to her friend. "Haven't seen you much outside the base or school."

"Sorry about that, I'm just- Trying to learn all I can so I can run the store when I'm older."

Usagi noticed the children had left - a part of her liked the attention, and she knew it - then nodded at her friend. "You know, I kind of envy you. Heck, most of you guys already know what you'll do -"

"You'll be a queen someday, what are you complaining about?"

"Yeah, but what about before that?"

"I'm not sure even those who could answer that will."

"Ugh, right. I guess I'll have to figure it out on my own."

Naru was about to say something else, but then saw someone else walking to them. "Hey, Umino!"

Umino smiled at them. "Hi girls, what's up?"

Usagi saw something and flinched. "Umino, watch out!"

Umino turned around and shot a yellow energy beam at the white-haired woman, who just stood there, smiling coldly at him. "... Well crap, she's as strong as you said."

The woman did the same she had done with Yukiko, and again, the seed that came out was a dull brown. "Damn it, another failure."

Usagi saw the woman turn to leave, and growled. "Hey, stay and fight!"

Her foe turned to her, laughing. "Fool, I could kill you in one hit if I wanted, but my boss would kill me if I did."

Naru noticed Umino was wrapped in darkness. "Then what if one of those fakes you create-"

"That's just a side effect, anyone with magic could turn into a better version of themselves when their souls are removed. We can't stop it, and we've been told those of your level should have no trouble fighting them."

And with that, the woman was gone. Naru, or rather Nemesis, looked at Umino and flinched. "What the heck..."

Umino's outfit looked like a cross between a karate gi and a Senshi outfit, and Nemesis recognized it. "Ryu Hoshi, really?"

"I am Dragon Gamer."

Moon frowned. "Not going to let you get the upper hand. Cosmic Flash!"

A small blast shot at the Dragon, who smiled. "Hadoken!"

Nemesis saw the two blast cancel each other and frowned. "Damn it. Shadow Surge."

The Dragon used a huge sword to split the beam in half. "If this is all you got, then you'll never def-"

Moon blinked in awe. One moment the Dragon had been gloating, the next he was flying sideways. As the enemy crashed into a car, Moon turned to the newcomer. "Uh, thanks."

Jupiter looked at the Dragon as Nemesis returned his seed to him. "I didn't hit him too hard, did I?"

Umino woke up and flinched. "I feel like a pack of Koopas ran over me."

Jupiter sighed. "Sorry, that was me."

"Well, it worked, so I won't complain," Umino said. "Naru, are you free right now?"

Nemesis smiled. "Yeah. Let's go home."

Moon watched the couple walk away then noticed someone was walking to them. "Uh..."

The woman looked at the car that had been hit during the battle - its driver side was quite wrecked. "Hey, who's going to pay for this?"

Jupiter flinched. "Damn, I'm sorry, we-"

"I don't care if you kids are saving the world, you can't just-"

Suddenly, another figure appeared near them. "I'll take care of that, or rather, dad will."

Moon blinked in shock. "Phase?"

"I was watching your battle."

"When did you learn how to teleport?"

"Warwitch taught me," Phase said, "anyhow..." She turned to look at the wrecked car's owner. "Apologies for the inconvenience our battle has caused you. I've already contacted someone and a brand new car will be arriving here in a few minutes."

"That's-" The woman was both relieved and surprised. "You'll replace it, just like that?"

"It's our fault it was damaged," Jupiter said. She looked at Phase and sighed. "Tell Terry I'm sorry, too."

"I don't think he'll mind," Phase admitted.

"Phase, you don't mind if we leave, right?"

"Go ahead, I'll stay here until the car arrives."


The woman smiled. "You don't have to-"

"I just want to make sure they got the model right," Phase said as Moon and Jupiter vanished.


As Moon appeared in the base, she saw someone there, and gasped. "Aiko? But-"

Aiko smiled. "I have more than one 'copy' of my body."

Jupiter looked at her. "Getting an army ready to take over the world, huh?"

Aiko chuckled. "With you guys around, that would be both pointless and painful."

"Where are Ami and Terry? I thought they would be-"

"I'm... Also with them, right now. Yuki's mom has been curious about my parents, so..."

"I can bet that will be interesting."

"I hope it goes well," Aiko noted, "but best laid plans..."


Yukiko sighed. She could guess this would be harder than fighting evil aliens, in a way. Still, it had to be done. "Mom, are you home?"

Her mother walked out of the kitchen, and smiled. "I see you brought some friends home..."

"Miss Fuyuko," Aiko said, going with the plan they had prepared, "there's something you should know about your daughter and me."

The woman noticed how serious Aiko's tone was. "... I'm listening."

Yukiko knew some things were better shown than told, so she decided to explain herself with actions. She closed her eyes, calling on the few spells she used to 'transform' and when she opened them, it was Warwitch standing there, not Yukiko. "I'm sorry I've kept this a secret from you, but-"

Fuyuko looked at Warwitch. "You're Warwitch? You-" only then she remembered who the other two teens, who had been silent through all this, were. "Oh, you two are Senshi, but what does that have to do with-"

"We'll explain that soon, but you should listen to your daughter," Ami said.

"Mom, you must have seen the news. It may be hard to accept, but I've been doing this since I was fourteen. Heck, I've helped the Senshi fight things I would have run away from before I found out about my powers."

"Are you a Senshi too?"

Warwitch shook her head. "No, I'm... I got my magic from another source. What's important is, I met Aiko thanks to these powers, and I met a lot of good friends too."

Aiko sighed as the woman looked at her. "Before you ask, I'm not a Senshi."

"What are you, then? Or am I wrong in assuming you're not a normal human?"

Aiko smiled as her arm turned into a sword. "Some wouldn't even consider me human."

The woman gasped. "What-"

And that's when Ami decided to talk. "Yukiko told us you wanted to meet Aiko's parents. See, a few years ago, we decided we needed a base from which to watch over the city. We created a program to run that base, an artificial intelligence system that could operate all the scanners and other things we needed without us having to keep an eye on them constantly. Said AI was, due to an unexpected, and hard to explain, external factor, able to gain self-awareness and, eventually, become more human than we could have dreamed of. Human enough to fool normal humans into thinking she's no different from them."

The woman looked at Aiko. Aiko. Of course, so she was... "So she's... A program?"

"The technical term would be 'cyborg' since my 'soul' is as human as yours, Fuyuko," Aiko said, then noticed the older woman was looking at Ami and Terry in turns, and smiled. "You're as smart as your daughter, so you must already be guessing it. They both created me, coded my original program, so I consider them - no, they are my parents."

Fuyuko sat on a chair and sighed. "This is... Too many things are not as I thought they were."

"Mom, we-"

"Yuki, you're still my daughter, and Aiko... I don't care how she started, I don't care what she is, I've seen the way you two look at each other and I would be a horrible mother if I did something to get between you. I just... Need some time to sort through all this."

Ami smiled. "We understand. Not the first time we've had to tell others who we are."

Fuyuko smiled back at her. "When we moved to this city, all Yukiko talked about was the Senshi. Heck, she's still like that."

"Some of us weren't quite okay with her... Enthusiasm," Terry admitted, "but she's friendly and she is willing to protect what she loves. She's a lot like us, even if her powers are different."

"Well, I guess I wanted to meet Aiko's parents, and I did, even though I wasn't ready for all the extra details," Fuyuko admitted. "Just out of curiosity, where is this... Base of yours?"


"I'm not going to tell anyone, I'm just curious... Let's say some of Yukiko's enthusiasm has rubbed unto me."

Aiko smiled. "We'll show you, but not right now."


"A black, plate-less van parking right next to one of the city's largest banks," Aiko said.

Warwitch sighed. "What about the others?"

"Nova's taking care of a meth lab, Ail and Ann are dealing with a gang near our school."

Yukiko looked at her mother. "Well, I guess I'll go have fun for a while."

Aiko nodded and her 'Phase' outfit formed over her normal clothing. "Let's go. Teleport."

Terry looked at Fuyuko. "You've taken all this better than we thought you would."

"Maybe it just hasn't hit me yet," Fuyuko admitted. "Can I ask you something?"

"Of course."

"How do you deal with being... With having to fight those creatures, risking your lives? I want to understand why Yuki does it."

"We were born with these powers," Ami said, "we can't simply stop being Senshi. There's no off button for this," and to drive her point home, she summoned a small ball of ice, letting it hover on her open hand for a few seconds before dismissing it. "Having these powers and not using them would be a waste, heck, when there's peace we all feel a bit restless. I guess Yukiko may be the same, she has powers and she feels like not using them is a waste, and if she can use them to help those who can't fight, then it's good that she has those powers, don't you think?"

Fuyuko smiled. "I guess I can only be proud of her, I thought she didn't know what to do with her life, but she's already doing something so selfless..."

Terry nodded. "Well, if you excuse us, we're going back to our not-so-secret base, to see if there's anything out there causing trouble."

Fuyuko saw the two teenagers walk out the door and sighed. Her confusion was mostly gone, so she could honestly say she was proud of her daughter. And Yukiko's childhood fantasies of being a heroine had been more likely to happen than she had thought back then.

Sailor Moon Aeons.Book 2: Rebirth.
Act 7: The Senshi of Chaos.
Episode 100: Even more Senshi.

By Razor Knight
Last update: June 12, 2015


Usagi had been feeling something, in her mind, for the whole morning. It wasn't her 'special' power detecting anything, just... What one would call a hunch. She walked into her house and sighed - everything seemed normal there, so maybe it was just her imagination. "Mom, are you home?"

Ikuko walked out of the kitchen and sighed. "Usagi, there's... A visitor."

"Visitor?" Usagi asked, but then felt it, a surge of energy. She saw a small girl walk to her and flinched. "Who is she?"

"No idea, and she doesn't quite talk, but-"

Luna walked down the stairs. "There's no evil intent in her. Despite the energy you're surely sensing, she doesn't seem to be different than a human toddler."

"Chibi!" the girl squeaked.

Usagi looked at her. "Uh, hi?"

"Chibi!" the girl repeated.

"What's your name, little girl?"

"Chibi Chibi!"

Usagi stared at the small girl. She seemed cute and harmless, but the magic she was sensing- She noticed something, a strange yet familiar feel to that magic. And the girl's looks also gave her an odd feeling. She had her red hair tied in small, heart-shaped buns, something which reminded her of... "ChibiUsa?"

Ikuko heard Usagi say that, and then looked at the girl. "You mean this kid could be-"

"I don't know, and there's only one person who could answer that." She picked the girl up, who didn't protest, and sighed. "I'll go see if I can have a talk with her now. Teleport."

Ikuko blinked as Usagi and the small girl vanished, then looked at Luna. "Is it possible? That small girl being my grand-daughter's..."

Luna noticed Ikuko's sad voice and sighed. "It's a possibility. A very unlikely one, but we've seen enough impossibles by now to know it shouldn't be discarded. Also, we're not sure ChibiUsa herself won't be back. We thought she wouldn't come back the first time she was around, after all."

"Usagi's face when she saw her... Is that girl really a mage?"

"She has magic energy, but I'm not sure she can use it, she may be too young," Luna said, "the thing is, what I detected was enough to make me doubt I could beat her, if she becomes our enemy."


There were some Senshi who had rarely visited the base in the last six months, but this particular Senshi was the one who had visited it the least since it was built. Usagi looked at the older woman. "You wouldn't be here if there wasn't something important you had to tell us."

Setsuna smiled. "I had to wait until those I wanted to speak to were here. I'm going to take the weakest of your group with me for special training. They must be ready for the wars you'll fight in the future."

"The weakest..." Rei looked at Yuichiro and Umino. "Uh, guess you're right, our normal training won't get them to our level anytime soon."

"Will you help us?"

Setsuna smiled at Usagi. "In due time, I will." She looked at the small girl. "And also, I know what you've come here for. Don't let anything happen to that girl, she'll also help us, when the time is right."


"You should know I can't answer that," Setsuna said. "I can tell you this much, however. Despite her uncanny resemblance to the Princess, she is not related to her."

Hotaru had been silently looking at the girl, and sighed. "I have to admit I was surprised when I saw her."

"In any case, the sooner we leave, the sooner we'll be back. Kumada, Gurio, whenever you're ready."

Yuichiro walked to Rei and hugged her. "I'm not sure how much this will take, but I'll do my best."

Naru looked at Setsuna. "You could just train them and bring them back right away."

"I'll bring them back at the right time," Setsuna said.

Umino grinned. "Time for a level up!"

"Umino, can't we have a normal farewell?" Naru asked with a groan.

"If you wanted normal, you wouldn't be dating me," Umino said.

Naru hugged him and sighed. "Guess you're right. Good luck."

"I'll try to bring them back in one piece," Setsuna joked, "oh, and I'll be taking someone else soon," she added before the three vanished.

"Uh, what did that mean?" Rei asked.

"She was looking at Usagi," Ami noted. "Still, she should stop doing that, it's quite annoying."

Hotaru chuckled. "That's probably one of the reasons she does it."

"Damn, we forgot to ask her about Galaxia," Rei said.

Nova appeared in the room and looked around. "Oh, there you are."

Usagi saw the way Nova was looking at her. "What's wrong?"

"You lied to Shingo. Why?"

"I didn't-" Usagi stopped and looked at her. "Is this about him 'not wanting' to be a Senshi?"

"Yes. He said you didn't notice he was lying when he said changed his mind. I don't think that's what happened. You're too good at reading people for something like that to go unnoticed."

Usagi smiled at Nova, despite her friend's tone and stare. "Thank you."

That made Nova's stare turn into a confused once. "Huh? Why?"

"For worrying about him so much. I'm glad you want to protect him, because that's just why I lied to him."

"... I don't follow."

"See, a part of him wants to be a Senshi, have the power to protect you... And me. But there was no- How to say it... When Terry risked turning into Dragon Saturn, I could see something in him, something that told me he was willing to risk his life - willing to take the chance despite the odds. I didn't see that in Shingo. He's full of doubt, scared, there's- There's no spark in him. Much despite myself, and I don't care if you don't like hearing this, we don't need a scared rookie who doesn't even trust himself. It may have worked - barely - back when I was fighting the Dark Kingdom, but... Not with the enemies we're facing now. He'll just get himself killed."

Nova seemed ready to shout at Usagi for a few seconds, but then shook her head. "Damn. I- You're right, Usagi. If he isn't sure he's up to the task, he'll just be in the way."

"Looking back, it was luck that kept us alive back then."

"And luck can turn against you," Terry said. "I think we know about that, eh Hana?"

Nova flinched at that. "Yes, of course." She looked at Usagi and smiled. "I won't tell Shingo what you told me. If a time comes when he's ready, then... I guess you'll know, right?"

"Right," Usagi said.

"I would love to stay, but there's a gang I'm hunting," Nova said, "I'll see you at school."

As Nova vanished, the others could see Usagi had a shocked face. Before they could ask, she chuckled. "I can guess the time will come sooner than I thought."

Terry looked at her, then muttered something in English the others couldn't hear. "So that's what Setsuna's last line meant?"

Usagi saw the girl staring at the base's computer. "Uh, don't touch that."


"Just don't, okay?"

"Chibi!" The small girl squeaked, and hugged Usagi's leg.

Rei smirked as Usagi picked the small girl up. "I would doubt that midget can help us at all, but... I can sense the energy in her."

Ami had been using her computer glove and visor to scan the girl. "Her latent power is beyond anything I've seen before. She's got enough power to beat us all."


"Good thing you're on our side," Usagi said to the small girl. "You are on our side, right?"



Terry looked at Usagi. "Wait, you understand that Pokemon?"

Usagi smiled. "No, not at all."

"If she could speak, it would make things easier for us," Rei noted.

"It's never easy for us," Usagi said, "but I know we'll figure out what she's here for, eventually."


That night, Mamoru was standing right outside the Tsukino house. When Usagi opened the door, however, he blinked in awe. "So, this is the girl? What's her name?"

"Chibi Chibi," Usagi said. That was what the girl had said when she asked her name, after all.

Mamoru smiled as he looked at Usagi. "She looks a lot like-"

"Coincidences do exist," Usagi noted. "I'm sorry I didn't get ready for our date, I'll-"

"I don't mind, I'm in love the girl, not the dress."

Usagi blushed at that. "Just let me put this small lady somewhere mom can keep an eye on... Her."

Mamoru noticed Usagi's face. "Small Lady, huh?"

"I miss her," Usagi said. "Silly me, right?"

"That's not silly, I miss her too," Mamoru said, "but unless there's something Pluto isn't telling us, we won't see her again for a long time-"


Usagi heard the small girl's squeak at the same time she sensed something. "Damn, that woman again."

The white-haired Senshi smiled coldly at them. "Just let me do my job, blonde joke."

Usagi understood what she meant and put Chibi Chibi down before glaring at the woman. "I won't let you touch him. Moon Cosmic Power!"

Mamoru saw Moon shoot an energy blast at the woman, who shrugged it off. Still... "Wait, you didn't-"

"Credit where credit's due," the woman said, "you are strong enough to not need to chant your attack's name. Still, you're not strong enough to hurt me."

Moon didn't say a thing, just rushed forwards, slashing at the woman with her sword. Or, rather, trying to, as the woman clutched her sword with her bare hand and then kicked her back. "Ugh, damn it, you..."

"The fight I'm not allowed to fight you doesn't mean I'll let you nag me for too long, weakling. Just be glad I didn't kick hard enough to break a few ribs." She tossed the sword away, then looked at Mamoru. "Hi there, cutie." She phased next to him and got his seed out. "Damn it, another dud. Galaxia's not going to be happy."

"Star Laser."

The woman was knocked to the ground by an attack, but stood up rapidly, looking in the direction the attack had come from. "You? We killed you!"

"Your merry gang of weaklings was too weak, but we didn't want to face Galaxia herself. That's why we let you think you had killed us."

"I'll just have to make sure you're dead now!" The woman said and shot a blast at whoever she was talking to.

"That's pointless, Iron Mouse," the figure said, walking out of the shadows, "you won't defeat me on your own."

Moon saw the newcomer had a strange suit, a black bra and a skirt that was too short even by Senshi standards - and skin-tight, too. The woman had long boots and gloves, too. Was she a Senshi? "Who are you?"

The new fighter ignored that. "Leave now, Mouse."

Iron Mouse glared at her. "As you wish. But if you interfere again, I'll destroy you!"

Moon saw Iron Mouse vanish, and the other girl turn to leave. "Hey, wait! Won't you help me?"

"I'm not here to save your world, human."

So much for her being an ally, Moon thought with a frown. Still... She turned to see Mamoru standing next to her, but instead of a Dragon suit, he was wearing a silver chain mail. "Uh... You were already up?"

Mamoru nodded. "It would be most cowardly to attack an enemy while they're distracted."

Moon had by now figured what his 'evil' name was, and his actions confirmed it. "I see, you're a knight."

"Indeed, I'm Dragon Knight. Are you ready to face me?"

Usagi couldn't help but smile at that. He was still courteous and polite even when turned evil. "I'm going to hate myself for beating you up," she noted.

The 'knight' laughed at that. "It's good that you won't have to hate yourself at all, then."

Okay, so he could also be a bit of a jerk at times...

Ikuko had seen everything from inside the house, along with Kenji, Shingo and Luna. "Luna, won't you help her?"

Luna sighed. "If I see her losing badly, I will. But I think she will get some unexpected help."

Kenji looked around. "Hey, where's Shingo?"

Moon's dodging skills had been put to the test for the last minute, as this Dragon Knight was using a huge sword to try and chop her in half, and swinging it as if it was feather-light. Having to dodge constantly didn't let her time to gather enough magic to attack him. If only she had her sword, she could-

"Moon Dragon Power!"

Dragon Knight had been about to slash down at Moon again, but stopped mid-slash and jumped back, just as someone hissed by. "Hmph, a squire interrupting a warrior's duel. How rude."

"Politeness is overrated," the new Dragon snapped. "Moon Flash!"

Dragon Knight staggered back, more out of surprise than pain, as the area around them lit up with a light brighter than the sun. "Such cheap tactics..."

Years ago, with something as unexpected as this, Moon would have been unsure of what to do, but once again, her training helped her think quick when she needed to. "Thanks, Shingo," she said before shooting a blast at point blank, which knocked the evil Dragon down. She noticed he was out cold and returned his seed. "I guess I should say 'welcome to the team.'"

"I was scared of-"

"I know," Moon said. "And I understand. I got scared all the time back when I started fighting, but I knew I had the chance to protect those who can't fight against these threats..."

"I still don't know how much I will help, I mean-"

Moon smiled. "There's a way for you to power up 'fast,' but it won't be easy, if what I heard from Haruka and Michiru is true."

"... What is it?"

"Sailor Pluto, the Senshi of Time, is right now training two of the Dragons, who joined up much later than the rest of us."

"Mars and Lilith."

Moon blinked at that. "Yeah... Did you find about that on the net?"

"No, Hana told me."

Mamoru woke up and groaned. "Ouch, my everything hurts."

"Sorry, I had to knock you out," Usagi explained.

"Don't worry, I'm used to it from training." He looked at the new Dragon. "Oh, we got a new Dragon?"

Ikuko walked out of the house right then, followed by Kenji. "I won't say I hadn't wondered about this," the man said, "but I didn't expect you to actually be one of them."

"Hey, if my sister can do it, so can-" Dragon Moon stopped as Moon knocked him down with a leg swipe. "Ow!"

"Your sister's gone through hellish training," Moon noted, "and so will you."

The Dragon was staring up at Moon in awe. "What-"

"When she gets serious, she can be quite scary," Mamoru admitted.

"I'm just preparing him for Pluto."

"You say that like I'm a torturer."

Moon blinked and turned back. "Hi, Setsuna."


"So, you'll start training him right away?"

Pluto looked at Moon. "The sooner he learns how to fight, the sooner he'll be able to help your team."

Ikuko looked at the woman. "No offense, but you look... Too old to be a Senshi."

Pluto smiled. "No offense taken. I'm much older than I look." She then bowed to Ikuko and Kenji. "It's an honor to finally meet the Princess' parents."

Ikuko nodded. "I've been told you don't usually socialize. Nice to meet you... Setsuna, is it?"

"That is my civilian name, even though I don't use it a lot."

Dragon Moon sighed. "Uh, I guess I'll see you later, mom, dad."

"Have fun," Kenji said, sarcastically.

"Yeah... I'm not sure that will happen."

Pluto smiled. "I'll bring him back soon. Farewell."

Moon sighed and turned back to normal. "I don't envy him. Training with Hakko was hellish, but from what I've heard, she's even worse."

Mamoru looked around, noticing the neighbours had been gathering as they spoke. "You know, if we hurry, we can still watch that movie..."

Usagi wasn't in the mood for fans, so she nodded at him. "Let's go. Teleport."

Sailor Moon Aeons.
Book 2: Rebirth.
Act 7: The Senshi of Chaos.
Episode 101: Trial by fire.

By Razor Knight
Last update: June 22, 2015


"Your brother is a Senshi too?"

Usagi smiled. "I feel kind of sorry for him, though. Not even a Senshi for one hour, and he was already 'borrowed' by Pluto."

Terry shrugged at that. "Setsuna is right, we don't need rookies, and if she can speed up the learning process..."

"What about that other Senshi?"

Usagi shook her head. "Other than her weird outfit, I don't know a thing about her. At least I know our current enemy is 'Sailor Iron Mouse.'"

"That sounds like an underground metal band's name, not a Senshi name," Mako muttered.

Usagi noticed Terry seemed deep in thought. "Hey, what's wrong?"

Terry shrugged. "Not much, I was just thinking I'd love to challenge Pluto to a fight, no powers."

Hotaru chuckled at that. "No offense, but she would beat you easily."

"None taken, I figured as much. I just like facing strong enemies."

Ami looked at Usagi. "I wanted to ask something... Have you sensed the enemy?"

Usagi nodded. "Yes. Aiko, can you get me a map of the city?"

Aiko appeared near her, and 'summoned' a large image in mid-air, a map of Tokyo. "There you go."

"Thanks." Usagi looked at the map and then put her finger in a seemingly random part of it. "There."

"I thought you couldn't pinpoint things-" Terry started, then frowned. "Wait, if you knew, why didn't you tell us?"

Usagi's face turned serious. "Because I feared any of you would try doing something stupid. The energy I'm feeling from that place is... I can't really describe it, but I'll just say whoever is there, is much stronger than even Pluto."

"So it may be the real Galaxia," Ami noted.

Terry looked at Usagi. "Wait, are you saying we can't defeat them?"

"I'm not giving up before trying, but we should deal with any 'Generals' Galaxia has before we face her."

"So we let the enemy attack and fight them when they're weakened? That's worked for us in the past," Mako said.

Usagi looked at Aiko. "Can you feel their power?"

"I'm trying to get through whatever they're using to stop me from sens- Oh :red:."

"Guess she feels it." Hotaru noted, then saw Aiko was pale. "Is it that bad?"

"Usagi can sense things I can't, but I can put data into raw numbers... Whoever is inside that building is a million times stronger than Usagi... Stronger than even Pluto."

"You should all heed the Princess' words, attacking them right now would only get you killed."

Usagi saw Pluto was there, along with someone else. "Eh, that was fast."

Yuichiro sighed. "It's been one hell of a month for me."

"So, did it work?" Terry asked.

Yuichiro smirked. "Mars Cosmic Power."

"Eh, that's cheating," Terry muttered.

Usagi noticed Dragon Mars' staff was longer, and also golden. "Wait, your weapon was also a talisman?"

"It could happen with others," Pluto admitted. "I'm going back, still need to train the other two."

"Tell my brother I said hi."

Pluto smiled at Usagi. "He told me to say hi to you, too."

As Pluto vanished, Yuichiro looked around. "I used to think the way Rei trained was tough. I know better now."

"Let me call Rei, I'll tell her you're back."

Yuichiro smiled at Aiko. "Nah, I'll go to the shrine. I want to surprise her."

As he left, the only other guy in the room frowned. "I still say that's cheating."

"You're jealous," Ami noted, "and I'm not sure of what. You're the only dual Senshi in our era."

Terry chuckled. "Uh, yeah, I guess there's that."

Usagi was, meanwhile, talking to Mako. "Remember back when Terry and Ami were avoiding speaking about something, and you made fun of them?"

Mako knew just why Usagi was saying that. "Ugh. I knew you knew, I was just waiting to see how long it would take for you to start pestering me."

"He likes you."

"I've know that for a while. What if it doesn't work?"

Hotaru had been listening to them, and walked to Mako as she said that. "I'm talking from my own experience when I say it doesn't matter if it doesn't work, or if you must wait for them for a very long time. The Hotaru from before I met you all wouldn't know this, but falling in love is one of the best things that can happen to you, even with all the problems and pain it can bring at times."

Usagi smiled at that. "Does Kage know..."

"He's been making excuses about it for the last six months. And of course, right now he has a new excuse, a what if. He may be my best friend but I feel like glaiving him, sometimes."

Mako chuckled at that and then sighed. "I'm still not sure I want to-"

"Mako, remember how me and Mamoru started."

Hotaru smiled. "And even though I'm happy I met Chibi, I don't regret the time I spent dating Kage."

"Is he a good kisser?" Mako asked, then saw Hotaru look down. "Wait, you two-"

"It's one of the things that let me realize I didn't love him the romantic way. But hey, it's more fun finding out on your own, right?"

"I guess. I'll give this some more thought, but... You're right, I'll have to make up my mind about this issue soon."


Hino saw his granddaughter walk out of the temple in a hurry, and blinked. "Rei, what's wrong?"

Rei was speeding up even before he said that. "Sorry, I got to go, I don't want to wreck the shrine again."

"Good luck, Sailor Mars."

"Thanks, I'll need it." Rei summoned her air board and started flying away, but it only took a minute for the enemy to appear. The white-haired woman floating in mid-air tried to look menacing, but her outfit didn't help. "Oh hey, it's Mighty Mouse."

"... Iron Mouse, actually," Mouse said, not getting the joke. "But I don't like talking to my prey."

"Who's the prey," Rei muttered. "Mars Cosmic Power! Flame Rain!"

Iron Mouse was wrapped in flames, but didn't seem to notice the attack. "You guys still try, huh? That's not going to work, Mars. Now let's see your seed!"

Mars chuckled as Iron Mouse crashed face-first into her barrier. "Play with fire and you shall burn."

Mouse punched the shield, which resisted her attack. "Damn it, how can you have so much power?" She kept on punching the shield, causing shock waves strong enough to shatter the windows of nearby buildings. But still, the shield didn't fall. "Impossible."

"Mars Flame Hydra!"

Mouse looked at the newcomer as several snake-like constructs wrapped around her. "Ugh, another hothead."

Mars looked at Dragon Mars. "Yuu?"

"Hi Rei, need help?"

Mars noticed his suit was different. "Cosmic level?"

Mouse laughed. "You pathetic fools, I've made Eternal level Senshi kneel before me. You're nothing!"

Mars frowned. "This is pointless. You won't get me out of this shield."

Iron Mouse glared at Mars, but then smirked. "Don't be so sure about that."

"Starlight Thunder!"

Dragon Mars saw his girlfriend get knocked out of her own shield by an electric beam, which punched through it like a soap bubble. "Rei!"

Mouse caught Mars mid-fall and took her seed out, then dropped her on a nearby rooftop. "And of course it's another dud," she muttered looking at the dull seed.

Dragon Mars looked at the one who had attacked Mars. "You... Flame Hydra!"

"Starlight Inferno!" the attack destroyed the construct, and the new Senshi smiled at the Dragon. "Nothing personal, human. We're not enemies, but if we get that seed, it will draw Galaxia out."

The Dragon growled at her, noticing Iron Mouse had taken her chance to leave. "You hurt Rei, so as far as I'm concerned, you are an enemy."

"So be it," the Senshi said, "but I have better things to do than babysit a weakling."

Dragon Mars glared at the point the new Senshi had been standing on, but then saw a barrage of fire pellets heading his way. "Oh, right." When she looked at Rei, however, he almost thought she was back to normal. Mars was now wearing a priestess outfit, but the flames surrounding her told him she wasn't really herself. "Uh, hi?"

"Evildoers, feel the cleansing fire of Sailor Miko!"

The Dragon summoned his staff. "Fight fire with fire, as they say. Flame Hydra!"

Sailor Miko leapt out of the way and laughed. "Don't you have another attack?"

"Yes, but I needed you to be airborne for it. Flame Hydra Seeker!" The flame constructs had been about to crash into a building, but they corrected their course as the Dragon shouted, and headed straight for Miko. "Gotcha."

Miko smiled. "Not really. Spell Storm." Countless ofuda appeared around Miko, swirling for a split second before bursting aflame, and shooting in all directions around her. "Evil spirit, begone."

"That's what we should be saying. Aether Wall."

Dragon Mars saw a dome of energy form around the area, stopping Miko's attack. "Who the-"

Moon run in. "Sorry I'm late."

"Sorry," the Dragon said, "I guess I wasn't strong enough yet."

"Not even I can go one on one with these fake Senshi," Moon noted, "it's a good thing I can sense them."

Miko growled at them. "Another creep to fight? Good. Flaming... Fist!" A beam of fire shot from her hand as she swung it forwards, and she smiled. "Die."

Moon punched the attack, reflecting it back at Miko. "Sorry, I've done that too much already."


"I'll explain later, now..."

Miko saw Moon run at her, and shot another fire beam. However, Moon vanished before the beam hit. Miko guessed what she was planning, and spun around, shooting another beam... But Moon wasn't there. "What-"

"I knew you were smart enough to guess, but you guessed wrong," Moon said from above, before shooting an energy blast downwards, knocking Miko out.

The Dragon returned Rei's seed, and sighed as she turned back to normal. "Usagi, how do you-"

"There's a thing I found out about our powers, a thing I guess we wouldn't be able to do until we practiced long enough. You don't need any motion, or any shout, to summon an attack. Just thinking about using it is enough."

"Then why did you shout-"

"Hunter magic is different, and I'll need to practice a lot more to be able to cast all spells without using their names."

"Always one step ahead, huh?"

Moon saw Mars standing up, and smiled as a ball of energy appeared in her hand. "It helps us get the upper hand on our foes, so I think I'll teach everyone how to do it."

Mars smiled back at her. "I remember a few years ago, you didn't want to train. Now you're eager to teach us."

"It'll be an excuse to kick you around, so it's a win/win, right?" Moon mused. Of course, she was joking, and Mars knew it, their old 'arguments' were long gone.


As she opened her eyes, it was clear to her she wasn't just waking up from a dream. She hadn't died, either, she had just been... Away. It was hard to explain, but as pieces of her memory returned to her, she knew who she was - and, at the same time, she wasn't her, she was someone... Something else.

"Good, you're awake."

She looked at the one other person in the room. Gold hair, golden skin, gold eyes, even her suit was golden. "What happened to me?"

"Do you know who you are?"

She nodded. "My name is Prin- No, Black Lady."

"A part of you was the Princess, indeed, but we've given you a chance to fight again. The princess is gone, back to the future where she belongs, and may never return, but we managed to get samples of her DNA, and-"

"You created me," Black Lady said, then frowned. "Was it Onara?"

"Yes. I've been funding his research for a long time now, hoping to find a way to defeat the Senshi."

"Senshi..." Black Lady growled. "Where are they?"

"Curb your enthusiasm," the woman said, "The Senshi have grown much stronger than any of us, but we're looking for a way to destroy them."

Black Lady closed her eyes and frowned. "I don't sense the Ginzuishou."

"That's because we're hiding somewhere they'll never find us. Or at least, they won't find us until they grow much stronger than they are."

The pink-haired woman looked at her benefactor. "I can feel something in me has also changed."

"We've improved you, in a way. You have powers you didn't have before."

"What would stop me from just destroying you and these 'others' you speak of?"

"That you know, deep inside, that you can't win against the Senshi on your own. We've all lost our personal battles against the Senshi, and we've learnt our lesson well. We'll have time to shoot at each other after the Earth is ours - or we could split it evenly."

Black Lady finally managed to identify this woman. She remembered her from the Princess' memories, a tale from before she was born, even from before her first trip to the past. "You are... You were supposed to be dead. What is your name, youma?"

The woman smiled. "Aurite. My name is Aurite."

Sailor Moon Aeons.
Book 2: Rebirth.
Act 7: The Senshi of Chaos.
Episode 102: Diamond in the rough.

By Razor Knight
Last update: June 24, 2015


Brad was surprised by what Usagi had just explained. "So you can use magic without having to chant the spell or move. That's impressive. And to be honest, I didn't expect you to be the first to learn how to do that."

"You knew it was possible?" Minako asked.

"It was... A legend. Looking back, maybe I should have told you about this before, I've seen quite a few 'legends' about the Senshi come true already. Anyways, this is how it goes: Every Senshi can, with practice, do what Usagi says she can do. Some normal mages were rumored to be able to do that too, but it was said only the strongest non-Senshi mages could reach that goal, as it took them countless years to master such skill."

"Let me guess, Merlin?"

"Yeah, that guy was what ever Hunter would want to be."

Usagi smiled. "I guess I should show you what I can do, then if anyone wants to try..."

"Go ahead," Terry said, "only person I knew who can use 'magic' that way is Hana - but I'm not even sure she's using mana."

Usagi nodded, then stood still for a few seconds. Arcs of electricity started running along her arms, then a blast of lightning came, not from her hands, but from her torso, hitting the far wall of the room. Before the others could react to this, Usagi had already summoned light crescents - lunar magic - which swirled around her body like a sort of shield. "In a way," she explained, turning to look at Brad, without her movement disrupting the magic 'bubble' around her, "this is a lot like controlling our air boards, or our weapons."

"It would help us a lot in battle," Ami admitted, "so we should all try to learn how to do it."

"I never saw you train to do that," Aiko noted.

"It didn't take me too long to get it right, once I knew what I wanted to do. And you wouldn't have seen a thing, as most of the training is silent and motionless." As Usagi said that, the light around her turned black.

"Quit showing off," Rei muttered.

"Showing off is the best way of showing how," Terry mused. "Anyhow, I think someone else already figured it out."

Being focused on Usagi, the others hadn't noticed it, but Minako was holding a ball of light in her hand - without having called out any attack. "Heh, sure did. Just as Usagi says, it's not that hard to-" she stopped as the light in her hand started wobbling. "... Crap." The others leapt away just as the energy in Minako's hand exploded. She didn't look hurt, other than in her pride.

Usagi nodded. "Even after you got it, you still need to practice for a while. The slightest distraction, the smallest movement, could disrupt your spell if you don't learn to control it."

"One would think it would be easier, since we already do these spells while moving and calling them out."

Brad shook his head. "Actually, the movement and words help the mage focus and give shape to the spell. Without movement or words, the spell is harder to cast."

"Worth a shot," Rei said. The others noticed she had flames wrapped around her arms. The flames faded out and she sighed. "The old me wouldn't admit this, but I'm impressed you could master something this difficult, Usagi."

Usagi smiled at her. "I don't think I've mastered it yet, which is why I hadn't used it in battle until recently."

"Even the master needs to practice," Terry said, "Just try not to blow the base to bits while practicing, guys."

"We shouldn't even joke about that," Minako said, "what would happen to Aiko if-"

Aiko chuckled. "I guess I never told you this, guys, but I've managed to transfer my 'soul' to this body. I can make copies, that's how I can use more than one body at a time. I still have a link with the base's computer, but I wouldn't 'die' if it was destroyed."

"That's good to know," Usagi said, "weird, too, but we're used to weird."


"Mouse, you've failed enough. If your next target doesn't have a golden seed, then I'll put Siren in charge."

Sailor Iron Mouse knelt before the woman scolding her. She had no reason to complain, nor she wanted to - despite her own power, she knew Galaxia was too strong for her. And her loyalty to her, though born from fear, was still enough to keep her from trying. "I understand, Queen Galaxia. I'll need to choose my target better."

"That you do. And don't underestimate your enemies, like Papillon did."


Mako was a bit angry at herself. She had had plenty of chances to talk to him lately, but she had let them slip. What was she afraid of? That he didn't like her? Usagi said he did, and that girl was a damn romance detector. Afraid of falling in love and then losing him? He could die, they all could die. That didn't stop any of the other girls and guys in her team, so why... She sighed. She had decided to go for a walk, to clear her mind, but it wasn't helping.

"Mako? What's the matter?"

Mako turned to her left and saw someone leaning on a tall fence. She blushed as she saw who it was. "Uh, I was... Just going for a walk. What are you doing here?"

"This is where Setsuna lives... Well, she isn't around a lot."

"Oh." Mako looked at him. She didn't plan on meeting him, and a part of her was still terrified, but she knew running from this particular problem would not help, at all. "Kage, listen, I..."

Kage smiled. "I know."

Mako sighed. "I need to say it. I like you. No, it's more than just 'like.' I've been a fool, not telling you this for months, but I'm tired of running away."

"I like you, too," Kage said, "you're strong, a good friend and a great cook. I was also a fool, doubting myself because of the past. Let's make sure neither of us regrets this."

"I guess going for a walk did help, after all," Mako mused.

"Should we go to the base?"

"Is that a date?" Mako asked back in jest.

"Heh, no. I've already got something planned, though."

"... Now you've made me curious."


Usagi was at the base, once again. After her explanation the day before, most of her friends had started practicing, and some of them were already showing results. "Nice, Rei."

Rei had a falcon-like flame construct perched on her right shoulder. "It's still hard to keep the spell stable, but not impossible."

Usagi saw the elevator's doors opening, and chuckled. "Finally, you guys."

Terry wondered what she meant for a second, then looked at the two who had walked out of the elevator. Mako and Kage, who were holding hands. "I can't talk, but it did take you a while."

Hotaru walked to the new couple and smiled at them. "I've been trying to convince this guy to confess for months. Glad he finally-"

"... She confessed to me first."

"Figures," Hotaru said with fake disappointment. "Still, I'm happy for you."

"Are you okay?" Kage asked, noticing her mood was not quite as bright as she was trying to pretend it was.

"I'm still getting used to the idea of having to wait for so long," Hotaru admitted. "But I won't let that bring me down."

"No offense," Rei said, "but you seemed so sure of your decision before she left, I was surprised to see your mood change after she was gone."

"I know. I was wrong, I thought I was ready, I convinced myself that I was. But the day after she left, I came back to the base expecting to see her, and didn't find her here. I didn't find her anywhere. That's when it finally hit me." She looked at Mako and Kage and smiled apologetically. "Uh, sorry, I didn't mean to ruin the mood."

"I'm actually proud of you, in a way," Mako admitted, "back when you joined us you didn't look like you felt anything."

"Won't say that's wrong," Hotaru said. "Anyhow, back to training."

Kage saw a ghastly figure following Hotaru as she walked away, and smiled. "Back then, you didn't like showing off, either."

"That's not showing off, that's training," Hotaru said.

Aiko suddenly frowned. "Ugh, trouble."

Usagi nodded. "I can sense Iron Mouse. She's... Damn, it's Naru."


The afternoon at the Osa-P jewelry had been calm thus far, but Naru knew that was about to change as she saw the white-haired woman walking in. "Mom, I have to go."

Her mother understood what Naru meant by the way she looked at her. "Okay, be careful."

Naru walked to Iron Mouse, who was surprised by that. "Since I know I won't be able to stop you, can I at least ask for one thing?"

"Uh... Sure, I guess."

"Don't turn me so close to my house, I don't want to wreck it."

"Oh, that's all? I suppose I can agree to that, it doesn't change a thing for me."

"Good." Naru summoned her air board and flew away. "Follow me, then."

Iron Mouse floated up, then sped forwards, matching the board's speed easily. "If you're thinking about setting a trap, then-"

"What for? We haven't found a way to get rid of you yet."

Mouse smirked at the 'yet' then saw Naru stopping. "So, are you ready?"

Just as she said that, she was hit from the side by a light beam. "Hey there, Paper Hamster."

Mouse glared at Moon and the other Senshi. "I thought this wasn't a trap."

Naru shrugged. "It wasn't, but Moon can sense you from a city away."

"Big deal," Mouse said then vanished, reappearing right next to Naru and taking her seed before anyone could try to stop her. "Aaaaaaand another dud. Damn it."

"Starlight Inferno!"

Mouse was knocked out of the sky, but managed to recover before hitting the ground. "Oh great, so the three pest are all alive. This has been a good night."

"You won't get the golden seed."

"Keep pestering us and Galaxia will destroy you, fool. See you!"

Moon saw Mouse vanish, and the other girl gave her a short stare before also vanishing. "I wonder who those three are."

"This season's flavor of mystery Senshi?" Dragon Mercury joked.

"Their suits are very different to ours," Mercury noted, "it's likely they're alien Senshi, like Helios."

"Ruby Flash!"

Moon sensed something and moved to the side, barely dodged a red energy beam. "Guess it's Naru's turn."

Naru was now wearing a Senshi suit much like her own, except this one was completely made of dark gemstones. "Stop it right there, evildoers, or Sailor Jewel will give you all a clear cut."

Moon said nothing, just rushed down, energy blasts shooting out of her hands as she flew.

"Diamond shell!" Jewel's body was covered in diamonds, and the blasts were all reflected. "You will never defeat- Eek!"

Mars smirked as she watched Moon chase 'Sailor Jewel' around, shooting attack after attack without saying a word. The 'shield' Jewel had summoned was soon gone, and Moon managed to get close and punch her back. Still, Jewel wasn't too affected, and laughed at her attacker. "Guess she'll need help."

"Emerald Wave!"

Jupiter saw Moon leap up to dodge a green wave of energy. "I got this!" Moon had been about to attack again, but then sensed something, and jumped back. Jupiter had leapt off her air board and landed right next to Jewel, grabbing her and slamming her on the ground a couple times - cracking the concrete where she hit. "And stay down."

Moon returned Naru's seed and sighed. "I guess that's one way to deal with these fake Senshi."

Jupiter shrugged. "It worked, didn't it?"

Naru staggered up and groaned. "Don't tell me what I turned into, I'm sure I'll regret knowing."

"Just someone crazy about jewels."

"Good thing Umino wasn't around, I would never hear the end of that."

Moon gave Naru a smile that was one sound effect away from a chuckle. "Who knows, perhaps I'll tell her about it when he comes back."

"Don't be a pest, Usagi," Naru muttered. "Anyhow, I have to go tell mom I'm okay."

Dragon Sun smiled. "Seeing what you just did, I'm not going to make you mad."

Jupiter giggled. "I promise I won't hit you that hard if you do. Just hard enough to send you flying away."

"... Good?" the Dragon said with a sigh.


"Are you two ready?"

"Why can't we skip this fight? You said we'll still get kicked around even if we're Cosmic Senshi."

Pluto looked at the young Dragon in a way which made it clear she was dead serious. "You will be needed, and you will be there."

"Your power is quite a curse, huh?"

She looked at Dragon Nemesis. "At times, it is. I've seen both Usagi and Small Lady react badly to my... Methods. While I've already seen those things as possible, it still hurts when they don't trust me."

"Okay, let's just go. The sooner I'm back, the sooner I can pester my sister about being at her same level."

"She may be technically at Cosmic level, but power isn't everything. And if this war follows the best case scenario, then Usagi will show Galaxia that even someone as powerful as her can still be beaten."
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Kyouko Tsukino

More episodes ahead. One hundred and twenty-eight (total) episodes down, a few hundred more to go.

... I joke, I joke. It's actually a few thousand episodes to go.

... Yeah, that was also a joke.

Sailor Moon Aeons.
Book 2: Rebirth.
Act 7: The Senshi of Chaos.
Episode 103: Lose your mind.

By Razor Knight
Last update: June 25, 2015


When Usagi went home after school, she saw there was someone there she wasn't expecting to see yet. "Shingo?"

"Hi, sis. I'll tell you something, you were right, those three months were hellish. But I learnt a lot, too."

"Perhaps we should all go train with Pluto, then."

"I joked about that, too. She said we were the exception, not the rule."

"So, you got to Cosmic level yet?"


Usagi chuckled. "Terry will be in a bad mood."


"He was... Well, he was the first Dragon to show up, and now the last three will be one level above him."

"Isn't he a dual Senshi?"

"Yeah, but that... It's dangerous for him to use it."

"So I've heard. Anyways, I was going out before you left, I want to surprise Hana."

"Have fun."

Shingo smiled "Sure will. Teleport."

Usagi stood there, blinking in awe for a few seconds before shaking her head. "Guess being a showoff is also in our genes." But that meant Pluto also knew some Hunter spells - something, Usagi realized, wasn't that amazing considering how long she had lived.


"So, it's my turn now."

Iron Mouse looked at the blue-haired woman and shrugged. "Good luck out there, Siren."

Siren giggled. "Don't be mad, it could be much worse."

"Right, I could be dead if Galaxia was in a bad mood. But I honestly mean it, Siren, good luck. The sooner you find that golden seed, the faster we can get out of this pathetic system and move on to the next one."

"You're right, these 'humans' are happy just staying in one planet. I hate these primitive beings."


"This whole 'fake Senshi' thing got me thinking... Wonder what each of us will become?"

"In your case, I'm sure it will be something silly," Ami said.

Terry smiled. "Can't say I didn't consider that. What about you?"

"I'm never silly."

Aiko walked by. "I could give you a list with all your silly moments, mom. Just give me a week to browse my memory banks."

Ami sighed and looked at Terry. "She's got your sense of humor."

Yukiko had been trying her luck at chess again, with a holographic chess board. Aiko was still good, but she had won a couple times too. "Ugh, you could pretend you're having a hard time winning."

"Sorry, I wasn't built to lie," Aiko noted. "But I wanted to tell you something I realized yesterday. Your name is, strange as it may sound, linked to the creature you had inside."

"Beryl?" Yukiko said, "wait, how is it-"

Ami looked at Aiko in shock. "I never saw that, but you're right."

Terry looked at both his girlfriend and his daughter. "I don't see how."

"It's an anagram," Aiko said, "I started rearranging the letters of her name, for fun, but then I got 'Kouhekigyoku.'"

"Yellow Jasper," Ami explained, "also known as Beryl."

Yukiko stared at Aiko for a few seconds before shaking her head. "I love how smart you are, but that's a really creepy thing. Guess coincidences are more usual than I thought."

"She's gone now, so it doesn't matter to me," Aiko said, "Usagi once told me things like those make us stronger in the long run."

"... I guess she's been through some serious crap these last few years."

"You must have heard about most of them," Aiko said. "Sometimes I wonder how she manages to keep fighting."

Terry bit his lips for a few seconds then gave the others a sad smile. "I asked her that once. She said she keeps fighting for us, and for the Earth, but mostly for herself - if she gives up then all of her fight won't mean a thing."

"When I first met her, I thought she was just a naive girl who had an easy time making friends," Yukiko admitted, "but I'm glad I was wrong about that. And I don't regret being her number one fan, even today."

Usagi suddenly appeared near Aiko, and saw everyone staring at her. "Uh... Hi? What's wrong, guys?"

Terry shrugged. "If we say 'nothing' you'll just nag us until we tell us, so... They got curious, and I told them what you told me about giving up."

Usagi smiled. "Oh. I don't mind you guys knowing that. I just wanted to drop by to tell you that Umino and Shingo are back."


"They've been training for three months," Usagi explained, "and they're both in Cosmic level."

"Great," Terry said. "Usagi, could you beat me around until I level up? I hate lagging behind."

"This is not a race, Terry. Don't do anything foolish."

"It was a joke," Terry said, "I'm not suicidal."

"Your fighting style begs to differ," Aiko noted.

Usagi suddenly looked away and flinched. "The enemy's moving."

"Who are they targeting?"

"They're moving to... Damn it. It's either Shingo or Hana."


Nova looked at the wrecked building and frowned. She didn't like when things like these happened, but some criminals still thought they could be the ones to defeat her. This one had a rocket launcher, and tried to use it against her.... While she had been quick enough to put a barrier up and protect herself, she hadn't been able to stop the building from collapsing. This gang was keeping their 'loot' inside a run-down, abandoned office building, so she wasn't too surprised just one explosion had been enough to bring the whole place down.

"Huh, what happened there?"

She looked to the side and smiled. "Hi. To make a long story short, one of those guys tried to stop me with a rocket launcher. The building didn't like it."

"You don't look surprised to see me," Dragon Moon noted.

"Shingo, you should know I can sense magic from miles away. I was a bit surprised to sense you teleporting around, though."

"Sailor Pluto said that skill would be useful. Still, it's bad that I can't surprise you."

"Next time I'll pretend I'm surprised, and you'll pretend you don't know I'm pretending."

"Sounds like a deal," Shingo said, then walked to her. "You know, I've been in that damn place for three months. I've missed you."

Nova smiled at him. "I don't believe that. You'll have to show me how much you've missed m-" She was interrupted by Shingo kissing her, and she blushed slightly as the kiss ended. "... That-"

"Uh... Sorry, should I have asked first?"

She giggled. "No, I don't mind. I liked it."

"Good, I was worried I would be doing it wrong."

"Oh, that was your first?"

The Dragon blushed. "... Yeah."

Nova was about to say something, but the turned around and frowned. "Damn it, can't evil goons read the mood?"

Siren smiled at them. "I actually didn't want to interrupt you, but orders are orders."

"Oh, isn't that nice of you," Nova noted, then her eyes went white with light.

Siren fell to her knees and screamed in pain. "What the hell..."

"I don't know why you're targeting me, I'm no Senshi. But you'll still get a beating from me."

Siren stood up and smiled mockingly at her. "You psychics always amuse me."

"... So, you were just pretending to be in pain?"

Siren shrugged. "Yeah. I'm Aluminium Siren, one of Sailor Galaxia's servants. I've fought and killed plenty of creatures with your kind of power, girl. Just because you don't wear a Senshi suit, it doesn't mean you're not using magic too."

Dragon Moon growled at the woman and slashed down at her. "Leave my girl alone, creep!"

Siren caught the sword with one hand and smirked. "It's not your turn yet, kid. Don't be impatient, you'll have someone to fight in a minute." As she said that, she phased away, and right behind Nova. "Gotcha!"

The Dragon glared at Siren as she took Nova's seed. "Damn you..."

A light beam came from the side, hitting Siren, who didn't even feel the hit. "Oh, the rest of the weaklings are here."

Jupiter growled. "You may not feel our magic, but what about this?" She rushed forwards, punching Siren with all her might. If Siren had been a normal human, her head would have exploded from the blow. If she had been a weak magical being, her head would have been sent flying away. But she was neither, so all Jupiter did was make her stagger back. "Ow! Damn it, my hand..."

"Impressive, girl, you are much stronger than a Senshi of your level should be. But not enough. Anyhow, I'm bored of playing with you. Bye."

Moon glared at the spot Siren had been standing on. "I wish I could make them eat their words."

Dragon Moon was looking at Nova... Or not quite Nova anymore. "Damn it, Hana..."

Hana was wearing a Sailor suit, with a large eye in her chest instead of a bow. Her gloves also had eyes drawn in their backs, and she smiled coldly at them. "My name is Sailor Mind. Make sure you remember it so you can tell them who killed you when you get to the afterlife."

Jupiter rushed at 'Sailor Mind' but stopped meters away from her, frozen in place. "What... The... Hell..."

"This is the power of the mind, dear Jupiter. Something a brute like you obviously knows nothing about."

"Great, they turned her into a jerk," Dragon Mercury noted.

Sailor Mind looked at him. "Shut up, weakling."

Aiko appeared near the others. "I've called everyone, wait for them."

"We can handle-" the Dragon started.

"No, we can't," Moon said, causing the others to gasp. "Guys, she... Remember what Terry told us, about how strong she could be if she stopped holding back? I'm sensing it right now, and he was right... We may have to use a Planet Attack."

"But that would kill her!"

Moon looked at Mercury, and smiled sadly. She could understand her reaction. Despite how things had started between Ami and Hana, Ami was close to her nowadays. "I... I can't see any other way to get her back. We may need one of your plans."

Sailor Mind laughed. "You fools. Do you think I'll let you defeat me? Not a chance!"

The attack was invisible, but its effects could be clearly seen and felt. Dragon Mercury noticed everyone was trying to hold on against the psychic storm Hana had unleashed. "Damn it... Hana, stop this!"

Mercury was barely able to stand under the pressure. "I never thought she would be this strong."

"Hahaha... Idiots, you cannot win against my power. You will all die, and your pretty city will follow."

Mercury looked back and noticed the 'bubble' of psychic energy expanding. "No! We have to stop her!"


Aiko was looking at a 'screen' floating in front of her. "If the bubble expands in all directions, it may reach the mana wells under the city. She could destroy the whole city, and herself... She could even destroy the Earth if it causes a chain reaction."

Moon sighed. "Damn it, we'll have to use that attack."

"Can you do it while being pushed back?"

"It will be hard but..."

Dragon Moon suddenly let out a scream and started slowly walking forwards. Moon saw light constructs forming in front of him as he walked - serving as shields against the psychic 'wind.' Still, she could see slices in his cheeks and arms as he walked. "Hana!"

"That kid is insane," Jupiter muttered.

Dragon Mercury frowned. "Aiko, where's Hotaru?"

"I told everyone to stay away-"

"Then I'll have to do it myself," the Dragon said. "Saturn Star Power!"

"Terry, what are you doing?"

Even as he looked at Mercury, he was already casting a spell in his mind. "Helping."

Dragon Moon hadn't really thought things through, and he had to admit the pain he had felt as he got closer... It got worse with each inch he advanced. However, he suddenly noticed the pain was gone, and looked back, noticing Dragon Saturn's hands were shining. "Thanks."

"She's one of my best friends," Dragon Saturn said, "so if you have a plan..."

Aiko suddenly let out several strong curses, causing most of the others to stare at her in shock. "The bubble's growing too fast - the Hunters can't take everyone out of the area before it reaches them. There's no casualties yet but that could change any moment."

Dragon Moon heard that, and started trying to move faster. "Hana, please, snap out of it..."

"Stupid kid, I am not Hana, I am Sailor Mind."

Dragon Saturn fell on one knee. "Damn it, he's being damaged too fast, I can't keep up."

"Want me to tell Saturn to help?"

He looked at Aiko. "No, I'll just have to stop lagging behind."

Mercury knew what he meant, and wanted to stop him, but the psychic storm was too strong for her to reach him, and... Even though it was a great risk, she knew him enough to know he could do it. "Terry... Be careful."

"Always," he said and smiled at her, just as his swords started shining. "Huh, guess my talismans were under my nose all this time."

"I'll help you, too." Moon said as her crystal lit up.

The Dragon felt the surge of energy and smiled. "Thanks, sis."

"Mercury Cosmic Power! Saturn Cosmic Power!"

Mercury saw Dragon Saturn start walking forwards. "Terry?"

"I can do this-"

"No!" Dragon Moon said, "I'll do this. I need to do this."

Dragon Saturn stopped walking, and nodded after a couple seconds. "Gotcha, kid. Good luck."

Dragon Moon was now close enough to 'Sailor Mind' that he could reach out and touch her. "Hana, I don't want to hurt you, but there's no other way to-"

"Go away!"

The psychic blast was strong, and it knocked everyone down to the ground. Everyone except for Moon, Dragon Saturn and Dragon Moon. Aiko cursed again. "This is bad... Guys, the storm just wrecked an appartment complex near here, and..."

Dragon Moon shot a blast at Sailor Mind, but she didn't seem to notice. "Damn it, Hana... Why..." He started gathering energy, and this time shot a wide beam at her, but she only staggered back. "It's no use."

"Shingo, there's always a way! Keep trying."

Dragon Moon looked at her sister, and smiled sadly. "You know, I understand now just how hard being a Senshi is. I can't let Hana do this to us, to the Earth... To herself." He looked at Dragon Saturn. "Can you revive people too?"

"... Yeah." Was he really implying what he thought he was?

Dragon Moon turned to look at his 'foe' and summoned his sword. "I'm sorry, Hana. I'd rather have you hate me than not have you around anymore."

"Wait, Shingo!" Moon had started walking to them the moment she realized what he was planning, but even her shout was too late. She saw Hana revert back to her Nova suit as blood poured out of her mouth. "Terry!"

Dragon Saturn was already dashing forwards before Moon shouted - the psychic storm was gone, but he could also feel Hana's life fading fast. He rushed past Dragon Moon and knelt before Hana, who had slumped to the ground, and started healing her. "Damn it, she's... I'm not sure I can save her."

"What-" Mercury started.

"He stabbed right through her heart."

"I had to- I didn't-" Dragon Moon started.

"Nobody's going to blame you for this, Shingo."

Dragon Saturn looked up and smiled. "Hotaru."

Saturn looked down at Hana. "Leave her to me."


"Don't argue, damn it, we have no time for it!" Saturn shouted, losing her temper.

"... Sorry. Go for it."

Moon saw the rest of the team had appeared around them after the storm ended, and knew how Saturn had appeared at the right time. Aiko was probably keeping them informed of what was going on. "Was there really no other way?"

Aiko walked to her. "From my readings, if he had waited any longer, we would not be standing here now."

Dragon Moon walked to her and tossed his sword on the ground. "Screw this."


"I wasn't ready for this, sis. I don't want to do this anymore, I just-" He stopped as Usagi slapped him. "Sis?"

"You did what you had to do, Shingo. If you hadn't stabbed her, I would have to shoot her, and she would probably be dead now. I would have prefered it that way, to not see you like this, but do you think she would want to see you give up?"

The Dragon said nothing, but picked the sword up, and turned to leave. He didn't turn to look at her, but Moon noticed the change in his mood. "I guess... You're right. I heard some of the things you went through, and you didn't give up. I got to keep up with you."

Moon smiled sadly at that. "Yeah. Now go, I'm sure she'll be back any second now."

Dragon Saturn was amazed. He could 'see' things others couldn't, so he had sensed it, how Hotaru had effortlessly fixed the wound, even restoring Hana's heart to normal, and healed her, making her own body replace the lost blood with the magic she was pouring into it. "That's... Incredible."

Hotaru didn't look away from Hana, who was already breathing normally. "No offense, but your ego can be annoying."


"Back there, when I told you I could do it... Do you really think someone who rarely uses the powers of Saturn could be at the same level as someone who's been using them for years?"

The Dragon sighed as his suit reverted back to its Mercury form. "... You're right, I'm a rookie when it comes to healing powers. But since I already revived people, I thought-"

"Resurrecting someone is much easier than bringing them back from the edge, like Hana was. It takes a lot more energy, too, which your 'dual' form eats faster than normal. You couldn't have done it, even with training."

"Well, thanks for the lecture."

Saturn smiled at him. "But from what Aiko told me, you did a lot, you risked a lot. You and Shingo were the ones saving Hana, I just finished things up."

Dragon Moon had been listening to them, but suddenly gasped as he saw Hana stand up. "Hana, I-"

Hana stopped his apology by giving him a deep kiss. As they broke the kiss, she noticed the stares the others were giving her. "I... Can remember bits of what happened, of what Aiko was telling you all. Of what I almost did, even though I wasn't in control. Shingo... You have nothing to be sorry about."

The Dragon blinked in disbelief. "Uh, I didn't think you would forgive me that easily, but..."

"There's always risks in what we do. We shouldn't let that stop us from doing the right thing."

Saturn fell on her knees. "That was tiring."

Moon walked to them, but she was looking at Dragon Moon. "Uh, sorry about slapping you, I-"

"Huh? What happened?" Hana asked.

"I panicked, wanted to give up because of what I was forced to do, but Usagi... Well, she slapped me to stop me from saying any more, and then gave me quite a speech."

"... Yeah, that sounds like her," Hana admitted.

Moon turned to Aiko. "What's the situation around the city?"

"The area affected was large, but buildings weren't damaged that badly. There's plenty of civilian casualties, though... This may be bad publicity for our group."

Saturn staggered up. "Moon, care helping me fix that?"

Moon knew exactly what Saturn meant. "Sure." She closed her eyes and her crystal lit up again, and everyone could see energy flowing from it to Saturn. "I didn't do much so I have a lot to spare."

Saturn had a white aura around her when Moon was done, and she had to admit the rush of having so much mana in her felt good. "I'll take care of reviving any victims, you guys fight off the angry masses and their pitchforks."

Hana sighed as Saturn vanished. "I guess saying 'sorry' won't be enough for the media."

"It wasn't your fault, it was that Aluminium Siren girl's doing," Jupiter noted, "next time I see that :red:, I'll hit her so hard her head will implode. I don't care if my hand's bones get shattered."

Sailor Moon Aeons.
Book 2: Rebirth.
Act 7: The Senshi of Chaos.
Episode 104: Three times the fun.

By Razor Knight
Last update: July 10, 2015


Two days had passed since the battle against 'Sailor Mind,' and things were not as bad as everyone had guessed, even though some civilians were upset with what Nova had done. Still she was glad she had kept her identity a secret. Hana was now watching Shingo and Usagi train, inside the base. Pluto had taught him how to use his sword, and also unarmed combat, but he was still not having any luck beating Usagi. "You should just give up."

Shingo leapt away, barely missing one of Usagi's chakrams, and chuckled. "Why should I, this is fun."

Usagi smiled at that, then recalled her chakram. "By the way, Shingo... What were those constructs you were using in our last battle? They were destroyed too fast, so I couldn't see them clearly."

Shingo nodded. "I'll show you. Lunar Wolf!"

Hana stared at the white, humanoid wolf Shingo had summoned - a werewolf? "Wow. Can it fight?"

To answer that, Shingo swung his fist forwards, and the werewolf mimicked that. He then leapt at Usagi, without warning, and the werewolf followed his move. Usagi, however, rolled to the side, tossing one of her weapons at him, but he blocked it with his arms. "It can fight, yeah."

Usagi laughed. "That's nice, but if all it does is mimicking your moves..." She phased right behind Shingo, "it won't beat me." She sensed something as she was about to hit Shingo from behind, and ducked, barely missing the wolf's claw slash. "Oh."

Shingo turned to her. "It can fight on its own, too. Still, I guess Hana is right, you're out of my league, sis. I give up."

"There is no shame in losing against a much stronger enemy," Terry said. He had been silently watching the fight, and he had to admit he was impressed by how well Pluto had trained the youngest Dragon. Impressed, but not surprised.

Hana walked to him. "Terry, there was something that Siren girl said during that fight. She said I also use mana. Have any idea how that could be?"

"Ever since I met the Senshi and saw what they could do, I had that suspiction, myself," Terry admitted. "But I never had any proof. I still don't, honestly. If you are manipulating and gathering mana, it may be like the 'Dream' mana, different enough that our scanners can't measure it."

Usagi had been staring at Hana since she asked her question, and the others looked at her questioningly as they noticed. "Uh, I was... Trying to see her power."

"You can-"

"At first I was confused by my 'magic sense' as Ami's called it a few times, but... I've been trying to figure it out for months now. At first I couldn't do a thing, but then I found I could amplify its range and accuracy by using it actively."

"That's how you could tell where Galaxia's goons are attacking from."

"Yes. Anyhow... Hana, I can see mana in you, it's a kind I had never seen before. I'm not perfect at sensing mana, but I can guess it's a type of mana that can only be manipulated with one's mind."

"Heh, so I'm a 'Magical Girl' after all," Hana mused.

"That's one mystery solved," Terry said, "but the mystery of the Star Seeds remains."

"We know what they are, we know they're looking for a special one, but who's got it?"

Hana was looking at Usagi. "If it's special, it should be in the strongest magical being of our generation, right?"

Terry nodded. "That's a good guess, but why-" He finally noticed who Hana was looking at, and slapped his forehead. ":red:, I should have figured that out myself."

Usagi flinched. "You mean I..."

"We won't know until the enemy targets you. We don't even know why this enemy wants it."

Usagi nodded. "I'm sure it's for nothing good. I don't care who has that seed, we won't let them get it."

"Of course we won't," Terry said, "even if this Galaxia is the one the legends speak of, even if her power is infinite, power isn't everything in a fight. We'll defeat her."

Usagi flinched and looked up. "Speak of the devil... I can sense Siren moving, she's heading for... The Hunters!"


"You've improved a lot."

Yukiko smiled at her friend. "Yeah, I did. But I'm still upset that I can only compare to Usagi if I throw all my mana out in one single attack."

"Only way you would be like her would be being her," Emi said. "We've been training our mana gathering, maybe you should try that."

"How does that work?"

"You force your body to hold more mana than it can. It's painful at first, but once you get used to it, you can keep training and improving."

Maria shrugged. "Unfortunately, while our reserves went up a lot, our speed hasn't changed much."

"Sounds like fun," Yukiko said. "Let's- Oh, damn it."

Aki saw the blue-haired Senshi walk to them and sighed. "I was wondering if we would be targeted. Which one of us is she after, though?"

Siren looked at them in turns and smiled. "The only answer I can give to that is 'Yes.'"

Yukiko flinched. Was this girl really saying she could turn all three of them at the same time? "Damn it... Girls, I'll cover you."

Maria frowned. "They would just come back for us. Demon..."

Aki smiled. "We may not be able to beat her, but we can still try. ... Magic..."

Yukiko saw the three girls were shining with light, and their hands were wrapped in mana. She then noticed Siren was just standing there, arms crossed. "Siren, was it? You should run."

"Fool, their power is not-"

Emi glared at Siren. "Our individual power is not enough, but let us show you what the three strongest Hunters can do when they combine their power. Spell Fusion, Demon Magic Armageddon!"

Yukiko could have sworn she saw Siren flinch before the large energy blast hit her. And after the light around the area was down to bearable levels, she noticed two things. One, her friends were on their knees, exhausted. And two, Siren had a line of blood running down from her mouth. "Wow..."

"Looks like... You're not invincible, freak."

Siren glared at Maria, then chuckled. "Not the first time I'm hurt in battle, but I must thank you."

"Huh? Why is that?" Aki asked.

"It's been too long since we faced enemies who could hurt us. Thanks for reminding me I should not take victories for granted.

Yuki saw Siren vanish, then saw her right behind her friends, who were all lying down on the ground. "Damn it..."

Siren looked at the three seeds. "Seriously, three duds? I thought being this powerful, one of them would have it. Oh well..."

"Wait!" Yuki shouted, but the woman was gone. She knew she couldn't help her friends until they transformed, so she decided to take care of something else first.


Yuki looked at the woman. She had teleported right next to where this 'spectator' was, and didn't mind her being much stronger than her. "You :red:... Why are you even here?"

The black-haired woman shrugged. "I have no time for-"

"Witch Spark."

That made her enemy glare at her. "Hey! We've done nothing against you, don't make me attack you."

"That's the problem, you've done nothing, you don't help us at all. If you're not going to help us, go away."

"Hmph. Humans can be so annoying..."

Yuki glared at the spot the woman had been standing on. "Coward."

"You should..."

"... be paying more..."

"... attention to your surroundings."

Yuki turned to the side and saw three women standing there. It was obvious they were Aki, Emi and Maria, but they were all wearing a Senshi outfit - at least the top of it looked like one, the 'skirt' was knee-long and full of runes. "I fear asking, who are you?" she asked as she transformed. She didn't need that to use her magic, but she also didn't want anyone to see Yuki, not Warwitch, throwing elemental attacks around.


"... are ..."

"... Sailor Magi."

"Oh, great, these three talk like those twin Witches."

Warwitch smiled. "Hi guys. How did you get here so fast?"

"I learnt how to teleport thanks to the Hunters, and I've been trying to teach everyone."

The witch nodded at Moon. "It's useful. Anyhow... There's three 'fake Senshi,' this will be a tough fight."

Moon looked at the others. "We can handle them."

"It may be hard, they managed to hurt that Siren girl."

"They what?" Phase nearly shouted. "Uhm, I mean... How?"

"Using a triple spell, it left them without energy, but Siren wasn't too happy about it."

Mercury flinched. "I hate it when I don't see the obvious. We could use our own combined techniques to hurt those women."

Moon smiled, looking at the three evil 'Senshi' who were apparently waiting for their attack. "We should, but first let me take care of these. Cosmic Flash!"

Dragon Moon had been about to ask why she had shouted her attack out loud, but then noticed something. Moon had shot a wave at the three, then shot a wide beam up, without calling it out. "What-"

Dragon Mercury saw the three mages fall near them, and chuckled. "The old decoy trick, huh?"

Moon smiled. "Can't fool me with that so easily."

The Sailor Magi staggered up, glaring at Moon. "We..."

"... will..."

"... defeat you. Demon's..."

"... Darkness..."

"... Sword!"

Moon didn't need to read data, like Mercury, so she could sense the power the three 'Magi' had as they leapt at her. If she dodged it, they could destroy the whole area, and if she attacked them hard enough to disrupt their attack, she could kill them. As usual, she took a third choice.

Nova picked herself off the ground and looked around. The explosion had been quite strong, but if what she had sensed of the trio was right, Moon had somehow made it much weaker than it should be. She looked in the direction Moon had been, and gasped. "Usagi!"

Dragon Mercury, or rather, Dragon Saturn, was already checking on her. "Damn it, she took a lot of damage. Aiko!"

Phase nodded. "Hotaru, this is Phase, we need you-"

"No need to tell me," Saturn said as she appeared near them.


Saturn smiled at Dragon Saturn, and this time didn't tell him to move out of the way. "I was already heading this way when you guys called me. Terry, I'll need help for this, she's quite injured."

The three Magi laughed as they floated up from the small crater their attack had left. "Too bad for you, Senshi, but you won't defeat us so easily!"

Just as they were done saying that (speaking in unison, rather than splitting the sentence between them, Saturn noted,) one of them was trapped in a sphere of flames. The other two Magi turned to the attacker, only to be greeted by a lamp post to the chest, and a light chain, respectively.

"That's for hurting Usagi," Mars snapped at the three as they fell.

"Is she going to be okay?" Venus asked, walking to her fallen friend.

"She took a lot of damage and used her own life energy to cancel most of the mana of those three-"

"That's not what she asked," Jupiter noted, arms crossed.

"... Uh, sorry, I guess. If you want a short answer, yes, we can heal her back to normal."

"You sure? I have no idea what I'm doing," Dragon Saturn admitted.

"Keep on using your healing on her, I'll work on what needs to be healed faster," Saturn said.

"I thought you would just shout me out of the way again."

Saturn sighed. "That was... I must admit I might have been too harsh last time. My mood's been quite rotten lately."

"I can understand why," the Dragon said.

Moon suddenly coughed and opened her eyes. "Ugh... That was a stupid move."

"That was brave," Saturn said, turning to her, "you knew you could get hurt, or worse, but you managed to save a lot of lives, and I'm not just talking about us."

Mercury smiled. "Guess that attack they pulled is a nice reminder of what combining our powers can do."

Moon sat up and winced. "Yeah, it was." She saw the three Hunters were already up, and staring at her. "Hi, girls."

"Usagi, we- We did this, right? We almost killed you?"

"It wasn't you." Moon said, "don't worry about it."

"It's quite annoying, though," Jupiter said, "these 'fake' Senshi are all as strong as a Cosmic Senshi."

"It's never easy for us, Mako. It just means we have to grow stronger."


Later that day, the three Hunters were inside the Senshi base, listening to what the Senshi were planning. "... But why would you need more combined spells? You have that Planet Attack thing."

"A technique which hurts whoever is the catalyst, and could be interrupted by the enemy easily."

Aki looked at Rei and nodded. "Guess that's true. Anyhow, why did you want us to know that?"

"You've got more experience than us with those techniques. Know a way for us to use them without shouting out the spells?"

"Sorry, but I don't think that's even possible. In the heat of battle, you need to make the other user, or users, aware that you're casting that spell."

Uranus and Neptune were also there, and had already been practicing for a while. "What if two people have a... Special connection?"

Aki looked at Maria, then back at Neptune. "I suppose that could be possible, but it may take a long time to be able to do it right."

Uranus smiled. "Wind Surge."

Neptune pointed her hand at the incoming attack and closed her eyes. "Water Wheel."

The others saw a circle of water shoot from Neptune's hand, clashing with the wind blast and creating a sphere of water and wind. Both Uranus and Neptune were reaching their hands out to the sphere, and they both swung their arms to the side, to the far wall of the room, as they shouted the attack's name. "Typhoon Sphere!"

Emi stared at Uranus and Neptune in turns. "If you two can create a new combined spell in such a short time, then you may be able to-"

Uranus laughed at that. "Sorry, we kind of cheated. We practiced that combination for weeks - we just never had a chance to use it in battle."

"Oh. Still, that attack had more power than the one we used to hurt Siren."

"We may be able to defeat them, then," Usagi said, "if we defeat her troops, then Galaxia will have to face us herself."

"Enraging a godlike Sailor Senshi sounds suicidal. I like that plan," Kage said. Mako punched him softly in the arm... And sent him rolling on the ground for a few meters. "Ow! Mako, what the heck..."

Mako cringed. "Ugh, sorry, I'm still getting used to controlling my strength."

"You two really get along," Hotaru said with a smile.

"If you say so," Kage muttered, but then smiled at Mako.

Sailor Moon Aeons.
Book 2: Rebirth.
Act 7: The Senshi of Chaos.
Episode 105: One Senshi too many.

By Razor Knight
Last update: July 22, 2015


Galaxia wasn't pleased with her soldiers' performance thus far. Still, what could she do, kill them? That would just mean she would have to turn either the three annoying Starlight Senshi, or the Senshi of this pathetic world, into her new soldiers. That would be too much of a bother, really.

Still, her soldiers were waiting for her to speak, and so she did. "I've thought of a way to increase your chances to find one of the seeds. You will attack more than one target at a time-"

"That's what I did," Siren noted.

"-But you will not go alone. Crow!"

The black-clad woman standing next to Siren knelt before Galaxia. "I will find that seed for sure, Queen Galaxia."

Siren nodded, but then sighed. "Why don't we just get all the remaining seeds?"

"You are using my energy for that," Galaxia noted, "and I don't like wasting it."

"... Fair enough. We'll do our best, Queen Galaxia."

"That's all I'm asking. Now go and get me the golden star seed - it's not like those Earth Senshi can even hurt you. I'm sure what happened with the three mages was just a fluke."


Ami looked around the room and smiled. Sure, she didn't feel the need to show off as much as her boyfriend did, but she could still like leaving everyone speechless, once in a while. And if training for three or four days to do it was what was needed, then she couldn't really complain. "So, what do you think?"

Brad looked at Ami and Rei in turns. "You girls just went 'screw physics' there, didn't you?"

Minako chuckled. Brad was quite right, as far as she knew, a wave of water shouldn't be aflame unless something else was involved. In this case, it was magic. "Wonder what we can do if we combine our attacks?" she said, looking at Brad.

"Brighter flashes?" Brad said.

"What matters is how effective an attack is, not how flashy."

Ami looked at Terry and gave him a half-smile. "I wish you could be serious like that all the time."

"If I was, you would get bored of me and go find another clown."

"Don't worry, I doubt I could find anyone who could out-clown you."

Terry smiled at that, then looked at Usagi, who was having a chat with ChibiChibi. "... What are you up to, Rabbit?"

"Trying to see if she can speak at all. No luck so far."

Ami walked to them. "Pluto told us she's important, and I know she's got a lot of power in that little body of hers, but there's a lot of questions I would like to ask her."

"Chibi. Chibi Chibi!"

Usagi saw Ami staring at the small girl. Her friend seemed shocked at something. "Ami?"

Ami didn't seem to hear her. "What did you just say?"

"Chibi. Chibi Chibi!"

"... This is..."

Terry frowned. "What's wrong?"

"I'm not sure 'wrong' is the right term, but... I can understand what she's saying."

The small girl looked at Ami and smiled. "Chibi?"

"Yes, I can understand you."

Rei blinked at that. "Wait, how..."


Ami shook her head. "It... Seems to come and go, much like you told us your power worked."

"So, it's another one of those 'special' skills?"

"I would think so." Ami looked at ChibiChibi, who had kept talking, and frowned. "It's annoying, though, knowing I could be understanding all she says, but I only get fragments."

Terry was surprised, but he had seen enough of their powers to know it wasn't impossible. "How does it work?"

"This girl... She's saying things, not just randomly repeating the same word. My guess is, my mind can transform what I hear into words I can understand."

"So, to practice that power and be able to control it, you would have to get someone to speak to you in a language you aren't proficient in."

Ami smiled at Terry. "That's worth a try."

Usagi looked at ChibiChibi, who hadn't stopped talking. "Uh, she doesn't understand everything you say, ChibiChibi."


"Sorry," Ami said. "Still, from what little I understood, she knows Galaxia, is here to stop her, and... I think she asked for our help."

Usagi smiled at the little girl. "We'll defeat her, one way or another."

"Chibi? Chibi Chibi Chibi."

"She said she can't be defeated."

Rei frowned at that. "Is she saying we can't defeat her, or that there's no way to defeat her at all?"

"I don't know. Damn, now I know how you felt at first, Usagi..."

"We didn't know how to use our Senshi powers right until we practiced," Usagi said, "so don't worry. We'll try talking to her again when you're better at using this new skill."


Ami looked at the small girl. "She said 'Animates.' No idea what-"

Usagi looked up and frowned. "The enemy is moving. They're at the shrine."

"Crap, Yuichiro is next," Rei said.

"But they're... There's another one, moving to the Ginga mansion. Ail and Ann too?"

"They're not even from this world, why would-"

Minako interrupted Terry. "Why don't we go there and 'ask' whichever metal animal it is this time about it?"

"Oh, I'll 'ask' them, indeed," Mako said, cracking her knuckles.


Dragon Mars looked at the woman standing in front of him. "Your suit makes you look like a crow, so I'll make a guess your name has 'crow' in it."

"I'm Sailor Lead Crow, and I'm here to get your seed."

"... Then why aren't you attacking?"

"Galaxia's rules. I don't agree with a few of them, but I still have to follow them."

"So, you have to wait until someone else shows up."

Crow smiled and looked to the side. "Sailor Mars, Sailor Mercury and Sailor Moon. If our intel is correct, I'm lucky, I got the main trio to play with."

Mars saw the woman vanish, and heard a gasp. Predictably enough, she had taken Dragon Mars' seed, and it was, as usual, a dud. "Just leave before we have to hurt you."

Crow laughed at that. "You? Hurt me? I would love to see you try, weaklings."

Moon's hands lit up with magic, and she smiled. "It would be rude not to grant you your request. Lunar..."

Mercury's hands were wrapped in ice, and she gathered them into a couple small ice balls. "Ice..."

Crow saw Moon shoot the ice, and it started shining. Mercury then shot the ice balls, but not to her. "What the hell-"

Mars saw the attack heading her way, and smiled as she summoned her bow. "... Shot!"

It happened too quick for Crow to dodge - the two flame arrow Mars had shot had caused the balls to explode, and a mix of ice shards, lunar magic and fire all hit the evil Senshi, knocking her to the ground. "Ugh..." She stood up and coughed, blood dripping from her lip. "You stupid humans! I'm going to-"

"If I remember right, you can't kill us."

"Won't." Crow corrected, "But I may risk angering Galaxia, next time I see any of you." She glared at each of the girls in turns before vanishing.

"That was dangerous."

Mars looked at her. "I don't think that would have hurt me as much as a Planet Attack. And it worked, so-" She sensed something and moved to the side, just in time to dodge a fire blast. "Oh, almost forgot about him."

Mercury looked at Yuichiro, or rather... His suit was seemingly made of red scales, but looked almost identical to his Dragon Senshi outfit, except for the red, scaly helmet which looked like a dragon's head. "... Please tell me your name is not-"

"Be burnt by the endless courage of Dragon Dragon!"

Mars sighed. "I know that's Yuu in there, but just for that name, I feel like kicking him for hours."

"Kick this. Burning Dragon Fist!"

Mars dodged as 'Dragon Dragon' charged at her, trying to punch her with his hand wrapped in flames. "No thanks."

Moon saw a few dozen flame arrows shoot out of Mars' body and hit the Dragon, who rolled on the ground for a good fifty meters. He was still trying to stand up after the blow, so she summoned a man-sized hand made of mana and knocked him back down, this time also knocking him out. "If you're ready for them, these fake Senshi are usually easy."

Mars returned Yuichiro's seed and smiled. "Yeah. And now that we know how to deal with those other Senshi..."

"I would guess they're called the 'Animates' since that's what ChibiChibi said right before they appeared," Mercury noted.

"Oh, I see you've got things under control here."

Moon saw the rest of the group was there. "Yeah, it wasn't a long fight, but..."

"What did he turn into?" Dragon Venus asked.

Mars saw her boyfriend was waking up, and decided this was the perfect chance to say it. "He was Dragon Dragon."

Yuichiro looked up at Mars and cringed. "Ugh, I think I'll just go back to sleep."

"What happened with Ail and Ann?" Moon asked. "Did they have-

"Yeah, I guess all magicians have it, as the legend says."


Minutes earlier, several other Senshi had reached the Ginga mansion, only to find the two aliens seemed to have things under control. Siren was busy dodging as countless creatures attacked her from all sides. "Heh, good thing they didn't use that many bugs back then," Dragon Mercury said.

Siren looked to the side and saw several Senshi there. "Oh, that's too bad, I was enjoying the workout."

Ann frowned. "Don't gloat, we've got you-"

Ail saw Siren shoot a wave of energy. It stopped short of hitting them, but destroyed all their creatures. "Damn it, she was just playing with us."

"That's right, weaklings like you would not be able to hurt me."

"What about weaklings like us?" Jupiter snapped.

"You? Hurt me? I would love to see you try, weaklings," Siren snapped back.

Nemesis looked at Venus, then at Jupiter, then shrugged. "You asked for it. Darkshine..." A sphere of darkness appeared on her outstretched hand.

"... Sparkling..." Jupiter summoned her hammer, which lit up as electric arcs run through it. She then run to Nemesis, and slammed her hammer into the dark ball, then tossed it in Venus' direction.

And Venus was ready for this. She summoned her chain sword, lashing out at the hammer as the chain lit up, and wrapping it around the hammer's handle. She then spun around, aiming a second strike straight at Siren as she finished the attack's name. "... Whip Maul!"

Siren was knocked back by the attack, and was quite shocked, pun very intended, by the damage it had caused in her. True, it was nothing deadly, but it was clear these 'weaklings' could hurt her. "Ugh, now you've done it, Earthlings. Next time I won't just stand there and let you attack."

As Siren vanished, Jupiter looked at the other Senshi. "Guess we'll have to practice using that attack on a moving target, then."

Venus cringed. "Guys, we've still got to deal with those two."

Ail and Ann were wearing silver Senshi suits, and holding strange-looking guns in their hands. "We are Sailor Alien. Resistance is futile. You will be eliminated," they said in unison.

"I don't think that's how that line goes," Venus said.

"You are saying that?" Dragon Venus mused.

"Give up, Earthlings, we will destroy you all."

Dragon Mercury frowned at that. "Well, you girls already showed off. My turn."

"Wha-" Venus started, then blinked as the two aliens fell to the ground, unconscious, and the Dragon was right behind them. "Whoa."

Dragon Venus had barely been able to see what the other Dragon did. "Did you just use the Alphard?"

"Heh, no. I just hit them in the head hard enough to knock them out."

Venus smiled. "You're quite fast when you try."

"Eh, but unlike you, I can't keep that speed up for long. Another reason why I don't use it while training."

Jupiter had returned the seeds to the two aliens, and saw them open their eyes. "Oh well, at least we gave that Siren girl a beating."

Ail stood up and groaned. "My head feels like it was hit by a truck."

"That would be my fault," Dragon Mercury said.

Ann shrugged. "I guess we can't keep up with you even if we get Senshi powers."

"Don't feel bad," Dragon Mercury said, "you looked like you could have leveled a block if we let you try."

Ail smirked. "Nice..."

Nemesis sighed. "Guys, let's go see how the others did."

"Right," Dragon Venus said, then sighed. "... You guys should learn how to teleport too."

"Yeah, yeah, just do your thing," Dragon Mercury muttered.

"Fine. Teleport!"


"Do you think we should interfere?"

"Finding our Princess is our top priority. We need her to save our world, Healer."

"I'm aware of that, Maker, but these Senshi... They've got potential."

"I'm not sure about that. They don't seem to know the kind of power they're facing. Their naivety may be their doom, and I'm not about to get caught along with them."

"Fighter, do you think we can beat Galaxia?"

"With the Princess, we may be able to do it. So let's hurry and look for her before Galaxia finds what she's looking for."

Sailor Moon Aeons.
Book 2: Rebirth.
Act 7: The Senshi of Chaos.
Episode 106: The rise of Sailor Chef.

By Razor Knight
Last update: July 31, 2015


"Come on, do it."

Mako looked at the girl standing besides her desk. Sure, not many fans nowadays approached them while they were at school, but this one of those rare cases. "Promise you'll stop nagging me about it after I do it?"

The girl frowned for a second at the word 'nagging' but then nodded. "Yes."

Kage was looking at Mako, amused. "A little show for the fans now and then won't hurt."

"I guess." She looked at the lead pipe the other girl had placed in her desk and shrugged. "Okay, I'll do it."

Kage had to admit that, even though he knew just how strong Mako was thanks to her 'special' power, it was still impressive to see her showing it off. In a matter of seconds, she had turned the pipe into a compact mass of metal, and then she punched through it with her index finger, making a hole in it. "You're as strong as you are beautiful."

Mako smiled at him. "Good thing I take that as a compliment, because if I didn't..." And she crushed the small ball of metal into a disc to show her point.

Kage flinched, then smiled back at her. "Nice."

The girl took the lead disc and stared at it before looking at Mako. "That was awesome!"

"Uh, thanks."

Hotaru watched the girl walk out of the classroom and sighed. "I can't believe I'm saying this, but I miss everyone being crazy about us and not leaving us alone."

"Why, liked being popular?"

"No, it gave me something to think about other than... Her."

Mako sighed. "I can't even imagine how hard the wait must be for you, but... In a way, it's good. Back when we met you, you honestly looked like a robot to me."

Hotaru looked down. "I know. And I'd rather be sad and gloomy, like I am nowadays, than not feel anything."

"You did feel things," Kage said, "it's just that you chose to ignore them."

"Perhaps you're right," Hotaru admitted. She had noticed Yaten Kou (one of the Three Lights) was looking at them, but had ignored that, until now. "What's wrong?"

Yaten shrugged. "It may be weird for me to ask this, but are you guys really okay with everyone knowing who you are? Won't that interfere with your mission?"

"Most civilians are smart, or at least self-preserving enough to run away from areas where we're fighting."

"What about your enemies knowing who you are?"

"Most enemies we've faced knew who we were. This 'Galaxia' we're fighting right now is no different."

"Oh. I guess it's a matter of getting used to the fame, just like we did."

Hotaru nodded, then smiled. "Thanks."

"Huh? Why are you thanking me?"

"For helping me take my mind off certain issues, even if it's just for a minute."

Yaten blinked at that, then nodded. "You're welcome."


Hours later, the Senshi base was quite empty, but the few who were there were keeping themselves busy. Rei watched as Maria and Ami talked, and even though she didn't understand a word of Spanish, she could still tell Ami was having no problem keeping up.

Maria sighed and then nodded. "That power is pretty awesome - you don't even have a noticeable accent, it's like Spanish was your birth language."

"It's not that useful..." Ami admitted.

Rei shrugged. "My power is only good to shield me or trap an enemy inside. Mako's power is only good for things that require strength. Minako's power won't help her beat a stronger enemy, just dodge better. And Usagi's powers... Her evil sense is useful, but just to tell us when someone attacks. And her other power..."

Ami nodded. "You're right. And I can't even imagine how that felt."

"I felt like a part of me had been sealed. Like I knew it was there, but I wasn't allowed to see it, to feel it," Usagi explained. "I'm not sure I want to go through that again, but if I must sacrifice my powers to save the world..."

Aiko suddenly looked up. "There's someone outside the dojo."


"Takashi Hino," Aiko said, looking at Rei. "I'll make an educated guess and say he wants to speak with you."

"Why would he come here?" Rei muttered. "What the heck is he after?"

"I don't think he'll get anything from coming here, Rei," Usagi said. "Nothing material. I could be wrong, but the only way for you to find out would be asking him."

Rei sighed. "Guess you're right. I'll be right back."

"Not going to tell us not to watch?" Usagi asked.

"I know you, guys. Even if I told you, you would still do it. Also, I'd rather have you keep an eye on us, in case something happens."


"I don't need you to protect me from him. I need you to protect him from me," Rei said, walking into the elevator before the others could say anything else.


"Hello, Rei."

"What are you doing here, father?"

Hino met Rei's glare with a neutral face. "I know you may never forget about what I did to you- to both of you. I'm not asking you to do that. You don't even need to fear me doing anything against you or your friends - I would gain nothing from it. I just want you to forgive me for what I did. I can't fix the past, I can't bring her back, but ever since I saw you walk into the office that day, I realized what I had missed, all these years. I don't want my only daughter to hate me."

"You think I would just forgive you?" Rei said. "Then you know me less than I thought."

"Rei, what you do, saving the world without asking for anything in return, is-"

Rei looked around and sighed. "Let's continue this inside the dojo... This place is one of the few secrets we still want to keep."

"Okay." The man followed his daughter inside the building, then looked around. "So, your base is-"

"Still out of your reach," Rei said. "You were saying something about my job."

"Yes. Risa... Your mother would be proud of you. I'm proud of you. You said I didn't have the right to be proud, but-"

"There's only one reason I didn't just leave up here waiting until you grew bored of it," Rei said, interrupting him.

"What would that reason be?"

"My friends. They've helped me grow out of my old self- Specially Usagi. At first I thought she was naive, annoying, and I didn't understand why she was the one meant to be our leader. But after a while I knew - she doesn't give up, she doesn't run away from her troubles. She taught me that running away is never the answer."

"Well, I guess I should thank your friends for being there for you when I wasn't."

"I can't forget what you did. Mom... Grief killed her, I saw her letting herself go, and I hated you for it. Still, Usagi also taught me that being able to forgive those that hurt you is a good thing. I... I'm willing to give you a second chance, father. To be honest, I don't hate you anymore."


"However, don't make me regret it. Don't you dare breaking my heart twice."

Hino saw his daughter walk to one of the walls and do something - he couldn't see what - and the wall slid aside. "Hey, is that-"

"Yeah, that's how you get inside, at least until you know how to teleport in."

"You can do that?"

"I'm still learning, but a short distance like this should be safe for me."

"Then why reveal that to me?"

"Not sure. A sign of trust, I guess. And while we don't want the world to find out where our 'secret' base is, we would also not mind fans knowing about it - nobody can get through these walls other than us, our allies, and our alien enemies."

"How can you be sure no weapon could get through these walls?"

Rei smiled, and punched the wall, leaving only a small dent in it. Her father could see her flinch, but she ignored the pain. "Even our attacks have a hard time drilling through this material. I'm not sure even tank shells would blast through it."

"Oh. Well, there goes my evil plan to unveil your secret base's location to the world, the man said, with a voice dripping as much sarcasm as Rei's voice could, at times.

Rei laughed at that. "Good thing our secret's safe with you. I have to go back now, but... I guess I'll go talk to you sometime, or you could drop by the shrine-"

"I don't think dad's ready to see me."

"I know he misses his son. He tries hard to deny it, but he'll be glad to see you."

"Good. I may surprise him, one of these days."


As she walked back in, she could see her friends staring at her. "What?"

"We thought you would just shout at him until he left," Usagi admitted.

Rei let out a sigh. "The old me would have done that. But now, joking aside, he's right. He can't get anything material from us, and he can't force us into anything. I want to believe that he really does want to start over."

"If he's just fooling around, I'll go beat him up for you."

Rei looked at Yuichiro and gave him a half-smile. "I'm not sure if I should be worried or glad to hear you say that."

Ami was now talking to ChibiChibi. Even though Rei and the others couldn't understand a word, they could tell Ami was having an easier time with her new-found power, after practicing it for days. "This is strange."

"What is?"

Ami looked at Usagi. "This girl... She says her name is 'Gala.'"

Terry flinched at that. "That sounds like-"

Ami nodded. "Galaxia. I remember reading the legends, and Sailor Galaxia's name was Gala. I bet the word 'Galaxy' comes from Galaxia, and not the other way around as we thought."

"So this little girl is Galaxia? But isn't Galaxia our enemy?"

"Chibi chibi."

"Yes and no, that's what she said," Ami noted.

"But if she's Galaxia, then why is she a toddler, and why is she-"

Ami heard ChibiChibi say something else, and flinched. "She is... I guess we could say she's Galaxia's soul. The Galaxia who is sending those 'Animates' is just her body, Chaos has full control of it."

"If this little girl is Galaxia's soul, then she's been outside her body for... Maybe millions of years," Maria noted. "At least if we go by the legends."

"Would it be possible for a soul to exist outside its body for that long?" Rei asked.

Ami listened to ChibiChibi- to Gala's answer, and couldn't help but laugh. "She said 'nothing is impossible for us Senshi.'"

"I just have to know, why is she taking that form? Communicating would be easier if she was an adult."

"For two reasons," Ami noted after listening to the little girl's answer, "first being that her mind was... Weakened by the long wait - she remembers who she was and what she must do, but she can't use her normal form anymore." She heard something else from the girl, and flinched. "The second is, her power is also weakened. While Chaos cannot use Galaxia's full power without a soul, Gala is also... Let's just say the power I can detect in her is already too much for even Moon, and yet it's but a small fraction of her real power."

"So if she gets her powers back, she'll defeat Galaxia- I mean, the other Galaxia?"

Gala looked at Rei and shook her head. "Chibi."

"'I won't.'" Ami translated.


Ami sighed. "I don't need her to say it to guess why. If we kill the other Galaxia, Gala will be gone for good."

"But if we don't-"

"Rei, there's more ways to win a war than killing all our enemies," Usagi noted.

"... Right."

Usagi looked at ChibiChibi- Gala. "And really, if this girl is the real Galaxia, then we should help her. We may win a very powerful ally."

Terry smiled at her. "That's quite a good point. As expected from our leader."

Gala suddenly looked up. "Chibi."

Usagi flinched. "I'm sensing it. They're attacking Mako... Probably targeting Kage, too."

"Let's stop them."


Mako and Kage were out for a walk, with no destination in mind. She had to admit that it was nice to just be with someone, like this. She didn't need to be treated to a movie or a restaurant to have a great time. "Say, Kage, I've been wondering..."


"How good is your control over gravity?"

"I think it's quite good. Why?"

"Try to push me down."


"I can't use my real strength when training with the others," Mako said, "and it's annoying having to wait for an alien creep to show up to use it."

Kage sighed. "I don't know, feels wrong to try and crush my girlfriend."

Mako blushed. "Uh, I guess. What do I have to do to convince you, kiss you?"

"Who knows?" Kage said, smirking at her.

Mako shook her head. "Silly." She then gave him a kiss in the lips. "There."

Kage blinked at that. "Not going to complain, but you didn't need to-"

"I know. Now go ahead, try to knock me off my feet."

Kage nodded. "Okay. Gravity Hold!"

Mako felt the pressure almost immediately. It felt like having a bus on top of her head. Still, she was hardly noticing the pressure. "Nice, but not enough."

"You don't even notice my basic gravity attack... That's a surprise. Let's see if you can keep up with me. Gravity Press!"

Mako fell to one knee almost instantly. "Ugh, now this is... Better." She slowly started pushing up, and smiled. "I knew I could stand your-"

Kage chuckled. "That's not my full power, Mako. Gravity Crush."

Mako was knocked down to the ground. "Wow, this feels... Painful."

"Should I stop?" Kage asked, then saw Mako slowly staggering up. "No damn way."

Mako looked at him and flinched. "That's... Enough, thanks."

Kage stopped his 'attack and saw Mako didn't look quite steady. ":red:. Sorry, let me just-"

Mako groaned. "I'm fine."

"You don't look fine."

"I'm fine!"

Kage saw her fall forwards, and caught her before she hit the ground. She looked at him with a rather mortified face. "I won't think you're weak just because you need me to help you once in a while, Mako."

"... Thanks," she said and let him help her up. They sat down on a bench and, for the first time, Mako noticed they had an audience. "Uh, guess that little show didn't go unnoticed."

"Hey Jupiter, why was he attacking you?"

Mako looked at the man who had asked that. "We were just training. I just need to get my bearings back, and I'll be okay."

Just as the man was about to say something else, two women teleported in. Kage looked at them and sighed. Iron Mouse, and a new girl whose suit made her look like either a cat girl, or a dominatrix. Or both. "Damn it, I guess Zephyr is right."

Mako was also looking at the two women. "What I'm wondering is who the heck thought those were good Senshi outfits."

Mouse glared at her. "We can wear whatever we want, we're much stronger than y- Eek!"

Kage chuckled at the scene. Mako had phased right behind Mouse, raising her leg and kicking down, but Mouse had sensed her and had barely been able to dodge. The ground where Mouse had been standing was now a small crater. "That's my girl."

Nyanko stared at Mako. "Hmm, so strong. I'm not sure if I should kick you, or lick you."

"... Hot."

Mako gave Kage a short glare. "You're not helping."

"Oh, right. Gravity Crush."

Mako saw the 'cat girl' was now pinned to the ground by Kage's attack. "Well, I guess I'll have to take care of the rat girl."

Mouse smirked. "Foolish girl, don't you know cats love to play with their food?"

"What does that-" Mako heard a grunt and turned around. She saw Kage was down, and saw the cat girl was holding a black bazooka... And the projectile loaded in it was shaped like a cat paw. "... Weird."

Nyanko giggled. "Serves him right for crushing my hopes and dreams."

Mako flinched. "Just leave, that's what you do once you get your target, right?"

Nyanko smiled. "Yes, once we get both our targets, we'll leave."

While not the smartest of her group, Mako wasn't dumb, either. And past battles let her predict what these two were planning. She spun around, using her elbow to knock the air out of Mouse's lungs. Mouse had been about to sneak up on Mako, but she suddenly realized the tall girl wasn't as easy a target as they had thought. "So I'm a target too."

Nyanko groaned. "Damn it, Mouse."

"Not... My... Fault..." Mouse said from the ground.

The cat girl shrugged. "I'll take care of this."

Mako saw the incoming paw-like missile, and then did the only sensible thing - she grabbed it out of the air, and threw it back at Nyanko. "No you won't."

Nyanko clutched her stomach and glared at Mako. "Oh, now I'm so going to beat you down."

"Just try."

"Starlight Laser!"

Mako realized the other alien Senshi were there as well, and that their attacks hurt a damn lot. "Ow, those :red:s, I'm going to-"

"You're going to give me your star seed," Nyanko said from behind her, before putting her hand in Mako's neck. The star seed floated up from her target's forehead, and just like the guy a minute earlier, it was a dull brown color. "Two duds for the price of one. Awesome."

Mouse had finally recovered from the blow, and looked around. "Come out, come out, wherever you are..."

Nyanko shrugged. "Let's just go, I'm not in the mood to play with weaklings."

Just as the two alien Senshi left, Moon and her friends teleported in. "Damn, we're late."

"You're right on time for the main course!"

Mars looked at what Mako had turned into. She was wearing a cook's outfit, except it had a short skirt instead of pants, and she was holding two large knives. "... And of course she would be a cook."

"I am Sailor Chef, and I'm going to make you a sandwich."

"Make you... A sandwich?" Mercury repeated. "Puns. Why did it have to be puns."

"I'm just trying to spice things up."

Moon groaned. "Let's just knock her out- Wait, where's Kage?"

Mars saw Moon be hit by a thin energy beam, the impact was strong enough to send her friend rolling and crashing into a parked truck. "Usagi!"

Mercury looked around. "That was Kage. He's... Shooting us from afar."

Dragon Mars flinched. "So he's... Dragon Sniper?"

"Guys, get him. We'll take care of the cooking freak."

Sailor Chef saw the two Dragons fly away, and frowned. "You fools, prepare to get your just dessert."

"Oh shut up already," Mars snapped and shot several fire blasts at Chef.

"I think you need to try a side dish. Salad Tornado!"

"What the heck?"

Mercury saw Mars suddenly surrounded by onions, lettuces, tomatoes, and other vegetables. "I would laugh, if I couldn't see the power that attack has."

When the attack passed, Mars was down on one knee. ":red:... We should stop underestimating these fake Senshi."

Mercury shrugged. "I already stopped underestimating them."

"Heh, that's fun for you to say," Chef noted, "you're just standing there talking."

"Being still and doing nothing are different things," Mercury said.

"What does that-" Chef started, then noticed something. Her feet were cold. Extremely cold. She looked down and saw ice crawling up her legs. "Oh I see, you're giving me the cold shoulder. Or knee. That' s cute."

"Just chill," Mercury said as Chef's body was frozen, except for her head. "... Damn it, I made a pun."

"And a bad one, too," Chef said.

Mercury smiled and punched the ice. Instead of cracking, the ice turned a deep blue, and Chef screamed in pain. The ice then turned into water in a matter of seconds, but Chef was unconscious by the time it was gone.

Mars looked at the knocked out Senshi. "That was... Awesome."

"Wonder how the guys are doing?" Mercury asked as Mars returned Mako's seed. Just then, a Dragon wearing a suit resembling a military outfit, and wielding a broken sniper rifle, run by followed by Dragons Mars and Mercury. "... I guess they're doing fine."

"Burn you evil thing, burn!"

Mercury flinched as the fake Dragon fell. "Uh... Guys?"


"What got you so angry?"

Dragon Mercury shrugged. "He could have shot you a few more times before we got to where he was, but he was too busy zooming in to your... Assets."

Mercury blushed at that. "Oh."

"He what?" Mars almost shouted.

"I've made him pay for his lewd actions," Dragon Mars said as he walked back to them. "... And I also returned his seed."

Dragon Mercury sighed. "Eh, it's not like I never checked you girls out, I'm sure some of the Dragons also do that, even some of the other Sailors..."

"I'd never do that," Dragon Mars noted.

Mars smirked. "Yuu, I caught you staring at Usagi and Mako more than once."

"... Sorry?"

"Boys will be boys," Mars said with a shrug.

Mako stood up. "Ugh, I guess you guys took care of my evil form already. But why do I feel like going home and cooking a lot of food?"

Mercury looked at her and sighed. "Trust me, you don't want to know."

Sailor Moon Aeons.
Book 2: Rebirth.
Act 7: The Senshi of Chaos.
Episode 107: Beautiful AIs.

By Razor Knight
Last update: August 21, 2015


Usagi stared at the single opponent left. True, she hadn't killed anyone, but she had knocked all of her attackers out. All but one of them, since she needed to know who these men were working for. "I'm in a good mood today, so just tell me who sent you and I'll consider not sending you all to jail."

"Nobody sent-"

Usagi's stare turned into a glare. "I can sense it, you're lying. And there's no way a street gang would have created those weapons," she pointed at one of the now broken electric whips they had tried to knock her out with, "so you better tell me who it was, or I'll stop being nice."

"I don't know who it was, he gave us these and told us they would be enough to knock a Senshi out."

The blonde examined the broken whip, and saw a small 'O' near its bottom. "Onara." She noticed the man was now pointing a gun at her. "You must have heard the rumors already, so why bother?" The man shot her three times, and Usagi was a bit amused by the face he was making after realizing that shooting at her was pointless. "That wasn't nice. Have fun in jail."

The man looked around and flinched. Somehow, they were all near a police station now. "How did you-"

"Magic," Usagi said.

The rest of the gang was stirring. Some of them stood up and looked around in confusion. The one man she had never knocked out smirked at her. "We didn't do nothing, you have no proof."

Usagi smiled at that. "Aiko?"

Aiko appeared right next to her. "Everything is recorded in my memory banks."

":red: was filming us!" one of the men said and shot Aiko. He then knew he had made two mistakes. One, shooting someone so close to a police station. And two, assume this girl was just a normal human girl.

Aiko looked at the bullet in her hand and smirked. "More evidence? Thanks."


Terry and Ami had listened to Usagi as she told them what had happened earlier that day. "What the hell is Onara thinking?" Terry muttered as Usagi fell silent.

"Maybe he was just testing something," Ami noted, "not sure what, but-"

"Perhaps he wanted to see if the rumors of us being as strong in normal form as we are in Senshi form..."

Ami shook her head. "He couldn't be sure you wouldn't transform."

Terry smiled. "If he's done his homework, he would expect Usagi, of all people, to not transform."

Usagi sighed. "It's not that I was showing off - it's just that I can't remember the last time I fought normal humans in my Senshi outfit, and I know I'm much stronger in that form. I wanted to make sure I didn't kill any of them."

"Oh, I hadn't thought about that," Ami admitted. "Think he will try that again?"

"Not sure," Terry said, "from what I saw of him back when he worked for dad, he was unstable, hard to predict."

Usagi suddenly looked up. "Uh oh."

"What's wrong?"

"The enemy is back. They're after... Aiko, be careful."

"I already detected them," Aiko's voice said. "But why would they target-"

"You're as human as the rest of us," Usagi said. "Don't worry, we'll get you back." She then looked at the map again. "They're moving in pairs again," she explained, "there's another enemy moving to where Minako is."

"Let's get them."


Aiko was walking around with Yukiko when she detected the enemy. "Damn it. Yuki, you should go find a place to transform."

"They're targeting you?"


Yukiko nodded. "Don't let them get you."

"Actually, since those aliens will come back if they don't get me, I was planning on letting them get me. But I'll still try to rough them up a bit."

"Sounds like a plan," Yukiko said. "I'll be right back."

Aiko saw Lead Crow flying her way and nodded. "Not bothering with stealth at all, huh?"

"Sneaking is boring," Crow said. "Now stand still while I get what I came here for."

"A wise man once said 'standing still and doing nothing are not the same thing.'"

"Oh, that's cute, but what does it have to do with-" Crow was knocked down by something unseen, and turned around to see Warwitch glaring at her. "Another weakling."

Warwitch chuckled. "I'm having a hard time imagining why Galaxia trusts your group. You're all so overconfident and easily distracted."

Crow guessed what she meant, and turned around. No, her mark was still there, but... Her hand was right now pointed at her, and it was shining blue. "Oh fu-"

"Nice Kamehameha," Warwitch mused as Lead Crow was knocked through two buildings by her girlfriend's energy blast.

"It's quite cliche, though. I have Ai beams."

Warwitch smiled at the pun. Aiko was definitely Terry's daughter, even though genetics hadn't been involved. "So, should we rough her up some more?"

"I'm already taking care of that."

Warwitch saw Lead Crow falling near them, then looked up to see another Aiko, or rather, 'Phase,' floating above them. She then noticed seven more clones of Phase around. "Wow. I knew you could use those 'clones' of yours, but I didn't know you could use that many at once."

"It's the advantage of my prog-My mind being good at multi-tasking in ways a normal human could only dream of," Aiko said.

Crow looked up at her enemies. Was there a trick to it? Was only one of them the real one? No, she could somehow feel the star seed in all the 'clones,' but that wasn't possible... Right? "Damn it, I'll blast you all out of the sky if I have to!" she snapped as she flew back up.

The Phase clones all laughed at her. "We are Phase. Resistance is futile. You will be beaten to a pulp."

Warwitch grimaced. "Cute, I'm in love with a Borg."

Aiko shrugged. "Sorry, bad joke."

Crow was about to shoot at one of the clones, but then she noticed their hands were all shining. "Not this agai-"

Warwitch saw Crow fall down near them, and noticed the woman's suit was quite a mess. Fortunately - or unfortunately - it still covered all the important bits, but it was far from the feathery leotard it had been minutes earlier. "Hot."

Crow was looking down at her suit. "Damn, it's good that our suits fix themselves while not being used."

"Oh, they do?" Warwitch asked.

"Apparently, that's a thing Senshi suits do," Aiko admitted.

Crow glared at her. "I guess I should have used stealth." She vanished even before finishing her phrase, so her mark had no chance to react in time. She looked at the seed she had taken out of Aiko's body and grimaced. "Oh great, another dud."

Warwitch glared at her. "We both know how this goes, so just leave, :red:."

"As if I would let you order me-"

"Witch Storm."

Crow staggered back. Aiko's attacks had hurt her enough that even a weak energy wave was enough to make her flinch. Much despite herself, she knew the witch was right. "Ugh, I'll kill you later, unless your girlfriend does it first. Have fun!"

Warwitch turned to see all 'clones' of Aiko were standing there, all wearing cyan Senshi outfits with very short skirts. "... Hot."

"We are Sailor Ai. Surrender or die."

Warwitch shook her head at that. "Should have expected that name choice."

Right then, Moon, Mercury and Dragon Mercury appeared near them. "Damn it, we should have known she would use her clones."

The clones all summoned swords and looked at their foes. "Commencing elimination protocol."

The Dragon looked at Mercury. "Tell me, does any of them have more power than the rest? Even if it's a very small difference-"

Mercury saw the clones all rushing at them, and flew up with her board, to dodge them. She used her glove and visor while dodging the energy beams their foes were shooting. "It's... The leftmost one."

The others had also used their boards to stay out of melee range, but the Dragon leapt off it. "Thanks."

Moon saw the Dragon rush at the clone Mercury had singled out, and tap her shoulder. All the fake Senshi fell to the ground, and they all vanished, except the one the Dragon had hit. "What the-"

Dragon Mercury returned Aiko's star seed, and then smiled at Moon. "Ever heard of electromagnetic pulses?"

Moon blinked at that. "Isn't that what they use to mess electronic- Oh, I get it. So you shut off the part of her that's a computer code. Won't that harm her?"

Aiko stood up, back to wearing her normal clothes. "Not really, it just knocked me out."

Mercury looked at her. "You look disappointed."

"Unlike you, I do remember all that happened. I'm sad that I didn't last long against you."

Warwitch smiled. "It's good that the battle was short. We can go back to what we were doing."

Aiko looked around. "Yeah, but... Elsewhere."

Moon noticed the crowd and smiled. "Go, we'll keep them busy."

Dragon Mercury stared at the civilians looking at them. "You know, I'm quite sure I could knock them all out in a minute."

"There's no need to be mean, it's not like they can hurt us."

"Eh, you're no fun."


"Hello, Kitty."

Nyanko looked at the guy. "Go away. I'm here to get her."

Brad looked at Minako, then back at Nyanko. "Oh, so you're into girls. I get it."

"Are you a joke? Because I'm not laughing."

Minako sighed. "Don't mind him, he has a... Weird sense of humor."

"You're not shooting at me, or running away," Nyanko noted.

"You'll just chase me until you get what you want," Minako said, "and I trust my friends to beat whatever I become."

Nyanko purred at that. "You really trust your friends... I can respect that."

Minako looked at Brad. "Good luck."

Brad frowned. "I'd rather kick this catgirl's rear, but I agree, these idiots will just keep coming until they get it."

Nyanko frowned at him. "You're lucky Galaxia doesn't let us kill any of you."

"Classic egocentric villain mistake, she thinks she can kill us herself," Brad mused, "but really, just do what you came here to do, catgirl."

Nyanko sighed. "Whatever." She moved to Minako, before noticing she was smiling in a weird way. "Wait..."

"Too late," Minako said. "Flash." A flash of light shot out from her hand, blinding the villain.

"Demon sword." Brad slashed at the woman with a dark mana blade, causing an explosion that knocked her away.

Nyanko shouted in rage. She was blinded and bruised, but she was still not going to let them win. "You :red:ing humans! As soon as I can see, I'm going to-"

"You're going to fall for another trick?" Minako teased.

"Thanks," Nyanko said.

"For wh-" Minako's words were cut as Nyanko phased behind her, taking her seed.

"I may not see you, but I can still hear you." She couldn't see the seed in her hand, but still felt its energy. "Nice, another dud. This is getting annoying."

"Just leave, catgirl," Brad said.

Nyanko glared in his general direction. "Since you did earn it, I'll give you this piece of information: It's not that Galaxia wants to kill you herself. She only lets us kill our targets once we find the golden seed."

"So, you're saying you could kill us easily?"

"Yes. So, try not to be killed by your girlfriend, because I'll kill you both myself once the golden seed is ours."

Brad sighed as the woman vanished. "An angry cat shows its claws, huh..." He looked at Minako and blinked at what she had turned into, before laughing.

"What are you laughing at, evildoer?" Minako said, "For mocking me, Sailor Beauty, you shall pay!"

Brad shook his head. "I know I need to take you seriously, but you're making it hard." Really, this 'Sailor Beauty' looked like a truck full of makeup had fallen on her - and the glitter-soaked, pink Senshi outfit she was wearing didn't really make her any less ridiculous.

"You know, you could just shut up and knock her out."

Brad looked up to see Saturn standing on a rooftop. "You're no fun."

Saturn shrugged and shot a wave of death energy at 'Sailor Beauty.' The fake Senshi, however, leapt over the wave, landing right behind her. "Guess this won't be as easy as I thought."

Sailor Beauty smiled as Saturn turned around. "You're kinda cute, but you should wear some makeup. Here, let me help you with that. Beauty Storm!"

Brad saw a cloud of gas appear around Saturn, and flinched. "Need help?"

Saturn leapt out of the cloud, her face almost as over-done as Beauty's was. "Not really." She shot another death wave, and Beauty once again leapt over it to dodge it, but this time Saturn shot a second wave at her airborne foe, knocking her off the roof.

Brad saw Beauty was knocked out, and returned her seed to her. "Wake up, sleeping beauty."

Minako returned to normal right before opening her eyes. "Ow... Guess you beat me?"

"Hotaru did," Brad said.

"Why do I feel like going home and putting lots of makeup on?"

Saturn was just done cleaning the makeup 'Sailor Beauty' had applied on her. "Trust me, you don't want to know."

Sailor Moon Aeons.
Book 2: Rebirth.
Act 7: The Senshi of Chaos.
Episode 108: Weird science.

By Razor Knight
Last update: September 3, 2015


It was one of those rare times when Ami and her mother, Saeko, were home at the same time. It was also a weekend, so Ami didn't have to worry about school. With a bit of luck, the enemy wouldn't choose that day to attack.

"You know, Ami, it's good that you told me about your... That you were a Senshi, before I found out from the news."

"It was. I didn't plan it, but I'm glad I could tell you about it when I did."

"It feels good to know you're not keeping any secrets from-" Saeko noticed her daughter's grimace and stopped. "Ami?"

Ami knew it was pointless to pretend it was nothing. "There is something I've kept a secret from you, because I'm not sure you're ready for it yet."

"Don't tell me that guy got you pregnant."

Ami blushed at that. "Uh no, we haven't even-" She sighed. "And 'that guy' has a name."

Saeko smiled. "Sorry. But what is this secret, then?"

"We'll have to go to the base for that." Ami's visor appeared and she looked at it. "Aiko, are you at the base?"

"I can be there in a minute."

"Good. I'll bring someone you've wanted to meet for a while. I hope she's ready for the news."

"Oh. Yuki is with me, can she-"

"I don't think she could make things any stranger for mom."

"Okay. I'll be waiting."

Saeko could hear Ami speak, but not whoever was on the other side of the 'line.' "Who-"

"You'll find out soon," Ami said. She then smiled. "I think I can show you two things you didn't know, actually. Close your eyes."

"Uh, okay," Saeko said. "But why do I have to..."


"... Close my eyes?"

"Open them."

Saeko did as told, and was surprised to see her surroundings had changed. "Uh, did we just-"

"I've learnt how to teleport, and I've been practicing to be able to take passengers along," Ami explained. "But that's not the main reason for us to be here. Aiko?"

Aiko appeared in front of them, and Ami could see Yukiko was sitting in a bench near the computer's console. "I'm here."

Saeko looked at the girl, and it was her looks that she first noticed. Her hair was longer, and darker, but this girl looked a lot like Ami. "... Who is she?"

"Mom, I'd like you to meet Aiko. She's my daughter."

"Your what?"

Aiko flinched at the woman's shout. "Let me explain. Senshi deal with a lot of 'impossibles' and I'm one such thing. I was created as an artificial intelligence, in order to keep this base up and running at all times."

"She's just a program?" Saeko asked.

Ami sighed. "No, she's as human as we are. I think you've heard about Usagi's crystal."

"All I've heard are rumors, but it's said to be able to do incredible things."

Ami nodded. "That seed-like comet that almost crashed on Earth a few years ago... Usagi altered its course to stop it from crashing."

"What does the crystal have to do with her?" Saeko asked, looking at Aiko. She had a guess on how both things could be connected, but she was too confused to realize it was the most likely answer.

"During one of our fights, Aiko made a... Tactical error. An enemy that was supposedly weak ended up being craftier than we thought, Aiko thought just a few of us would be enough to handle it, and Usagi was angry at Aiko for getting some of our friends hurt. Usagi- She wished Aiko was human, so being angry at her would not be pointless."

"And the crystal heard her wish," Aiko said. "Slowly, but steadily, it changed me."

"This is- I mean, finding out you were a Senshi was strange, but this? And how is she your daughter? You didn't-"

"I programmed her, along with Terry," Ami explained. "I created her, the program she started as. It was weird at first, but I got used to the idea of her being my daughter."

"I think having the younger Usagi around for a while helped making it less weird," Aiko noted.


Ami sighed, giving Aiko a look that she knew meant 'you said too much.' "That's also one of our secrets, and one that may be even more strange than Aiko's origins. Ever seen that pink-haired Senshi, the one called ChibiMoon?"

Saeko nodded. "Yes, but why-" She wasn't as smart as her daughter, and had no problem admitting it, but she could still figure out what that meant. "Wait. Her name was ChibiMoon. And she looked a lot like Moon. Was that girl Usagi's daughter?"


"What, you built her a daughter too?"

Aiko giggled at that. "As incredible as it may sound, she's from the far future."

"Oh. I can see why you say you've seen a lot of impossibles." Saeko noticed the one girl who hadn't spoken to her until now, and frowned. "... Who is she?"

"One of our allies," Ami said. "And Aiko's..."

Yukiko walked to Aiko and hugged her from behind. "I'm her girlfriend."

"And you're okay with her being..."

Yukiko smiled at Saeko. "I like a lot of things about her, even some of her bad habits."

"I don't have such a thing," Aiko complained.

"Sure you don't."

Ami looked at her mother. "I can't prove it to you, but Aiko is... She's not a program, not anymore."

"How can you be sure of it?"

"Computers can emulate thought and reasoning, they can even emulate self-awareness, to a rudimentary level," Aiko noted, "but no computer has what I have. Some humans would call it 'a soul.'"

Saeko's eyes widened at that. "That crystal gave her a soul? Is there something it can't do?"

"I can't answer that. Both because I haven't been able to test its limits, and because it's probable it doesn't have limits at all, if some legends we've heard are true."

Terry appeared near Ami right then, and took a second to notice who was there. "Uh, guess you decided to tell her?"

Ami flinched. "Sorry I didn't call you."

"I told you it was your decision," he said, then turned to Saeko. "I'll just say we have no plans on making another Aiko for the time being, both by programming her or... Other means."

Saeko smiled. "Good to know. I'm not forbidding Ami from doing anything, I just ask that you think about it before you decide to go ahead - I know I wasn't ready, myself. I love Ami and I'm proud of her, but sometimes I wonder if things could have worked out differently if we had waited a bit longer..."

"Mom, you're not to blame-"

"Perhaps I'm not, but I still think I screwed up back then." Saeko looked around the room. "Anyhow, what's this place?"

"Our not-so-secret-anymore base," Terry said, "we use this place to keep an eye on the city, to plan our fights, when we do have time to plan them, and to train."

"Train? What do you mean-" Saeko started, then blinked in shock. Somehow, Terry had moved faster than she could follow, and punched Ami. Or, rather, tried to, as Ami had moved her head out of the way and caught his fist with her hand. "What was that about?"

"I know you- no, most of our parents, think we're still normal teenagers with normal abilities," Ami said calmly, "even after being told who we are, what we are. But the truth is, the kind of enemies we usually fight - we wouldn't be alive if we hadn't trained as much as we did. We wouldn't be able to defeat them if we just had our fancy magic beams."

"You could have found another way to show me."

Ami laughed. "I guess, but this was easier... And there's things we can know without needing to speak, like a certain look Terry has when he's about to tackle someone without any verbal warning. And he knew I had noticed it, too, that's why he did it."

"I hope that's the last secret-"

"What if I told you I'll still be alive a thousand years from now?"

"I'm a 'see to believe' kind of person, but I don't think I can see that happen, so I'll have to take your word for it. Is that 'ChibiMoon' girl from that era?"


"Why did she come back in time?"

"The first time, because we were meant to go to the future and see some things for ourselves - she came back to find a way to help her mother fight a strong enemy."

Terry smiled. "And the second time, she came back to train, or at least that's the excuse our future selves gave her... She had a major role in two of our wars."

Saeko sighed. "I'm glad you decided to tell me all this, but also... It's a lot to take."

"Perhaps I should have kept some secrets," Ami joked.

"So, how do I get out of this place? Do I have to be teleported out of here?"

Terry pointed at the elevator's doors. "No, you can just walk out of here on your own - Aiko will let you through the barriers we have set to stop civilians from entering."

"What part of Tokyo are we in?"

Ami smiled. "You'll know when you see it. I have a nice view of it from the appartment."

Saeko thought about all buildings she knew near her place, and smiled. "Oh, the abandoned dojo."

Right then, Hotaru appeared in the far end of the room. She noticed the newcomer and stared at her. "Since Aiko isn't ringing the alarms, and she looks a lot like you," she said turning to Ami, "I'll make an educated guess." She turned to the woman and smiled. "Nice to meet you, Miss Mizuno."

"Likewise. Saturn, right?"

Hotaru nodded at that, then turned to Aiko. "Has the enemy moved? It's been three days since their last try."

"No movement yet," Aiko said, "I would notice, since they've got zero interest on stealth."

Saeko smiled. "I'll go home, if you don't mind."

"I'll be there in a few hours," Ami said, "unless our current enemies decide to go out and play."

"Be careful," Saeko said before walking into the elevator.

Just as the doors closed, Usagi appeared in the room, along with ChibiChibi. "Hi guys."

"You just missed my mom," Ami noted.

"She was here, what for-" Usagi stopped and looked at Aiko. "Oh."

"What's Chibi- Uh, Gala here for?"

Usagi smiled. "I've been trying to get her to speak."

"She's not an actual toddler-"

Usagi sighed and shook her head at Ami. "But she can learn, or re-learn, some things she's forgotten." She looked at the small girl. "Go ahead, Gala."

"Yes, Usagi," the small girl said.

"Wow, she isn't a Pokemon anymore."

"Not fun," Gala said.

"Her vocabulary is limited," Usagi noted, "but I think if we keep on practicing..."

Ami smiled. "This is good. I mean, it was interesting being the only one who could partially understand her, but if she could speak normally, she could tell us more about-"

Gala looked at Usagi. "Crystal... Affecting... Gala."

Usagi blinked. "You mean the Ginzuishou-"

Ami nodded. "If she's really Galaxia, then she was one of the first users of the Ginzuishou. The original Serenity was known in some ancient texts as 'Sailor Cosmos,' meaning she used the power of the whole universe. Not sure if that part is true, but most texts talk about Galaxia herself using the power of our galaxy, but it was greatly enhanced by the Ginzuishou she had."

Usagi looked at Galaxia. "Do you have a crystal like mine?"

Gala shook her head. "Chaos corrupted... Uh..."

"Take your time."

"Gala don't... No crystal. Had before."

"'Chaos corrupted,'" Terry repeated "it could mean that Chaos taking over Galaxia's body corrupted her Ginzuishou. Gala may be unable to feel its power."

"That... True. Crystal lost."

"Then we-" Usagi stopped and looked up. "Damn. I sense one of our enemies moving towards us."

"There's four possible targets here," Aiko noted.

"Let's wait for them outside," Terry suggested.

Usagi nodded. "There's also another enemy, moving to Mamoru's building."

"They may be targeting Karin, or Chie."

"I'll go help them, you guys stay here. Aiko, tell the others to go to whichever area is closer to them."

"What me do?"

Usagi looked at Gala. "Stay here, I'll be back."


Karin and Chie were on top of the building. "There's such a nice view from here," Chie commented.

"It looks better with a cute girl by my side."

Chie smiled at Karin. "Do you tell that to all the girls you bring up here?"

"I suppose I do, since you're the first one."

"Quite a long fall from here, though."

Karin looked down. "I asked the blonde joke about it, and he said jumping off from this high would not be fatal. Unless you fall on your head, of course."

"I bet I know how he knows that."

"He and Ami tested being shot at by a tank. Them jumping off a building in their normal forms would not surprise me."

"Meow, I got a cutie this time."

Karin turned and saw Tin Nyanko staring at them. "Hello, Kitty."

"Tall, strong, and cute," Nyanko said, walking to them. "When we're done with you, I'll ask Galaxia to let me keep you as a pet."

Chie glared at her. "Hands off, stray cat."

Nyanko looked at her and smiled. "Oh, you two are... You're cute too, maybe I'll keep two pets."

"Sounds like fun," Chie said sarcastically. "By the way, I'd look behind me if I were you."

"Not going to fall for that," the evil woman said, right before being tackled off the rooftop by two more Chie.

Karin blinked at that. "You rarely get to use that power, so it's always fun to see its uses."

Chie smiled, then looked down to the ground. There was a fairly large indentation in the street below, with a cat girl in it. "Think she's dead?"

Karin shrugged. "That would be lucky. Let's go down there and check."

"Or we could stay here."

"Not a lot you can use as weapons up there," Karin noted.

Chie flinched. "Ugh, that's right. I can be quite dumb, sometimes."

"Heh, 'sometimes.'"

"... Karin, I love you, but sometimes you are just asking to have something heavy dropped on you."

Moon appeared right then, floating on her airboard. "Uh, am I late?"

Karin pointed down. "Not really."

"Did you kill her?" Moon asked, then sensed something and leapt to the side, dodging a wide energy beam. "Guess not."

"You damn humans!" Nyanko snapped as she leapt back to the roof - in one single leap. "Screw keeping you as pets, I'm going to tear your hearts right out of your chests once Galaxia is done with you."

"I think she's angry."

Nyanko smiled. "Mess with a cat and you'll get clawed."

Moon saw Nyanko hit Chie, knocking her to the ground. "Is she after Chie?"

Karin let out a growl and tackled Nyanko down. "Leave her alone!"

"Fool," Nyanko snapped before taking her star seed. "Another dud? Another dud. That's just great."

Moon glared at Nyanko. "Leave."

"Lilith Star Power!"

Nyanko saw the two Senshi facing her and sighed. "Two of you wouldn't be a challenge. See you!"

Moon turned to look at Karin, or rather... "They keep getting weirder."

Karin was now wearing a Sailor Senshi outfit made of rocks of various sizes. "My name is Sailor Rock and I don't mind playing dirty."

Lilith shook her head at that. "Why do they all have to use bad puns?"

"I'll take care of this," Moon said.

"Hey, I can fight-"

"Chie, trust me on this."

Lilith frowned for a few seconds, but then smiled. "I guess this works out, I don't have to fight Karin."

Moon looked at Sailor Rock. "You know, even with that upgrade, I'm not sure you would be able to defeat me."

Their foe glared at Moon, and charged at her... Only to have Moon vanish, and realize she had been standing near the edge of the rooftop. "I hate you so much!"

Lilith looked down and gasped. The fake Senshi had somehow created a column of stone underneath her, stopping her fall after just a few meters. "Guess she saw through that plan."

Moon smiled. "She didn't."

"Water Glyph."

"Fire Glyph."

"Thunder Glyph."

The three Demon Huntresses floated up to the rooftop as Sailor Rock was trapped in a bubble made of fire, water and electricity. "Know what's amusing?" Circe noted.

"What?" Moon asked, noticing Karin was back to normal, and the attack had ended.

"I still remember back when we thought your Star powers were out of our reach."

Lilith was just done returning Karin's star seed, and turned to them. "You should let us help you training."

"I guess..."

"And we could help you train too," Mira noted, "just like in the old times."

Lilith saw Karin standing up and smiled. "Welcome back."

"Ugh, guess the others were right, I feel like crap. Let me guess, 'Sailor Rock?'"

Lilith giggled. "... Yeah."

"Damn it."


"Oh great, it's Fish Girl again."

"Mocking me will not help you."

Dragon Mercury looked at the girl. "Who's your target?"

Siren smiled. "That's for me to know and for you to-" she vanished, and reappeared right behind Mercury. "Guess."

Siren's move could have worked, if not for Mercury guessing right, and turning around quickly, firing a point-blank ice blast. "Now we know."

Siren shrugged. "Water is my element too, that won't work."

Mercury smiled. "Guys, since we already know our magic blasts won't work against her, perhaps we should try more percussive ways to defeat her?"

Siren stared at Mercury blankly. "You'll try what now?"

Dragon Mercury, however, had understood what his girlfriend meant. "Down you go!"

The villain was knocked down by a fist to the face, and looked at the Dragon in shock. "Hitting a lady, you really are rude."

"A warrior's gender is but a footnote, it doesn't give them any real advantage in the battlefield, and it should not shield them from harm."

Siren growled as she stood up. "What's with you guys today and using big words?"

"Want simple words, what about 'eat this!'"

Mercury saw Siren fly backwards, after a rather nasty-looking kick from Jupiter. She then saw Jupiter was holding her leg and wincing. "Are you okay?"

"Even with my upgraded strength, it's like hitting a wall made of iron."

Siren stood up and glared at them in turns. "Screw it, playtime is over." She shot a large wave of water, dragging everyone back, except for the two Mercuries.

Mercury looked at Siren. "How was it, 'water is my element too, that won't work.'"

Siren nodded. "Fortunately, I don't need to use my attacks to get you."

Dragon Mercury smirked. "Let's see how you handle this!"

Mercury saw him rush forwards, with both his swords drawn, and rush past Siren. "The Alphard?"

The Dragon turned back to stare at Siren in shock. "How the heck..."

Siren laughed. "That was an interesting technique, I bet if it had hit me I would have been in trouble."

Mercury gasped in shock. "You didn't hit her?"

"Guess you kids can't beat me after all. No surprise ther-"

It happened too fast even for Dragon Mercury to react. Jupiter rushed from the side, trying to punch Siren in the face, but Siren took the blow and grabbed her arm, tossing her right at Mercury. She then took Mercury's seed quickly. "Damn it!"

Siren looked at the seed. "You guys have been one disappointment after another today. Oh well, I'll leave you to deal with Miss Big Words there. Have fun!"

Dragon Mercury went to check on Jupiter, who was kneeling on the ground. "Mako, are you okay?"

Jupiter was wincing and holding the arm she had tried to punch Siren with. "I think she broke something."

Saturn had staggered up, and went to check on her. "She cracked your radius and your elbow."

The Dragon saw Mercury was staggering up. "Heal her, I'll keep Ami busy."

"But you-"

"Power difference isn't everything," he said, "I'm still one of the best fighters in the group."

"Fine, just try not to get killed."

Jupiter saw the Dragon get ready to fight, and sighed. "This is my fault."

"You didn't know she would do what she did."

"But if you weren't healing me, Terry wouldn't have to-"

"You've known him for longer than I have, Mako. Can't you trust him?"

Jupiter smiled. "Yes, you're right. If it's Terry, then we may not have to help him."

"Just in case, let me-" Saturn looked at Mako's leg and grimaced. "Your leg, too."

"I guess the pain in my arm is not letting me feel the pain in my leg." Jupiter looked around and frowned. "Wait, where's Warwitch?"

"She phased out a moment after we teleported up here," Saturn said. "She better have a good reason for that."


While the two talked, Mercury had finished changing. She was wearing a very short lab coat over her Senshi outfit, but other than that, there were no visible changes in her. "Prepare to face the endless knowledge of Sailor Science!" she said as her 'transformation' ended.

Dragon Mercury sighed. "Let's just end this quick."

Science leapt aside as the Dragon tried to slash her with his swords. "That would be no fun. Let's start the first experiment: Solidification."

Dragon Mercury was suddenly wrapped in ice. "Seriously, ice?"

"No, that's solid nitrogen. The only reason you didn't die in seconds is your Senshi powers and your affinity to cold. However, you'll be dead in less than one minute."

The Dragon glared at her. "I guess my current level isn't enough to fight you after all."

Sailor Science chuckled. "Good, admitting defeat is the first step to improve."

"Of course," the Dragon said as his swords lit up. "And improving is just what I'll do."

Science saw the 'ice' explode in all directions, and growled at him. "Even if you upgrade, you will not-"

"Shut up, Ami," the Dragon snapped, "this will be over in a minute." His swords had changed, becoming larger, and they both seemed to be made of pure ice. "Meet Thanatos and Tiamat, my two talismans," he added. "Mercury Cosmic Power!"

"His talismans were his swords?" Jupiter asked.

"You're seeing it, aren't you?" Saturn muttered.

Jupiter looked at her. "Uh, sorry, that was a dumb question."

"... No, I'm sorry for snapping back. Are you up to fight now?"

Jupiter nodded. "But let's see what Terry can do first."

Saturn smiled. "Of course. He'd hate it if we butt in and steal his thunder."

Sailor Science wasn't impressed by the Dragon's upgrade. "Done yet? Good. Experiment number two: Dissolution!"

The Dragon saw test tubes appear in her hands, and she tossed them at him. He dodged them easily, and idly noticed their effect. "Of course, dissolution. Are you so desperate to win you resort to acid?"

"Just wait until you see the third experiment!"

"Sorry, class dismissed," the Dragon said. He crossed his swords, and a large ice dragon short forth, passing right through Science and freezing her.

However, the ice around her exploded outwards, and she laughed. "Fool, did you think that would-" She noticed her target wasn't there anymore, and frowned. "Running away, are we?"

"No, I just needed to get to melee range."

Jupiter saw Science turn around just to be greeted by a magically charged fist to the face, which knocked her down to the ground, and knocked her off. "Sometimes the best moves are the most basic ones."

The Dragon grabbed Mercury's seed and returned it to her. "That was almost a challenge."

Mercury woke up and smiled at him. "Somehow, I'm glad to hear that."

Jupiter and Saturn walked to them. "You know," Jupiter said, "I'm pretty sure Warwitch run away."

As if she had been waiting for that moment, Warwitch appeared near them. "I didn't run away, I was just taking care of some... Bystanders."

"What do you mean?"

"Those three alien Senshi were spying on this fight. I wanted to ask them a few things, ended up telling them what I think of them."

"Uh, so what happened?"

Warwitch smiled. "Let me tell you..."

Sailor Moon Aeons.
Book 2: Rebirth.
Act 7: The Senshi of Chaos.
Episode 109: Deadly gamble.

By Razor Knight
Last update: September 9, 2015


"It's usually normal humans who keep their distance when we're fighting enemies."

The three alien Senshi looked at the woman who had appeared right in front of them. "What do you want?"

Warwitch shrugged. "To know why you aren't helping us. You're Senshi too, right? I mean, the suits are all wrong, but that's what my friends say you are."

"We are Starlight Senshi. As for why we're not helping, it's simply because it would not benefit our mission."

"Your mission being to defeat Galaxia."


"Wouldn't killing one of her goons make her come out of hiding?"

"We know exactly where Galaxia is," the white-haired alien Senshi said.

"Then you're too weak to defeat her? What are you waiting for?"

The three aliens looked at each other, then the black-haired one shrugged. "You knowing this wouldn't affect us. We're looking for our Princess, she escaped to this world when Galaxia attacked our world."

Warwitch frowned. "Why didn't she ask for our help?"

"Your help? You mean, the Senshi of this world? They're too weak to defeat Galaxia."

"But maybe if you all work together-"

"We have no time to babysit weaklings."

"Huh, and here I thought you were Senshi. I guess I was wrong."

"What is that supposed to mean?"

Warwitch glared at the brown-haired Senshi. "Senshi keep on fighting. Senshi don't give up. You're just sitting around, waiting for your Princess to fix everything for you? That's pathetic. Your magic may be stronger than that of my friends, but what really matters, your heart, is weak."

"Our heart? Fighting against a stronger foe will do nothing but get you killed," the black-haired Senshi said.

"So you instead just sit around and wait until Galaxia is bored enough to come kill you? She already knows you're around, and I'm sure she knows where to find you."

"You weakling, what is it you want?"


She looked at the white-haired one. "Shut up, Healer."

"What I want? I want to help my friends. I want to protect those who can't protect themselves. That's what I want. I thought talking to you would make you see a fight you run from is a fight you've lost, but... Perhaps you're nothing like I thought Senshi should be. Perhaps even your Princess-"

"Don't speak ill of her!"

Warwitch smiled at that, but it wasn't a mocking smile. "She did run away, though-"

"We told her to run, we told her we would take care of Galaxia," Healer said.

"And yet," the brown-haired Senshi said, "we couldn't even defeat her underlings."

Fighter shook her head. "We've said too much, Maker."

"Agreed," Maker said, "You'll gain nothing from talking to us."

"I've learnt more than my friends know about your group," Warwitch said, "enough to realize that we don't need your help to win this - no, we may not even want it."


"My friends... No, me too. I trust Sailor Moon... Usagi. I trust my own Princess. She will defeat Galaxia, even if your Princess does nothing. And I'll be there to help her."

"What if she can't win?"

"Then at least she tried. At least we all tried. So, girls, keep using your 'mission' as an excuse to sit and wait if you want, I won't nag you again about it. Or, you could remember what being a Senshi is about, and help us. As someone I respect once said, 'the first step to victory is not being afraid to lose.'"

Fighter saw Warwitch vanish, then turned to the fight... And realized it was over. "That girl..."

Healer stared at Fighter. "What if she's right? We've been looking for the Princess for a long time."

"Let's retreat for now," Maker suggested, "we can think about that later."


"So they're looking for their lost Princess?" Usagi asked. "What if Gala is-"

"I doubt that's the case."


"It just doesn't seem right to me," Yukiko said. "Unless Gala's been lying to us."


"Is a possibility," Ami said. "We just know about Galaxia from legends, and she might have heard what she's told us elsewhere."

Usagi looked at Yukiko. "About what you told them, helping me fight... Yuki, Galaxia may be too strong-"

"So what? Have you never fought an enemy that was stronger than you?"

Usagi looked away, then sighed. "Just be careful, okay? I don't want to see anyone I care about die."

Yuki scanned the area with her eyes, then chuckled. "It's weird how people hasn't figured out who I am yet."

"Well, they didn't figure out who I was. Even my classmates," Usagi noted.

"That's because you had us covering up for you," Yukiko said. "Guess nobody knows Warwitch."

Usagi smiled at that. "Haven't been to Crown for a while, have you?"

"Not really. Why?"

"Come with me."


Galaxia glared at her four soldiers in turns. "This is taking more than I expected. However," her face returned to normal as she said that last bit, "I can't blame anyone but luck. There's few targets to check, so I think we should speed things up. Mouse, Siren, Nyanko, you'll take one target each."

"What about me?" Crow asked.

"Now that Papillon is dead, you're my strongest soldier. I want you to stay alert, and if any of those Starlight weaklings appear, eliminate them."

"What if they all show up?"

"If that's the case, then don't risk yourself - they seem to be testing the waters, but if we outright attack them they may leave me with one less soldier."

Crow nodded. "Agreed, I'd rather not be killed yet."

Galaxia's face turned serious, and she thought about something for a while. "There is one Senshi I can't locate. My powers tell me she's there, but we can't directly attack her. I will need to think of a way to make her come out of hiding."


Yukiko looked at the arcade machine in awe. "Wow, that Sailor Moon game is already out?"

Usagi nodded. "I heard Terry say something about copyrights and something else, but I told him we're not doing our job for money. I don't care if they use my name and my image for this, as long as it's not making us look bad."

Yukiko shrugged. "It's cool, but what does it have to do with what I said earlier?"

Usagi smiled as she started the game. "The game's got a lot of characters to choose from."

Her friend saw Warwitch was one of said characters. "Wow, I'm famous."

"Balanced abilities, moves faster than Sailor Moon but has a shorter magic bar to compensate."

Usagi turned to see Umino there. "I bet you've played this game a lot."

"It's been here for a week," Umino said, "I'll have to practice a lot more before I can beat it."

"Wow, is it that hard?"

"I'm not sure where they got the idea, but that Pharaoh Ninety thing is the final boss."

"Sounds like fun, I may try it later," Yukiko said.

"Me too," Usagi said, then groaned. "What the heck."


"I sense three of our enemies moving to three different areas."

"Divide and conquer?"

"Or they're just in a hurry," Umino said.

"One of them is heading this way," Usagi explained, "wait, that means I'm-"

Just then, Chie walked in, and saw the way the three were looking at her. "... Hi. What's wrong?"

Usagi sighed. "An enemy is heading this way. They're targeting either you or me."

"Damn. Let's go, I don't want them to wreck this place."


Hotaru stood on top of a tall building, looking down at the city below. It was hard for her to not think about her girlfriend, but she had realized that focusing on the wait was only making it look worse than it really was. She didn't regret falling in love, and she would see her again, in the future. But she needed to focus in the present, in the war. It was easier thought than done, however, but she-

Her train of thoughts was interrupted as she heard a purr. She turned around, and saw Tin Nyanko staring at her. "Ugh, I was starting to wonder when you would target me."

"Why the long face, girl?"

Hotaru smiled. "Saturn Cosmic Power!" As the transformation ended, she smiled coldly at her foe. "This is good, I need something to kick around. You'll do."

"Fool, you really think you can fight me?"

"One of my friends told me that keeping anger and sorrow in you will only cause them to grow... And I've been keeping them in me for a while. It's time to put them to good use."

Nyanko saw Saturn vanish, and looked around. "Hey, running away is useless!"

"Who's running, Saturn said from behind her. Nyanko turned around to slash at her with her clawed gloves, but Saturn wasn't there anymore. "Gotcha."

Nyanko felt the hand in her shoulder, and could feel energy leaving her body. "What is-" She leapt away from Saturn, but noticed something. Saturn's body was shining. "How did you do that?"

"My gloves, they're called Death's Touch, and can drain energy from any living being, when I will them to."

"That's neat, but I still have more than enough-"

Saturn shot an energy beam from her hands, and it knocked Nyanko off the rooftop. "Bad kitty, play dead."

Nyanko picked herself off the small crater she had left upon landing, and glared up to the building before realizing Saturn wasn't there anymore. "This again?"

"If cats play with their prey before killing it, you could call me Sailor Caturn."

Jupiter and Dragon Sun reached the area right then. "Hello, kitty."

Nyanko gave the guy a short glare. "That's getting old."

"Focus, moron."

Nyanko was about to turn around, but smiled. "Not going to fall- Urk."

Saturn had guessed Nyanko's reaction, and used her error to stab her through the chest. "I guess I broke my punching bag."

Nyanko pulled herself off the glaive and smiled despite the pain. "Cats have nine lives, fool."

Saturn was shocked that Nyanko could move after that, but did her best not to show it. "I did stab you through the heart. How can you-"

"I'm too stubborn to die," Nyanko said, smiling as Saturn fell to the ground, then saw the seed that had floated out of her forehead was dull. "Damn it, another... Dud."

The other two had been too late to react, but they had seen it, Nyanko's 'cat bazooka' floating in mid-air and shooting Saturn from behind. Both the catgirl and the bazooka were gone by the time the two went to check on Saturn. "Guess she had another trick in her sleeves."

Saturn stood up, and her suit now was covered by a long robe. She was also wearing a skull-like mask which only let her mouth uncovered. "I'm Sailor Reaper, and evildoers are dying to fight me."

Jupiter groaned. "Let's just-" She stopped as the Dragon blocked her path with his arm. "Kage?"

"Charging straight at the enemy isn't always the only way to fight."

Reaper was hit by an energy blast, and knocked to the ground. She stood up and growled. "What is-" She was knocked down by another blast, and this time floated up. "Stop that-" A third blast punched her into the building, and she glared at the two Senshi. "Seriously, it's annoying as fu-" A fourth blast came from inside the building, causing her to fall down a good fifteen meters. "Ugh..."

Jupiter looked around. "How... Wait, your guns?"

"Yeah. You know what to do."

Jupiter saw Reaper was looking around the area, waiting for another blast. "Running straight at the enemy and punching them in the face is my favorite strategy, but I'm willing to try new ones." She vanished as she said that, appearing right behind Reaper, with her hammer in her hands. "Say ow." Reaper turned around just to be greeted by a hammer to the chest. She hit the ground, bouncing back a few times, and stopped many meters away, lying face-first on the ground. "... Oops."

Dragon Sun phased near Reaper and returned her seed. He then looked at Jupiter. "You used a lot more strength than you probably needed, but... It worked."

Saturn woke up, and tried to stand up. She yelped in pain and then sighed. "If I had to guess, I would think a certain Senshi knocked me out by applying generous quantities of brute force unto my body."

Jupiter blinked at that. "Uh, sorry?"

"No harm done, figuratively speaking," Saturn said. She was already healing her own body. "Too bad that cat escaped."

"How did she live through that?"

"Just before she got me, I sensed something I hadn't focused on before. I couldn't sense a soul in her."

"So, she's a zombie?"

"I don't think that's the right term," Saturn admitted, "but it's something like that."


Venus was in a very bad mood. That Iron Mouse creep had showed up and turned Brad into one of those fakes, and then left. She had ruined their date, so next time she saw her, she'd ruin her face.

"Prism flare."

She leapt aside, barely avoiding a blast which tore through the building's front door. "Hey, I actually like this place, stop wrecking it!"

Her foe chuckled. "Figures you'd like a fast food place. That's why you're fat."

Venus growled. "You said your name was Dragon Warlock? I think it's more like Dragon Jerk."

Warlock smirked. "And you're fat."

Venus glared at him, but then closed her eyes. She couldn't let what he said get to her. This wasn't Brad, and letting anger get to her would not help her bring him back to normal. "If all you got to fight are insults, then this battle will be easy."

"Prism storm."

Venus was knocked out of the building by an explosion, and as she stood up, she saw there wasn't much of the building left after it. "Damn it, Brad..."

"Calm down, Minako."

Venus turned to see Artemis there. "You-"

"I wasn't spying on your date, if that's what you're thinking," Artemis said, "but let's leave that for later. Why aren't you attacking him?"

"I- I can't. Even if he's not being himself right now, I'm afraid to hurt him. I-"

Artemis sighed. "I won't think you're weak because of that." As he said that, he transformed into his Senshi form.

"Art, wait, you-"

"I'm a Guardian, it's my duty to protect the Senshi. I'm your Guardian. If you can't fight, I'll be your weapon."

"... Thank you."

"Prism storm."

Artemis punched the attack away and glared at his foe. "I was talking to my protegee."

"Shut up and fight," Warlock snapped back.

"Won't be much of a fight," Artemis mused. "Cat Rampage."

Venus saw Artemis teleport around Dragon Warlock, slashing at him with his sword several times, and always teleporting to a different spot before his foe could react. By the time he was done, Warlock was kneeling on the ground, but Artemis was back to his normal form. "Art.."

Warlock growled and staggered up. "You won't defeat me so easily."

Artemis sighed. "Damn it, I haven't fought in way too long. Sorry."

"I won't think you're weak because of that," Venus said with a smile, then looked at Warlock. "Any last words?"

"Demon sword..."

"Yeah, I'm going to let you use that one," Venus snapped before 'vanishing.' Artemis saw the Dragon fly back into the wrecked building, and a blinding light surrounded him. By the time that was done, the fake Senshi was out cold.

"I knew you could do it."

Venus smiled as she returned the seed. "I just needed someone to push me in the right direction."

Dragon Venus woke up and looked around. "Uh... :red:, did I do all this?"


"Sorry," he said, then saw a crowd was slowly gathering, now that the fight is over. "I'm paying for the repairs. I want this place to look just like it looked before."

"You don't have to-" Venus started.

"I know how much you like this place. Money is just a tool, you're the thing I care the most about."

Artemis smiled as Venus kissed her guy. "Gotta admit I can almost respect you at times, Diamond."

The Dragon looked at the cat and chuckled. "Good to know."


"Guess that's our answer," Dragon Lilith said.

Moon looked at Lilith, or whatever she was called right now. "If she has the same powers as normal, this could be a mess."

"My name's Sailor Gamble, and you won't be able to defeat it."

"Wanna bet?" Dragon Lilith said. "Ugh, that sounded better in my mind."

Warwitch frowned. "Let's make this quick. Witch Barrage!" She blinked in shock as all the blasts missed her. "What the :red:-"

"How lucky, you missed," Gamble mocked her. "My turn. Ace of spades!"

The others had been through enough battles to know even something as harmless as cards could be used as weapons. Moon was good at dodging, but even then, one of the cards stabbed her leg. She yelled in pain, but pulled the card out, and glared at her foe. "I bet if Terry was here, he would say luck is nothing against skill."

"Problem is, he's not here, so you're fresh out of skilled fighters," Gambler noted.

Moon nodded. "I don't fear admitting he's a better fighter than me in most areas, but there's one thing I'm better than him at. Magical attacks."

Gambler was about to mock her, but then noticed the area around her lighting up. She looked down and saw the ground under here was shining. "Oh fu-"

Dragon Lilith saw Gambler fly up, then fall down with a loud thud. "That must have hurt."

Gambler staggered up slowly. "Not enough... I can still-"

"War Staff."

Moon flinched as she saw Warwitch slam her staff on Gambler's head, knocking her out. "War staff, really?"

Warwitch shrugged as she returned Lilith's seed. "It worked, didn't it?"

Lilith woke up and sighed. "Well, that happened."

"You remember it?"

"No, but from what I've heard and seen when others got turned, I'm sure it's better this way."

"Guess we could call that a... Lucky guess," Dragon Lilith joked.

Moon sighed. "Umino, you've been my friend since we were toddlers, but that doesn't mean I won't moonbeam you if you start trying to be as bad at jokes as Terry."

"You really get along," Warwitch mused.

"... If you say so," Dragon Lilith muttered.
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Kyouko Tsukino

Been "a while" since I added a new post to this thread, but the finale of this particular arc may be long enough to need its own post.

Sailor Moon Aeons.
Book 2: Rebirth.
Act 7: The Senshi of Chaos.
Episode 110: Sailor Starlights.

By Razor Knight
Last update: September 12, 2015


"A concert?"

"It may be the last concert we give in this city. We would like to invite your group."

Usagi looked at the tickets. "We... I'm not sure all my friends will want to go."

"Don't worry," Seiya said, "we're aware not everyone is a fan of our music."

Hotaru looked at him. "No offense, but don't you fear us being there would make your fans pay less attention to your music?"

"If they do, it just means we have to get better at what we do," Yaten commented.

"Besides, some people may go just because you'll be there, and end up liking our music."

"... So, it's just publicity?"

"No. We've heard some things about your group, lately. Nothing bad, in fact it made us respect you a lot more. We're honored some of you like our songs."

Usagi noticed Ami was looking at the trio in a certain way, but decided to ask her about it later. "Thanks."


As Usagi expected, not many of her friends were eager to go to that concert. Still, she wouldn't be mad at them or anything. "Oh, Ami, by the way..."

Ami sighed. "I knew it, you noticed."

"You had that face you make when you've figured something out."

"Let me tell you the things I connected, and you can tell me if you think it's weird. There's three alien Senshi stalking us, and they showed up at about the same time a certain group of pop singers started attending our school. Moreso, their hair colors and hairstyles match, from the data Aiko has gathered. The only thing that goes against this theory is..."

"Their gender," Hotaru guessed. "I mean, I haven't checked, but I doubt they're just girls disguised as guys, someone would have noticed."

Usagi frowned. "What about magical disguise?"

"Wouldn't you have detected that?"

"I've never had to," Usagi said. "I don't know if I would sense it."

Aiko had been silent for the last few minutes, but decided to add her own opinion. "There's a ninety-seven point three percent chances that, disregarding 'impossibles,' the Three Lights and the Starlights are the same group of people."

"We'll ask them about it after the show," Usagi said.

Aiko looked up. "Strange. Miss Tsukino is out there."

"I told her where the base was," Usagi said, "I'll be back in a minute."


Ikuko saw her daughter appear near her and blinked. "I'll never get used to that."

Usagi smiled. "Is there something wrong?"

"I... Can't find ChibiChibi."

"Gala is... She's inside the base."


"That's ChibiChibi's real name... I should have told you something we recently learnt about her. Let's go in, I'll tell you the short version while we're getting there."


As the elevator's doors opened, Ami saw Usagi walk out, followed by Ikuko, who was looking around in awe. "The usual reaction," she mused.

Ikuko smiled at her, then saw the small girl sitting in a mattress near the far side of the room. "Uh, there she is."

Gala noticed the newcomer. "Chibi?"

"I told her who you are," Usagi noted.

"I... Understand."

"Oh, she could speak?"

"Usagi teach. I not... Good yet."

Ikuko looked at Usagi. "You taught her to speak? Why?"

"Practice?" Usagi said with a smile. "We knew there was more than we were seeing about her, and the only way to know what she was doing here was to get her to communicate with us with more words than 'Chibi.'"

Hotaru looked at the small girl, then at Ikuko. "She is quite like a toddler yet. A toddler who could probably blast this whole base to ashes if she could use her power."

"Why can't she?"

"We're not entirely sure. How much did Usagi tell you?"

"That she's the soul of a Senshi of the past."

"Gala has been outside her body, so to speak, for an unknown number of years. Maybe millions of years," Ami said.

"So this little girl is..."

"Older than our civilization. Older than the civilization that existed before our civilization, in this same world," Hotaru noted. "It's hard to believe, but we know this because of a source mankind doesn't know about yet."

"I can guess the nature of that source will be as hard to believe," Ikuko said. "Usagi, that concert you told me about, is it today?"

"Yes, it will be starting in a few hours. Which reminds me... Could you take Gala home?"

Ikuko smiled. "Uh, sure."

Gala looked up at her. "No fear Gala. You nice to Gala, Gala protect you."

"It's hard to believe this girl's not related to you, Usagi."

Usagi sighed, unsure if she should say what she was about to say. "In a way, she is. Nana, the Princess Serenity of the Moon Kingdom, the person I was in my past life- She was a direct descendant of the very first Serenity, who was Gala's grandmother. For all I know, I could be a descendant of Gala herself."

"I should stop asking questions," Ikuko said. "The more I know about your 'job,' the more I realize how strange things can get around you. Still, it was nice to see this place from the inside."

As Ikuko left with Gala, Hotaru chuckled. The others looked at her, so she shrugged. "Sorry, it's just... She didn't ask about giant robots."

"Always a first time for everything."


Galaxia looked at her soldiers. "Despite not getting any seed last time, and nearly having another casualty, I think attacking many targets at once has its advantages. I want each of you to target one of this world's Senshi."

"What about the Starlights?"

"If we act in a seemingly desperate way, they may think we're desperate, and see it as a chance to show up. When they do, I'll deal with them myself. Maybe their Princess will come out of hiding when she senses me beating her beloved warriors to death."

"Sounds like fun," Nyanko said.

"Try not to get another hole in your chest," Crow teased.



"So, we'll just be sitting this one out."

Aurite looked at Black Lady. "If you want to make your presence known when a monster such as this Galaxia woman is around, do so. I would prefer to keep on living."

"She may kill the Senshi."

"It would save us the trouble of doing it ourselves," Rubeus said. "Of course I'd love to do it myself, but if this Galaxia is half as powerful as I've heard Aurite say she is, then we would get killed too."

"I'm bad at waiting," Black Lady muttered, "but I do see your point. I'm not going to throw away this second chance you gave me."


They say desperate times require desperate measures, and while the Senshi had expected it, having fans crowding around them at the entrance of the stadium where the Three Lights concert was had still been slightly annoying. And predicting something similar happening inside, they had decided to find a way to avoid it even before it happened.

Hotaru sat on her air board and sighed. "Remember when I said I missed fans being crazy? I realized I don't, after all."

Usagi smiled. "It's okay, we got exclusive seats now, in a way." They were all sitting on their air boards, a dozen meters above the crowd.

Rei looked at Hotaru. "I'm surprised you agreed to come." In fact, several Senshi had declined Usagi's invitation, and it wasn't just the guys, but some of the girls too.

Hotaru shrugged. "Ever since I joined the team, I discovered trying new things isn't bad. Of course, if I end up not liking their music, I'll blame Usagi."

"There they are."

Seiya walked to the microphone and smiled. "I'm sure you've all noticed, but we have very special guests tonight. I don't think I need to introduce them to you."

Usagi smiled and looked at her friends. "I think I'll show everyone a 'new' trick." She cleared her throat, then spoke again, but this time her voice was somehow heard through the whole stadium. "Thank you, Seiya. But I don't want to be in the spotlight tonight. We are just fans of your band, like everyone else in this place." She was speaking normally, and yet everyone could hear her from a very long distance.

If Seiya was surprised by her trick, he didn't say anything. "Then I guess we should not make our fans wait."

As the first song started, Usagi smiled. "Never thought I would use that one spell."

"What was that?"

Usagi listened to the song for a few seconds, then said "The spell is called Zeus' Command. It lets the user project their voice over an area. It was used, from what I was told, by the Demon Hunters in times of war, to give orders to large squads, or even targets miles away from them."

"A magical telephone," Mako mused.

Hotaru had been listening to the music. "Surprisingly, they're not that bad."

Usagi suddenly looked at the stage and flinched. "Guess you were right, Ami."

"About what-" Ami stopped and looked at Usagi. "They're the aliens?"

"They were cloaking their magic perfectly, but they've stopped. I think they wanted us to notice."

As the fourth song ended, Seiya looked straight at Usagi. "I have an announcement to make, one we should have made weeks ago. This will be our final concert."

Yaten and Taiki walked up to the microphone. "We have something to tell the world tonight, and from the way the Senshi are looking at us, they've figured it out already."

Hotaru saw the three guys turn into the three Sailor Starlights. "So, if that's them, can I go glaive them for not helping us?"

Rei looked at Seiya and shook her head. "I feel so lesbian right now."

Mako chuckled at that, but then saw Minako staring at the trio. "You girls..."

Naru looked at the others. "Who cares what they really are? Their music is good."

The crowd, however, was divided between those who were too shocked to speak, and those who were shouting angrily at them. "This could be a mess," Usagi said. "Time to save the day... Uh, I mean, night."

The crowd saw Usagi leap into the stage, and most of them fell silent. Seiya, or rather Sailor Star Fighter, looked at her questioningly. "I suppose you're willing to talk now," she said to the trio, "but we'll do that later." She turned to the crowd, looking at them with her usual calm face. "You guys, what's the problem? I'm sure they had their reasons for hiding their true identities until now, just like us. Yes, I'm a bit sad this is their last concert, but I have a good guess on why that is. And if it's fear that's making you react like you are, then don't worry, they're not evil."

Healer stared at her in awe as the crowd fell silent. "Perhaps you aren't as weak as we thought."

"A person's worth shouldn't be based on how much magic power they have," Usagi said turning to look at the three Starlights. "We should-" She stopped and looked around. "They're attacking."

Maker nodded. "All four Animates are out there."

Usagi turned into her Senshi form and looked at the crowd. "I... We have to go help our friends. Please, don't hate the Three Lights. They're here to help us."

Fighter saw the way Moon was looking at her before teleporting out, and saw the Senshi had all left already. "She..."

"So, what are we going to do?" Healer asked.

"They're targeting three different areas," Maker commented. "Lucky coincidence?"

Fighter nodded, then looked at the crowd. "We came to this world looking for our Princess. A Princess who is kind, selfless and strong, just like Sailor Moon. I'm not sure why she hasn't appeared yet, but perhaps I'll figure that out if I help her. I'm sorry, everyone, but we'll have to end this concert here. Farewell."

Yukiko and Hana had both been in the crowd all along, since their identities were still a secret. "Guess it was good we decided to come."

Hana nodded, then flinched. "They're targeting Shingo."

"Let's go, I'll help you."


Aiko looked at the map. Two enemies were moving to where Haruka and Michiru were, another was moving to Usagi's house, and the fourth one was going to... "Crap. Dad, be careful, they're going to get you."

"Ami's already told me. She's coming to help me," Terry said through the communicator.

"I'll go, too."


Aiko sighed as she cut the link. She had a guess on what her father would turn into, but she hoped it was wrong.


By the time Nova and Warwitch reached their goal, they saw things were already messy. Moon was trying to skewer Lead Crow with Shingo's sword. It was technically her sword too, and she was showing Crow she knew how to use it. The others were waiting for Shingo to transform, so Nova decided to help Moon deal with Crow.

Lead Crow had been dodging the girl's sword slashes. She could have just left, but she needed to make sure the Senshi in this area didn't interfere with the others. "Give it up, you're never going to get-" She suddenly froze. It wasn't fear or shock making her freeze, though, her body simply stopped responding. She screamed in pain as Moon cut a deep gash in her stomach. "Damn it, what is this-" She noticed Nova there and growled. "To use such cheap tactics..."

Fighter appeared near her. "You better leave. Moon may not be eager to kill her enemies, but I have no such handicap." Crow glared at her before vanishing, and she turned to the others. "Okay, let me help with-"

"No, I'll deal with him," Moon said.

"I thought you wanted us to help?"

"I wanted to know what you were doing in this world, and I already know it. You helped us by scaring Crow off, but this... He's my brother. I want to try bringing him back, since I failed protecting him. If I need help, you'll know when to jump in."

Nova phased in front of Moon. "I'll help."


"I know how you feel, I had a brother too, remember? I love Shingo, I won't just stand there waiting. Not even if you order me not to."

"I never give orders," Moon said.

"Good." Nova smiled and looked at Shingo. He was wearing the same suit as before, except now he had a wolf skin as a makeshift helmet and cape. "What are you supposed to be?"

"I am Dragon Wolf."

"Oh, scary," Nova said mockingly.

Moon noticed the Dragon wasn't moving, and rushed straight at him. However, she saw him smile, and stopped, looking around. "Nova, be careful of his pets."

Nova sensed something and leapt aside, dodging a claw swipe from a white werewolf. "Crap."

Jupiter saw Moon was being targeted by two creatures, while two more attacked Nova. "Guess that's our cue," she said as she run straight to Dragon Wolf, summoning her mallet. A werewolf appeared in her path, and she smirked. "Wolves can fly."

Dragon Wolf cringed as his werewolf was knocked up and away by Jupiter's hammer. "Crap."

"Say good night!" Jupiter said as she swung her hammer at her foe.

"Good night," Dragon Wolf mocked, catching the hammer with his hand, which turned furry and clawed for a split second, then he punched Jupiter in the face. "Ow."

Jupiter smiled. "Guess we're in a stalemate."

The Dragon smiled. "Not quite."

Two werewolves appeared behind her, one of them locked her in a bear hug, while the other started raining punches at her. "Damn... Cheater..."

"Cheat? I'm just using my powers in a smart way," the Dragon noted.

"I see..." Jupiter smiled back at him. "You're brighter than me, let's make that literal."

Nova and Moon had both been trying to get rid of the werewolves fighting them, but suddenly noticed the area lighting up, and the creatures were gone. They turned to see Jupiter kneeling near the Dragon, and neither looked fit for fighting anymore. "Damn, what happened?"

"Kid's pets were tougher than I thought, gave me quite a beating, but I zapped him out cold."

Warwitch appeared near her. "Saturn's not here, so... Witch Balm."

Jupiter could feel her bruises being healed. "Thanks."

"I didn't fight, so-"

"Why didn't you help us?" Moon said as she returned Shingo's seed.

Warwitch looked down, then shook her head. "I... I have a fear of dogs. Wolves are large, wild dogs."

Moon blinked at that. "I didn't know that."


Fighter walked to them. "After watching you fight, I guess we've really underestimated you. When they target you," she said looking at Moon, "we'll stop Galaxia from getting what she wants."

"Wait, you knew I was-"

"Of course, you're the strongest magical being on Earth," Fighter said, "To be honest we were waiting for that, that's why we kept on stalking your group."

"So, when the golden seed appears..."

"Galaxia won't risk one of the Animates getting it. She'll come take its power herself."

Moon flinched. "One question, what happens to the owner of the seed once you take its power?"

"They become unable to use magic for a long time. And I mean all kinds of magic."

"That sounds horrible," Nova said. "We won't let that Galaxia girl do that."

Shingo stood up and looked around. "Ugh, guess it was my turn. Dragon Wolf?"

Nova smiled. "Dragon Wolf."


It had been a tough fight, but with Maker helping her, Saturn had been able to get the upper hand on Siren and Mouse. Mouse had already teleported out of the area, and Siren was clutching a bloody arm. "Sushi, anyone?"

Siren glared at her. "I hate you, Earthlings."

Nemesis saw their enemy vanish, then noticed Uranus and Neptune waking up. "I don't even want to guess what your names could be right now."

"I am Sailor Wind!"

"And I'm Sailor Water!"

"A typhoon is about to hit this place!" both announced, striking a pose.

Saturn looked at them. Their suits were exactly the same as before, not counting the wavy patterns on them. "I already beat them once, I can do it again."

"No, you can't!" Sailor Water said, just as a large wall of water appeared in front of her. The wall then fell forwards, crashing on her foes.

Saturn was thoroughly soaked, and thoroughly angry. "Damn it, I'm-"

"Hotaru, chill."

"Nag off, Naru."

"I'm serious. I know Usagi would tell you the same thing, don't let anger get the best of you."

Saturn glared at Nemesis for a second before sighing. "Right. They are still our friends, even if turned evil."

Sailor Wind laughed. "Friends? We're your doom!" A strong wind started blowing, pushing the Senshi back, while Wind and Water just stood there, untouched by it. "With this much wind, you won't be able to even breathe. I wonder how long you weaklings can resist before you die?"

"I wonder how long will you keep thinking you can win."

Wind turned around just to be greeted by a kick to the face, courtesy of Lilith. "How..."

"The one there was an illusion, I knew if I waited for it, I would find the right time to att-" She stopped as Sailor Water stabbed through her with an icy sword. "Icy you're trying to kill me."

"Yes, now die."

Lilith chuckled. "I never said this was the real me." As she finished saying that, Water was knocked down, and straight into Wind.

Maker saw the two fake Senshi standing up and shrugged. "Starlight Thunder." An electric blast shot from her hand, knocking both fakes out. "I'll have to admit your powers are impressive, Lilith."

Lilith walked to her as her two illusion clones vanished. "Thanks." While Saturn returned the seeds, she looked at Nemesis. "You seem worried."

"Not counting Terry, Usagi is the last one. She's most likely the one with the golden seed."

"I thought that, too," Lilith said.

"What if we can't stop Galaxia from getting that seed?"

"Your friend won't die, Galaxia only wants the magic in it. However, if Galaxia does get the seed, then your Princess will be unable to use magic for a very long time."

"We'll stop Galaxia," Saturn said.


"No idea, but she's my friend, I won't let her down."


When Ami reached the mansion, she could see Terry was chasing Nyanko around withi his swords. Aiko, Venus, Mars and Healer had decided to tag along. "I guess he doesn't need our help," Healer commented.

Terry looked up and smiled. "Hi girls."

Nyanko saw him lower his swords, and frowned. "What the heck?"

"If you don't get the seed, you'll just keep on pestering me."

"This has to be a trap."


He smiled at Mercury. "Five against one, you'll get me back to normal in no time."

Mars looked at Mercury. "Ami, you should be happy he trusts you that much."

Mercury nodded. "I am." She looked at the cat girl and glared at her. "Go ahead, it doesn't matter if he has the golden seed or not, you're not getting it."

Nyanko shrugged. "We'll see." She shot her bazooka at Terry, getting the seed out. "Another dud, huh? Oh well, there's less idiots to check n-" Her musings were interrupted by something hitting her hard, knocking her down to the ground. "Ow."

Venus glared at her. "Bad kitty, play dead."

"No, thanks," Nyanko said and vanished.


"We still have to deal with-" Aiko stopped and looked at Terry. "What the heck."

Terry was wearing a suit much like his old Zero suit, and he rose both his swords in the air. "Time to get rid of a few evildoers!"

Mercury looked at him and cringed. "So he's a fake Dragon, and he looks like... Tell me your name is not-"

"I am Dragon Ninja!"

"So we're the 'Bad Dudes' then?" Aiko mused.

"I don't get it," Venus said.

"There's a very bad game called 'DragonNinja,' I guess mom played it."

"Don't ignore the hero!"

Aiko leapt aside as the Dragon tried to slash her down. "What hero?"

Mercury flinched as the Dragon was knocked into a wall by an energy beam. "That was quick."

"He's not down yet," Aiko said. The Dragon vanished, and everyone scanned the area. "Oldest trick in the book."

"But effective," the Dragon said from behind Mars, before slashing down at her. However, Mars' fire shield stopped the sword. "So, you have some fancy tricks? I have those too!" He leapt up, tossing a few dozen spheres all over the area. Before the Senshi realized what they were, they had already exploded, filling the whole scene with a green gas. "That gas will paralyze you for several minutes."

Aiko walked to him. "That's cute."


"Being turned evil also turned you stupid? I'm not like a normal human, or a Senshi. Breathing is just a fashion accessory for me."

"Oh. Good thing I'm not out of tricks yet."

Aiko looked down as she felt something. Yes, there was a blade stabbing through her stomach. ":red:, that hurt!"

Mercury cringed, and looked around. She could see Mars and Venus struggling against the effects of the gas. Yes, they needed to find a way to break out of the paralysis, to help Aiko and bring Terry back. She wouldn't give up yet.

"This is when you die."

Aiko laughed. "I told you I'm not a normal human."

"Still, your friends can't help you. I'll just have to chop you to pieces until you stop being a both-"

Mercury saw the Dragon get knocked down, and knew Aiko didn't need help. There were four more of her surrounding the Dragon now.

"More cheap tricks? Fine then, die!" A large, dragon-like ice construct shot from the ground, freezing all of the Aiko clones. The Dragon laughed and then looked at Mercury. "Oh, don't look at me like that. It's her fault for trying to defeat the might-"

"Phase BLAST!"

Mercury flinched. "Terry!"

Aiko saw the Dragon fall to the ground in a heap after hitting the mansion's wall. "Uh, I didn't mean to-" she walked to him and checked on him, sighing in relief. "He's just out." She returned the seed, and saw him turning back to normal. "Wake up, dad."

"Ugh..." Terry staggered up and looked around. "Why are you girls just standing there?"

"Your evil self used some kind of paralysis gas on them."

"I see." He summoned another sphere, and tossed it near the girls. As it exploded, he smiled at Aiko. "I wouldn't be naive enough to build those things without having an antidote."

Mercury started typing as soon as she could use her glove computer. "As I thought, none of the targets tonight had that seed. It's either Sailor Moon or Pluto."

"Why would Pluto-"

"She's the most powerful Senshi alive."

"But not from this generation, not technically."

"Right, still, we should be ready, just in case."

"So..." Terry looked at her friends, "who got me back?"

"Aiko did."

"Nice, you've really grown strong, if you could face the mighty-"

"Dragon Ninja."

Terry fell silent for a few seconds before sighing. "Oh well, it could have been worse."

"Not likely," Aiko said, keeping a straight face.

Sailor Moon Aeons.
Book 2: Rebirth.
Act 7: The Senshi of Chaos.
Episode 111: Sailor Galaxia.

By Razor Knight
Last update: September 29, 2015


"Honestly, it's nice to be able to use our true form outside battle."

Usagi looked at the three alien Senshi. They were in civilian clothes now, but had decided to drop the disguise spells that made them look like boys. They were now at the base, as it was the one place in the city most civilians still didn't know about. "We wouldn't have suspected you were the Starlights if we hadn't seen a lot of strange things happen before."

"So, you've mentioned your Princess," Terry said, "care to tell us the whole story?"

Seiya nodded. "We come from the Kinmoku system, in the other side of the Galaxy. The planet fell to Galaxia after the Queen was defeated by her, we told the princess to run and we've been one step behind her until now. For some reason, she decided to stay in this world."

"Have you seen her since you told her to escape?"


"Then how do you know-"

Seiya looked at Minako. "I can sense her, she's here, and she's alive. I can't tell where she is, but that's because she may be cloaking her power so Galaxia won't be able to get her."

"You can sense her?" Minako asked.

Ami sighed. "It's obviously because of the link she has with her."

"Oh. Wait, you mean you and that Princess are..."

Seiya smiled. "I would follow her to the end of the world, even if she was no princess."

"One question," Hotaru said, "why disguise yourselves as musicians?"

"We were musicians back in our world. We thought the princess would know it was us, if she heard our songs."

Yaten nodded. "No idea why she hasn't tried to contact us."

"Maybe she's scared," Usagi said, then saw the way Seiya was looking at her. "Let me finish. Courage is not about having no fear, but about facing those fears. I know there's been times where I've felt like running away from it all. Heck, the more I think about this Galaxia woman, the more I feel like we should all just run."

"Why not leave?"

Rei frowned at that. "Would you have abandoned your planet, if there was still hope?"

"No. If the Elder Starlights and the Queen were still alive, we would have fought against Galaxia."

"This is our home," Rei said, "and while I'm not going to judge you for doing it, I will not run away. None of us will."

"But you can't defeat Galaxia."

"Defeat her is impossible."

Seiya looked at the small, red-haired girl. When had she gotten there? No, that wasn't important, she could feel the power in this girl. "What is... She can't be-"

"Gala, what are you doing here?" Usagi asked.

"You Golden Seed carrier. I... Want to help. "

Usagi saw the three alien girls were scared, and could guess why. "She is Gala."

"She looks and sounds like a younger version of Galaxia."

"She is Galaxia," Ami said. "Galaxia's soul."

Taiki looked at her. "Her star seed?"

"I guess you could call her that. We don't know how she's survived outside her body for this long, but it may be a question only Galaxia could answer, and we'll have to wait until we help Gala to know that answer."

"Her power is..."

"I can't use. Body too weak."

Aiko looked at Gala, then at the three aliens. "From the numbers I've sensed, Galaxia's own power is a dismissible portion of the power her soul holds."

"What I don't get is," Ami noted, "why Galaxia hasn't sensed her yet."

"Usagi," Yaten said, "would you be able to sense your own magic?"

"Yes, but why would I ever need to- Oh."

"Exactly. Galaxia may not be paying attention to her own power. It's there, and she knows it."

"Hidden in plain sight," Ami said, "but still, if she can't use her power..."

"We'll figure something out," Usagi said. "All we can do is wait, if they want my star seed, I'm sure they won't hold any punches."

"Neither will we," Seiya said. "Perhaps if our princess sees our fighting she'll realize that the time for hiding is over."


"Only one target left."

Nyanko saw Galaxia walk into the room and frowned. "Only one? What about Pluto?"

"I researched on her, and what I found is disappointing. She is quite strong, almost strong enough to be a challenge for me, but she's also not a part of this generation. The generation Pluto belongs to is long gone, and the strongest Senshi in this world are the Moon Senshi, from what I could gather."

"What if Pluto shows up? I'm sure she'll try to stop us if we fight her leader."

"I'll take care of her," Galaxia said, "I've defeated Senshi stronger than her."

"When do we attack?"

"Crow and Siren are still recovering. They should be okay in two Earth days. As soon as they're both fit to fight, we'll attack."


"The Three Lights missed school today as well." Mako mused.

"They had no reason to go," Yukiko noted, "and from what I saw, the internet is going crazy. Both about their true form, and the unannounced final concert."

"I just hope they keep their word and help us," Hotaru said, "it would be a pity if I had to go and glaive them to death."

Usagi sighed. "Sometimes it's hard to tell when you're joking."


"Know what, hold that thought, and use your anger against our enemies." Usagi noticed the others looking at her surprisedly, and shrugged. "I don't like killing, but I know that our enemies don't usually give up until they're dead. This group doesn't seem different."

Terry sighed. "Sometimes, we can be blinded by rage, or revenge, but yeah, most of the time I would like if our foes gave up without us needing to kill us."

The three Starlights appeared inside the base right then. "They're coming."

Usagi looked up. "I can sense that. They're moving, the four evil Senshi. They're heading this way."

Aiko nodded. "We should go greet them outside. I've already called the others."

"Aiko, you shouldn't-"

"Usagi, I respect you and... I owe you and your crystal a lot for turning me into what I am nowadays, but please, don't ask me to stay out of this one. I can't just sit here and let my friends and my family face that Galaxia monster alone. I may not be as powerful as most of you, but you've said it plenty of times, power isn't everything."

Gala appeared next to Usagi. "I will... Help. No time to explain.. Chaos will be defeated today. We can do it."

"Wow, she can talk much better now."

Gala looked at Minako. "The crystal helped... Making the damage go. Making me remember." She looked up. "They're almost here."

"Let's go," Usagi said, "time for another final battle."


"Lady Cuprite, the scouts report there's movement on Earth. Enemy forces are heading straight to the Senshi base."

Cuprite sighed. As she had dreaded, youma were too used to be ruled by a female, the current peace was already too much of a change for them. At least she had convinced them to drop the 'Queen' title. Anyhow, the news this messenger brought were important. "If these forces are lead by Sailor Galaxia herself, we will have to help."

Pyrite nodded at that. "If the Senshi lose, the Earth could be destroyed. The Senshi didn't ask for our help, or gave us permission to send a full force there, but we need the mana of humans-"

Cuprite decided to give her point of view - she had been in charge of scientific research while under Beryl's rule, and also during Goshenite's rule, so she knew things other youma, even her lover, ignored. "It's not just that. If Galaxia intends to destroy the Earth, then there's a high chance the portal will let her power, or its outcome, through. It could destroy our world as well."

Pyrite frowned. "Then we will have to take risks. We go there, all of us, and help them."


Kino looked at the woman. "Are you really telling me-"

"This battle could go wrong in many ways. This enemy is so strong, that even if I go all out, I'm not sure I can defeat her."

"But to tell me I shouldn't even try to evacuate the city-"

Sailor Pluto looked at the man evenly. True, to a casual observer, Pluto would have looked younger than him, but the man knew how old she was, or at least how old she was supposed to be. "I've already seen it, this Galaxia is the real one. The power I'm sensing - she could easily destroy the Earth if she wanted us dead. But she's looking for something else, something Sailor Moon has. She may still destroy the Earth after getting it."

"Wouldn't that kill her? I mean, Senshi or not..."

"If the legends are true, Galaxia would survive a planet's explosion."

"What about the Demon Hunters? Have you told them to stay out of it?"

"They are evacuating the area near the base... I talked to their leaders already, but they are stubborn."

"I'll form a perimeter around the area, to stop civilians from getting too close."

Pluto looked to the side, then nodded. "That much I can agree with. Just don't waste your time attacking - even Galaxia's underlings are beyond your current weaponry."

"... How do you know we don't have a secret weapon we could use against them?"

"I'm a Senshi who can move through time and space in ways you wouldn't understand. You can't hide your research from me. Your secret weapons are too weak to hurt Galaxia's soldiers."

"Do you have fun playing god?"

Pluto smiled at that. "I'm not god, I'm just here to make sure she doesn't screw up."

Kino sighed as Pluto vanished, making an educated guess on what she meant by 'she.' "Should have expected that."


Nyanko smiled as she looked around the area. "As expected, all the weaklings are here."

Dragon Mercury chuckled. "Took you long enough to realize something we've known for a while."

"It's time for you to face the same fate as Papillon," Fighter said. The three Starlight Senshi had arrived right when the Earth Senshi did, and were going to protect the Earth's princess as they would their own.

"You won't stop us," Crow said, "and once we get her star seed, defeating you will be easy."

"We've heard similar rants from evil beings before, and here we are," Nemesis snapped back.

Mouse smiled. "Amusing, we've also heard weaklings use statistics as the reason they wouldn't lose, and here we are."

"I think Papillon would beg to differ."

Crow looked at Maker. "She was the weakest of us, and she did kill most of your allies before going down."

Siren sighed. "Are we done with the diplomatic talks yet? I want to get to the good part."

"Wish granted. Witch Flare!"

Siren blocked a wave of fire and looked up. "What the heck are you even doing here?"

Warwitch glared at her, along with "Fighting evil goons, apparently."

The other three Animates had to block as three more blasts were shot at them. Ail, Ann and Nova had just arrived, and their intent was obvious. "More losers, huh," Crow muttered.

Siren was about to say something else, but the four Animates were suddenly hit by columns of light coming from under their feet. As the attack passed, they were all kneeling on the ground. "What the :red: was... That."

Moon smiled, even though she was panting. "I knew it, throwing enough mana at you in one shot does work."

Dragon Mercury looked at Moon. Usagi... Back when he met her, he would have never thought she would use this kind of tactics. She had let the others distract the four creeps long enough for her to gather enough energy to use that attack. "That's just like you, Rabbit, here we are trying to protect you, and you do our job for us."

"We're not down yet," Crow snapped.

The Dragon nodded. "Maybe I can fix that. Saturn Cosmic Power!"

Mercury couldn't help but worry, but she knew he was stronger than anyone else bar Moon or Pluto in that form. "Be careful."

"Sorry, I won't be," Dragon Saturn said, then vanished.

Crow frowned. "Where is-" she heard a noise and noticed Nyanko was down, and the Dragon was right behind her. "What the hell?"

Dragon Saturn looked at her, and 'vanished' again. A split second later, Crow also fell to the ground, and the Dragon 'appeared' behind her.

Venus was staring at him wide-eyed. "He's moving quite quickly. He's far slower than me, but it's still impressive."

The Dragon smirked and looked at Mouse. "It's easy to pull an Alphard on them with this speed."

Mouse saw him vanish and shot a beam in his general direction. "But easy to predict- Huh?" She turned in time to see Siren fall. "Damn it."

"Sometimes, a pattern is intentional."

"Show off," Mouse muttered. "However, you're forgetting something."

"Yes, knocking you out. I'll be done in a-"

Mouse chuckled. "Stupid human, don't you know cats love playing with their prey?"


Moon saw Nyanko was standing right behind the Dragon - and her fist was poking out of his stomach. "Damn it, they-"

"Minako, get him."

Venus nodded at Saturn, and used her speed to get Dragon Saturn away from the villains. "Can you heal him?"

Saturn smiled. "Fortunately, she didn't hit his heart. I can heal him back."

Moon glared at Nyanko. "You-"

"What? Not my fault that idiot thought she could be as fast as I am. I just had to play pretend and he left himself wide open."

"I'll show you fast," Venus snapped, and rushed at Nyanko.

"Crow and Siren aren't moving," Mars noted, "that means he did get them."

Dragon Venus nodded. "They'll be down for a while. Though the stronger the target, the less the effect could last."

Jupiter was looking at Nyanko, who seemed to be struggling. "She can block most of Venus' blows."

Mouse sighed. "I guess I'll have to deal with the rest of you."

"Circe's Wrath!"

"Callisto's Flare!"

"Mira's Light!"

Fire, light and lightning converged on Mouse from three sides, knocking her down to the ground. Mouse staggered up and coughed some blood. "Who the... Hell."

Mira, Circe and Callisto walked to the Senshi. "Sorry we're late."

"Usually, you would be complaining about being out of power after a stunt like that," Dragon Sun commented.

"It's thanks to our training to improve our mana reserves. We are far from Senshi levels, but we're not going to be out after just one blast."

Mouse laughed. "You fools, you can't kill us."

"That's quite a bold statement," Fighter said.

"Here's a shock for you, Starlight Senshi. Your allies didn't kill Papillon, but she was in no shape to fight for a while."

"Why isn't she here?"

"Galaxia was upset that she let Kakyuu escape. I admit it was quite frightening to see the proud Papillon beg for her life. Galaxia can really be cruel to those who fail her."

"On the other hand," Crow said, slowly staggering up, "it was also a good reminder for us. We must not fail. We will get your dear Princess, and then look for that Kakyuu :red: and make her regret being a coward."

"She's not-" Fighter started, then sighed. "She wanted to stay and fight, even after Galaxia killed her family and most of her friends. We... We were the cowards. We told her to run."

Siren staggered up. "If she had been brave, she would have stayed and fought us. She just delayed her own death, and may have doomed this particular planet as well. Sure, we would have eventually come to this 'Earth' and killed these kids, but you guys made that happen way before it would otherwise."

The Senshi all stood around Moon, forming a circle around her, except for Venus, Saturn and Dragon Saturn, who were still busy. "We will not let you hurt our princess," Mars said.


"Usagi, even if you ordered me to not risk my life to protect you, I would still do it."

Dragon Earth smiled. "You are the strongest Senshi, but that doesn't mean you have to do everything yourself."

"Wish I could say I don't have to do everything myself."

Moon looked up and saw someone floating there. A golden Senshi outfit, golden hair, red eyes, but what told her who this woman really was, was the magic she was sensing in her. "Sailor Galaxia."

"In the flesh," Galaxia said. "Now let me give you a small taste of the power you've surely been dreading."

Moon didn't know what she meant, but suddenly, her friends - all of them, even Dragon Saturn, who had just recovered - were knocked down to the ground by an unseen force. "Stop it! Don't hurt them!"

"I won't kill them, yet," Galaxia said, "first I need something you have."

"I'm sorry, but I can't let you hurt her."

Moon smiled. Pluto was there, perhaps she could- No, wait, Pluto was gone?

Galaxia looked down at Moon. "Where were we? Oh right, I was about to-"

"What did you do to her?"


Pluto looked around. It had worked as intended. It wasn't a skill she used much, because of how much power it needed, but it was also the only thing she could use to defeat Galaxia. Stopping time was dangerous and she knew she would get an earful from Moon for using it - if she lived to see her again.

She rose her staff again, and it lit up as she looked at her target. Galaxia. In a direct confrontation, she knew she couldn't win, even against the puppet she had become. But now Galaxia couldn't fight back, couldn't block, couldn't escape. Sailor Pluto was, for all intents and purposes, cheating, but if cheating was what was needed to protect her Princess, then she would pay whichever price the universe had in stock for her.

"I... Knew you would try this."

Pluto took a step back as Galaxia turned to look at her. "What? But how can you-"

"Oh, that face, that exact same expression. I love it. Each and every Time Senshi reacts the same way when they try to freeze time and kill me."

Pluto glared at the woman for a few seconds, but then her face returned to her normal, neutral form. "I see... I'm well aware of our difference in power. May I ask you to tell something to the Princess, if you defeat me?"

"'If'?" Galaxia mocked, but then sighed. "I have no reason to be your messenger, but on the other hand, you do deserve a reward for not losing it and trying to kill me when you saw the truth. So, tell me."

"Tell her to not lose hope. Tell her that I've already seen the outcome of this fight."

"That's a lie."

Pluto smiled. "Is it? Perhaps other Time Senshi didn't have the exact same set of powers as me, or you didn't give them enough time to speak. Anyhow, I've seen the outcome of this battle. If all goes as planned, then you will be defeated. Not Sailor Galaxia, but the monster within. Chaos. This is your last day."

Galaxia glared at Pluto fiercely. "Shut up!"

Pluto saw Galaxia vanish, and could feel something missing. She turned back and saw Galaxia holding a star seed. A dull, brown star seed. Her star seed, Pluto realized before falling to her knees. "I didn't see me fighting you, but now I know why. Go ahead, my death won't change the outcome of this fight."

Galaxia smiled as the seed started cracking. "Keep your delusions, it won't matter in a few seconds."

"It's a pity I won't be able to see your face when you realize you're wrong."

"Because I'm not wrong," Galaxia said.

"No, because... You will be gone."

Galaxia saw Pluto's body vanish, and snorted at her final words. Gone? She was Sailor Galaxia. The strongest Senshi in the universe. There was nothing out there that could defeat her. Nothing.


"What did I do to her? She tried to fight me, and lost. She said something about hope, and about how this battle's outcome was already decided, but I frankly have heard the dying delusions of losers too many times to really pay attention to them anymore.

"You monster..."

"Just be a good girl and let me get your seed," Galaxia said casually, before rushing down and straight at Moon. However, Moon's crystal appeared floating in front of her, and shot a wave of energy, knocking Galaxia back. "What was that?"

"The Ginzuishou is a bit like my friends... It will protect me even if I don't ask it to," Moon mused. "But right now, I'm the one who needs to protect my friends." She grabbed the crystal, and aimed it at Galaxia, shooting a bright white beam at her.

Galaxia struggled against the attack. How was this possible? Pluto was supposed to be stronger, and yet... Had she been holding back so she wouldn't be ready for Moon's true power? If that was her plan, it was futile. "Damn you! I am Sailor Galaxia, I will not be beaten by such a weakling!"

The beam was reflected back at Moon, and it knocked her, and her friends, away from the impact point. Moon tried to stand up, but Galaxia was faster, rushing at her and pulling her star seed from her in a split second. "I... Sorry... Guys."

Mars glared at Galaxia from the ground. "Give that back!"

"You should know how this goes," Galaxia said, looking at the seed. Unlike the others, instead of turning a dull brown color, it had started shining with a bright, golden light. "Although there will be something different," she said as the seed went suddenly dull. "Hmm... She wasn't using her full power yet. That's a pity, it would have been a real challenge to fight her at full power."

"What did she do?" Jupiter asked.

Phase winced. "She... Absorbed the seed's power."


"That seed is..." Mercury paused, trying to find a way to explain it that wouldn't confuse everyone. "Short story is, they're the reason we can use magic. Every living being has one, but only a few can use them properly."

Galaxia laughed. "That's right. And the Golden Seeds are the best source of energy in the whole galaxy."

"So, you're growing stronger by absorbing them?" Venus guessed.

"I'm not sure why I should explain that to you," Galaxia said, "since you'll be dead in a few minutes."

Mars staggered up. "We won't go down without a fight."

Galaxia chuckled at that. "Fool, it won't be me who'll kill you. It will be your dear princess."

Fighter saw Moon rising from the ground, floating a few meters above them. "No... Just like Queen Kakyuu..."

Nemesis looked at Moon, then at the Starlights. "What do you mean?"

Maker sighed. "Galaxia also turned Kakyuu into an evil Senshi. She killed the Elder Starlights, and then Galaxia killed her. We told our Princess to escape because..."

Fighter shook his head. "If Galaxia ever turned her evil, we knew we wouldn't be able to fight her, we..."

Sailor Moon's transformation finished, and the others could see she was wearing the same suit as before, except everything was pitch black. Her hair and her irises were also black, and even her lips and nails had taken on that color. "Bow before me," she stated bluntly.

Mars sighed. "I dread asking, but what should we call you?"

"I am Sailor Oblivion, and I'm here to destroy you all."

"And that's our cue."

Venus saw Artemis, Luna and Shade run in, all in their Senshi forms. "Art, wait..."

"You won't be able to fight Galaxia if you waste your energy with her," Artemis said.

Luna nodded. "Don't worry, we can defeat her, if we go all out."

Nemesis frowned. "But if you do that, you could-"

"If it's to save you, and our Princess, then it's a price we're willing to pay," Shade said.

Oblivion chuckled at that. "Just die." A black beam shot from Oblivion's hands, but Luna did something the other Senshi had seen plenty of times, although it was someone else doing it now. She just stood there, taking the hit without flinching. "What in Darkness..."

"Oh, sorry," Luna said, "this is the part where I fall to the ground dead, right?"

Artemis turned to the Senshi. "Leave her to us."

Galaxia looked at her soldiers. "You four failed getting Kakyuu, and now failed getting Moon. I should destroy you, but I'm in a good mood. I'll give you another chance. Kill the Senshi of this system and I won't end your lives."

"Sounds like a fair deal," Nyanko said as Galaxia vanished. "Okay weaklings, time for round two."

Mars looked at Oblivion, who had been dragged away by the three Mooncats, and then back at the Animates. "If Usagi can improvise, so can we."

Nyanko saw a flame dome appear around the Senshi and their allies, and frowned. "What the heck... Do they think they can-"

Crow frowned. "Stop."


"It could be a trap," Crow said, "let's not fall for it."

Inside the dome, Mars was looking at Venus. "So, you are the fastest, Jupiter is the strongest, Mercury is the smartest, and I can block, or at least diminish, their attacks. If we could combine all that..."

Mercury looked at her. "Perhaps there's a way. Rei, can you protect others with this dome, even if you're not inside it?"


"Could you keep the dome around Minako?"

"Never tried, but... I think it can keep its relative coordinates stable even with Venus' speed."

Venus looked at Mars. "Ugh, you're talking like Ami now."

"It means I can create a 'bubble' around you and it will follow you even if you go real fast. At least in theory."

"Good," Mercury said. "That would create a distraction. As for the second part of the plan..."

"We don't really need to move fast," Jupiter said, "we know how to teleport."

"So, I distract them and you punch them in the face real hard," Venus said. "I like that plan."

"Won't be just Jupiter, we have to hit them with all we've got."

"What about fighting Galaxia?"

"If we die fighting these goons, we won't have to worry about that," Dragon Mercury said. "We'll figure out how to beat Galaxia later."

"Wait, wouldn't they hear our plan out there?"

Mars smiled at Lilith's question. "This shield doesn't let anything I don't want it to pass through, from both sides."


As the dome vanished, the Senshi could see the Animates boredly waiting for them. "You didn't try to attack," Mars taunted, "that proves you're somewhat sentient beings after all."

"If you're trying to scare us, you'll need more than that," Siren snapped back.

"Okay. Get them, Minako." As Mars said that, a small bubble of flame surrounded Venus, who 'vanished.'

"So, that's your plan, an idiot in a bubble?" Crow asked as she was hit by a punch from Venus, who was already meters away before she could react. "Annoying, but futile."

"Give them credit, they did think of a good tactic, too bad that girl is weak- Urk." Nyanko stopped and looked down to see a fist coming out of her chest. "That :red:ing hurts..."

"I guess it's payback, in a way," Jupiter said from behind her. "Now die."

Crow saw Nyanko fall after being lit up with electricity for a few seconds, and she didn't quite look alive. "Damn it, Siren, Mouse, don't-"

Mercury and Dragon Mercury appeared right next to her. "Too late."

Siren could sense Crow's death, but she knew she had to worry about other things. "Damn it, I won't-" Before she could finish her phrase, she was hit by several elemental blasts, and bounced on the ground before stopping, unmoving.

Mouse cringed. "This is stupid, to think weaklings like you would defeat us so easily..."

"With Prism."

"Circe's Wrath."

"Mira's Fury."

"Callisto's Rage."

The four attacks, along with a strong psychic wave and twin, massive balls of energy, hit Mouse, and they didn't get up.

Mira fell to her knees. "Heh, we got them."

"Good riddance," Venus muttered as she stopped.

"I'll admit those were some powerful attacks, but as I said before, futile."

Mars let out a chain of unladylike words as Crow stood up. Nyanko, Mouse and Siren staggered up seconds later, and they all were, albeit beaten up, quite alive. "How the hell?"

"I think we told you before, idiot. We are only alive because Galaxia allows us to be alive. But this curse has perks, as you can see. We can't die, not unless Galaxia wants us to disappear." As Mouse spoke, the injuries they had all suffered were already healing. "So, I guess it's round three? We can keep this up to round five millions, or you could just let us kill you."

"We can defeat you."

Crow laughed at Jupiter's claim. "You and which army?"

"Glad you asked."

Lilith looked up and saw a youma there - Cuprite, if Moon and Mars' description of her had been accurate. Just as she was about to ask what she meant, countless youma appeared around them. "Heh. Guess we should say 'this army.'"

Phase looked around. "Youma are weak, but their numbers could easily overpower these four. Our best move right now would be to focus on bringing down Galaxia."

Cuprite nodded at her. "Even with our numbers, I can sense her power, and she's out of our league. Leave these four to us."

Saturn looked at her. "If we win, no, there's no if there. I promise I'll take care of any casualties you suffer."

"You would... Revive youma?"

"It doesn't matter who or what you are, it's your actions that make you good or evil. You're helping us, you're our allies. I would gladly revive any of you after this war is over."

Mira looked at the other 'sidekicks' and sighed. "We'll stay and help. We could barely beat these girls, so we know Galaxia is really out of our league."

"Good, don't have too much fun without us," Mars said.

Cuprite saw the Senshi walk away, and smiled. "Beryl and Goshenite were wrong. There was never a reason to fight the Senshi."

Pyrite nodded. "True. Now, Lady Cuprite, let's take care of the underlings."


Luna leapt back, dodging a blast, and sighed. "You're being more of a pest than you were when I first met you, Usagi." Oblivion ignored that and shot another blast at her, which she also dodged. "At least you're not as bad at fighting as you were back then."

"Shut up and fight."

"Sorry, but we're done playing with you, we need to go help our friends."

"Oblivion Field."

The three Senshi were knocked back by the attack - a dome of dark energy which destroyed several buildings around them. However, as the dome disappeared, they could see Oblivion was kneeling on the ground, breathing heavily. "That was almost good enough," Luna said.

"She's your protegee, so go ahead," Artemis said.

Luna sighed. "Sure, let's go with that. Lunar Paw."

A paw-shaped blast hit Oblivion, knocking her out. Luna put the star seed back and sighed as Usagi woke up. "Welcome back."

Usagi looked at Luna. "Luna? You're in that form, why- She recalled what had happened before she lost consciousness. "Crap, I got turned into-"

"Sailor Oblivion."

"Where are the others?"

"They're about to face Galaxia," Shade said.

"I have to help-" Usagi suddenly paled. "I... It's like that time, I can't- I can't transform?"

"Galaxia absorbed the power of your star seed. It will need time to recover."

"How much time?"

"A few days, a few weeks..." Artemis said, then noticed the way Usagi was glaring at him. "Usagi, I'm not joking, and it's not our fault this is happening."

"I... Sorry, Artemis."

"No need to apologize."

"Can my friends beat that woman?"

Shade shook her head. "It's unlikely, but they may hurt her."

Usagi looked at the trio. "There's something you're not telling me."

Luna flinched at Usagi's stare. "Not us, but we're playing along."

"What do you- Gala."

"She said she needed time. Didn't tell us what she was planning, though."

Usagi closed her eyes, then frowned. "Fu- I mean, damn. I can't use Hunter magic either?"

"It's not like the last time," Luna said, "that 'seed' is what lets you use magic. Right now, it needs time to recover, so you won't be able to use any magic."

"Oh, that's awesome," Usagi muttered. "The one time my friends need me the most, I..."

"Usagi, please, you-"

"Just go away."


Usagi looked at Luna. "Your mission is to protect the Senshi, isn't it? I'm not one right now, technically, so you don't need to protect me. You should go protect the Senshi. Go."

Luna stared at Usagi for several seconds, then looked at the other two. "Let's go."

Shade was surprised by her friend's change of mind. "Luna?"

"Usagi won't give you orders, but I will if I have to. We're going to where Galaxia is and kicking her damn rear, and that's an order!"

Artemis sighed. "Since you ask it nicely..."

Usagi saw the three disappear, and sighed. "Sorry, Luna, I just..."

"You're not useless."


"I had to let Galaxia... Chaos get you."

"What? What do you mean?"

"Let me explain. You can be mad at me after... We win."


Cuprite sighed. True, these four women were powerful, but youma were overwhelming them. Still, she had seen hundreds of her soldiers fall, and the women weren't down yet. "This is getting annoying."

"Perhaps you could use our help."

Cuprite looked down and saw a woman in a suit not unlike that of the three "Demon Hunters" who helped the Senshi. But this woman was visibly older than them. "Who are you?"

"Prime Huntress Aries."

"Oh, I've heard about you. Didn't think you-"

"We do take to the battlefield when the situation is dire," Aries said, right before two more women appeared. "Hades, Sagitta, it's been a while since we got to fight together."

Crow glared at the newcomers. Not just the three Prime Hunters, but at least a hundred more Hunters were there. "It doesn't matter if a million of you appear, we'll still defeat you all."

"You won't. You've failed enough, all of you."

Nyanko looked up and paled. "G- Galaxia, we-"

Aries did her best to not show the fear she was feeling. Hearing the legends was one thing, but being able to see Galaxia, and sense her power, was a whole different thing. "Everyone, shoot her with all you've got!"

"It's pointless, she can't be defeated," Siren said.

Galaxia saw the Hunters, the youma and even the 'sidekicks' gathering energy for an attack, and smiled. "Your best wouldn't even compare to my worst," she said before her hands lit up with energy. "You should feel proud, though. Not many beings get the honor of being defeated directly by me."

The four Animates suddenly looked up at Galaxia, glaring. "No, we won't die like this."

Crow nodded at Nyanko. "We are warriors, we will die fighting."

Mouse smiled. "Guess it's time to show our boss what we can do when we really try."

Siren sighed. "Even if we don't win, at least we may hurt her a bit."

Galaxia looked at the four. "You idiots, it's pointless to fight me!"

Crow shrugged. "Those Earth kids were a bad influence for us. They never gave up, and they eventually got us good. We can't fall behind now."

Galaxia laughed. "Try your best, but I will still win!"

The four Animates were still glaring at their former boss. "Galactic Storm."

Galaxia took the hit, and she was surprised to find it had hurt a bit. "Guess in a way, I'm proud you got this far. Farewell."

"Attack, now!" Cuprite ordered.

"Too late, Earthlings," Galaxia said before releasing the energy she had been gathering.


"We're delegating a lot today, aren't we?" Dragon Saturn mused.

Mercury looked at him. "You sure you should be using that form?"

"It doesn't tire me down that much unless I'm shooting at someone, so just let me go shoot at someone."

"Ugh, fine, do whatever you want."

The Dragon smiled at her. "Besides, in case you haven't noticed, the other Galaxia isn't around anymore."

"You mean..."

"We can't defeat Galaxia, but we can still try. If Gala is counting on us distracting her for whatever she's planning, then I'll play along."

Fighter was about to say something, but then smiled. "Maybe her plan won't be needed."

"What do you-"

"I can sense Kakyuu. She's heading this way."

Mercury looked back. "Wait, Galaxia just moved, she's-"

Just then, a large explosion rocked the area. When the light dimmed, they could see a good portion of the city was gone. "What the heck?"

Mercury was looking at the data in her visor. "That was Galaxia... The Animates are gone, but so is everyone else back there."

"What?" Venus shouted. "You're telling me she killed all the youma, and our friends, in one shot?"

"Not that surprising," Mercury said, then noticed the way Venus was glaring at her. "Mina... I'm shocked too, but right now I- We need to keep a level head, we have to find a way to defeat Galaxia. Or at least stall her until Usagi gets back into the fight."

"I know!" Venus said, "let's go kick that idiot around, then."

Mercury saw the data in her visor change, and paled. "Oh :red:."

Fighter looked in the direction of the explosion. "That's Kakyuu. Our princess..."

"She's gathering a lot of power, and quick," Mercury said.

"She wouldn't use that, it's forbidden!" Healer said.

"What do you mean?" Earth asked.

"There's a technique the Kakyuu Senshi can use-"

"Kakyuu being the strongest Senshi in your system," Mercury guessed, "like Sailor Moon is to us."

"Yes, but the thing is, that technique is forbidden for a good reason. It doesn't just kills its user, it destroys their body as well."

Mercury sighed. "She may want to take Galaxia out in one shot, or at least make sure Galaxia can't get her star seed if she fails."

"She'll die, we have to stop her!" Fighter said.

Maker put a hand on Fighter's shoulder. "You should know it can be stopped once it starts, and if we go there right now, it could kill us all too."


Fighter's complaints were interrupted by a second explosion - a wider, brighter blast of energy and heat, which knocked everyone to the ground.


Galaxia looked around and sighed. "How boring, it only took that small a blast to destroy them all..."

"You monster, you didn't have to kill them."

Galaxia turned and smiled. "Don't blame me, if you hadn't hid in this world, they would still be alive. Still, it's good that you decided to stop hiding, Kakyuu."

The red-haired Senshi, Sailor Kakyuu, smiled coldly at Galaxia. "I know why you are after me. Because of the golden star seed I have. I also know why you're after them, I've done my research while hiding. You aren't growing stronger, you... Chaos, the parasite inside Galaxia's body, you discovered long ago that you were dying. No body was meant to exist for such a long time without a soul, but it was the first time you were forced to. You need to get impossibly high quantities of energy, quite often, and you saw that the most efficient way for this was to feed on the star seeds of Senshi."

"I see, it's been centuries since one of you managed to figure that out. Still, it won't change a thing for you."

"Oh, I know by coming here I've sealed my fate, but there's something you don't know about my bloodline. We have a curse, much like yours, but one we can use to destroy evil."

"You bore me, I'll just get that seed and-" Galaxia stopped as Kakyuu's body lit up with energy. "What? You were this strong and didn't fight me?"

"I'm not... Normally. This skill is sure to kill me if I use it, but it will also destroy my body."

Galaxia realized what that meant, and rushed to Kakyuu. However, it was too little, too late.

"Starlight Hell Flash."


Usagi paled as the second explosion passed. "Even that Princess..."

"It's still too soon. I need more time to-"

"No! I don't want anyone else to die!"

Gala was shocked by Usagi's outburst. "I've seen worlds die, entire civilizations be destroyed by Galaxia. I had all this power within me, and I couldn't find a way to use it. It was destiny that brought us back here, Usagi. Both me and Chaos. This is the world where it all begun. This is the world where Chaos will meet its end."

"I heard what you said before, but I can't. I can't let my friends die!"

"They're going to die anyways, if they face Chaos."

"I don't care! I think I liked you more when you couldn't speak, Gala."

Gala smiled at that. "And yet, it was your wish that let me tell you how to defeat Galaxia."

"My wish?" Usagi asked, then cringed. "Uh, I did wish I could understand you, but I never thought-"

"The Ginzuishou is a powerful tool, in the right hands."

"Then take it and save my friends!"

"I can't. I need a bit more time to-"

Usagi picked up the small girl and gave her a deep glare. "Listen, I will not let my friends die. If you can really do what you said you could, then do it now, even if it's just partial."

Gala looked down for a few seconds, but then looked up at Usagi. "Usagi, you may not have as much power as I did, but I... Your heart is stronger than mine. I can't really return your powers to you, but... I'll help you. It could give us the time we need."

Usagi felt a rush of energy and gasped. It was incredible, so much power flowing through her! And yet she knew this was just a small show of what Gala could do. "Thanks. Moon Eternal Power!" The transformation was over in only a couple seconds, and Moon was wearing a suit much like her Cosmic level one, except the bows were gone, and she had two pairs of wings in her back - angel-like wings. She also had three skirts, all white, and her gloves were longer than before. "Wow, this looks awesome."

Gala smiled. "Remember, it won't be permanent."

"I know," Moon said, then vanished.

"Good luck, Sailor Moon," Gala said, then sighed. She had to hurry, even an Eternal level Senshi had dismissible chances to win against Chaos - even if it was a Serenity.


Mercury stood up and looked around. "She... She destroyed most of the city."

The rest of the Senshi were up, but they were all looking around in shock. "That Kakyuu girl was quite strong."

The three Starlight Senshi were sitting on the ground. "She's dead, she... We were her guardians, and we let her..."

Mars looked at Fighter. "Snap out of it."

"How dare you-"

"You think she would have wanted you to just give up?" Mars said, not caring about what Fighter had to say. "I know Usagi would hate me if I did that. If you really care about Kakyuu, help us defeat Galaxia. We can find a way to bring her back."

Phase appeared near them. "Galaxia is approaching," she said, "I also felt Usagi transform, but her power seems way higher than before."

Mercury could see both of them with her visor, and saw Galaxia's power was far out of Moon's reach. "I thought she would need more time to recover after her star seed was drained."

Luna, Artemis and Shade appeared near them. "It's thanks to Gala... But I would think Gala would give her more power than that."

Mercury saw Moon fly in, and smiled. "Welcome back."

"Guys, you should leave. I can handle Galaxia."

Mars walked to Moon, glaring at her. "We're not going to run away."

Moon looked at Mars. "I don't want you guys to die-"

"We don't want you to die, either," Saturn said. "You know, without you, ChibiUsa wouldn't exist, so I can't let you die."

Moon turned and saw Galaxia was flying to them. "I guess then I'll have to make sure you don't die."

"Wait-" Mars saw Moon vanish, and growled. "Damn it, Usagi!"

"We can still shoot at Galaxia from here," Mercury noted. She then looked at Phase. "Are you the only one-"

"Galaxia killed everyone. I'm only alive because I have more than one body."

Dragon Saturn growled. "Even Hana..."

The three Mooncats appeared right then, in their normal forms. "Guys, don't try attacking Galaxia yet."

Mars saw Moon and Galaxia were just floating there, talking. "Ugh, is Galaxia so sure of herself that she can just chat?"

Luna nodded. "It's good for us, the longer she stalls, the more chances we have of Gala's plan working."

"What exactly is Gala's plan?"

"She can give Usagi enough power to fight Galaxia evenly, but she's been gathering that energy for a while."

"How long will she need?"

"She told us 'when I'm ready, you will know,'" Shade said.


"You're foolish, Sailor Moon. I don't know how you got your power back so fast, but it doesn't matter, even that form isn't enough."

"How many worlds have you destroyed, monster?"

"I don't really destroy worlds unless its Senshi piss me off. Most of the time I simply kill the Senshi and leave."

"Leaving those planets unprotected," Moon said, "that's a death sentence for them."

"You're saying that as if I should care about the lives of weaklings."

"Of course you don't care. You're a monster."

Galaxia smirked at that, and shot a beam at Moon. Moon punched it up, and Galaxia looked as it disappeared into the sky. "Okay, so you can stop something that strong. Almost enough to impressive. But you won't defeat me. Why are you even trying?"

"Because I'm a Senshi!" Moon snapped before rushing to Galaxia. The evil Senshi blocked every punch and kick effortlessly, and Moon leapt back glaring at her. "Damn, still not enough."

Galaxia was about to taunt her again, but she sensed something. "What... What is that?" It felt like her own energy, and yet, it was much more powerful than she remembered.

Moon saw Gala was now talking to her friends, and smiled as she looked at Galaxia. "Huh, that's weird, I didn't think you could feel fear."

"Fear?" Galaxia snapped. "I fear nothing!"

Moon laughed at that. "Sorry, but that's just... Someone told me that the absence of fear isn't courage, but foolishness."

Galaxia glared at her, but then sensed something. A surge of energy. She looked at its source and paled. "What? But that is..."


Mars looked at Gala. "So, you need us to give you our mana? With all the power you have-"

"I can't give Usagi my full power right now, but I fear giving her only a part of it would not be enough."

Jupiter frowned. "Question, why can you speak so well now?"

"Usagi wished she could understand me, and her crystal granted her that wish, in its own way."

"Figures," Mercury said. "If we give you our mana, we might not be able to help Usagi, but we would still be helping."

"If it's Usagi, I know she will win," Venus said.

"Then give me all your powers... It won't be long before Chaos senses me."

The Senshi and the Mooncats all closed their eyes, and energy started flowing from them to Gala. After several seconds, they all opened their eyes, and most of them fell on their knees. "Is that enough?" Mars asked.

Gala smiled. "More than enough. Have you ever wondered how strong a Senshi could be?" As she said that, a golden aura surrounded her. "Let me show you."


Galaxia was still looking at Gala, so Moon could take a moment to get used to the rush. It was something impossible to describe, so much power, she could easily defeat Galaxia now, it wouldn't-

No. Moon mentally scolded herself, she had no reason to think she was invincible. As she was about to show Galaxia, even the strongest being in the universe could be defeated. "If I were you, I would look at the real threat."

Galaxia turned to her, and cringed. "That much power..."

Moon smiled. The transformation she had just undergone had no name, but her form did have a name, one of legends older than Galaxia or Chaos. "I think the legends would call me Sailor Cosmos."


Dragon Earth looked at Moon, or rather, Cosmos. Her hair was white, as were her irises, and her whole suit. Her skirt was knee-long, with her boots coming close to her knees, and her gloves were almost long enough to reach her armpits. She had no tiara - instead, countless small, white dots appeared in her forehead for a second, before vanishing. She also had six pairs of wings in her back, somehow making her figure more imposing than before. "Beautiful." Something about Sailor Cosmos made him feel like she was a goddess, out of anyone's reach. And still, the face and the way she briefly looked at them, that was still just like Usagi.

Mercury looked at her visor and frowned. "Okay, that's a new one. I tried to get a reading on her power, and my computer... Shut itself off."

"Galaxia is screwed," Mars mused.

"That depends," Gala said, "if Usagi lets that power get to her head, then she could still lose. But I've seen her heart, so I trust her."

"We all do," Nemesis said, "she'll win, and then you can get that body back."

"May be a bit beaten up, though," Dragon Saturn joked.


Galaxia glared at Sailor Cosmos. "Fool, give yourself any name you want, but I'm still the strongest Senshi in the universe!"

Cosmos saw Galaxia shoot an energy blast at her, and simply let it hit. "You're making two mistakes there, Galaxia... No, Chaos, that's your real name. And that's your first mistake - you were never a Senshi, you're just a worthless parasite. I pity all the Senshi you've used in the past, but Galaxia will be the last to suffer. And the second, is assuming being the strongest was something permanent. My name should clue you in."

"Cosmos, is it? Are you implying you have the power of the whole universe? That's impossible."

Cosmos smiled in a wolfish way. "Haven't you heard? Nothing is impossible for us Senshi."

Galaxia was about to snap back at her, but Cosmos vanished. A second later, she felt something hit her stomach, followed by a blow to her head, and another to her back, which knocked her down to the ground hard enough to crack the street under her. "You can't be that strong."

"Sorry, nobody told me that," Cosmos said from behind Galaxia. Galaxia tried to kick her head, but she simply grabbed her leg and threw her through a building. "Gotta admit I know now why you're so pedantic, after all, having so much power can be exhilarating."

"Look at you," Galaxia snapped, "you're so sure of your victory now..."

"Yes, but there's a difference between us," Cosmos said, "I won't let my ego defeat me."

Galaxia staggered up. "I'll admit it, I may not win, but I've been around for too much time to care. I'll be happy with a draw."

Cosmos saw Galaxia's body light up with energy, and frowned. "Wait, what are you- No!"

"Farewell, Cosmos."


Sailor Cosmos recovered her senses and looked around. "No... She really did it." She was floating in a cloud of dust, but she could still feel the ripple of mana caused by the explosion. The Earth had exploded, taking the Moon along. Was Galaxia dead? No, she could see her, floating unconscious near her. "Damn monster..."

Galaxia stirred and looked at her. "Huh, I thought the explosion would kill you. I was sure it would kill me, too. Guess your pathetic world wasn't even good enoug-" She stopped as Cosmos phased next to her and punched her face hard enough to send her flying back for miles. "Tsk, tsk, aren't you supposed to be the peace-loving Senshi of Earth?"

Cosmos' glare could have destroyed a world if it had been backed by magic. "You... You killed everyone. You destroyed my world, and you still don't feel remorse for what you did." Her glare turned into an emotionless stare as she was surrounded by a white aura. "I've never fought anyone just because I wanted to see them begging for their lives, but for you I'll make an exception."


Cosmos looked to the side. Gala? Of course, with her power, it was obvious she would survive. "Why should I?"

"Because you can't defeat her. Not alone."

"Watch me."

"Don't let rage and fear take over your mind. That's how I lost to Chaos," Gala said.

Galaxia was staring at the little girl in shock. "You... You can't be alive."

"I can, and I am. I've followed you, Chaos. I tried to stop you before, but Senshi of other worlds weren't as trusting as she is. But when you got to this world... Something in my mind told me this place was important. Don't you remember, Chaos? This is Earth. Terra. The first world of mankind. The first world of the Senshi."

Galaxia shrugged. "So what if it was? I already turned it into a wasteland once, and now I did far more than that."

"And both times, you failed to eliminate the real threat. Now it's time to end this."

"You'll end nothing!" Galaxia shouted and shot an energy blast at Gala. However, Gala reached her small hand out, stopping the blast. "What?"

"Chaos. So deceitful, so proud of your supposed cunning, and yet you never figured it out. I never blocked you from using your full power - it's just that most of that power doesn't come from the body, but from the star seed. I am Galaxia's star seed. I hold most of her power. You're just a puppeteer using my body to do your bidding."

"If you're so powerful, why didn't you try to stop me before?"

"I was... Damaged by the technique I used to separate my soul from my body. I can't use my powers to attack with this illusory body. Just to defend myself."

"Then you're useless," Sailor Galaxia said.

"I'm not. I can give Cosmos the powers she's missing. Powers which, while small compared to the universe itself, hold a great meaning for her. Sometimes power doesn't come from the body, or the soul, but the heart."

Galaxia growled at her. "You're just stalling me with your speech, Gala."

Gala smiled. "I'm not. I'm just trying to let you know that you have already been defeated, Chaos. But just as expected, you're a stubborn fool, to the end. Farewell."

Galaxia saw the small girl vanish, and frowned. Was she gone? No, she could sense a power spike. Cosmos. "No!"

Cosmos could feel a rush of energy, and suddenly her skirt started changing colors. Going through all the colors the other Senshi - her friends - used in their suits. Then, her skirt turned white, but it now had strips running from the top to the bottom, each representing one of her fallen friends. "You may have killed my friends, but they will always be with me, helping me, protecting me. A lone parasite like you has no chance to win."

"Talking big, are w-" Galaxia was, yet again, interrupted by a punch to the face. However, this time Cosmos didn't stop her attack, unleashing a barrage of punches and kicks, so fast and strong Galaxia could barely keep up. It only lasted for one minute, but when it ended, Galaxia's body was bruised all over, and she was bleeding. "Fool... Why did you stop? Kill me!"

"Unlike Gala, or should I say, thanks to her, I know exactly how your powers work, Chaos. You want me to feel rage, hatred, fear, to drop my mental barriers so you can jump in the moment I defeat you."

Galaxia felt, for the first time in millions of years, a feeling she had thought she could not feel anymore. Fear. "No, you can't defeat me! I am Sailor Galaxia!"

Cosmos reached out her hand, showing her a star seed. This seed shone like the sun, and Galaxia knew immediately what it was. "You're not her. You're a monster, a monster that's been living in a body not its own for far too long." She then closed her fist, and smiled at her. "Farewell, Chaos."

Galaxia let out a scream of rage as she quickly gathered all the energy she had left. She was sure using all of it would kill her, but if she could bring this :red: along, then she would not regret it. However, she suddenly felt something. Something warm, in her chest. Cosmos had phased right beside her, and was... Showing her her empty palms, and smiling. "What? No! What have you done!"

Cosmos looked on as Galaxia was wrapped in light. "My job."

As the light dimmed, Galaxia looked at Cosmos, a warm, friendly smile in her face. "Thank you, Sailor Moon."

Cosmos sighed and finally let all the exhaustion from her struggle show. "This form is... Too tiring."

"I know. You won't be able to keep it for much longer."

Cosmos looked at Galaxia. "Have I really won? I've lost everything."

"That can be fixed," Galaxia said.

"What- you mean you could bring back my friends? No, even the Earth?"

Galaxia smiled. "Look to your right."

Cosmos did as told, and gasped in shock. The Earth was back, and so was the Moon. "You... That's amazing!"

"With time, and training, you could do this kind of things too, Usagi. Unfortunately, that form you're holding-"

"I know. Hey, what about my friends?"

Galaxia nodded. "I've revived all those who were killed by the explosion... And a few more who died in other ways fighting Chaos." Cosmos' eyes widened, then she teleported away. Galaxia chuckled, but then sighed. That world, the Earth, was not her world anymore. She would have to find a new home, but... Maybe she could stay for a bit longer.


The Senshi were confused. Last thing they remembered was Galaxia doing something, but then there was nothing. Suddenly, Sailor Cosmos appeared and rushed to hug Dragon Earth, crying, which left them even more confused.

"Usagi, what the heck happened?"

Cosmos looked at Mars. "I... Chaos blew up the Earth. That monster is gone now, though." Just as she said that, Galaxia appeared near them, and she saw her friends all take defensive poses. "Guys, she's... Gala."

Galaxia looked around, noticing the Senshi and the 'sidekicks' were all there, but the youma and Demon Hunters had left the area. "I have revived all those who were killed in this battle. As for Chaos, Sailor Cosmos... Well, to use a term I heard in this world, she kicked its :red:."

Fighter frowned at her. "Good for you, but what about our-" she stopped as Kakyuu appeared next to her. "-Never mind."

Kakyuu looked at Fighter. "Seiya, that's not the kind of reaction I exp-" she stopped as Fighter kissed her deeply. As they broke the kiss, she chuckled. "That's better."

Cosmos was about to say something, but then fell to her knees, returning to her civilian form. "Guess that was my limit."

"You fought bravely, Usagi," Galaxia said, "and I'm not afraid to admit that in that form, you would be able to defeat even me."

Suddenly, battle cries could be heard, and the four Animates all flew straight at Galaxia. They all tried to hit her with melee attacks, but Galaxia simply stood there, blocking their blows until they leapt away, panting. "Damn it, you bastard..."

Galaxia looked at Crow. "Do you really think that monster would have revived you?"

"That monst-" Nyanko looked at Galaxia curiously, tilting her head in a very cat-like manner. "You mean you're not Chaos?"

Galaxia smiled. "I've been following you around for centuries. You were never happy to do what you had to do to survive."

Mouse's hands lit up. "I don't give a :red:, I'll still kill you."

Galaxia's friendly smile turned creepy. "I hold no grudge against you four. You even tried to fight back in the end, and that proves you are brave. However, there's a thin line between bravery and stupidity, and trying to fight me all out would be crossing it."

Mercury was looking at Galaxia, and the numbers she was seeing were impossibly high. "Just for your information, guys, Galaxia now is a thousand times stronger than last time I scanned her."

"A thousand times-" Mouse gulped and her hands returned to normal. "Holy crap."

Fighter frowned. "She's too strong. What if she goes evil again?"

Galaxia looked at her. "Since it was in me for a long time, I can see Chaos' memory. It was the last - no, perhaps the only member of its species."

Nova smiled. "That's not the only way someone could control you." She stared at Galaxia for a few seconds, but then fell to her knees and cried out in pain. "What the hell..."

"Nova?" Dragon Saturn asked.

"I tried to get into her mind, and she... Gave me a beating, so to speak."

Galaxia looked at her evenly. "I've researched on you all, so I know you have no ill intent, but I'll still warn you - that was just a light jab I gave you."

"Warning received," Nova said, then looked at the others. "I don't think any psychic would have an easy time dealing with her, guys."

Galaxia turned to the Animates. "I have decided I'll explore the surrounding galaxies, search for threats to this one."

"Why not stay here?" Venus asked.

"I don't belong here," Galaxia said, "and after what I did, back then, how I failed to protect the Earth back then, then I don't deserve to be here. The Ginzuishou doesn't recognize me as a Moon Senshi, and my own doesn't respond to me."


Galaxia smiled at Usagi. "But until you catch up with me, I'm the strongest Senshi in this galaxy. I don't need a home, the whole galaxy is my home now. And I'll protect it, just like you protect the Earth, Sailor Moon."

Usagi sighed. "Too bad I'll be out of the fights for a while."

The Animates walked to Galaxia. "Our worlds were destroyed by Chaos," Crow said, "so we don't really have a place to go either. We'll tag along, but-"

Galaxia nodded. "I know. We go out there as equals, even though you aren't as powerful as me. Heck, I could train you to be stronger."

Mouse smiled at that. "You would?"

Galaxia shrugged. "Why not? This galaxy needs strong Senshi defending it."

Usagi looked at Galaxia. "Galaxia, no, Gala... I'll miss you."

Galaxia gave her a smile that was a sound effect away from a chuckle. "Don't worry, you'll be seeing your own little one sooner than you expect."

Saturn looked at the spot where Galaxia and the Animates had been and let out a growl. "Did she just pull a Pluto on us?"


Saturn saw Pluto standing right next to her, and rose an eyebrow. "You know what she meant."

"No, I don't," Pluto said, not sounding convincing at all.

Fighter walked to Usagi, and bowed at her. "It's time for us to leave, too."

"Where are you going now?"

"Back to Kinmoku," Kakyuu said, "we have to rebuild our planet and I'll have to find a way to revive those who fell fighting Chaos."

"Good luck," Lilith said.

"Likewise. Goodbye, Earth Senshi, maybe our paths will cross again in the future."

As the Starlights and their princess vanished, Saturn looked at Pluto again. Pluto responded by letting out a long sigh and vanishing. "Yeah, thought so," Saturn said.

Mars looked at Usagi, who was looking up to the sky, and smiled. "No offense, but I thought you would be in a rotten mood right now."

Usagi walked to her, and surprised her by giving her a tight hug. "Rei, I'll have time to mope about not being able to use my powers later. Right now, I'm glad you're all alive. I thought I had lost everything, I don't ever want to know how that feels like again."

Mars returned the hug. "Don't worry, Princess, we'll make sure of that."

Usagi stepped back and blushed slightly. "Uh, sorry about-"

Mars waved her apology off. "It's okay. But you may have to balance things out now."

Usagi saw all her friends looking at her. "I love you, guys."

Dragon Saturn smiled. "Likewise."

Mercury let out a sigh. "Frankly, I'm surprised we could win this one."

"I cheated, that's how we won," Usagi said bluntly.

Jupiter looked up to the sky. "We sort of defeated the strongest Senshi ever. What could the univer-" She yelped as Venus tackled her to the ground and covered her mouth.

"Don't say it!" Venus nearly shouted, "you should know by now the universe loves showing off."

"Uh, sorry," Jupiter said as she was helped up by Venus. "Still..."

"Mako, seriously, don't say it," Dragon Sun muttered.

Usagi started walking away, then turned back to look at her friends. "Guys, let's go do something fun, together."

"We could go to the beach. It's autumn, but it's still not cold enough."

Earth looked at Mercury, who had suggested that, and grinned. "Just don't go for a swim."

Mercury shivered as she remembered the mess from last time the group had gone to the beach. "That's some very good advice, Karin."

Sailor Moon Aeons.
Book 2: Rebirth.
Act 8: Hunting Season.
Episode 112: Hunter's Moon.

By Razor Knight
Last update: October 15, 2015


"These enemies look different than the ones we fought before."

"The scans tell me they're weaker. Maybe this will be an easy task."

"That would be boring."

The men stood around a strange device, looking at a three-dimensional image of the Earth which floated over it. "Who should we get first, Rex?"

"I suppose saying hi to their leader first would be the most polite thing to do."

"Don't have too much fun down there."


"Are you okay?"

"I wish everyone stopped asking me that."

Hotaru smiled. "Sorry, Usagi, it's just that-"

"I know, it's been two months," Usagi said, "I'm used to it. I'll just have to wait until I get my powers back."

Hotaru sighed. "Guess I know how that feels, in a way."

"You're a lot less grumpy these days."

The pale girl nodded. "Just like you, I got used to not having her around."

"We shouldn't be sad, we're almost officially adults now," Usagi said.

"But you'll be always a toddler inside," Rei said from the side.

"Better than having been born an old woman," Usagi countered.

Suddenly, the room lit up. Usagi turned to the center of the room and flinched. "Terry, you're supposed to help them power up, not beat them up."

Dragon Mercury saw his foes were all scattered around the room, in various degrees of consciousness. "Oops."

Earth staggered up. "I thought we would be enough to get you."

"The power difference between Star and Cosmic is huge," Ami lectured, "even six Star level Senshi would have a hard time fighting a Cosmic level one. And Terry also happens to be the best at melee, so you should have just shot at him for a while."

Lilith looked at Ami. "Last I checked, not taking risks was the opposite to what's needed for us to level up."

"You could also do it through training," Dragon Mercury said, "so perhaps I should just keep on beating you up until you become strong enough to not get beaten up. Upgrading to Cosmic level should happen somewhere along that line."

Dragon Earth sighed. "No offense, but has anyone ever told you your ego is bigger than your bank account?"

"Yes, and that's because they never saw my bank account."

"He's not joking," Ami said with a nod.


Warwitch looked down at the city and smiled. "You know, shooting elemental blasts is cool, but flight is something else."

"It's more floating than flying, though."

"Aiko, don't be a pest," Warwitch muttered.


"It's okay, I'm used to your quirks." The witch looked down at the city again. "It's becoming harder and harder to hide my own identity. I think it's time to tell the world who I really am."

"A sidekick," Phase teased.

"Ugh, we need a better name for our 'group.'"

"Two aliens, a witch, an almost-human cyborg, a psychic powerhouse, and three mages who already have their own group. Not sure what name we could use."

"I know, 'The Avengers!'"

Phase stared at Warwitch for a few seconds before shaking her head. "I think I'll ask someone who's not crazy."

"It's just one of the things that makes me adorable."

Phase sighed at that. "Yeah, let's go with that. Anyhow, about what you said before, if you're going to reveal yourself, I'm probably going to have a harder time hiding who, or what, I am."

True, they didn't have as many fans as the Senshi, or even Nova - or enemies, for that matter - but they had both been fighting normal criminals for months, so the people of Tokyo knew Phase and Warwitch. Perhaps it was time to stop hiding, it had worked better than expected for the Senshi.

"Think Hana will also..."

"No idea," Phase said, "she seems to love wearing a mask."

"She could still be using it after-"

"You know what I mean."

Warwitch smiled. "Yeah."


That night, Usagi and Mamoru were walking through a park. She knew that the main reason he had taken her out for dinner almost every week since the battle against Galaxia was to help her keep her mind off her powers, but she suspected there was something else. She wouldn't ask him, though, she knew he would tell her when he was ready.

"This was a fun date," she said, looking at him. "I didn't think there would be one tonight, after today's training."

Mamoru smiled. "I'll have to admit Zephyr can be quite impressive when he gets serious."

"Too bad he doesn't do that as much as he should," Usagi mused.

"I've been beaten worse than today," Mamoru said, "won't stop me from taking a beautiful girl out on a date." He had something else planned, too, but had been waiting for the right time. Or, a part of his mind noted, he was avoiding it for as long as he could. He promptly told that part of his mind to shut up.

Usagi was happy, really. Everything was perfect right now. The park, the soft breeze, and the full moon, which shone down on them, reflecting on a nearby pond, and also on the plating of the robot which had just walked out of that pond.

... Robot?

Mamoru noticed Usagi's mood swing before he noticed the robot, and by the time he also noticed it, Usagi was in 'battle mode.' Civilians had started fleeing as soon as the robot appeared, as usual, and the creature ignored them. "Since it's walking to us, I think it knows who we are."

Usagi nodded. "What do you want, robot?"

The creature looked at her. "My mission is to eliminate the one known as Sailor Moon. Transform so I can fulfil my mission."

Usagi smirked. "Well, I'm unable to transform for the time being, so maybe you could just leave?"

The robot turned its attention to Mamoru. "Understood. Mission directives changed. New mission: Eliminate Dragon Earth."

Mamoru frowned. "Guess that means it won't leave us alone. Earth Star Power!"

Usagi had dreaded this. A new enemy was around, and she had no way to fight. She couldn't even summon her weapons as she normally would. Still, she didn't want to play the part of the innocent bystander... But what could she do to help?

Dragon Earth wasn't having an easy time with his foe. His attacks didn't do any visible damage, and the robot was quite fast, so he had been dodging and trying to find an opening to get to melee range. He summoned a large rock and threw it at the creature, but it dodged. However, as it did, a beam of darkness hit it from the side. "Thanks."

Nemesis smiled. "It's easy to guess something is going on when you see civilians running away from an area."

The creature looked at Nemesis. "Secondary threat engaged. Chances of success at seventy percent."

"Never thought a machine could be overconfident," Dragon Earth commented. The robot was suddenly knocked to the side, and he gasped as he saw Usagi, holding a lamp post which was now slightly bent after hitting their foe. "Nice."

Usagi was about to say something, but the robot rushed to her and clutched her neck. "Damn it... What's with evil things and... Necks?"

"Sailor Moon is still a threat. Directives reset. Eliminating Sailor Moon."

Dragon Earth growled at it. "Leave her alone!" His sword started shining, and he looked at it. "Excalibur is..."

Nemesis saw a second item floating in front of him. "A shield?"

Their foe released Usagi and turned to him. "Power spike detected."

The Dragon took the grey, stone-like shield and smiled. "Its name is Aegis," he said then glared at the robot. "Earth Cosmic Power!" The transformation was quick, and he didn't waste time with speeches. A large rock appeared right above the robot, smashing it into the ground.

"So much for this year's model of Omega," Nemesis commented as the rock vanished.

Usagi looked into the hole left behind and saw pieces of metal at the bottom. "Looks quite dead to me."

"Don't worry, I still have plenty of those."

Usagi turned to the voice, and saw a man floating there. He looked quite human, not counting the metal around his left arm (was it a glove or was his whole hand robotic?) and his right eye, which was made of some kind of red crystal. "Another enemy?"

"Yes," the man said, "but don't worry, I'm not here to fight, at least not tonight. I just wanted to take a close look at my prey."

"Prey? Who are you?"

The man looked at Dragon Earth. "My name is Rex, and I'm here to eliminate all the Senshi in this system."

Nemesis frowned. "Oh, that's nice. Yet another group of losers who target us? I liked it better when this job was about saving the world, not saving ourselves."

Rex was about to say something, but had to stop to dodge a beam of darkness. "That was uncalled for, Nemesis."

"See me care," Nemesis said and leapt up at the man.

Rex kicked her down. "When the prey lunges, the hunter has to defend himself."

Nemesis stood up and glared at him. "The hunter should make sure not to become the hunted," she said as her spear appeared, floating besides her. She looked at it, and saw it had a black aura around it. As she grabbed it, the spear changed, its tip growing bigger, and four small 'blades' appeared around the tip, in a cross-like pattern, making the spear look almost like a trident from the side. "This is... Gungnir," she said, looking at her 'new' weapon.

Rex smiled. "Oh, this will be interesting."

"Nemesis Cosmic Power!"

As the transformation ended, Nemesis leapt up again, and shot another dark beam. Rex dodged it, but then several spears made of darkness energy hit him from behind. "Good, you have actual skill," he said, then rushed forwards. "Too bad said skill isn't enough."

Usagi saw Nemesis fall and grimaced. Rex had hit her several times in a split second. He had knocked out one of her friends that easily? "Mamoru, be careful."

"That creep is messing with my friends," Dragon Earth said, "I won't let him escape."

"Big words," Rex snapped, "but can you back them with actions?" He saw the Dragon shrink behind his shield and smirked. "Thought so, now if you're not going to entertain me, then I'll-"

Usagi smiled as Rex was knocked down. Rex had assumed that shield was just a shield, but the Dragon had shot a wide energy beam from it, taking him off-guard. "Finally, he shut up." She started scanning the area, just in case.

Rex laughed. "This is good, I was fearing this would be an easy hunt. We can just fight until you're knocked out, just like your friend. Worry not, I won't kill you, that wouldn't be fair since we already failed today."

"So, if I don't shoot again, you'll just leave?" Dragon Earth asked.

"Yes, so let's just end it he-" Rex's non-robotic eye widened in shock and he looked down to see the tip of Nemesis' spear coming out of his chest. "Ugh, how the hell-"

Usagi was right behind him, still clutching the spear. "I may not be able to use my own magic, but I'm not just an innocent bystander, Rex."

Rex shrugged despite the pain in his chest. "I'll remember that next time."

As Rex vanished, Usagi saw Dragon Earth was staring at her. "What?"

"... It's not just Rex who forgot what you just said," he admitted.

Usagi smiled at him. "I think most of our friends did, unfortunately."

Nemesis staggered up. "Ugh. Did you beat him?"

The Dragon nodded. "Usagi did."

"What-" Nemesis saw Usagi was still holding the Gungnir. "Oh. Well, that's just awesome, I power up and still have to be saved."


Nemesis looked at her friend and sighed. "I know, sorry."

"We'll need to tell the others about this," Usagi said.

Dragon Earth returned to normal. "We will, but... I have something to tell you first."

Nemesis saw the way Mamoru was looking at Usagi, and smiled. "Guess I'll go ahead and call the others."

Usagi saw Nemesis vanish, and turned to Mamoru. "What is-"

"Years ago, I met a cute girl. I thought she was naive and silly at first, but the more I knew about her, the more I realized she was the one for me. Even if I hadn't already seen the future with my own eyes, I would still want to spend the rest of my life, no matter how long it will be, with her."

Usagi just stood there, frozen, as Mamoru took a ring with a small diamond out of his pocket. "I..."

Mamoru smiled as he put the ring in her finger. "Of course, I'll wait until you're out of college, but I wanted to make this official. Usagi Tsukino, will you marry me?"

Usagi smiled and hugged him. "It's not fair, you already know what I'll answer."

"Do I?"

Usagi kissed him deeply, then stepped back. "I remember that guy I met, I thought he was a jerk and I couldn't stand him. But he's always been there for me and I couldn't help falling for him. I'm eager to spend the next thousand years with him."

Mamoru smiled at her (rather good) mimic of his speech. "So..."

Usagi sighed. "Naru figured it out, I'm sure of it."

"I'm not sure I want to go to the base right now, then."

"I'll walk if I have to," Usagi said.

"Can't you use your board?"

Usagi looked at him evenly. "I can't summon it, so I would have to walk home and get it."

"Oh. Well then, I guess I'll have to get us both to the base."


As they appeared inside the base, they saw most of their friends there. Usagi was surprised, however, when nobody made a comment. "Uh... Hi?"

Naru smiled knowingly. "I'm just done telling them about that Rex guy." She paused for a moment before her smile turned into a grin. "I haven't told them about... That other thing."

"What other thing?" Minako asked.

Usagi reached out her hand, showing them the ring. "Mamoru just proposed to me."

Rei smiled. "Nice. When's the wedding?"

"Three or four years from now, I think," Mamoru said.

"That answer is so... You," Rei muttered.

Usagi sighed and looked at the large screen in the far wall of the room. "I'm guessing the scanners didn't detect this attack."

Aiko nodded. "I was quite shocked when Naru showed up. I... Hate it when enemies can just run around without me knowing."

Usagi sighed. "Trust me, I know how that feels now."

"What did that robot look like?"

"It was quite plain, actually. Just a dull android," Mamoru explained. "It was also strong enough to resist Star level attacks, so those of us still in that level should be careful."

"Or we'll just get angry and level up."

Ami looked at Chie and shook her head. "I know you're joking, but it's too true to be amusing."

Sailor Moon Aeons.
Book 2: Rebirth.
Act 8: Hunting Season.
Episode 113: Vulture.

By Razor Knight
Last update: October 28, 2015


"One week to go until I'm eighteen," Usagi said.

"And it feels like we've been friends for decades," Rei mused.

Mako was paying attention to the training battle, but still heard that. "Guess friendship is about quality, not quantity." She saw one of the fighters fly to her, and dodged to the side. "Hey, fight him, not me."

Earth stood up and sighed. "Sorry about that, but Terry is in full battle mode today."

Usagi flinched as she saw Dragon Mercury kick Lilith away. "He seems to be holding back a lot less than usual."

The Dragon looked at her. "That's because I want them to power up outside of battle. It's silly that we're always saying we can upgrade through training, and yet it's always been life or death situations that did it."

"We raise our power close to its limit through training," Ami countered. "It may not be obvious if you don't spend a lot of time looking at Aiko's training logs, but it's there. It also explains why we don't power down or get tired after one shot in our new 'levels.'"

He smiled. "I... Admit I never looked at the logs more than as a reference."

"And that's why I'm the brains of this couple," Ami noted.

"Where's the sweet, shy Ami I fell in love with?"

Ami smiled at that. "Still here, but being around someone with an ego as big as yours may have affected me after all these years."

"I thought-" The Dragon started, then leapt back as Earth and Lilith both tried to hit him, hitting each other instead. "-so." He looked at his two foes in turns and nodded. "Nice try, I was wondering how long I would have to 'be distracted' before you tried that."

Earth staggered up, rubbing her nose. "Damn it, he kicks our rears while talking to his girlfriend."

Lilith smiled. "That's not nice of him. Maybe we should give him a reason to take us seriously."

Earth saw Lilith summon her daggers, which were glowing white. "I agree, let's take things up a notch." As she said that, her claws - which she had seldom used in battle, and she wasn't afraid to admit that - appeared, but they had an odd, green glow.

"I don't need my powers to know what they're about to do," Usagi commented.

"Earth Cosmic Power!"

"Lilith Cosmic Power!"

Ami sighed. "Guess that proves it can happen during training."

"Yeah, we just need a jerk making fun of us," Mako commented.

"Makes me wonder how I'll power up next time, then," Dragon Mercury joked.

Earth didn't bother waiting, she jumped right out of her transformation, trying to slice the Dragon's face. He dodged that, but tripped and fell on his face. "Wow, lucky."

"That's all me," Lilith said and sat on Dragon Mercury's back as he tried to stand up, then put one of her daggers near his neck. "Just give u-"

Earth saw Lilith get hit by an air board, and frowned. "Damn it, stop making fun of us!"

The Dragon leapt back, avoiding a claw slash, then rolled under his foe, summoning his two swords and using them to knock the two daggers flying straight for him away. "I'm not, and was never, making fun of you."

Lilith smiled as the Dragon rushed at her. "Guess to beat someone like you, we'll need to be trickier than usual."

The Dragon stopped right in front of Lilith, and spun around, blocking her from attacking. "As I thought, you're using clones again, that's-" He stopped as he felt something pressing against his neck, and saw the Lilith in front of him vanish. "... Well played."

Again, an air board hit Lilith, except this time around, it passed through her. "The more I level up, the better I get at using these clones," she said as a dozen Liliths appeared around him.

Her foe looked around, seemingly trying to figure out who the real one was. But he wasn't, he was trying to figure out why Earth hadn't attacked yet. "I see, or rather, I don't see," he said as he closed his eyes.

"Giving up?" Lilith teased.

"No, but a warrior's eyes can be a liability when dealing with illusions," he said as he kicked to the side. His kick connected, and a very surprised Earth appeared, kneeling on the ground and massaging her stomach. "So that's how," he said without opening his eyes.

"How the heck..." Lilith started, then saw the Dragon charging, heading straight to one of the clones. "Not yet," she said and the clones vanished.

The Dragon looked around. "I was sure that was the only one I could actually hear," he said, turning to Lilith.

"You should know how I did that, Terry."

He frowned. "Using illusions and teleportation at the same time," he said. He then saw the clones appear again, and sighed. "I give up. You win."

Earth stood up and glared at him. "What the hell-"

"Karin, stop it," Lilith said. "I think I know what he means. We would have beaten him in the end."

"I would need time to analyze your powers and see a way to beat you, and you two weren't giving me that."

Ami smiled. "Strategy is only useful in a fight if you can apply it."

"That pretty much sums it up. Also, the purpose of this training battle was to get you to level up, and you already did."

Dragon Mercury walked to Lilith and looked at her daggers. They were slightly shorter than before, but they had symbols engraved on their blades. "... So, what's their name now?"

"As obvious and boring as it sounds, they're called 'Karma,'" Lilith said.

Earth looked at her claws, which now looked like sharpened vines. "And these are the Dryad Claws."

"I would like to take a claws-er look at them," Dragon Mercury joked.

"That was a bad pun, even for you," Aiko noted.


"Our fearless leader is still recovering, so I'll go keep our prey entertained."

The woman looked at the man in front of her. Just like Rex, he was bald, but he was also shorter, and didn't quite look like a fighter at first glance. His pointy nose curved downwards, almost looking like a beak, and making the coincidence between his name and a certain creature of the planet they were targeting quite amusing. "Be careful, Vulture."

"Ain't I always-"

"No, and that's why I'm saying that. I think the Senshi of Sol have already taught us we shouldn't underestimate them."

"I hate to admit it, Hyena, but you're right."


The base was almost empty, but the three people in it were busy talking about their 'job.'

"... And we thought it was about time we told the world about who we are."

Ami looked at the two girls in turns. "It's your decision, you don't really need to-"

Yukiko shook her head. "Having a secret identity is not as cool as it looks in anime. It's annoying to have to cover your own tracks."

"You didn't seem to care when you were covering up for us," Ami noted.

"I was doing that..." Yukiko paused and then let out a sigh. "I've already told Usagi this- I didn't just cover up for you on the internet to 'protect you' from the fans. I felt important being one of the few who knew who you were, and wanted to make sure that didn't change."

Ami smiled. "Even heroes can be selfish, once in a while."

"I'm no heroine, though."

"I'm sure if you ask those you've helped out there, they'll disagree with that."

Aiko frowned. "Even if we do tell the world who we are, I think I'll avoid telling them who I really am."

"I could help you with telling the whole truth," Ami said, "tell me if, or when, you want to let your secrets out, and I'll help you."

Hana appeared right then and hear that last part. "Hi, girls. So, I'll be the only one left with a secret?"

"Well, there's the three Huntresses and Ail and Ann..."

"Demon Hunters are still an urban legend," Hana said, "and Ail and Ann... They don't really do a lot of superhero things, so they're relatively unknown."

"What's stopping you from dropping the mask?" Aiko asked. "Uh, sorry if my question is-"

"What's stopping me? Frankly, I'm not sure anymore. I got used to the 'mask' after all this time. But lately, civilians have been growing suspicious. The Senshi set an example, an example I'm not following, apparently."


Hana looked at Ami. "Don't apologize. In Usagi's place, I would have done the same thing. Heck, I would have transformed the moment I saw my mother was in danger, and to hell with secret identities."

"Usagi said that, looking back, that's what she should have done. Anyhow," Ami said, "what brings you here, Hana?"

"I thought Shingo would be here. Lately I've been too busy with my 'job' and when I'm not busy, he's hard to find."

Aiko sighed. "You should have asked me."

Hana looked at her, and nodded. "I guess I... Forgot who you are. But don't you have to wait for us to use magic to know where we are?"

"That was years ago, with the magic power you guys are leaking out, I can see where you all are."

"Big Sister Aiko," Yukiko mused.

"I've been working on a way to detect when a Senshi transforms to be able to tell when someone is being attacked-" Aiko stopped and looked up. "-and it worked. Lilith and Earth seem to be engaging an enemy."

"Is it Rex?"

"I can't tell. They're cloaking themselves from me, I'll check to see if there's any cameras nearby-"

Ami shrugged. "Don't bother, we'll just go there."


Minutes earlier, Chie and Karin were in a fast food restaurant. "This food is great."

Chie smiled. "Told you you would like it."

Karin looked around and let out a sigh. "I would like it more without everyone staring at me while I eat." The crowd took the 'subtle' hint and stopped looking at them.

"It's the price of fame," Chie said. She enjoyed the attention a lot more than Karin did, but she could understand why her girlfriend wasn't too fond of having all eyes on her.

"I know that, but... It's all the time. Even though it's been months since we told the world, there's always going to be someone staring as I walk by. Is having a normal date too much to ask?"

Just as she said that, three men walked in, wearing masks on their faces. They all took guns from their business outfits and pointed them at the crowd. "On the ground, everyone!"

Karin sighed and stood up. "Guess there's my answer."

One of the men saw the two girls walking to them, and glared. "Hey kids, do you want to die or what?"

The second man recognized them. "Oh :red:. Those two are Senshi!"

The other two men waved their guns at the crowd. "Make any move and we'll shoot!"

Karin sighed and stopped, then looked at Karin for a second before turning back to the three would-be thieves. "You must be quite desperate to be robbing this place and not a bank."

"We've got info that this place's got a safe. They wouldn't have it if they didn't need to store something worth stealing."

Chie smiled. "I see. So you said that if we make any moves, you'll shoot at the customers. Guess you really got us in a tight spot."

Karin chuckled. "By the way, did you know we Senshi can use our magic without moving?"

The split second it took the men to figure out what Karin meant was more than enough for them to be surrounded by stone, which effectively trapped them inside. "Damn it, you :red:es-"

Chie heard a noise coming from inside the 'cage' and looked at Karin. "Karin..."

"Wasn't me. As you can see, guys, you shouldn't shoot inside there because the bullet will bounce right off."

"Let us out of here!"

"Sure, why not." The cage 'vanished' but everyone could see the three men had their arms and legs encased in stone. "You're still going nowhere until the cops arrive."

"That was quite entertaining."

Karin looked to the side and saw a man standing there, looking at them in turns. His black suit, bald head and beak-like nose made him look like a bird. "What's your name, Dodo?"

"Vulture, actually," the man corrected. "Let's go outside, girls. This place is too crowded."

"What if we don't want to-"

Vulture sighed. "Listen, while I usually have no reason to hurt or kill those who aren't Senshi, you would be giving me a reason to. And after your little display a minute ago, I'm sure you wouldn't like that."

Chie glared at him. "Well, since you're asking nicely, we'll have to follow you outside."


"You know, I thought you would just attack us without waiting for us to-"

Vulture nodded as he floated up, and the two girls could see he had a layer of black, metal feathers under his arms. "Your kin can only use their abilities to their fullest when transformed."

"... That makes no sense, you'll make things harder on yourself," Chie said. "Not that I mind, though."

"A chance of losing gives spice to the hunting," Vulture explained. "Anyhow, go ahead."

The two girls transformed and glared up at Vulture. Earth turned to look at Lilith for a moment, and Lilith smiled at her. Good, she had a plan.

Vulture saw the two girls just standing there, and sighed. "Ugh, if you're not going to try, then don't mind me!" He flew straight at Lilith, but was stopped by Earth, who kicked him in the side, sending him crashing to the ground. "... Nice one."

Earth chuckled. "Thanks. I'm just the muscle, though, Lilith is the one with the plans."

"She is? All she's doing is standing there, staring at me. A bit annoying, I must say."

"Standing still and doing nothing are not the same," Earth commented.

Vulture frowned. "Standing still when you're being hunted is the same as being dead," he noted then shot a beam at Lilith, but the beam passed through her. "What the-" He felt two stabs in his back and grunted. "Ugh... An illusion. I should have expected that."

"Touche, Parrot."

"It's Vulture," the man noted. "You'll need something better than a couple pokes to take me down."

"Good, I'm already working on it," Lilith said.

Vulture noticed something right then. "Hey, where' the other girl?"

"Fun thing about illusions is that they can not just make you see what's not there. They can also cloak what's there."

Just as he heard that, Vulture felt something stabbing through his chest. "Damn... It."

Earth appeared near him, her claws dripping black blood. "So, is that enough?"

Vulture spat some blood and smiled. "I can still beat you."

"Not if we beat you first."

The man saw several other Senshi there, and sighed. "Not in the mood to fight a pack right now. I'll catch you next time."

Lilith saw Vulture vanish and fell to her knees. "Good timing."

Mercury smiled. "We just scared him off, but he didn't seem quite fit to fight."

Lilith nodded. "Illusions are useful, but they really tire me down."

Earth helped her up. "You know, being able to make someone invisible... That's awesome."

"Can't do it for long, and I can't use it on more than one target."

"... Still awesome. All I can do is throw rocks at people."


Usagi was meanwhile back at the base. "You know, it's quite annoying."

Aiko smiled. "I remember back when you didn't like fighting."

"I don't like seeing my friends get hurt, I don't like having to kill to stop evil beings. But I got used to it. I know we wouldn't probably be here if I hadn't become Cosmos, but just because I know it, it doesn't mean I have to like it."

"Maybe you could ask dad to build you a battle suit."

"No, I think I'll just wait until my powers come back." She didn't really need a battle suit to fight, anyway.
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