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Searching for a "partner in crime".


Greetings, i'd like to indroduce myself. wavingStory...
wait, it's WavingCookie ? Excuse me then.

I want to make game developpement my job ! And I absolutely LOVE modding !
But you see, it isn't so much fun coding alone...
I've tried learning C#. I got "bored" pretty quickly (actually, i've lost Visual Studio ! : o) )

So here's the thing, i'm looking for someone who is willing to team up with me to code or learn coding !

I don't know if it's the right section to post that, but I'm still trying here since y'know.
"General Mod Discussion"

If you are interested in sharing your Skype or Steam, it'd be great, you can sent it to me by private message.
Why do I ask that ? Honestly, I do believe it would be quite hardcore to try to team up on a website with no instant messaging !

How good am I at coding ? Well, i'm totally not the best at it, many people are better than me, but I still manage to create amazing sh*t, if you'd allow me to say it ;)
Also, if you are a spriter and want to team up too, that'd be great ! I love seeing pixel art made by other people !

Anyway, have a good day !

EDIT: Extra !

I'm really better at Lua than C#. I don't practice C# often, but I plan to "re-learn" it. But I do understand what's the logic with programming ! Just in case you expected me to be way more good at C#. : o)


What API are you wanting to use, TModloader, if so, I would like to work with you on a project or whatever. Current Steam ID: DudeUnleashed, Icon: Spongebob
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