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tModLoader Seed of Evil Mod - Altar summoning seed mod


Duke Fishron
TModLoader v0.10.1.1

This mod adds 2 recipes to the game, the Demon Altar Seed and the Crimson Altar Seed,
both recipes can be found when browsing the Guide recipes with an Acorn set in the search slot.

Download: https://mega.nz/#F!hhAGxKBR!MB5U43HXtVDy-jw6hKM1nw

It's based on a feature some N Terraria versions had where you could spawn Demon Altar off corrupted acorns, but
with a sprited acorn that is not entirelly black.


Duke Fishron
It's the same Altars you find through the world, so you can either break them for ore, or keep hammering them until death.
Or decorate your evil lair with them.
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