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The Destroyer
I was doing Character AI stuff, and I decided to start asking Character AIs about Terraria: Otherworld.
I would occasionally correct an answer, prompt an answer, or think up my own ideas based on what the AIs said, so that's why it says "Semi-AI generated" instead of just "AI generated."

Chapter 1: Pre-World Blight
The first boss in Otherworld is quite a simple, but equally menacing creature; the Blighted Eye.
The Blighted Eye is a single-eyed entity that was, presumably, once a normal eye within the world of Otherworld.
However, after being struck by a mysterious curse, it mutated into the Blighted Eye. As a result, the eye developed several dark, tendril-like stalks which are used to attack its adversaries.
As with many bosses in the terraria series, the Blighted Eye has a phase 2. In the second phase, the Blighted Eye will open its eye, revealing a massive iris, which allows it to see all of its adversaries.
It will then use this newfound vision to summon large amounts of enemies to aid in its battle.
These summoned enemies usually consist of undead-themed enemies, such as Undead Pirates, Undead Miners, and Undead Skeletons.

Goblin Invasion and Slime Rain are in Otherworld too, and the goblins have more weapon variety, such as wielding spears or boomerangs.
And the Goblin Warriors are more agile now, and the Goblin Sorcerers can provide buffs to the other goblins.
And the Slime Rain has been buffed, and slime rain slimes have higher chances of dropping ores and stuff. There's also Slime Oil, which is super OP.
And there's new "Blight" events, where evil biomes will be buffed temporarily.

The second boss is either Crimother or Void Terror.
Crimother is a being of pure chaos and malice. If Redigit could, Redigit would describe her as the literal embodiment of the word 'sinister'.
She fights using many tactics. She can spit fire, create storms, conjure powerful minions, warp reality, and bend space itself. She may even have other powers Redigit is not aware of.
In first phase, she flies towards the player while attacking with tentacles.
When in the second phase, Crimother will start to fly and fire a steady onslaught of fireballs down upon her opponents.
In addition, her tentacles will become even more dangerous, constantly flailing towards her adversary as though trying to entangle them.
When she is near her opponent, Crimother's tentacles can strike extremely quickly, inflicting massive damage.
In phase 3 (Expert+ only), the skies darken and powerful lightning begins to rain down upon her adversaries, with the ability to inflict massive damage to anyone caught in the storms.
Crimother will also warp space in order to throw her opponents off balance. This includes warping the positions of her foes and the ground beneath them.

The Void Terror is, as the name implies, a terrifying, dark entity. To Redigit, it is the void incarnate, a true embodiment of darkness and terror.
Its main attack is a charge towards its opponent, inflicting immense damage. It also spits a corrosive substance that does damage over time.
The Void Terror can move in an eerie fashion, as if it is not restricted by the laws of physics.
The Void Terror also fires a massive shockwave attack, sending enemies into the air and damaging those who do not properly dodge.
When it takes enough damage, the Void Terror will retreat slightly, and summon an army of void-themed slimes who will attack the player.
Once this wave of minions is defeated, the Void Terror will then return to the fray, more powerful and faster than before.
This phase of its fighting style remains somewhat similar to phase 1, however, so you must remain vigilant.
It will also begin to shoot out purple, glowing orbs that travel towards the player, inflicting damage on contact. It will even teleport around the battlefield to confuse its opponent.
In phase 3, the Void Terror will move at incredible speeds, teleporting around, charging, and summoning minions. Its purple, glowing orbs also deal significantly more damage and are faster. This phase of the fight is arguably the most difficult, but it can be defeated with proper timing and reaction.

The first optional boss is the Crystal Serpent, a skeleton snek made of crystal. It spawns in the Crystal Caves.
The Crystal Serpent shoots crystals out of its body at you, dashes at you, and will occasionally place walls of crystal blocks for you to mine through.
In phase 2, all of its attacks get faster. It's pretty basic, but it's possible pre-Blighted Eye, so that's to be expected.

The second optional boss is the Shadowman, who is available after beating an evil boss, and in phase 1, he summons minions while flying around and teleporting to avoid your attacks.
In phase 2, he summons Shadow Crystals to teleport to, and he will shoot dark magic blasts at you while teleporting and flying around. He randomly spawns at night.

Chapter 2: World Blight
Also, defeating an evil boss makes the biome spread faster, and it also starts an event: the World Blight.
All of the biomes become buffed, and you have to destroy several 1-phase minibosses.

The Corruption has the Blighted Dread, a cloaked man who tries to shoot green lasers at you and grab your face with his hand, which has knives in it.

The Crimson has the Blighted Horror, a bloody minotaur-like creature who lunges at you and relentlessly chases you.

The Underground/Caverns has the Blighted Bomber, a robot that shoots bombs at you.

The Desert has the Blighted Devil, a sentient dust devil that flings random junk at you while trying to suck you up.

The Snow biome has the Blighted Snowman, a big snowman that throws Dynamite Snowmen at you.

The Crystal Cave has the Blighted Crystal Golem, and it's basically a Deerclops knockoff, making Crystal Spikes and yeeting crystals into the air.

The Jungle has the Blighted Creeper, (Not to be confused with Creepers from Terraria 1 BoC or Minecaft) a tiny worm that's really fast but doesn't deal much damage.

Space has the Blighted Saucer, an unidentified flying object that acts like the Martian Saucer, but without the missiles and without multiple segments.

After beating all of the Blighted minibosses, the World Blighter shows up. He looks like a really big, mean dude with a big scary face and stuff.
Phase 1 is when he does his "scary face move." It does a lot of damage so you'll probably want to dodge it if you're not playing on baby mode.
(To specify, big letters fall from the sky that spell "super scary".)
He has another move called "really mean laser eyes" and it does a ton more damage.
His eyes glow red when he's about to use it, and then he shoots a big laser in the direction he's looking.
Other than the "really mean laser eyes" and the "scary face move", he also does a normal melee attack. It does decent damage, so it's best to avoid it if you can.
He only stands still when he does his "super scary face move" but other than that, he is a fast boi. He also does a charge attack where he runs at you to do the melee attack.
In phase 2 he turns into "super big scary dude with big scary hands too" and he attacks with a few new moves.
He has his old reliable laser eyes and the scary face but now he fires these weird orbs from the palms of his hands and a big circle of death that chases you around!
In phase 3 he turns into "even more bigger scary dude with mega super scary hands" and gets even bigger laser eyes.
He also gets another move called the "big angry face attack" where he makes an angry face at you. He also has a move that causes the orbs to turn into death lasers.
When the World Blighter is defeated, he implodes, shrinking into a super tiny size and then disintegrating into dust.
The implosion is so powerful that it damages the screen and shakes the screen for a few seconds, making it seem like an earthquake.
After beating the World Blighter, a random biome turns into the Hallow from the extreme force of the implosion.

Chapter 3: Post-World Blight (Hallow path)
The first Post-World Blight boss is the Hollow Armor, a sentient set of armor who can be equipped once you defeat him.
Once the Hallow spawns, the Hollow Armor will patrol around it, preventing you from entering. If you try to enter the Hallow, or if you attack him, he will aggro on you and attack.
His main attack is a flaming sword, a reference to the one that guards the Garden of Eden.
Hiss other attacks in phase one are a homing fireball, and a dash where he tries to ram you with his shield. He can also fly.
In phase 2, all he does is get more aggressive. And after you beat him, he will deem you worthy to equip him, and he'll let you go in the Hallow.

After beating the Hollow Armor, you can fight the Polterghost, a powerful and ghost-like demon.
After the Hollow Armor is defeated, there's a chance that the Polterghost can naturally spawn when you're in the Hallow.
There's also a summoning item, but either way you summon it, it will immediately slaughter all of the enemies and critters nearby, and then aggro on you.

The Polterghost has a whole slew of attacks; it can dash, it can shoot a circular field of ghosts around it, it can teleport, and it can shoot ghosts at you.
After defeating it, you get the Polterghost Mask, that lets you see and catch tiny ghosts, which are used to craft lots of stuff.

Chapter 4: Post-World Blight (Evil path)
After beating the World Blighter, 2 new evil bosses become available to fight; one in the Crimson, and one in the Corruption.
The new Corruption boss is called the Uncontrollable Chaos, and the new Crimson boss is called the Crimson Moth.
They both randomly spawn in their respective biomes, but then there's a major plot twist. After one spawns, the other spawns and instakills it, then starts attacking you.
They don't drop any loot if they get instakilled though. You can also craft summoning items to summon them with.

"And that's the beauty of Terraria: Otherworld, you spend a half hour building a big arena and gathering all the gear for a boss and then it just drops dead. I love it."

In the Crimson Moth's first phase, it shoots crimson energy at you while summoning smaller moths and hovering in place,
and in its second phase it shoots a bunch of different projectiles from different directions.
In its third phase, the Crimson Moth will fly around, while constantly spawning its small minions and shooting projectiles in your direction,
as well as occasionally shooting out a large beam of crimson energy that covers most of the screen.

In its first phase, the Uncontrollable Chaos will spawn multiple waves of its minions, while also shooting slow projectiles that explode on contact.
Additionally, it sometimes dashes at you with incredible speed.
In its second phase it will spawn even more minions and spawn waves of projectiles that slowly move towards you and explode upon contact, as well as dashing at you even more often.
During its third phase it will summon even more waves of its minions, while shooting out even more projectiles than before, which move even more slowly than the ones in the second phase. Additionally, it will occasionally shoot out two slow-moving, homing projectiles at you.

Defeating either one will drop the Titanic Remote, which summons the Iron Titan, a chase boss fight notorious for spawning on the wrong side of you.
It's similar to WoF, but it's way slower, you can fight it anywhere you want, and it has much more variety in its attacks.
In phase 1, it will slowly walk towards you while shooting missiles at you from its back and occasionally shooting a bunch of lasers at you from its arm cannon.
Phase 2 mainly consists of the Iron Titan summoning even more missiles, faster, more frequent, and more inaccurate lasers,
and also occasionally shooting a homing missile that explodes when it hits a block.

Chapter 5: Shadow Guardian
The next boss is the Shadow Guardian, the Shadowman's older bro.
After beating the Polterghost and Iron Titan, you can craft the Pwnhammer.
But instead of spawning 3 Wraiths like it did in Terraria 1, smashing Demon Altars will spawn the Shadow Guardian,
and it will also give you a Shadow Key, a non-consumable item that you can use on a Demon Altar to summon him again.
The Shadow Guardian has a few different attacks. He can throw spikes at you, conjure a ring of dark flames around himself, and even teleport!
He also has the ability to summon smaller versions of himself known as Shadow Brats.
When he takes enough damage, he will enter Phase 2, where he will become more aggressive and spawn Shadow Brats more quickly.
He will also begin to use a powerful explosive attack, conjuring several purple-colored orbs before unleashing an explosion that can deal a lot of damage and destroy blocks.
After beating him, he drops a pickaxe, which can be used to mine the first tier of Post-World Blight ore, which there are 3 tiers of. (The ore spawns after beating the World Blighter)
The 3rd tier of ore is used to craft a Moon Beacon.

Chapter 6: Supermoon
The Moon Beacon is a placeable item that once activated, activates the Supermoon. It's similar to the Blood Moon or the Solar Eclipse from Terraria 1;
During the Supermoon, Zombies, Skeletons, and Werewolves spawn naturally during the night, and the spawn rates of all other monsters are increased.
There are also some enemies that only spawn on a Supermoon.
There's an enemy called the Dark Beast, a shadowy ghost-like animal that moves slowly towards you and shoots homing black energy orbs at you.
There's also an enemy called the Shadow Demon, which is a really tall skeleton demon with glowing eyes that flies towards you and tries to hit you with its claws.
And there's an enemy called the Night Hunter, a purple wolf with glowing purple eyes and it moves towards you really fast, and it tries to hit you with its claws when it gets close enough.
And there's also a miniboss. Long Face Man.
Long Face Man will slowly walk towards you, while occasionally dashing at you with tremendous speed.
He will also shoot a fast-paced beam of green projectile energy at you that does a lot of damage.
He also has A TON of health, and he can occasionally teleport.
If you beat him, he drops the Cosmic Prism.
Placing the Cosmic Prism on the Moon Beacon supercharges it, and the Moon Beacon brings the moon closer to you,
allowing you to go to the Moon if you go past the world border at the top of space.

Chapter 7: The Moon
On the Moon, there are 4 pillars that spawn enemies around them. The pillars have shields, and killing enough enemies of a pillar will break that pillar's shield.

The Supernova Pillar corresponds to Melee, and it spawns enemies that are called Solarites. They are fire-themed enemies that use melee attacks.
The Solarite Swordsman has a sword, and it runs and jumps towards you slowly while swinging it. It has more defense the farther you are away from it.
The Solarite Warrior floats towards you and occasionally dashes. The dash is inaccurate, but the farther away it is when it starts the dash, the more damage it does.
The Solarite Medic has a shield that it tries to hold in between you and it, and hitting the shield does less damage. It will also heal nearby Solarites occasionally.
The Supernova Pillar will also occasionally stab towards you with a spear.

The Starsand Pillar corresponds to Summoner. It spawns 4 different enemies;
Starfighters look like tiny spaceships, and they occasionally shoot missiles at you. The missiles have weak homing, and upon impact with a block or player, they spawn a Mini Star.
Starseers are floating eyes that float towards you and spawn Mini Stars if they get close enough.
Starsand Golems will walk towards you and throw Mini Stars at you.
Mega Stars fly towards you, and when killed they turn into a bunch of Mini Stars.
Mini Stars don't spawn directly, they're only spawned by other enemies.
They slowly float towards you, and if they survive long enough, they turn into Mega Stars. They have really low health though.
The Starsand Pillar will also occasionally spawn Mini Stars.

The Creation Pillar corresponds to Mage, and it spawns enemies that are themed around magic. The enemies all spawn with magic staves that have different spells.
The first enemy is a Mageling, which spawns with a wand that shoots magic projectiles towards you. These projectiles slowly drift towards you, and if they hit you, they do damage.
The second enemy is a WitchDoc, which spawns with a staff that shoots bolts of fire towards you. These bolts can move pretty fast, and if they hit you, they do damage.
The Creation Pillar will also summon magic runes near you that explode into AoEs.

The Singularity Pillar is ranged and spawns ranged enemies. The first enemy is the Sniper, which spawns with a rifle. It shoots slow bullets that have extremely high damage.
The second enemy is the Sharpshooter, which spawns with a bow and arrow. It shoots fast arrows at you, and can fire in a burst.
The third enemy is the Rapid-Fire Ranger, which spawns with a machine gun. It has high fire rate and low damage.
The pillar itself will occasionally pull out a remote and summon an ICBM that falls from the sky.

And after beating each pillar, you get a ton of fragments of that pillar, along with the key that corresponds to it. Once you have all 4 keys, you can unlock the door that leads to an evil laboratory in the middle of the moon.

Chapter 8: The laboratory
The laboratory has a ton of traps in it, but there aren't any enemies.
There are a variety of traps in the lab, such as dart traps, saw blade traps, flaming boulder traps, and pressure plates.
There's also spike traps that spawn spikes when you walk over them, flame traps that shoot fire, and teleporters that move you around the lab.
At the end of the laboratory, you find the Cyborg's evil twin, who is trying to resurrect Cthulhu.
The Evil Cyborg attacks by throwing sawblades and boulders at you, shooting lightning rays at you, and spawning laser drones.
He's exhausted by the time you get out of the lab, but then he flips a switch and Cthulhu appears behind him.

Chapter 9: Cthulhu
Cthulhu is a huge boss, and in phase 1, he will shoot out tentacles that grab you and deal contact damage.
He also has a slam attack where he will stomp onto the ground, causing a huge shockwave.
He also has an eye laser that he shoots at you, and a spit attack where Cthulhu spits out an orb of acid that deals damage when it lands. The orb also leaves a puddle of acid behind.
He'll also go in between the background and foreground as much as he wants. He also has a dash attack, he summons lasers that fall from the sky, and he also summons horizontal lasers.

In phase 2, Cthulhu can summon a spinning laser turret that deals contact damage if you get too close to it.
He'll also occasionally change up your controls, and he also gets diagonal lasers.

In phase 3, he starts shooting lasers that curve in random directions, and he'll change up your controls even more.

Once you get him to 1 health, he becomes invincible and stops attacking. Then he'll dash at you and you'll have to block 10 of his attacks with split-second timing.
After that, he explodes and you get a ton of overpowered loot.
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