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(or Russia's mod with a lack for a better name!)

Welcome to my mod of "whatever I felt like Terraria needed or what I wanted"!

Click here or find it on the mod browser (Github here: IDGCaptainRussia94/SGAmod)
Discord: IDG's Den
Wiki (Semi Complete) Click Here

Browser giving you issues? Here's some direct links for the other mods you need:
Dependency download: IDGlib: (mirror: Release Public released version · IDGCaptainRussia94/Idglibrary)
Dependency download: Universal Throwing:
Dependency download: tModLoader - Subworld Library

a little disclaimer, this forum page is very out of date, I'll update it later and remove this when it's done, thx

Some of you may know me, be it a coder in Havoc's team, making Idglib and doing the code for Ophioid.
However this is THE mod that got me started, my own personal "slice of the cake" per-say that everyone is seeking but without the promises of content that so many are doing these days. I wasn't sure how to approach announcing it, so I decided to just throw it up as a WIP for now and gather thoughts!
SGAmod does some things differently, the game's main progression has been altered so you have to fight them and/or they provide a means to farm materials for the player.

I'll update this as I but for now here's what this mod currently offers and hopefully more.

A general idea: SGAmod adds:

--A push for more fresh-feeling content that is hopefully balanced.
--A bunch of weapons, Havoc has merged with this mod, As well as a bunch of items that are homages to video games I grew up with, can you guess the references? Some are obvious, some aren't.
--Items for all classes, with ranger being the most common, Melee and Magic coming in 2nd, and a handful of thrower items
--5(6) Armors: (Dank Wood, Novus, Blazewyrm, Mangrove, and Space Diver, the last one is a secret for you to find ;) )
--A sub-damage type called Trap Damage, which will be expanded on more
--A decent amount of accessories, many craft together into Uber accessories in the late game
--Expert mode exclusive late-game content
--Quite a few bosses that will make you cry

What SGAmod lacks/known flaws (largely due to a lack of sprites as I'm not a decent spriter) is:

--the mod currently lacks items for Summoner with only a few.
--Sprites, there's quite alot of recolors/edits of Terraria sprites
--Again... more sprites, you'll notice through out the mod I largely do things that break the art style because I'm drawing things via code.
--The Beam Gun can cause massive FPS drops if too many enemies exist at once (looking for a way to better optimize this).
--Some errors here and there that aren't major problems.
--Feedback! Would love some!

Murk, Spider Queen and the Caliburn Guardians - are currently missing from this forum page until I can get new screenshots of them
The Wraiths are a strange creation, they seem whole but in reality are just a fragile core with the ability to animate metallic objects around them; they come in different models and differing degrees intelligence, their core purpose currently remains unknown, but their ability to steal knowledge might suggest an higher motive...

WC01-S (otherwise simply known as the Copper Wraith) Is a scout model sent to this world, it has no self awareness other than scouting and is attracted to the presence of a makeshift core fragment.
Barely able to hold together pieces of copper, this boss must be fought before the player can make a furnace.
Destroying the breastplate will expose the core, which will fly at high speeds above the player shooting a single laser, a few seconds later it will recover the breastplate with a small percent of its max HP.

Outside of regaining knowledge, Copper Wraith will also drop ores of the opposite to your world, allowing you to farm materials without other mods or world hopping!
In expect mode, a volley of dragon fire arrows are ejected and 2 sets of swords and bows are formed the first time the breastplate reforms, and the swords inflict bleeding, but the loot is doubled!

WC02 (otherwise simply known as the Cobalt Wraith) Is a stronger model with the ability to animate much more metal, like the copper wraith it is attracted to the presence of a wraith core fragment, but rather a stronger one made with cobalt while having very minimal intelligence though. This one holds the knowledge to make a hardmode anvil and must be defeated to craft hardmode gear.
The Cobalt Wraith brings an entire arsenal of weapons to the front, with repeaters, fast moving swords, and segments that connect them all.

It will drop hard-mode ores of the opposite to your world, allowing you to farm materials without other mods or world hopping!
In expect mode, more armor pieces are formed, the swords inflict bleeding and broken armor, and in the 2nd phase the segments shoot fast moving water bolts, all while more loot is dropped in its defeat!

(Hey, someone had to do THIS at some point, also this was my 2nd boss ever)
WC03-TPD (otherwise simply known as the Twin Prime Destroyers) Is a special model of one of the strongest mainline models. In this case, capturing and forcing more than just the amalgamation to fight for it.
It may be fought after the mecha bosses are beaten, but only a fool would try.
If you so happen to succeed at destroying this monstrosity you'll be rewarded with a large cache of late hardmode crafting items!
And most importantly: the star metal mold, to make star metal bars! A slightly weaker than Luminite alternative needed for many items!

In expect mode, more lasers from the core are fired through the phases, as well as missiles from skeletron prime heads, and more loot is dropped.

A strange unknown model with surprisingly high intelligence and strange shifting armor gear, it has stolen the Ancient Manipulator from the Cultist and demands you face it with a wraith core fragment upgraded with celestial fragments...
You also learn he has stolen your knowledge of making Luminite bars as well...

This boss does different things depending on the armor he is wearing. He is fought 2 times in your progression:
A preempted fight where he tests your abilities and peaces out before moonlord is defeated (and will refuse to be resummoned until you do so after he leaves), he drops the Ancient Manipulator in the process.

And a rematch where the real fight begins after moonlord is downed.


"I'm the strongest!"
An early hardmode boss with projectile spam, in expert mode she gets a few more attacks and summons the 3rd and 2nd strongest Ice Fairy's to her side during the final phase!

She is summoned with a Nineball, made from 2 dark&light souls and 9 Ice Fairy dust (from a new enemy that spawns on the surface ice biome in hardmode)
Until you defeat her, your wings will be snow frosted, greatly reducing their effectiveness. This also happens during the fight.

She drops a magic weapon that shoots falling stars, and in expect mode her wings; which have short wingtime but very high mobility and enhance a user's magic abilities with frostfire!

He's back!
So this one is a rather funny, or depressing, story: you may have seen this boss before...
He's a boss from (the now sadly dead) Havoc mod, after getting approval from @Kooyah to use his sprites I ported him over to SGAmod.
Why? Because I coded him, that's why.

So one night Duke and a Wyvern 'did it' and we got this hybred creature who guards the hardmode oceans, you can sound them with a special conch.
During the fight Sharkvern will summon Aqua Surges as he is damaged to launch twisters at the player that will home in on nearby enemies instead.
At half health he'll fly to the middle of the ocean and summon forth vortex that lets loss flying sharks that can charge at the player.
Be careful not to leave the ocean, if Sharkvern dehydrates he'll enrage, getting faster, dealing more contact damage, and deadly debuffs!

In expert mode, the rage grows faster and stronger as his HP wanes, Aqua Surges release a semi-nova of water bolts, and Flying Sharks shoot Sapphire Bolts Rarely.

He drops a large sum of ocean items and souls of flight, he is also one of the few bosses in the mod to have his own loot pool of unique items (because he has sprites for them and I am allowed to use those as well, unlike every other boss sadly)

Some of you may of seen a video of this guy I posted around as "proof" of what I could do, and I still use him as such.
This was one of the first things I wanted to make in Terraria, he is summoned by using an incorrect key on a Terraria Co Supply Crate.
"just an ingame payment of $9.99 will unlock more details about this boss"

Ok jokes aside, here's the cut:
When hardmode begins the Merchant will start selling a new item called a "contracker" for 1 plat in his shop, activating this item starts a Team Fortress 2 quest line (that is currently unfinished and doesn't save progress) that causes crates to drop from enemies.

These crates drop very often and do not stack, the drop rate will be reduced when this boss is defeated.
To summon the boss, right click a craft with any key that's not a Terraria Co Supply Crate Key, you can summon variant versions of the boss, like ones with more evil or hallowed crates with keys of light and night respectively.

This boss drops its crates as you kill them, saving you the need to fish them up, however they are detrimental during the fight.

That's all I can tell you for now, the rest is for you to figure out on your own...

It's a True eye of Cuthulu as a boss... Outside of a few other modifications there's not much different. Not sure why I even made this other than I thought those eyes would make an interesting boss a bit earlier in the game.
Eitherway, you need to defeat it for the Cultists to spawn, it can spawn any night after Golem is defeated if it has no already been defeated or summoned with a Truly Suspicious Looking Eye at night.

Also for some strange reason, this boss completely bombs online. So he is skipped in a multiplayer game.

"Princess Pinky isn't too happy about you killing her father, now you will pay"
This was the first thing I ever made in C#, yeah, a completely insane post-moonlord boss.
When the fight starts you'll be locked into an arena with no way out, prepare for hell...
You'll likely want to fight S.Pinky last before preparing for the final battle.

Surpreme Pinky currently only drops a crafting item that only is used to make dev items atm
A post-moonlord version of Cratrosity that is summoned from a crate dropped from moonlord after Cratrosity is beaten, is all around stronger, way faster, and must be defeated to face the final boss.


This image is slightly dated: the 3rd phase of the first form
The "final" boss, this is a 2-form boss with many phases, subphases, and more attacks then I can bother to count, it's a very long fight that will require very well preparation. After having beaten all 3 previous post-moonlord bosses, Draken will give you the item (or you can craft one) needed to summon the first phase, it won't be very easy, but the reward shall be worth it!

Some other things this mod does:
Altered Progression
SGAmod alters the base game progression to a number. For example wraiths lock your ability to craft some items, and the Doom Harbinger needs to be defeated for the Cultists to spawn.

Secret Chambers


I always found the Temple to have alot of unused space inside, so now there are secret closed off rooms you likely won't see unless you have a very good light source!
one of the these rooms holds a special crafting station that will prove paramount to progression later on, every other room has a chest with random loot.
The rooms are obviously only reachable with a picksaw or a rod of a discord after Plantera is defeated.

Revamped Golem Fight
I, like many people, likely found Golem's fight to be extremely easy.
SGAmod changes his fight to 3 phases, you can no longer cheese him, and he is alot more threatening; more appropriate for the stage of the game he's meant to be at!

Meet Draken, the Dergon!

A well spirited dragon with a tainted past, he moves in once the player has gained atleast 1 Expertise.
He is offering rare and valuable items in exchange for Expertise-which you gain on boss and miniboss/event enemy kills!
He currently doesn't sell very much, but this will be expanded on later.

Here's some stuff I've been working on so there's far more to this mod than just bosses now, I regularly post spoiler screencaps on my discord!





This one is a favorite of mine, not into marvel movies but hey, my spriters are awesome <3



1st Post with more spoilers
2nd Post with more spoilers
Update 2.0-Caliburn's Gifts

I ended up putting this down for a very long time due to the sprites barrier I couldn't overcome (I've never been a good spriter)
But as time went on I met pretty cool people who loved spriting, but I don't want to ask them to draw something I want.
If anything, I want it to be equal share, and perhaps that's what this mod could become.

I only did a few sprites and honestly they are, terrible, or I find it super exhausting. The only good ones were done by a friend of mine who doesn't even play Terraria. So thanks Wicloud for the Ice Fairy and Cirno's Wings!
I'm not "asking" per-say for help since I really don't know what I want sprited... Just that it's something I can't do very well and I won't stress myself or others to do it. However if given sprites I'll make good use of them!

As for the name of this mod, I really had no idea what to call this back then (winter 2017) so I named it after the only discord server I am loyal to.
Thanks for checking out something I've had on the backburner for over a year now!

--------------------------------------------------------------Credits (so far):--------------------------------------------------------------

The current active team:
@IDGCaptainRussia (me): Coder and mod owner, and a few miscellaneous sprites
yes, it's literally just me, but I'm fine with this, because:

Anarog/Kuronaki#9669 on discord: Made some sprites for different items, has cool ideas too.

JellyBru#3929 (Donno if he has a forums account likely not), did the epic Wraith Resprites

Just DudeSquid#4617 and daimgamer#6490 on discord, did some great (Calamity/"Superior") sprites, Squid also has his own mod called Volcanit, where most of his work can be found, check it out!


@PhilBill44 : Spriter, made the mod icon, suggestions and ideas, and other things (I honestly couldn't have made that icon, love ya) (I miss you very much Phil :( )

@Mister Creeper : Former Havoc team Spriter, currently made alot of items including Stormbreaker's sprite. Left the team over personal reasons. Dev items are left in because I refuse to remove my hard work over his petty reasons.

Freya manibrandr: Whom I had commissioned some paid sprites (oh where that come from?) of some very specific things I wanted to make in the mod, this would include all the Serious Sam weapons, and Draken

Dejsprite#0880 : did some sprites

@El3trick_Plays : Made some sprites for items that needed them, pretty awesome! Later dropped out of the team without a word and cut all contact with me for seemly no reason.

@Lonely Star : did one sprite and kinda went missing, has shown very little activity.

@Kooyah : Retired and former Havoc team Spriter, and all of sharkvern's sprites, and a good chunk of havoc item and tile sprites. (also includes backlog sprites, and he even made an improved one, awesome!)

@Iggysaur : the Havoc team coder before myself, spriter as well, did most of the code for the ported items from that mod.

@GabeHasWon for making Murk originally.

Vasyanex - formally on the Havoc team, they need their own mention as they are the only people I don't have 100% perms to use content from, but I really don't want Vasyanex's sprites going to waste or AlexusIchimonji's Caliburn sprites, and they were meant for havoc which I have perms to use now anyways.
(AlexusIchimonji's sprites have been resprited, so that's one less issue)

Wicloud#1470 on discord: Made Cirno's wings sprites, Ice Fairy Sprites, and a few other things.

@qwerty3.14 : Allowing me to use his GlowMask Library from his own mod, on top of being a massive inspiration for alot of the more creative things I've made here.

And @TheRandomMidget for permission to port havoc content (including Murk and... pretty much anything I could fit in).

--------------------------------------------------------------And a thanks to:--------------------------------------------------------------
@zadum4ivii : used and edited your stove code because I'm garbage at making multi-tiles :p

@Kazzymodus: Gonna be honest, I don't think most people know that Shockwave shader was yours, but the moment I found out... You get the credit!

@ÐarkŁight + @direwolf420 + @jopojelly : you 3 have helped me so much since I started modding, I wouldn't be here without your help!

And finally: someone who pulled me back to finish what I started, they wish to leave the Terraria scene themselves and wish for their name to not be mentioned, but if your reading this, you know who you are. Thank you.

@Joost8910 Years ago, I adapted some code from his Gigamesh boss to use in IDGLib, and ironically enough, I did it again in recent times! I still use it to this day and very heavily in SGAmod <3 (To be more specific: his fan projectile code from years ago and adapted, and his movement prediction code of recent times)
@ThatOneJuicyOrange_ I donno how much of this you wrote yourself, you always had trouble with code, but the blizzard code was borrowed from EA, you are credited in the version of the mod that features it
@Zoaklen, I know your not longer here, but if not for your bare bones sky code, I wouldn't have learned to make custom skies, thank you!
@blushiemagic again, many things, mostly stuff from Bluemagic which have served as a major learning tool for me, but in this case it would be your pureium world gen code, and using a cut down version of your World Reaver code to learn the basis of overlays, thank you!


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I may need 'more' space, taking the first post

Cursor is from Boss Cursor. You should totally go get it right now!

I am looking for spriters to help me on this project, if you like what you see and you fancy yourself 2by2 pixels, hit me up! And discuss your ideas you want made!

----And a couple other acknowledgements----
While these people had no direct intervention with SGAmod, I think I will mention them anyways:
I might update this later on as more thoughts pop into my head

@ThatOneJuicyOrange_ and everyone on the Elements Awoken team, as well as @qwerty3.14 , it was fun playing your creations and watching you both grow up and make the masterpieces you have made today, going from ms-paint sprites with laughable coding and game-play, to standout mods in their own rights, thank you for your offers!

@Fabsol and his talented team for Calamity, I have my fair of issues with Calamity, with Fabsol, and so on. But it doesn't change the fact that Calamity has touched apon me like it has many others, and for the most part, drove us all to do better than we would have done otherwise.

@DRKV for all the fancy high end coding, not so much for proving a very useful learning tool, but also for trying to help me understand the code behind it, you were, vital to me learning alot of things in C# as well <3

Everyone in the Havoc team, I'm sorry how I treated you all, I hope your all doing fine.

Everyone behind TMODLoader, for making a fun modding API that is far superior to Minecraft Forge, stability wise for sure!

And a key individual who dragged me back to Terraria to finish what I started, you know who you are :)[/b]
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Maybe you should make more custom sprites and some weapons also i'm semi decent at coming up with ideas and i need to sue them some where.
Maybe you should make more custom sprites and some weapons also i'm semi decent at coming up with ideas and i need to sue them some where.
If I could get some spriters to help me out, yes, I'd have custom sprites to show.
As for weapons and items, yeah I've been making a few, but they all use place holder sprites atm.

Ideas are cool but really if people gave me sprites I'd try my best to create their ideas in this mod.
ported over a boss I coded for another mod with permission from the sprite artist. While I can use his item sprites I'm going to have to recode everything from scratch.
Also a bit more details on Cratrosity
The bosses look slightly messy and are mainly just a jumble of sprites that are already in the game, I dont really care if there are bad sprites but it would be cool if there were more custom ones. As i said, A mod does not need GOOD custom sprites to have custom sprites.
there are good concepts here, that's for sure.
as this mod is basically a dropbox for all of your ideas on how to improve vanilla, I really have nothing worth suggesting (besides taking your time with the project, obviously), so I'll just compliment your initiative: Bravo!
the Wraiths and the secret Temple chambers are a very creative idea btw
The wraiths are good ideas, But it would be nice if it wasn't as messy with all those jumbled attacks everywhere. Still good idea though, Also as i said earlier it would be good if there were more custom sprites even if there bad.
[doublepost=1555692273,1555692040][/doublepost]Maybe me could try to do a tiny bit of spriting in piskel.
The wraiths are good ideas, But it would be nice if it wasn't as messy with all those jumbled attacks everywhere. Still good idea though, Also as i said earlier it would be good if there were more custom sprites even if there bad.
I think that's the point though. It's supposed to be an amalgamation of a bunch of vanilla stuff.
[doublepost=1555692520,1555692472][/doublepost]But still i think that some things should have custom sprites, but having vanilla sprites is still good now that i understand that.
Does this mimic look like a watermelon?


[doublepost=1555700534,1555700514][/doublepost]I made this myself.
[doublepost=1555700552][/doublepost]Its not very good.
[doublepost=1555700581][/doublepost]Maybe i should make something about watermelons.


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Watermelon chakram:


ported over a boss I coded for another mod with permission from the sprite artist. While I can use his item sprites I'm going to have to recode everything from scratch.
Also a bit more details on Cratrosity

The new boss looks good!


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Does this mimic look like a watermelon?


[doublepost=1555700534,1555700514][/doublepost]I made this myself.
[doublepost=1555700552][/doublepost]Its not very good.
[doublepost=1555700581][/doublepost]Maybe i should make something about watermelons.
It fires this cool watermelon thing at you:
Watermelon chakram:



The new boss looks good!

This is kinda why I'm reusing vanilla sprites, I don't like mods with bad sprites and I'd rather reuse them in a way that (lets be completely honest here) no one ever has.
Also where would I even use any of that? I'm not trying to be rude or anything.

As for Sharkvern he was drawn by an honestly good spriter who may be returning later this year, atm I don't have any spriters on the team.
As for the wraiths having vanilla sprites, this may change with the first 2, the luminate wraith though isn't going to change sprite-wise.

EDIT: So here comes a pretty good question: Should I make a Discord for this?
I'm mainly looking for sprites and also looking to for ideas for said sprites.
The forums will remain 1st priority for info on this mod though.
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