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Loving your mod so far honestly, just a question because I can't find the answer anywhere and it's hurting my miniature brain
So I beat one of the caliburn shrine boss sword things, and now I can't activate others? Says "You are worthy.. claim your reward"
Which reward? Where? Am scared
break it, each time you beat one of those bosses you gain the ability to break a shrine. It cannot be broken before you've beaten one
Alright, I've reopened this page given the mod's recent massive update, however, I am not going to be updating the info on this page, I can't be bothered to do it.
Please refer to the wiki/discord for info, and if you can't find it/don't use discord, ask away here.
I've been trying to initiate this mod but I can't get the library via mod browser to download thusly the mod itself won't go through and I can't find a download for the dependency either(I don't use discord AT all)
Weird I click the link, it shows up then instantly vanishes, nothing downloading or showing. I'm so confused.
right click, click "save link as"
this works, thou your browser may prompt you if you want to keep the file

This is an ongoing issue and many people are not able to download things, idglib most notably
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