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Dig the block the snatcher/man eater's connected to. That'll instantly kill him. This also works with other Plant AI enemies
But by doing that, players should take note, that they lose drops.

  • It is possible to jump on a platform, that is 1 tile higher than you could land. You just need to hold W ( up button ).
  • Asphalt can help you reach high speed on foot with movespeed boosts. That way you can outrun unicorn mount without using minecart.
  • You only need to put asphalt once every 2 blocks. As long as you don't put other blocks, but just leave holes, speed boost will still apply.
  • You can trap Golem, so you have to worry less about his jumps, more on dodging lasers.
  • Pickaxes can mine faster if you use modifiers that increase their speed. ( accesory bonuses don't work ).
  • If you store your money in piggy bank, you can buy items from merchants without accessing it again.
  • Fetid Baghnakhs is by the fastest weapon for melee and dishes out the most dps with speed modifiers. With Solar Armor, Mechanical Glove, Fire Gauntlet, Avenger Emblem and 20% melee speed in accessories, it can do about 4k dps whilst Meowmere/Star Wrath do around 2k per target. Its main drawback though, is the range.
  • Phantasm shoots faster when firing continously as well as when hitting enemy.
  • Attack speed for Starfury increases velocity of its stars.
  • Chain gun with Chlorophyte bullets can make the rest of the hardmode extremely easy for ranged players.
  • Continously spamming Nebula Arcanum and letting at least 10 singularities hit enemy at once and explode at them, it can make ridiculous dps Pre-Moon Lord.
  • Nebula Blaze sometimes fires more powerful projectile that deals triple damage. It can crit, leading to 1k hit.
  • You can get musket very early on. You just need to search for chests on surface and underground, find lots of bombs and ropes, then go to the Corruption and use bombs to destroy a Shadow Orb. This way you can get Arms Dealer in the first hour of the game.
  • If you fish a lot in early game and open Iron Crates, you can get Falcon Blade, which is extremely good weapon for start, though it's not recommended for beginners because of its range.
  • If you drop Clothier Voodoo Doll in Dungeon, you can summon Skeleton infinitely when you kill the related NPC.
  • Search for swords in shrines underground. If you are lucky, you will find Enchanted sword, which can do nice damage, fires projectiles and can autoswing. If you are even luckier, you can get Arkhalis, that does huge dps in close combat.
  • Grenades are EXTREMELY effective early game, you just need to be careful when throwing them.
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