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[Showcase] Minecart based teleporter hub / telejunction


Well, this this is my first post, hope it goes well. :)

Back in normal mode I built a kind of sky railway in my expert mode wrold.

Now, in hardmode it is both slow and dangerous, so I decided to upgrade it. I wanted to have a train station in my base, that could teleport me to different position along the rail. I came up with this design.

The track with the boosters is the "input" and the one above it is the returning line. The "outputs" are the multicolored wires coming down from each four-pack of teleporters.

The hub works in both directions. If you enter it, you will maintain your velocity and your direction of travel.

You can select your destination with the four wires that go along the top of the logic gates. This setup has 12 destinations, but you could add another set of four easily and you can further increase it, by adding more "address bits".

The device to the right of the input direction reversal teleporters makes sure, that the hub will get disabled 3 second after the last departure, so incoming minecarts won't get teleported away.

I have tested this design with the top speed of the iron minecart. I don't currently have a mechanical one, but I think it should still work fine.

I hope explained everything. Please let me know what you think! :happy:


I'm too stupid to understand what's happening here.
Basicly, there are pressure plate tracks bellow each set of 4 teleporters. They are fed into a set of AND gates, wich will only trigger the teleporter, that was selected with the "adress bits" on the top. (And only, if there was a recent departure.)


If I could only come up with something so complicated.
This isn't actually that complex. I just compressed the wireing quite a bit. With logic gates, making something like this is not too hard, once you figure out how they work. Before I looked at some other builds that used gates, I was thinking about using a hoik mechanism.

It was a bit messy. XD
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