Silly Sunflower Bottoms + Frog Leg = Invisible Legs


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Windows 10
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Pretty much what the thread name says. Having the Silly Sunflower Bottoms and Frog Leg worn (and visible) at the same time makes your legs invisible.

If anyone wants to use this glitch for vanity, use it while it lasts. Now that I think about it, why am I reporting this while bugs are being fixed? It'd be cool to keep this one.


Do You Have Any Screenshots Or A Gifs(Cause They Don't Accept Mp4)
I didn't think about screenshots because it's so easy to make happen. Sorry.
Capture 2022-06-13 19_30_50.png

If you have a cape or shirt that goes below the waist, the whole shirt still shows up.
Capture 2022-06-13 19_35_11.png

No Legs.PNG
No Legs 2.PNG
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