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Music Silver Ambience


Official Terrarian
Greetings! I want to dedicate a thread to showing off my most committed hobby, making ambience music. Not sure if anyone will be interested in this thread, but who knows!
Ambience is a passion project of mine that I upload to Youtube and Bandcamp, I've been doing it for over 2 years and there's currently 100 episodes.
The most recent episode was made in celebration of yule (or Christmas).
I often draw my own art for these ambience, but most of the time I will use imagery from a 10 year old flash game series called Submachine, which is the game that actually inspired me to start ambience and art.
After growing up with this flash game, the creator of Submachine, Mateusz Skutnik actually used some of my tracks in his updates of Submachine universe.
If you're interested in submachine, then by all means: Mateusz Skutnik | Submachine :)

If you want to see my other ambience, I have a full playlist here: Ambient Music - YouTube

I'd personally recommend episodes #27 #59 #64 #77 #94 #95 #96 and #100-#105 (the legacy ambience)

If you like Ambient music, then hopefully you come along for the journey!

Have a great Christmas!
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