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CONFIRMED! Everyone pack your stuff, we'll be riding the hype train together!

Hello everyone!

Today I bring my small sugestion, the Mount Slots. What are they? They are simply some new inventory slots for mounts.
They will allow the use of dyes and vanity in our mounts.

How will we use these?
Instead of having to select the mount and use the item, the item is placed in one of the slots and when you right click on the screen it would automatically summon that mount. Right clicking rails will always summon a minecart if there is one in Slot 4 (see below for info about this).
NEW INFO: Since right clicking is used for the zoom ability of the Rifle/Sniper's Scopes, the button could be changed to the mouse wheel. But since the zoom only works by keeping the button pressed, this might not be needed, and only a quick click would summon the mount.
A lot of people are already complaining about the amount of slots a player already has in their inventory, so here are some edited screens to show where they would go. I'm using the 800x600 resolution as it is the smallest possible one.

The first screen is a normal inventory, while the second one is the one with a chest open (sorry about the different colours, I made them in different days and did not pay attention):

Mount Slots 1.png

Mount Slots 2.png

Slot 1 is used to place the mount that will be summoned.
Slot 2 is where you place another mount item to use as vanity (for example, you want to ride your reindeer for the stats, but you prefer the look of your little pink pigron).
Slot 3 is used to dye the mount (pink bunnies FTW!).

The next slots will only make sense if new minecarts are added to the game. If they aren't added, then there is no need to have these slots and minecarts will be summoned in exactly the same way we do now.
Since you can only summon a minecart by right clicking a rail, you'll need different items for each one. Currently, there is a minecart item (ID 2343), but it is unobtainable. It should be made craftable and only by having it in Slot 4 a minecart would be summoned.
Slot 5 is for a vanity minecart.
Slot 6 is used to dye the minecart.
Since these last slots are a bit different from the other Mount Slots, maybe they could have a different colour from those ones.

Thanks to the community, we now have more slots! Slot 7 and 8, for a pet and its dye, respectively. There is no need for a vanity slot for these, since pets are already vanity.

I hope you like the sugestion. Leave a comment with what you think that would be an improvement or just show your support with a like!
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What about grappling hooks? Don't they need vanity and dye slots as well?
Grappling Hooks are getting their own equip and vanity slot in 1.3. I am hoping that there is a dye slot, but I'm going to assume there will be.

I support this suggestion, sicne it seems like it should already be in the game for completion's sake, as Grappling hooks are now getting slots.
I don't really think everything needs slots. Grapples are already getting slots too. I don't think it's a complete issue, I guess it could still work, but I think there's starting to be too many slots.

That's just me, though. The idea itself is fine.
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