PS4 Slow loading.


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I'm wondering if anyone can help me. I load the game and it takes several minutes for the game to load, staying stuck on the 100% screen. Then loading characters and world's, especially after quiting a game to go to a different world, takes several minutes as well.


hmm.. that sounds like a harddrive issue to me..
i have two things that may help:
1. fully shut down the ps4 and wait until the led stops. then hold the power button until it beeps for the 2nd time.
by doing so you boot the ps4 into safe mode. Then there you can defragment the internal hdd (that should normally only take a few seconds), after that reboot and try again.

2. ONLY if that doesn't help:
(if 1. doesn't help tell me and i'll explain this section in more detail, because this is rather a rough oversight than a detailed guide)
do you have a spare (and empty) usb stick or an external harddrive/ssd laying around?
you could format it as additional storage, move terraria over there (you may have to move the game and the savefiles in separate steps)
and then try again. of course it won't be as fast as (an intact) internal hdd, but if its slow because of a dying hdd it should go way faster.
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