**REPORTED** Smart Cursor not working with Keyboard + Mouse on Steam Deck


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I am using the Steam Deck in a dock with keyboard and mouse plugged in. The key to toggle the smart cursor makes a sound like it works, but the mouse never uses smart cursor. Smart cursor still works if I use the analog sticks on the Deck itself.


Brain of Cthulhu
There have been a few reports of this, and the developers are looking into it. Can you please check if smart cursor works as expected if the keyboard is disconnected?


I just started up the game to test. Unplugging the keyboard but leaving the mouse plugged in, the mouse still does not trigger smart cursor. I also noticed that using the right trackpad as the mouse on the Deck itself does not trigger the smart cursor. The analog sticks continue to work with the smart cursor regardless of what is plugged in.


I did some testing today on my Steamdeck. Reinstalled and cleaned up worlds and all data related to terraria I could find.

In normal handheld more, I set right trackpad to work as a mouse with left mouse click. No matter if I set smart cursor to toggle or hold, smart cursor only works with right control stick.

Bluetooth mouse and keyboard, smart cursor set to left control. I can hear it click as I press ctrl, but it still doesn't work for mouse cursor, if I move the right control stick even with mouse and keyboard connected, then smart cursor works, but only with the stick, never with the mouse.


Quality Assurance
We are looking into a solution for this issue though it looks like it may be a particularly difficult one, it has to do with the game detecting the input of the mouse itself and then interfering with Steam Deck inputs. Its very much on our radar to resolve, just needs a good bit of exploration.


Amazing to have this fixed. Should make future runs a lot less painful now that I don't have to lean over my keyboard and use the Deck controls for any big tunnels and hellevators. Thank you to the devs!


Feb 4 2023 and the problem is still happening, playing on steam deck docked with M/K and the smart cursor doesnt work.
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