Other Art Some dumps of my Terraria/Undertale AU game combination abomination

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Should I stop?

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  1. Yes, it sucks. Stop.

  2. No way! This actually looks pretty cool!

  3. No! (But you're lying about wanting it to not stop.)

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  4. I'm just here.

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  1. GameRDheAsianSandwich

    GameRDheAsianSandwich Official Terrarian

    So firstly, I finally :red:ing drew Papyrus for my :red:ty AU. I need to remake it though considering it's complete horse:red:.
    (Yes, this is actually my desktop.) So far, we got Nurse Toriel; Skeleton Merchant and part-time smartass Sans; Angry, probably boutta whoop someone's :red:, Co-Captain Papyrus.

    Thank you for telling me I suck at this, but I already know I do. See ya in the next post then!