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  • Back at Twilight Princess, only I figured out that there's just the boss door underneath the central rotating stairs in Lakebed Temple... So after spending five minutes fighting Morpheel and then getting the Master Sword, I'm now in the Arbiter's Grounds looking for ghosty bois.
    Still trying to think of a boss for my fire area. The bosses aren't really themed based on appearance, but based on attacks. So something with fast attacks is what I want here. My only idea so far is a giant red scorpion, but I'm not sold on that yet.
    Just listened to Hive Knight's theme and now I'd pay a lot of geo to see Dung Defender and Hive Knight having a sparring match.
    Hollow Knight file 2: I have all but one Pale Ore, which is the reward for Trial of the Conquerer. I've done two attempts so far, and got to the Oblobbles on my most recent. However, I died by jumping in to one of the infected spit balls or whatever they are.
    The resources have been obtained, and automatic conversion is underway as I speak. Meanwhile, I have three unnamed lizard-chickens that need names. Or would they be chicken-lizards...?
    New technological advancements have made progress considerably faster:

    However, the supply of material gathered is proving too small for this task. More is needed.
    So that sword I made is insanely powerful against dragons. I managed to kill one with mostly the projectiles. There is a downside, though: the projectiles can't use enchantments. No flaming ghost swords for me.
    Just made the Minecraft equivalent of the True Night's Edge. Also renamed it to 'Legendary True Night's Edge' for the fun of it.
    After some Siren encounters, along with teaching a bad water noodle a lesson, I finally made it to the Mesa... only to find a lightning dragon practically staring me in the face. I did what any reasonable person would do, and engaged it in combat. Also, there happened to be a sand-covered ravine right next to where the fight was happening. The dragon can destroy blocks, so... it made me fall. Three times, I think.
    Modded Minecraft: It's time to move to another biome. I just need to go through all three dungeons I've found and get all the loot I missed or left because of inventory. After that, goodbye to the mountain cave that housed me for so long. Once on the move, I'll be heading 9000 blocks away to a Mesa biome.
    I had a spawner setup that had 14 spawners. Turns out only one was working... More prismarine crystal gathering for me.
    Modded Minecraft: My refined storage now has a probably unhealthy amount of enchanted items. There is a point to it, though. I have Apotheosis installed, which add higher tiers of existing enchantments and removes the anvil level limit, and Corail Tombstone, which lets you take enchantments off items and get each enchantment as a book. (CONT.)
    Modded Minecraft: I'm alive, and I killed an ice dragon. I dealt most of the damage using my crossbow, then finished the job with my sword. I now dislike fighting ice dragons. The ice breath slows you to sneaking speed, and kills your jump height. Not to mention the ice spikes that get everywhere.
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