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  • After struggling to take down the Eye and Brain of Cthulhu, I finally have a full set of Meteor armor. I'm set until Hardmode.
    Tungsten acquired, along with some pyramid accessories, thanks to a Pharaoh outfit I found on the way to the jungle-side ocean.
    So my world doesn't have tungsten, and I don't want to have to hunt down the diamonds for a platinum staff, or get the silt necessary for all that tungsten, so I'm using Shimmer instead. Toss in platinum, then the gold from that, then use the tungsten and the emeralds I've got to make a staff.

    Is it a stupidly long process, including finding the Shimmer? Yes.

    Do I care? Not in the slightest.
    ...so I just got a Slime Staff from a Pinky. In Expert mode, yes, but it's still pretty rare at a 1.4% drop rate.
    It can't be Terraria discussion post-1.2 without mentioning acquisition of a Slime Staff. `:p
    Happy Halloween, to those that celebrate it!

    Now to leave for another month until I feel like posting here again.
    Wait... what am I supposed to do for the Arbiter's Grounds? There's not really anything like the Spinner.
    Also, I found a resource pack that makes the Enchanted Sword look like the Master Sword, so I'll definitely be using that.
    I'll get on that TP map after I use Builder's Workshop and a world with all the 1.4.4 items to make a decently filled Journey character.
    Just remembered that the wolf mount exists, so it's time for someone to make a Twilight Princess map.

    And that someone might be me.
    I don't know about anyone else, but I really hope the Night's Edge is some ultimate fusion of the four swords' abilities, possibly with an extra of its own.

    If it's just the big swing, I won't be too disappointed, but I really want that ultimate power fusion to be a thing.
    New Blade of Grass discovery. Well, 2 discoveries, but the second is more recent.
    One, the projectiles' circle size changes as a form of weak homing.
    And two, the projectiles break on contact with liquid. Well, at least lava.
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