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PC Some of my characters' bases!


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General Builds
Hey, I've been playing Terraria for a long while (since the game came out) and I've made a bunch of fancy bases for my characters, so I figured I'd share them here!


A treehouse base i built on the first world i beat the moon lord in

sweetsquid day 1.png

A base i built with a friend on one of my first multiplayer playthroughs

underground lab 2.png

A secret underground lab for Dubious Science (i intended to add more to it but never finished this playthrough)


More treehouses

radioactive honey.png

An overgrown nuclear power plant for a toxic waste themed character

vaporwave city.png

A vaporwave city... Probably couldve made it look prettier if i'd got to moon lord on this character and built the colour filtering pillars

And, saving my favourite build for last...


A huge base I built with what i think was my second moon-lord defeating character over a naturally-spawning lake. I started with the three small houses above the chests on the center-right and gradually expanded as I played through the game. I built the castle tower in early-mid hardmode iirc.​

I probably have some other builds on my computer somewhere but yeah! These are the ones i could find screenshots for. Thanks for checking them out! <3


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