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**REPORTED** Some pets stick way too close to player

Mental Mouse

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So far I've noted this with two OOA pets,, the Dragon Egg and Gato Egg. They hover at the player's shoulder, and follow closely at all times, often behind the player as they move. Aside from blocking nearby scenery, this just doesn't look properly "pet like". Heck, even my Magic Lantern trails behind a little bit as I move around. Even on a minecart at full speed, the offending pets stay perhaps a cart-length behind.

It's not just "all flying pets" either -- e.g., the Zephyr Fish and Shark Bait both have reasonable movement patterns.


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The OOA pets specifically followed in a different manner from other pets, by design, though I don't remember exactly why now. Probably had to do with matching their behavior in DD2.

Mental Mouse

Oh well. In 1.3, iirc they still didn't wander as much as some, but they did give the character a little more breathing room.
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