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Story Some Things Never Change

So for some small hint of background, this story takes place in the year 2029 and the biological corporation ExCell is the number one leading company when it comes to supplying medication as well as supplying the newest technology innovation. Computers are outdated technology. The newest innovation within technology are augmentations, which allow for surpassing the physical limitations of one's body as well as interfacing with technology in entirely new ways. However of course what the public receives is heavily delayed, and the newest innovations are given to the military long before the public can ever hope to see them. Our particular story follows a disgraced soldier by the name of Sergeant Lydia Shepard.

Location: ExCell Maximum Security Prison
Date: 07/13/29
People Involved: Edge May: Private Journalist, Sergeant Lydia: Convicted Fugitive

Sergeant Lydia stood on the other side of a transparent barrier with a table on one side, her arms and legs replaced by advanced prosthetic limbs. Her eyes had a type of shimmer to them that made it seem as if they too were modified. Behind her was a rather simple chair, and the table was on the side closest to Edge with a data pod and stylus laid neatly on it. "Lydia isn't it? I was contacted about your last request. You wanted to let people know your story, right?" She examined him for a second more before she nodded and sat down in the chair waiting for him to get ready before she started to speak.

"They say that everything changes, and it's easy enough to believe. We make new innovations and discoveries every day and most of us rarely ever look back. Every now and then, someone does occasionaly look back and they notice the truth. Some things never change, least of all war. Now especially they say it's changed, because we are the weapons. Soldiers have been augmented and experimented on, designed to be ruthless killing machines. But there's something that the lab heads just never seem to realize: a soldier isn't a weapon. A soldier thinks and feels and...regrets. Looking back at it all now I don't suppose I'm looking for an apology. I'm just looking to make sure that you understand ahead of time: I did what I did because I felt I had to, and when my story's done I'll spend the rest of my life in this cell." Sergeant Lydia leaned backwards in the chair with a sigh, thinking about where to begin, readjusting herself ever so slightly.

"Where it all started? Probably with Project Ascension. Heh. I'm sure they don't want me to tell you about that, but it doesn't really matter now does it? I'm already convicted for Assassination. Anyway though, Project Ascension was the program in which they decided the every day augments weren't enough. They started working on specialized military augments but they ran into a problem rather quickly. They used some kind of new element or some similar bull:red: to properly meld the augments with their soldiers, and...well let's just say it didn't work out the way they wanted. After researching into it some more they came to the conclusion that it required a very rare gene in order to result in...positive effects. I was one of seven soldiers with the gene. The other six, they're all dead now by the way." She seemed sad as she said that, pausing to recollect her thoughts once more. "I killed two of them. I had no choice you see, they were exposed to the element's raw influence. It drove them insane...it makes me wonder if...if maybe we could've saved them...?" She shook her head to clear her thoughts before she looked back at Edge.

"I was the strongest of the seven soldiers. The gene occurred naturally in me. At the time we were led to believe it occurred naturally in all of us, but later I realized the truth. The other six were....experiments. Their parents injected themselves with an experimental chemical during the pregnancy cycle. I was an experiment as well, but it was different. I already had the gene in my DNA, so all the chemical did was increase it's strength." Lydia raised her hand to look at it, examining it carefully. Her fingers moved seamlessly and quickly, and they looked like her hand might have looked. Nothing like most prosthetics. Most prosthetic limbs were either very very inefficient, or they looked nothing like your traditional hand. "The best of the best, for their perfect little toy. The others couldn't go as far as I did. As you can see I replaced the majority of my original body with ExCell replacements. I replaced my arms in the first stages of the program. My legs were lost in a 'covert' operation in some god damned desert, and they had to be replaced as well. As for other replacements....most of my bones were replaced with a special alloy they cooked up. My lungs were modified to allow me run faster and breath in even the deadliest gases. They made me to be a weapon. Made me to kill, tried to cut my humanity away. I'm more machine than I am human...but all the same they failed." Lydia looked at Edge as she considered before she reached her decision.

"I know where to start. Operation Rising Flame. The first mission that they sent all seven of us on. A field test they called it. Judging by the terms of that time, it was a suicide mission. For us...it was a piece of cake. It would have been a simple in and out...but Alyssa lost it."
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