Some tips on how to get good at building

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So first off I’m not going to get you to get super good at building, I’m just going to give you some tips, and it depends on how you take it and you could get better, and you could get really good from trying, so anyways here are some tips.

Note that the first paragraph was meant to be a message on my profile, I decided to change that and honestly don’t want to change it(because well I’m lazy and don’t want to mess it up lol)

Sometimes people say that they can’t build good, and look at those really good builders and get really sad that they can’t improve, but the fact is that they can’t improve because they aren’t trying anything, in fact don’t compare ourself to other builders, you could look at other builder’s ways they build, and try making your own way of using them and stuff, and you could try doing things.

You got to have something at least in mind, things can change while building, but if you have a general idea of what it might be what you make that would be good, you don’t need to know exactly the outline of the building, that comes when you build.

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes they can end up helping your build improve, let’s say you are making a build with nature stuff or whatever, you don’t want everything to be even, you want everything to be sort of messy, and mistakes could end up helping in these cases(especially with trees)

Try things, you need to try different things together and stuff, and you should try styles you think you might not like, cause until you try them you don’t know how they actually look, so yeah, don’t be afraid to try

Don’t try to make things too circular or square, just make a mix of things.

Use supports for building, although it isn’t needed it looks nice

This one goes to @Khaios for him coming up with this foundation idea, you make a foundation by breaking blocks under the building and put walls like the building and stuff(I would recommend watching khaios’s videos in build tips and foundations) but I don’t really like using them all the time, I may use them sometimes I may not

This is the most important step of all, paint!! Use paint on things, t helps everything go together easier, paint literally is the best thing ever it is really hard to not use paint in buildings.

Anyways just want to say these are some steps that may help you, if you need any help with some things feel free to ask, just note I’m not like super ultra good with building. Also if there are any other builders out there, feel free to reply with some tips, I’ll edit them in, including your name, and if you want to you could help people who have questions too(if I’m not available or I can’t quite know what to say)

edit: this isn’t necessarily a tip but it might be who knows lol... umm so if you have nothing in mind... just start building something random with random blocks of you choosing and put them together, and just maybe you will actually have made something you did not think you could do.
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Just go to a Server dedicated to Building (not a Server that supports Building) and attempt to rise the ranks through skill evaluation.

There are some really good Builders in some servers.
That’s the thing I don’t know how all of the blocks look like so I may take random blocks and mash them together and try making something good, I got stuck using same style for a while. But once I tried other things I started seeing other ways to build, also the build isn’t always going to be like what you imagined it, it never is for me
I've resorted to using TEedit so I can see all the block types and building in there. Only downfall is that painted blocks/walls don't show up correctly so I have to go into Terraria to double check that it looks ok.

I'm busy prepping for the 1.4 release on console. Can't wait to start a new world and get some (Hopefully) awesome builds done.
Here's a few suggestions that I'd personally give on building stuff in Terraria.

Before you build, ask these five (5) questions first!
  1. What is the build/ structure for [it's main purpose] and how will it be used?
  2. How much "traffic" will you be expecting around that area [will it be light, or heavily populated]?
  3. What Biome or specified Location do you prefer the build to be in?
  4. Will there be any NPCs living there, and if so, which/ who?
  5. What are the top three (3) materials, colors, items or Furniture items you want for the build?
Prioritizing how the structure will be used, should inform most of your "design choices", because I personally believe that "functionality" is much more superior to "appearance". A big, pretty, and elaborate structure that doesn't do anything is a lot less interesting than a decent-looking one that brings your Map to life.

A simple HOIK Elevator system [eww, I said HOIK 🤢🤮], will always be superior to a MASSIVE, Taj Mahal-like structure that you can't even explore. Think functionality, functionality, functionality, that's the hard part. Making something look "pretty" is the easiest, you can just look online for inspiration almost anywhere...

I could go on forever, but I think finding your own style with "functionally" should be a top priority, seeing as how there's so many moving parts in a Terraria World at any given time [I once built a Penguin Town by total accident. Penguins were moving in cross-Biome, because my original focus was to simply make an accessible crosswalk for NPCs like an air-bridge via Skyscraper Buildings, that was all it was intended to do. To my surprise, the NPCs it was originally intended for used it less than the Penguins].
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