Xbox 360 Son deleted wrong world

Discussion in 'Console Technical Support' started by DaZer01337, May 17, 2018.

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    My 9 year old son deleted the main world where he and his sister and friends play. It isn't uploaded to the cloud (his account isn't LIVE), but it was on a usb stick. As soon as he realized what he did he was devastated. Is there ANYWAY to restore the world? ALL their most important gear/housing etc is on that world. Please tech gods I need help...
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    Hi @DaZer01337, you mentioned that the world was saved on a usb stick. Did you have the world saved locally AND it was on a usb stick? If so, you can copy the world from the usb stick to your 360. Here are instructions from Xbox:

    Or, was the only copy of the world on a usb stick and it was deleted from there? If so, there’s no way to restore it unless you have a copy of the world somewhere else.