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[Sorry, my mistake, not actually a bug] Guide not respawning despite housing conditions met.

Steam or GOG
Single Player/Multiplayer
Operating System
Windows 10
Terraria Version
Controls Used
I have a Journey Mode world that I use to practice boss fights. I have fought the Wall of Flesh five times consecutively, and was about to do a sixth attempt. I set my time slider to 24x just so that the Guide can respawn quickly, and he has done so successfully in the previous four times. Unfortunately, for no apparent reason, he failed to respawn after the fifth fight. I checked the house to see if something glitched and made his house invalid, but it remains valid. I also tried setting my time speed to normal (1x) and waiting for a while but it did not respawn. The screenshot shows me inside the house that the Guide is supposed to be in. According to the housing query, it is valid, However, many in-game days passed and still no Guide.
I just figured out what actually happened. There was a goblin invasion that is supposed to happen but I missed the message. Also, the invasion progress bar did not appear since (1) I was in the underworld the whole time before going up, and (2) enemy spawns were disabled at the moment I went up to the surface. The invasion apparently blocked town NPC respawning. When I defeated the invasion, town NPCs are able to spawn again.
P.S. I killed my Merchant, Clothier and Zoologist too during that time and they also failed to respawn, appearing only after I beat said invasion. I guess that confirms that the invasion is the culprit.
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