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Soundsystem (Music Box upgrade)

Is the Soundsystem a good idea or not?

  • Yes

    Votes: 7 100.0%
  • No

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  • No, but I can make it better (please post how)

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Eye of Cthulhu
I am a big fan of music boxes, and obsessively collect them, for no apparent reason. However, in each segment of music, I can find sections that would sound great together, but there is just one problem: The segments are on different tracks. So, to fix this problem, I present to you the Soundsystem:
"A miracle of science and Sound"
Allows for selective playing of tracks
Made from 10 Hallowed bars and 5 identical music boxes at a Mythril/orichalum anvil

With the Soundsystem you can Select an area for the Soundsystem to be played. This is done by moving two bars, inside which the song repeats.
A sprite for the Soundsystem would be appreciated.
Idea vaguely stolen from @Laluzi:
Sound dampers
limits the range of any music boxes or Soundsystems inside a box of the Dampers
Made from 60 silk at a loom (makes 40)
Effect cancels when dampers are actuated out
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Oh, that would be fantastic. I'm not sure how feasible that would be to code, since it... doesn't edit sound files, exactly, but it makes things much more complex than just picking a track and playing it - but it's something I'd love to see in-game.

There is one additional thing I'd personally like to see for music boxes and all potential evolutions, and that's customizable areas. Sometimes there are specific rooms I'll want to give music to - like the jungle BGM in a garden, or dungeon music playing in a castle's basement and torture chamber. As it is, though, these will spread to adjacent areas or overlap each other, and usually I just give up on the attempt. I'd assume the max range of each box wouldn't change, but perhaps if the sound system could let you pick which blocks within its radius would be affected? That might also be unfeasible, but I can dream.
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