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  1. Basa

    Basa Terrarian

    Spears++ focuses on adding more vanilla friendly spears into the game.
    The mod currently adds 9 simple new pre-hardmode spears.

    Wooden Spear: [​IMG]
    Copper Spear: [​IMG]
    Tin Spear: [​IMG]
    Iron Spear: [​IMG]
    Lead Spear: [​IMG]
    Tungsten Spear: [​IMG]
    Silver Trident: [​IMG]
    Gold Trident: [​IMG]
    Platinum Trident: [​IMG]

    *The sprites may change in the future*


    The mod can be downloaded via the "Mod Browser" option.

    I'm not a spriter, that's why the sprites may look a little bit off.
    This is aslo my first mod, for further suggestions what to add in the future just comment in this thread. I would also love to work with some other people to make this mod even better. This mod will probably be a small part of a bigger mod that i will work in the future.The goal of the bigger mod is to improve the pre-hardmode content with vanilla like items/npc's and bosses.

    Version history:
    - v0.1.2: Website added
    Platinum Trident Sprite Update
    Silver Spear changed to Silver Trident
    Icon update
    - v0.1.1: Release
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  2. Sora_92

    Sora_92 Terrarian

    looks fancy and decent.
    and sounds like a good idea, considering the lack of craftable spears pre-hardmode.
    didn't tried it yet, but maybe will try later. but the sprites look cool!
  3. Basa

    Basa Terrarian

    Thanks, i'll try to add some more cool spears soon. :)
  4. Mako75

    Mako75 Terrarian

    I think basic versions of spears for most or all vanilla metals would be a good idea, and sword-staffs for all but tin and copper.
  5. Omega Derpling

    Omega Derpling Spazmatism

    Why is the silver spear a trident but not the tungsten one? Tungsten generally has higher stats...