[Sprites] Magic Surfboard mount

Discussion in 'Items' started by Baconfry, Sep 29, 2014.


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  1. Baconfry

    Baconfry Official Terrarian

    Just a fun little thing I came up with. This item drops from Duke Fishron with a 5% chance, and summons a rideable wave mount.

    Now, how the hell would that work?

    At rest:


    While moving:


    And speed is greatly increased when moving through water (automatically grants Water Walking). It can jump, too; sprites for that won't differ by too much (all that needs to be done is to remove the flat bottom).
    In addition, it gets the Hoverboard's ability to travel through the air horizontally, but lacks flight time and slow fall. When riding it over lava or honey, the liquids are treated as if they came in contact with water. This can be used for a fast hellbridge.

    So I just wanted to suggest this as a sort of novelty (and to say "Hey, I can sprite"). How is it looking? Any feedback would be good.
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  2. Otaku

    Otaku Eye of Cthulhu

    I really like the water,this is a great suggestion:D
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  3. Zombie

    Zombie Terrarian

  4. SilverBird

    SilverBird Skeletron Prime

    this is a bit off topic, but oceans should have waves...
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  5. Hunited

    Hunited Official Terrarian

    Those waves look totally rad!
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  6. Lt. Chapwisely

    Lt. Chapwisely The Destroyer

    Maybe jumping would change the height of the wave. And the wave could push enemies or maybe even hurt them.
  7. Zapperzap

    Zapperzap Official Terrarian

    Seems really interesting, awesome spites btw!
  8. Tetrahedron

    Tetrahedron Steampunker

    One change. Recolor it to look like the other Duke Fishron items. Other than that, I love it!
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  9. Lecic

    Lecic Steampunker

    It's amazing. Agree with @owenlego_10, it should have a fishron color scheme.
  10. Baconfry

    Baconfry Official Terrarian

    Like this?
    magicsurfboard.png magicsurfboarditem.png
  11. Tetrahedron

    Tetrahedron Steampunker

  12. Wilson

    Wilson Plantera


    Also if you summon it under water to should quickly float you to the surface
  13. Enjl

    Enjl Cultist

    @Lt. Chapwisely has the right idea. This doesn't seem to useful for me if it wouldn't also hurt enemies. By the time you get this you don't really have to worry about building hellbridges or water puddles in general, because you might just have Lava Waders, Gills Potions, Water Walking Potions or Obsidian Skin Potions.
    Having this as a more combat oriented type of "wings" by, when in water, sending these waves, and when in the air, sending water downwards which hurts enemies and also converts honey and lava into Obsidian and Honey Blocks, seems more useful to me:
    [​IMG] (hello i can sprite too)

    Of course, since we already have Fishron wings dropping from fishron, these'd be weaker in terms of flight power. Maybe Jetpack of Leaf/Ghost/Frost/Fire Wings tier?
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  14. What wow good idea. Support I really would like to be in one of a wave.
  15. Theo

    Theo Plantera

    I wish this gets implemented. It'd be fun. [​IMG]
  16. OneOnlyDan

    OneOnlyDan Plantera

    While @Emral seems to want this to be some sort of damaging kind of wings, I just see this as a fun end-game item that just kinda exists for fun, like the Unicorn On A Stick.
    I need dis! :3

    (The Unicorn On A Stick isn't end-game and neither does it have any effect other than visual diference, but it still works as a comparison item)
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  17. SilverBird

    SilverBird Skeletron Prime

    We should also have a surfboard item we can get from completing fishing quests that can be placed as a decorative item.
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  18. chocolatecake5000

    chocolatecake5000 Terrarian

    I like it. Mounts are cool!
  19. togofett

    togofett Terrarian

    Dude this is like totally rad! Full support!
  20. Your Conscience

    Your Conscience Official Terrarian

    A surfboard? And with the water walking effect you can actually surf? And as of 1.3 you'll be able to attack at the same time? I APPROVE!