tModLoader Starvation - No 'Well Fed' buff = harm

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    Requires Mod Helpers

    See title. Also, you begin with 3 bowls of soup, and your Well Fed buff depletes 2x as quickly. Configurable.

    NEW! (as of v1.3): Food spoilage is now an option in the config settings. Set "FoodSpoilageEnabled": true to enable. IMPORTANT: Due to a limitation with tModLoader, ALL food items will be set to maximum stack size of 1, once this setting is enabled. All existing food stacks will be permanently unstackable (but retain their quantity). You have been warned.

    NEW! (as of v1.4): Added Unlife Crystals. Reduces max hp by 20. Returns a Life Crystal on use.

    NEW! (as of v2.0): Added setting to enable ingredient spoilage, tupperware items to store stacks of spoilable food or ingredients (drops from skeletons by default), and food expiration inside containers. Also tweaked some vanilla food values and the Pumpkin Pie recipe now requires Hay, Blinkroot Seeds, and Mashed Pumpkin (crafted from regular pumpkin). Also, items that fully spoil permanently turn to Rot, now.

    Source available. API available. Config settings here.


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  2. Sir AFK

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    Looks really nice. Good work.
  3. Goblin Turncoat

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    Probably the easiest possible way to implement a hunger system, nice.
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  5. Zilophos

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    Love it. Having a good time running it with Overhaul and Stamina.
    Do you have any plans to expand on it? Like a Starbound style hunger system, with added foods/farming?
  6. hamstar

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    That's something I could do as a separate mod, but not right now. Too much on my plate, without reimbursement.
  7. Sadness

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    Nice mod!

    I've got an idea! What about adding smoked food, so it didn't spoil for much longer time (using the chimney as crafting table)
  8. hamstar

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    Interesting, but there's already tupperware for food stacking and preservation.

    Do you want this in addition?
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