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Sticky's Quality of Life & World Building Ideas


So after mucking about on the Terraria Discord and seeing that suggestions get lost in the general chat flow, seen or not, as well as Cenx herself saying that it's probably best to make a thread about it, that I shall do! So, I know 1.3.6 is a QoL patch, as well as tuning up much of the game, and I have plenty ideas for that, as well as general ideas that I feel could fit in fairly easily. So, without further ado:

My Ideas
So various sounds are a bit lackluster or non-existent in Terraria. Yes, there are a great deal of them so far and what is currently in the game are very nice, but I feel like we could improve upon them a great deal:

Jungle Ambiance - The Jungle is a biome full of life and weird vibrant creatures, especially in hard mode; every bit of grass has the potential to pop out a sluggy, grubby, or buggy, right? So, naturally, the jungle must be teeming with insects! I would imagine birds would be a bit odd past about Underground level, but maybe not!
Here's a good sample of which it could potentially sound like: Jungle Insects Gibbons Toukan And Birds The Morning (Name of the File)

Bee Hive Ambiance - More or less an offshoot of the above, a telling sign you're near a hive, or already in one, could be the buzzing of bees within the hive, or buzzing when near them in whatever direction the hive is in!
Similarly, a sample of what it could sound like: Bees Bee Hive Insect Insects Landing Zone Close Ortf Stereo

Grasshopper/Worm Nearby Ambiance - This one was a bit hard to nail down, not sure if the mechanics for the creation of worms and grasshoppers is based per generated blades of grass, or it's based on the rules of breaking has a chance of spawning one. Whichever the case, having a subtle indicator that they are there or a prime spot to break grass to find them, like say having a large plane of flatland with grass growing there in the purity, would be awesome.
Potential sample(minus the birds): Insects Slender Meadow Katydid Close Up On Single Individual Late Afternoon Late July Birds And Wind In Background (Name of the File)

Crickets at Night - One I have seen immediate interest in on Discord is the sounds of crickets at night. Self explanatory really! could be a more intense one for the surface jungle with more critters than just that, like more frog ambiance.
Sample: Crickets Clean

Better Digging Sounds for Bigger/Smaller Worms - So every worm-type enemy, bar Wyverns for obvious reasons, has the same sound when it's burrowing and depends on it's speed. That seems rather odd to me. With the report of seismic activity from the Destroyer and the size of the Eater of Worlds, you'd think their sounds would be a bit different. Especially Destroyer, he's a big metal boi! Can't say I know how to pick good samples for this, but I think it would fit if there were sounds that were dependent on the worm enemies in question. Even the brief digging the truffle worm does.
Sample for Destroyer specifically: FOLEY SMALL STONES DIGGING THROUGH 01 (Name of the File)

Rare Mob Indication Sounds - Now, don't get me wrong, the accessory that points out nearby rare creatures does a great job, but for some, like Tim, the Nymph and Martian Probe(especially this one), having them make unique sounds when they're near by would add another layer of potential spotting, as well as add even more immersion!
Sample for Martial Probe: Space Transmission 04 SFXBible Ss06082

Space Ambiance - So, technically, there's not really proper sound in space, iirc. BUT! For a game like Terraria, where the Underworld exists and floating islands on clouds do, why not have an ambiance specific for space? Could have all sorts of weird sounds based upon what lurks among the stairs, like aliens and other celestial beings.
Sample: Spaces Space Atmospheres 06

More Varied Rain - I have personally had worlds where it rains every 10 IRL minutes, sometimes for in-game hours on end. Hearing the same rain sound again and again and again is a little grating. Especially with how the main rain track is a little fuzzy. More variety to the rain(including thunder free tracks) would be nice for how frequent this can be.

Wood Creaking Around Giant Trees - With how big giant trees can be, having such titans of wood would make sense having them creek from the elements, perhaps more frequently with upcoming wind! Could be low and more rumble-like, or be closer to the sample provided. Either way, it would be a nice addition! Heck, maybe it even does it for large enough amounts of wood blocks in place for even buildings and such!
Sample: Creak Wood Movement Slow Small BLASTWAVEFX 02232
Puff Upon Item Destroyed by Lava - A simple thing really, an audio notification that something has gone up in smoke. Literally!

Shallow Water Splashes - The same water noise every time something hits it can be a little grating, why not have it be varied based on the amount of water/size of the surface?

Footsteps - This would be a huge one. I'm not specifically saying for the player, but some enemies, even some without feet, making contact would be nice on the ears. Slimes would splat, zombies would shuffle, and so on and so forth. This would likely be a massive undertaking, but it would be wonderful immersion, especially if done very quietly and subtly!

Enemy Specific Sounds - Similar to the above, but for things like Hornets, Bats, Demons; stuff like wings beating and the like! Sounds for things like imp fireballs compared to waterbolts, more varied enemy action sounds, all sorts of goodness!

Spark for Failed Wire Circuits - A true audio-related way to tell if something you set up with wires and switches didn't work! A sort of failure fizzle would be a nice addition.
Sample: Sound Design Electrical Accent Spark Jolt 01 SFXBible Ss05856

More Weapon Unique Sounds - As small as it is, things like the Wand of Sparking doesn't really have a 'spark' to it. The Book of Skulls could benefit from a sort of bone/wood cracking sound. For as varied as our sounds for these already are, there's a surprising amount that could use some love if you go digging through them!

Sounds for Chains, Grappling Hook Lengths and Flails - When you use chains, be it the rope-like object, grappling hooks or flails, there's no kind of sound except the basic throwing sound! Something like this sample could be good for it, maybe longer and slower depending on the speed or length of what you're using!
Sample: Chain B Impacts 04

Sounds for Rope Use - For as big as ropes were when introduced, they're basically soundless when you're using them, and sometimes you can fail to notice you weren't holding onto one at all! We should fix this! Could be based upon the material of the rope, or chain, and could be a longer or shorter sound based upon how far you travel!
Sample: Rope Pull Slow Single BLASTWAVEFX 12712

More Material-Based Mining Sounds - We have this to an extent, but it's so basic. Metal/Stone blocks do the one metal sound, dirt and mud and such do the one thud sound, ice and snow stuff do the one tick sound and glass-like blocks do the one glass break sound. Some more variety here would be nice! For example, the sample here could be for not-quite metal/stone blocks, like say mud bricks, snow bricks, hardened sand, etc.

Mining Failure Sound - When you fail to mine a block, rather than hitting it over and over and it making the mine-like noise anyways, a sound plus maybe stagger animation and/or sweat flying animation from your character would be nice!

Stylist Hair Change Sound - Pretty self explanatory! A specific hair-cut like sound whenever you change your hair!
Sample: Scissors Small Metal Snip Cut Paper Fienup 001
Some basic ideas to spice up some of the things already in the game, or other small additions that add to the atmosphere of biomes, builds, you name it:

Mud Hole - A mini-biome of sorts like the soon-to-be oasis, but for the purity! The Mud Hole would be a very shallow pool of water turned brown by mud(Least that BETTER be mud...) in a biome other than the jungle or mushroom. It could contain various reeds and roots, and the surrounding tiles near it would often be rife with worms and mushrooms. But, the main attraction of this biome with be pigs. Another critter, mostly pink, but often having other colors too, like black and white or brown. After all, how do pigrons even come about if the world of Terraria doesn't even have pigs!?

Eastern Grotto - The eastern grotto would be a rare mini-biome that spawns specifically on the eastern side of the map within purity. These places could be the source of a lot of the bamboo seen in spoilers, perhaps a place to obtain seeds to grow it. ...Only on the east side of the map, however! In addition to the dense bamboo thicket surrounding these grotto, trees would be pink and likely have their own style to them, perhaps longer branches but still within the normal tree specifications? Could be a source of Dynasty Wood aside the Traveling Merchant, or could be it's own type of wood even! Effectively, Japanese/Eastern Asian inspired landscape fit into a biome. Maybe a rice crop of sorts could grow here too?

Frozen Water In Snow Biome - For the love of the Moon Lord, give us frozen surfaces in the Snow biome on exposed water in that biome. It just makes sense. Maybe it's frozen past a specific surface-based depth?

Abandoned Igloo - A small snow brick and block construct in the snow biome that is a similar construct to the pyramid only way smaller. Inside would be a unique snow-specific chest rather than a frozen chest that has potentially hand warmers inside, ice torches, fish and other interesting loot comparable to an early game chest but still snow-themed!

Giant Boreal/Ebonwood/Shadewood/Palm Trees - We have regular wood and mahogany, living trees for the other biomes would be wonderful. Being able to turn trees with the Clementator would be nice as well! Wouldn't change the loot or furniture potentially in lower sections though.

Coral Reef - A coral-dense area of hardened sand and coral blocks packed with water chests probably up until the underground area, if not full blown caverns! An underwater biome potential akin to an ocean-themed granite or marble. I was thinking that coral could grow from the blocks there at a rapid rate, and it likely has many water chests within it's depths. Yes, I know mods have done a sort of version like this, but we have coral and coral blocks, why not spice up the ocean floor a bit?

Infectious/Coagulated Mushroom - When it comes to the Corruption/Crimson, the jungle biome and mushroom biomes seem to just revert to dirt which then allows for spreading. When it comes the mushroom biome, this is actually kind of a disappointment! Fungi love to siphon and shift resources about, good or bad, in their efforts to sustain themselves. So having infected(Corrupt) or coagulated(Crimson) mushrooms that actually spread these biomes a little faster would actually make sense! This would be essentially what the Crimson or Corruption do for the desert biome, but for the mushroom one. Besides, the idea of mushroom blood zombies or even faster mushroom afflicted purple Corruption themed zombies like something out of the Last of Us sounds pretty amazing. Besides, red/purple glowing mushrooms non-painted would be pretty awesome!

Tainted/Bloodied Jungle - As alluded to with the mushrooms idea, the Jungle basically just converts to dirt to spread Corruption or Crimson. That's kind of weak, to be honest. I could see Corrupt and Crimson versions of the jungle, with potentially recolored mobs and maybe even a version of Plantera or just recolor for it as well for Corrupt/Crimson Jungle. There are many things that could be done, and for once I'd prefer the developers decide what might fit for this.

Hallowed Mushroom - As the name would imply, a Hallowed version of the mushroom biome would be a welcome addition. I could imagine a version of the mushroom biome where the mud-grass slowly pulsates and changes colors, like a rainbow, while the mushrooms grown on it's surface are an array of pastel colors(like the leafs on the Hallowed trees), all the mushroom spots a matching and slowly shifting rainbow of colors. Best part is, you could have a bunch of interesting and still Hallow theme'd enemies! Imagine being accosted by gnomes and strange looking mushroom-style mimics that let out big clouds of confusion-inducing spores! So much fun to be had, and how pretty this could be!

Hallowed Jungle - Hallowed version of the above Jungle idea. I feel similarly to the same idea above, but I would love to see the forces of nature become even more hostile as light and the need to protect their colorful home kicks in. Could have things like mandrakes that could cause confusion using a radius-based scream, maybe actually finding pygmys that fight you, since we have armor and summons based off of them already! Maybe a treant sort of mini-boss like the paladin is for the dungeon?
Animations can be a little stiff in Terraria, same with movement. Now, I'm not suggesting for new animations 100% for the player outside of maybe arms, because that would require EVERY bit of cosmetic attached to the models to have new states added:

Sideways Faster Rope Travel - Okay, not gonna lie, moving sideways on a rope sucks. Like genuinely sucks. Given the little pulley type thing we have naturally, I think rather than that slow rope-by-rope shimmy we have, we could effectively move side to side better if we treated it more like a zip line. Speaking of...

Zip Lines(Diagonal Ropes) - I'm not sure how difficult it would be to code in, but diagonal and/or slouched ropes would be a wonderful addition, especially if they are affected by gravity to an extent, like we can only ride lower diagonal ropes rather than being able to ride them upwards. Although maybe we can anyways? Honestly, the rope pulley is an odd thing we have...

Pulley Slot - Banking off the above ideas to an extent, a customization slot for that rope device would be nice; we already have such a thing for minecarts, so why not pulleys that are even faster? Or pulleys that can let you travel the above diagonal ropes faster? Or pulleys where you won't get knocked off if you take damage? I personally would love being able to travel ropes on a living rainbow pulley, haha.

Travel Tilt - No, not in anger that you did get those Hermes Boots early! What I'm talking about is closer to being related to the above rope stuff. This would really show the most heading sideways or diagonally anyways! Basically, you would travel sideways, likely via faster pulley, and your model would lean back from where you're holding the pulley, as if all the weight of your character is being tugged back from how fast you're traveling along by hand pulley. Hopefully I described it decently...

Upside Down Half Block - We have half blocks for the floor, so could we get them for the ceiling too? Pretty straight forwards. We already have silliness where we can fit into 1 block wide gaps with the grappling hook. I could imagine these allowing you to technically create a two block wide tunnel, but since the top and bottom are half blocks, you can still fit inside!

Failed Mining Animation - We've all been there at the start, trying to mine that glowing red/purple ore and the surrounding ebonstone/crimstone, only to have it do nothing. Why not an animation of a brief stagger from hitting said material and making zero progress? Could even have a unique sound to accompany it!
We have quite a lot of vanity stuff already, but there's plenty of potential from both newer games and games not yet referenced! Also, a few more cosmetic features wouldn't hurt:
Hair Highlights - With how much customization you can get over hair with dyes and using a familiar wig with armor dyes, we have a lot of options. But surprisingly, we're missing one of the more common options! It would be a bit of an undertaking, especially with how much hair both would need tweaks and need to be adjusted for animations, but having a dye or even an optional slot for highlights would be cool! Then you could have almost twice the customization using said features! Otherwise, we really don't have that amazing of choices for bi or even multiple color hairs!

More Hair Styles - We have many styles with the Stylist, but more could always be welcome, especially as we can copy certain styles and not get in trouble like with a certain Sailor Moon look! Examples: Cloud Strife's original spiky hair from FF7, certain Dragon Ball/Z/Super character hairs(Super Saiyan 3 anyone?), Yugioh hair styles, etc! Although, I'd love more general selection, like better super straight hairs that fan backwards from motion(think really long oriental hair styles), better curly hairs, hairs that are almost as big as the character themselves, if not bigger, etc!

More Monster Vanity Options - No, not talking about for monsters themselves! I'm talking about things like the Lamia tail! Having more cosmetics dropped by more monsters would be awesome. For example, getting a snail shell from the giant snails, maybe a fake arrow/sword stabbed cosmetic for zombies who were just phoning in battle damage and scorpion tails from sand crawlers and such! Not gonna lie, bouncing around with the body of a slime while also in the king slime mask would be awesome! Heck, maybe have a slime-related animated dripping armor~?

Folded Up Newspaper & Tin Foil Hats - Self explanatory. OR MAYBE THIS SUGGESTION IS A CONSPIRACY!!!

More & Better Capes - NO CAPES! ...Well, we already have them, so too late. However, most of them are nice at best and average at worst. More and more animated capes would be nice, especially with things like wind coming up.

More Hair Clips/Accessories - We have nice things like the jungle rose, obsidian rose, and mermaid shell, but more decorative hair attachments would be loved! Things like Neptune's D-pad clips from Hyperdimension Neptunia, more flowers, maybe even things like saplings and Hakurei Reimu's hair tubes!

Ribbons - We need more ribbons! Back of the head ribbons, top of the head ribbons, front of the head ribbons. All the ribbons! Heck, even an arm ribbon would be cool!

'Diaper' Hat - 'What's a toe hoe?' More Touhou rep please! For how some boss fights can feel like a bullet hell, it only makes sense!

Kimono Sleeves - You know those really long sleeves that you wear along with kimonos? It's a shame we don't have those! Especially with how pretty they can be!

More Kimonos/Fancy Kimono - With how varied these can be, having one with attempted patterns or colors only makes sense! The most obvious one would be a pink and white with cherry blossoms, but I can understand how doing such things can be difficult in limited pixels.

Shrine Maiden Garb - Just in general! There's soooo many shrine maidens in all sorts of things, and having a proper vanity set for it would be awesome! Not to be confused with Hakurei Reimu stuff, that's actually a bit of an altered shrine maiden garb. Not that that's a bad thing~

Dirndl Blouse/Tavern Wench Garb - Thought I was only about Japanese/oriental stuff? Nah! We have the Tavernkeep, so while having an NPC just for themes would be a bit silly, having the ability to dress up like a traditional tavern wench would be nice!

Animated Tail Accessories - We have a couple items, like the lamia tail, that replace legs with a leg-sized sort of different limb. But we have a surprising lack of vanity related to things like tails! Fox tails, demon tails, dog tails, cat tails... all we really have are the costume versions for Halloween! Having more with cute wagging animations would be adorable! Could even have things like double tails or more! Like double cat tails based on a nekomata, or multiple fox tails based on a kitsune! Heck, a wings accessory being 9 tails all writhing around sounds like an awesome idea~!

Health-Based Animated Animal Ears - You know those dyes that change color based on all sorts of factors, one of which being health? Well, imagine a pair of cat/fox/dog/rabbit ears that get progressively lower when your health lowers and perhaps twitch every so often? It'd be both adorable and would add more customization~!

Horns - Having access to various sized horns for your head would be a nice touch! Ram horns, straight horns, demon horns, mismatched horns, you name it! Would make for wonderful vanity items for the head!

Jester Vanity - Self explanatory, and we're heavily due for this with how many awesome jester-themed characters exist out in media.

Star Fall Dye - So based upon the spoiler involving Star Blocks, a dye to match or maybe one that's a little more animated would be cool! I was thinking something like a dark blue base color with star-shapes slowly spanning across the surface of whatever the dye is applied to. Could also be a cool hair dye concept!

Bubbling Dye - This dye would essentially be bubbles that travel up whatever the surface of the dyed item is, reaching the top, and then gently popping just off the surface of the dyed item with white frothy little bubbles!

Soapy Bubbling Dye - Same as the bubbling dye but pink!

Inferno Bubbling Dye - Same as the above two bubbling dyes, but much slower and potentially bigger bubbles with a dark red, orange and brown combination of colors.

Sparkling Twinkle Dye - 'I didn't get this off a vampire!' - Essentially a dye that mimics the sparkle effect of alloys found in the world, but on a much more frequent and intense scale.

Rainbow Sparkling Twinkle Dye - Same as above but with rainbow colors!

Cherry Blossom Dye - Basically a dye of pink petals that drift down the surface of the dyed item, perhaps on a white or different shade of pink 'background'. Or perhaps even sky blue 'background'!

Leaf Dye - With how trees spew out leafs and the new wind mechanic blowing them around, something similar to the above but with leafs sounds wonderful! Could even have a hair dye version that changes color depending on the biome you're in!

Fall Leaf Dye - Orange-Red-Gold version of the leaf dye.

Health Silk Dye - 'Don't lose your way!' A reference to Kill La Kill. Life Fibers in that series had a cool effect for things involving them, a sort of slow red and black moving series of lines. It honestly was pretty cool and would be a neat effect for a dye! An example is below, it's the best GIF example I could find.

Dramatic Intensity Dye - You know those lines at the edges of the screen in intense movies and animation? Imagine that for your armor, no colors, just the basic lines dramatically shifting across your dyed things.

Headlight Dye - You know when you see cars going fast enough, their lights leave trails? This dye would basically be that effect. Could have multiple different colors for this.

Blur Dye - Imagine a dye that you move and it leaves a blur behind you, kind of like the armor effects that leave an after image, but a flat out blurry trail behind you. Might even add speed blur to all your actions!

Neon Glow Dye - Despite the name, it wouldn't generate light much, if at all. You know those additions to cars that give them neon light under them? I could imagine this being an effect which grants you a strong light under the feet of your character, and then a soft pulsating outline. Could have various colors for this, but I would stick to RGB and maybe White personally.

Black Light Glow Dye - Imagine the above dye, but instead of neon colors, it causes gore effects and creatures near you to glow intensely in response!

Power Level Dye - 'Guide! What does the Dryad say about the world's purity level!?' The reference and implication is obvious. We have dyes that cause effects outside of our characters, so having a dye that gives us an aura would be a wonderful idea! Different colors, multiple colors, could go crazy with this!

Soul Filled Dye - A dye that resembles an ascending/roiling bunch of souls that slide along and slightly outside of whatever you've applied this to.

Green Soul Filled Dye - A green version of the above dye that essentially is a small nod to a moment in Disney's Hercules, as well as a bigger nod to Adventure Time's Mushroom War.

The Four Elements Dye - A dye that cycles through different states over time, a fire-like effect at first, then a wind-like one, then a water-like one and finally an earth based one.
We have quite a lot of these already, and I don't have terribly many ideas for these, at least at the moment, but a few new types would be wonderful:

Blacklight Gemspark Block/Wall - Potential Recipe: Obsidian/Granite + White Gemspark Block - These dark purple/black gemspark bricks would have a unique effect of lighting up gore particles and enemies similar to a Hunter Potion but with a blue-purple tinge to them, possibly inverting their normal colors within radius of the light these put off. The concept is simple, black lights!

Trash Block/Wall - Potential Recipe: Old Shoe + Tin Can + Seaweed(Trash Version) - Something to do with that junk you get while fishing poorly! These blocks would basically allow you to have garbage aesthetic easily, and maybe make a room for a Tax Collector! It'd be essentially like a trash-based version of the coral block, that sort of random assortment of colors and shapes type deal, but all of them resembling some form of garbage. (Hehehe~)

Possessed Block/Wall/Furniture - Having a decoration use for ectoplasm would be quite nice! The idea is simple, you combine ectoplasm with some stone and get a sort of animated block that look like ascending/roiling souls trapped within earthly materials. The color would be the same as ectoplasm, and for furniture, it would essentially be an expansion of the 'gothic' themed furniture you can get from the dungeon, only slightly animated with a sort of possessed look to it. Maybe the clock is a basic clock suspended in mid-air, floating as if possessed? Stuff like that! But also...

Pink/Blue/Green Possessed Dungeon Brick - To tie in with the dungeon theme itself, an interesting idea could be to merge souls with the dungeon bricks themselves, and create a slightly animated version that's of the same pastel nature of ectoplasm, but shares the colors of the dungeon. Would make for interesting builds, especially within the dungeon itself or hell!

Themed Trap Doors & Gates - While recently(6/27/2019) playing, I noticed something: we have trap doors, but nothing about them says 'trap', or really blend in with surroundings at all! Sure, we have accutated blocks for this, to an extent, but having trap doors and gates similar to how we have multiple kinds of doors and blocks would be a lovely and fitting addition! Things like grass covered dirt atop a panel of wood that opens inwards and looks like a square-ish patch of land or draped over greenery, moss covered stone or oddly carved stone to match natural stone around it, leaf covered living wood, etc etc.
Pretty self explanatory here:

Flying Fish Wand - More early game summon weapons would be loved! This one would be gotten from fishing in the purity in the rain! The idea is simple, summon smaller versions of flying fish to fight for you! I mean, they like coming around to annoy the crap out of you anyways, right? Why not have a version you can benefit from? I'd say damage-wise, in my head I have it being a useful tool against a boss like King Slime and maaaaaaybe Eye of Cthulhu? Not a strong weapon, but something akin to the Swordfish or Purple Clubber Fish but for summoners.

Corruption/Crimson Summon - We literally have weapons for every role except summoner when breaking crimson hearts and corruption orbs. Many ways to go about fixing this.

Bomb Sling/Dynamite Sling - An early game 'launcher' that fires bombs/dynamite as ammo that instant-explode on contact with tiles rather than waiting for them to detonate. Probably has a lower mining level, maybe as a price of instantly detonating the bombs? Either way, having a pre-hardmode launched explosive would be pretty nice, especially for breaking through hell cabins when you want to make a Wall of Flesh path but don't want to manually dig through them. Maybe using gel-sticky/bouncy bombs and dynamite as ammo causes an 'on fire' debuff to anything hit by them? Maybe they don't do tile damage when these two versions are used this way!

Super Early Game Gun - Self explanatory. With the differences between bows and guns being almost night and day, having an early gun similar to the wand of sparking and slime staff for the other classes would be fairly nice! Or maybe you can craft them with the pre-hardmode metals?

Slime Armor - An early game armor for summoning that you can craft out of gel/pink gel and boosts summoning abilities. Maybe the set bonus is a friendly Pinky who does more damage than your average slime staff slime and zips around twice as fast?

Ghostly Yo-yo - A yoyo on par or tiny bit worse than the developer ones, but with a twist! Crafted from spectre bars and likely extra ectoplasm, this yoyo would be the first of it's kind to be able to pass through blocks entirely! Sure, maybe a tiny bit strong, but also can be done with things like summons, vilethorn and it's crystal alternative.

Soul Sucking Flail(Thrown) - Thrown flails are an awesome type of weapon, but one that sadly lose their value at around Plantera. As I was thinking up ways to better utilize ectoplasm for more than just the spetre tools and armor, I thought of the yo-yo about, but then I also had a sudden idea for an interesting type of flail. This thrown flail would basically seek out targets that get within a certain range, as if possessed, and then latch onto the enemy and slowly sap HP from them and into you. The catch is, you need to keep holding it and using it for it to work, and the longer you keep it out, the more health you sap. Given it wouldn't do as much damage as many other weapons, it simply would give you sustain at the cost of time to use it, without the dodging level of safety as the vampire knives or anything like that. I'm not sure how broken this would be, but it sounds like a fun item!

Tome of Souls - This would be a magic item that works similarly to the Spirit Flame, only dungeon-themed. You summon flaming skulls that hover in the air and then home in on nearby enemies. It's basically a better/later game version of the Spirit Flame with a dungeon skin, in all honesty. Still, could add interesting adjustments to it!

Pygmy Palanquin - An interesting mount and rare, potentially dropped by Plantera or a rare sell from the Witch Doctor post-Plantera. This mount would basically be a bamboo, vine and nature-themed palanquin carried by faithful pygmy servants. Could have a cute high pitched little 'hup!' noise for each 'step' they take, like a little army ferrying you about. Also, imagine how silly this would sound at high speeds! The fun of this mount could be potentially better block coverage, being able to climb higher slopes and angles but still retain momentum.

Dolphin Harness - A rare mount from fishing or the angler; an earlier game version of a mount way better than water, but literally can't do anything on land aside from a slow little flop. The turtle mount does this to an extent, but here's the fun part with the Dolphin mount: If you jump out from the water while on it, you gain a HUGE burst in height.

Snail Slime Boots - After playing some Terraria once more, I saw how snails defy gravity, as well as jungle bugs. I thought these would be a great idea for an item, a type of accessory that allows you to stick to blocks, unable to be dislodged until you hit the button that allows you to stick in the first place. A sort of interesting combination of gravity reversing without the potion/globe effect and climbing gear, only you can personally travel across the surfaces like a snail rather than needing to jump. I'd imagine these would also lower your movement speed, and maybe have a later game version.
Some gear or items are literally worthless when compared to items or things gained around similar times; maybe something is such a pain it's not worth bothering until you reach a later part of the game. Maybe some things are just flat out broken? These are a bunch of changes that are both personal preference but after nearly 4000 hours in the game, also semi-sound ideas:

(Nerf)Expert Skeletron - Okay, expert for bosses is supposed to make them harder but more rewarding. Skeletron on Expert is literally so tough that you can suck it up and deal with knockback for longer, kill the Wall of Flesh with bees, and come BACK once hardmode is started, all to just avoid the absurd amount of prep needed to fight this guy pre-hardmode.

To beat Expert Skeletron without whipping out high tier boss dodging strats or having an absurdly stacked arena, you need essentially every movement option in the game until his hands are dead. Then you need to either cheese the skulls he shoots which hit like trucks, or dodge their weird pattern of shooting and movement.

Even when I pop literally every buff potion you can get at the time, including going to hell and getting heartreach potions even though he doesn't spawn minions, he can still manage to wreck my face. If me, a Terraria veteran, struggles with this boss still in prehardmode, I can't imagine newer players having a pleasant experience.

I could see an easy 'nerf' being making the skulls he spawns killable, like bees from Queen Bee. Not only would that make sense, but considering Cursed Skulls are a mob in the dungeon proper and you can still kill them, it would make even more sense. Another change would be lowering the frequency he shoots them, but allowing them to go through walls. And even another change would be not allowing them to curve towards you.

Plenty of things tweak here that would make this boss still challenging but not 'lemme just skip this till after hardmode' challenging.

(Buff)King Slime - Out of all the ways to cheese this boss, the most ridiculous one is hanging from a rope. This is absurd. How about, if you spend too long outside of potential jump and teleport range, like hanging above him, he grows slime spikes and fires them at you? This would not only punish that silly strategy, but also fit for what slimes that he spawns can do. Vertically challenge King Slime is absolutely ridiculous.

(Tweak)Dungeon Spirit Linked Enemies Drain Health - So I know that dungeon spirits have a chance of spawning from anything killed in post-Plantera dungeon, but could this potentially be calculated before the enemy is dead? I was thinking a tell tale way of seeing if something has a spirit in it or not is if it starts draining health from you, potentially as a debuff when close enough. Not a large amount, because that could get annoying fast, but it would be an interesting idea all the same!
So, we have a lot of different enemies, but there's some enemies and even bosses that would make a great fit. Now, I do admit a lot of bosses and mobs probably belong in mods, but there's a good deal of biomes and depths that lack formidable foes:

Hallowed Boss - So we have a boss for the world evils, but nothing that matches the Hallow. I've noticed that some people mention the mechanical bosses as fitting this, but... doesn't really count if you ask me. You need to be in hardmode to fight those bosses, Hallow there or not. Fact of the matter is, we have nothing to fight in the Hallow that we need to specifically be within the Hallow for. I was thinking it could be something like a giant rainbow wing butterfly that is surrounded by a swarm of smaller ones, similar to how the Brain of Cthulhu has clots. However, unlike that, I was thinking that perhaps this swarm of butterflies could act as a sort of barrier to doing damage to the boss. Perhaps the boss itself actually has low amounts of health similar to BoC Could be a giant pixie or fairy instead with similar stuff!

Alternatively, this boss could be something like a giant centaur-unicorn. But with a twist! I was thinking this alternative boss could have a sort of humanoid look to it's lower body, a purple illuminant-style skinned four 'human' leg or arm creature with a unicorn head and unicorn-color pair of ripped biceps. Could call it something like the Unicord(Discord + Unicorn)! As for what it's mechanics could be, that I am not sure.

Snow Biome Boss - The Snow biome has a soooort of boss, but it's more an event and it's not really that impression. Frost Legion that is. But we can technically fight them anywhere! The possibilities for a boss here are wide. Could be a giant Yeti. Or maybe a sort of interesting fight where the boss is a literal giant snowball that must be fought back with a pickaxe, higher mining levels holding it back better. Then, once you slow it to a halt and likely mine all it's snow away, it becomes stunned and a target for a brief time, low but still boss tier HP, but then once it regains it's composure, it attempts to regain it's snow coating to become it's highly damaging and high speed state once more! An interesting concept and unique fight to be sure. As for what the creature is at the center, perhaps a larger one of those fluffy white enemies from the underground snow biome?

Of course, it could be something entirely different, but that's my idea.

Underground/Cavern Boss - We don't really have a boss aside the Wall of Flesh that we need to be at a specific layer for. Plantera goes berserk, sure, but that's jungle specific. How about a new giant worm of some kind? Or maybe a nightmare fuel inducing giant bat of some kind? Was thinking this could be a sort of post King Slime but pre-EoC boss.

Desert/Underground Desert Boss - Self explanatory! We have a bunch of interesting enemies, a weather event and now even a rework coming in 1.3.6! A new boss could fit here quite easily!

Hallow Mini-Boss - Having a notable enemy if not a boss would be nice too. Doesn't always have to be more bosses to fight, after all!

Mushroom Biome Mini-Boss - Same deal as above, but given the mushroom biome rarely ever gets huge, having a full blown boss seems a little silly to me. Wouldn't be opposed to a full boss, but a mini-boss would be nice!

Mushhorde - A hardmode invasion type event for mushroom enemies would be nice! Maybe that's a new a requirement for finding the mushroom NPC!

More Space Enemies - Right now we have mostly just harpies, the occasional wyvern, angry nimbuses and flying fish during rain, demon eyes and the occasional martian probe. Having more enemies up in space and the upper areas of the map would be nice! Things like goblins riding crudely built planes, occasional non-probe martian enemy, more winged hostile enemies, and maybe biome-specific height enemies like maybe a griffon or something when near Hallow at high altitude!
So we have a good deal of NPCs as is, I feel like we don't need too many, however, there are a couple ideas I've had that would make wonderful quality of life additions:

Archaeologist - In the world of Terraria, we have many buildings left behind by ancient civilizations or long gone people. Maybe we want to preserve them for further study? In comes the Archaeologist, an NPC stuffed full of Indiana Jones memes and a reference to Dr. Bones. He would sell things based upon various milestones. At the start, he simply sells Marble and Granite blocks for high prices, simply finding them interesting. But beat Skeletron and you gain the ability to purchase all 3 dungeon color bricks and walls. For a high cost of course. These things don't grow on trees! He could sell Lihzahrd stuff too after beating the Golem, or...

Banished Lihzahrd - ...this guy could sell them! The Banished Lihzahrd would be an NPC likely found tied up within the Jungle Temple entry after beating the Golem. Heck, maybe they banished them because you kicked their butts and killed their construct! He'd likely also sell Lihzahrd energy cells and what not, other Jungle Dungeon related stuff. With how interesting these creatures are, it'd be a shame to not have one as an NPC! We have a Goblin after all! And besides, think of all the conspiracy theory memes and references you could stuff into him!

Stranded Martian - Similar to the Lihzahrd above, this martian for whatever reason disagrees with the bulk of his kind and wishes to live among you Terrarians! The requirements are obvious, beat the Martian Invasion, but he would sell Martian cosmetics, a few low-tier drops of theirs, and their blocks. But perhaps, they might sell something more...(expanded in another section related to enemies and bosses in the near future.)
It's a WIP, but this is all I thought up in 3 hours! Let me know what you think! I plan to add many more ideas!

Decided I'll post when I change something rather than post edits to the main idea post.​
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Removed a couple things and decided I'll add them into the two new WiP tabs.
Renamed 'Atmosphere' to 'Atmosphere & Biomes' and added a bunch of ideas for Corrupt/Crimson and Hallowed jungle and mushroom variants.
Added a new vanity idea for jester stuff.
I'm really feeling this idea ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Added the Enemies, Events & Bosses tab with a chunk of ideas.

Ended up removing the wand of sparking buff idea when I noticed it mentioned in the Discord's spoiler area.


Changed 'Weapons & Armor' to 'Weapons, Armor & Tools'
Added a bunch of ectoplasm/dungeon spirit related dyes, gear and blocks.
Added a couple new mounts, including a pygmy palanquin which is an amazing idea and you should all love it to bits because who doesn't want to get carried around by a collection of little tribal people?


Added the idea for Snail Slime Boots, essentially anti-gravity/climbing travel more like snail and other critters in the game. Sorry for the lack of updates, finding it hard to pinpoint things that would make good additions without utterly ruining the game's setup!


Hey peeps, been awhile, but been mostly content with my suggestions thus far, so I haven't had much to add. 1.3.6 got bumped up to Journey's End/1.4, and a bunch of stuff to look forwards to. Some of these ideas might tread upon stuff we've already seen, but I'm leavin' them in for fun, and besides, it'll be cute to see how much of these ideas, if any, end up similar features or things in the main game.

As for an update, it's not much, but added Themed Trap Doors and Gates to the blocks and such tab. :dryadhappy:
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