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Wavebank Stormalisk's Mega Mix


Terraria has a pretty solid soundtrack, however, it never has been a strong point for me when playing. Some times I remember themes of good old games and other modern/classic/mod titles I can't seem to get enough of.
Lets quickly mention about one of Terraria's big competitors, Starbound.
While it may lack Terraria's content, it has an absolute mind boggling good soundtrack.
So here I present a mix of many game/mod theme titles I've found to fancy and feel like they can support the biomes/events I presented to them.
Rights belong to their sources, some are edited slightly.

>1 Night : Nomads - Starbound
>2 Eerie : The Marshalling Yard - Resident Evil 2
>3 Day : Blue Straggler - Starbound
>4 Boss1 : Crusader - Binding of Issac Rebirth
>5 Title : Planetarium - Starbound
>6 Jungle : Chicken Island - Tak and the Power of JuJu
>7 Corruption : Morphine - Binding of Issac Rebirth Antibirth Mod
>8 Hallow : Winter Princess - Zero Project
>9 Underground Corruption : Police Station Basement - Resident Evil 2
>10 Underground Hallow : "Rippling Crystals" Slowed down version of Rip in the Fold - Minecraft Betweenlands Mod
>11 Boss 2 : Cerebrum Dispersio - Binding of Issac Afterbirth
>12 Undergound : Dungeon Idle Mix - Dungeon Keeper 2
>13 Boss 3 : Burning Ambush - Biding of Issac
>14 Snow : Artic Exploration 2 - Starbound
>15 Space : Out of Orbit - Binding of Issac Rebirth Antibirth Mod
>16 Crimson : Zerg Theme Mix - Starcraft 2
>17 Boss 4 : Divine Combat - Biding of Issac
>18 Day Alternate : Europa - Starbound
>19 Rain : Haiku - Starbound
>20 Ice : "Sapphire Embers" Slowed down version of Emerald Embers - Minecraft Betweenlands Mod
>21 Desert : Aranoch Desert - Diablo 2
>22 Ocean : Amiss Abyss - Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze
>23 Dungeon : Crypt - Diablo 2
>24 Plantera : Tlaloc - Tak and the Power of JuJu
>25 Boss 5 : Unholy Assault - Biding of Issac
>26 Temple : Chicken Temple - Tak and the Power of JuJu
>27 Solar Eclipse : Drowning - Binding of Issac Rebirth Antibirth Mod
>28 Rain SFX : Unchanged
>29 Mushroom : Chanson d'Automne - Risk of Rain
>30 Pumpkin Moon : Night of Tragedy - Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep
>31 Underground Alternate : Dungeon Idle Mix 2 - Dungeon Keeper 2
>32 Frost Moon : The 13th Dilemma - Kingdom Hearts 2
>33 Underground Crimson : Underground Laboratory - Resident Evil 2
>34 Lunar Event : Matricide - Biding of Issac Rebirth
>35 Pirate Invasion : Rage of the Champions - Castle Crashers
>36 Hell : Hell - Diablo 2
>37 Martian Madness : Capital City Hunted - Destroy All Humans!
>38 Final Boss : My Innermost Apocalypse - Binding of Issac
>39 Goblin Invasion : Factory - Castle Crashers
>40 Sandstorm : Desert Exploration 2 - Starbound
>41 Old One's Army : Dungeon Battle Mix - Dungeon Keeper 2
>42 Space Day : Wings - Minecraft The Aether Mod
>43 Ocean Night : Ocean Exploration 2 - Starbound
>44 Windy Day : The Afternoon Streets - Kingdom Hearts 2
>45 Wind Ambience : Unchanged
>46 Town Day : Building Mode 6 - Sims
>47 Town Night : Building Mode 2 - Sims
>48 Slime Rain : Danger - Slime Rancher
>49 Terraria Remix - Unchanged
>50 launch Title Screen : Stellarformation - Starbound
>51 Alt Title Screen : Stellarformation - Starbound
>52 Thunderstorm : Pokemon RSE - Drought/Heavy Rain mix by Kamex
>53 Graveyard : Eternal Oath - Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles
>54 Underground Jungle : The Search - Command and Conquer Red Alert
>55 Night Jungle : Gloom - Command and Conquer Red Alert
>56 Early Hardmode new boss : Surface Tension - Risk of Rain
>57 Late Hardmode new boss : Infanticide - Binding of Issac Rebirth
>58 Duke Fishron : Tidal Wave - Transformers Armada Game
>59 Morning Rain : Epsilon Indi - Starbound
>60 Console Theme : Unchanged
>61 Underground Desert: Wasteland - Command and Conquer Red Alert

If any of these suit your fancy and you want to give this a go, here is the link:
Wave Bank.xwb
Linux/Mac "LM" Version:
Wave Bank LM.xwb

To install simply:
1. Go to your Terraria directory, normally located at Steam\SteamApps\common\Terraria\Content
2. Find the vanilla wave bank, it is recommended to back it up. How I do it is I simply put Vanilla in it's name and leave it in the folder. It cannot tamper with Terraria's loading process and it is there for ease of access
3. Once you have renamed, or deleted your vanilla wave bank (not sure why you'd do that), drag the new wave bank in and load up Terraria
4. You should hopefully hear new music playing and enjoy!
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-Added much more music for the new musics save the ambience, new title screens, and party girl music
-Changed Jungle Day Music
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Set rain effect sound back vanilla Terraria's, as there was a break in the loop that was irritating.

Lunatic Lobbyist

The Destroyer
This is a VERY well-made wavebank, and has everything I look for in soundtrack replacements. The music selection is fantastic imo, and all songs I've heard so far fit together very nicely in terms of style, mood, volume level, and I haven't noticed any sloppy loop points at the end of tracks. The mood of many tracks is slightly more serious compared to vanilla, but it works very well imo. It's obvious a lot of effort was put into making it.

I thoroughly recommend others to try this one out. It's done so well, I'd consider it a great example of how wavebanks should be done. Great work. :happy:


Thank you for the very positive feedback, I greatly appreciate it!

I now have a Linux/Mac version up (Mac isn't tested), however, it is incredibly larger than windows version. So until someone steers me in any possible shortening directions beware the large download.

68kKB vs. 510kKB wew laddie.

Also, old link is now LM version due to accidentally overwriting window's link. Just in case anybody bookmarked the download or something.


The mega hiatus is over, bringing on in the big 1.4 beta!
-Added much more music for the new musics save the ambience, new title screens, and party girl music
-Changed Jungle Day Music

Note: Linux/Mac 1.4 still not released

Lunatic Lobbyist

The Destroyer
THANK YOU for updating this. Finally got a chance to try it out, and it's as far fantastic! My only "issue" (which is nothing against this but more of a personal one) is that this doesn't replace the 'console theme,' being the main theme that now starts up with the game -- it's my least favorite Terraria track, so I'd happily take a replacement here as well if you're ever willing. :p

It's just really nice to have my favorite wavebank updated -- it always just seemed to fit the game better than any other (imo even perhaps vanilla). It's a crime this doesn't get more attention!

Btw I've heard the devs are planning something new with the soundtrack in 1.4.1, so it's possible wavebanks will have to be updated again, but I'm not 100% certain of that.

Regardless, thanks again.


I've still been pondering on what to use for that intro, though I think I have another Starbound track in mind.

I would like to get on that this week, as I was previously booked at my job for 6 days a week and im beyond exhausted. Now that the mess is clearing up i'll have my freetime back.
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Lunatic Lobbyist

The Destroyer
We seem to have very similar tastes, between RE2, Binding of Issac, Diablo 2, the Sims, etc. So I'm looking forward to your pick -- but take all the time you need.


Here comes an update!

I changed the late hardmode boss's track, tweaked Slime Rain and Windy day's loop, and added new startup track.

I'll update linux/mac this weekend.


Another update coming through.

Tweaked every boss/event track to be more streamline when looping, finally got the slime rain track to a place were i'm happy enough with it.

Pardon the lack of the linux/mac updates for those whom may be looking for them. I find it difficult to stay awake most nights due to work so I dedicated last weekend to alot of rest.

If I am unable to get to those updates this weekend, fret not, as the weekend after i'll have alot more free time.
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