Console Strategies for Destroyer?


Hey, so, what I've got seems like it could work. I have:
Armor: Titanium
Weapons: Frostbrand
Spells: Golden Shower, Cursed Flames, Crystal Storm
Minions: Spider/Hornet
Potions: Hunter, Healing, Titan
Equipment: Magma Stone, Avenger Emblem, Philosopher's Stone, Frostspark Boots and Moon Stone

Are there any Arena recommendations for fighting this beast, or if nothing, changes to my loadout?

Let me know, or even help me in-game, my PSN is Tichnarr.

Lambent Light

I just make that same arena, and use the flamethrower.
This is me but i consider skelly prime is rhe easiest of the three, then use the flamethrower because it pierces through the worm.

When its about to lunge at you just jump or move to a side and flame it as it completes its "drive by", and the amount of hearts you get from probe kills makes using heart statues almost completely pointless.
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