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Stuck on Connecting to IP: Complete!


I literally cannot get past this. and Only one of the servers I have lets me enter the port number, the rest don't allow it. What do I do? I'm generally not a very tech savy person, so if you could explain in a way/video thats detailed enough for me, that would be great :p


If you can't join someone's server, it's usually a problem on their end. Port forwarding not enabled, for example. Have you asked one of the hosts?


Hmm, the only thing I can come up with is that you accidentally told Windows not to allow Terraria to go past your firewall.
I'd check the firewall settings.

For Windows 10 ->
- Click Start
- Type 'Firewall'
- Click Windows Defender Firewall
- Click Advanced Settings
- Check the Inbound rules to see if Terraria is in there.
- If the case, right-click the Terraria rules that you can find, click Properties on each of them
- Check 'Allow the connection' and click OK; do this for each of them.
- I don't think there should be any Outbound rules, but feel free to check.
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