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  1. TheOrangeNinjaYT

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    ummm..... Hi.... if u play subnautica SAY SOMETHING! I have created a place to talk aboutt subnautica stuff

    Known subnautica players on the forums:



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  2. Timer.

    Timer. Terrarian

    All right, already 5 days old and still nothing in here? I've expectet better since its in my opinion one of the best survivel games to date.
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  3. wolffe

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    i play subnautica finally a friend
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  4. Foraging Slime

    Foraging Slime Eater of Worlds

    I play. On my main survival it was a pain in the bum to be stopped from upgrading anything! I had the cyclops and the prawn suit but I couldn't progress because I didn't have the upgrade bay! it took my forever to find it but when I finally did I wasn't as into subnautica as i was before.
  5. Its already old and i am bored
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    I am bored of subnautica not of the forum
  6. Foraging Slime

    Foraging Slime Eater of Worlds

    Then why are you posting here?