Suggestions for my latest build ideas

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    I am planning on building a couple things in my world, and was wondering if I could get a few ideas? I am playing on the Vita. My first build I am wanting to do is a Submarine. I want to build it with metal walls, floors, and ceilings, but I can't figure out how to make my metal ingots into blocks. I was thinking for the submarine either Iron, Lead, or Mythril, because the green metallic color would be awesome. As for lights, is there anything that looks like fluorescent lighting in the game? I was thinking about that for the interior. Also, I was kinda hoping to have something like control panels that were lit up; is there anything that looks like that? Maybe glowing? Finally, after I have it built, if I needed more water, is there a console command to add more water to the world on Vita?

    My other idea is a starship. I want to build it similar to the submarine, with metal blocks, but in the sky, and with a different shape. All the things I was needing to know for the submarine will help with the starship... Except for one thing; I want to have glowing engines, like maybe glowing whitish blue.