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PC Summoner to Pokémon Trainer


Official Terrarian
im back already and of course it did not work
i think i probably broke something so i will probably get somebody else to do it
well one thing i can reccomend is moving those xnb files in the image folder, it will replace the vanilla textures with the texture pack being pokemon trainer, you can undo that if you check the integrity files on steam in terarria properties


Official Terrarian
Yo are you planing on turning the old ones army staffs into Pokemon was thinking since there are 3 stages you could us startes (best example: tepig as fire ball staff)


Now that the flinx staff is out, will you update the pack to make it snover? And I think that the charizard texture for the imps should look more like how the imps are positioned. Everything else is amazing!


I have a suggestion, Whenever you choose to update this pack to include pet or light pet retextures, can corsola be one of them?
idk i just really like corsola and i think it would be funny if they were in terraria
you can choose the form i guess
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