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PC Support Muilti core CPU's

Discussion in 'Other' started by MINECLOWN666, Oct 4, 2014.


    MINECLOWN666 Terrarian

    Iv noticed an issue with terraria when ever i play the game it only runs on One (1) of my CPU Cores I have a Intel i7-4790K. I'm wondering if there is a patch that could be applied to the game so it utilizes all of my core not just One (1) or if there is a game file i could edit so the game uses more then One (1) core. When i play other games like Borderlands 2 or batman arkham origins my CPU temp is only 32C at max but when i play terraria the temp is ~45C. I do have a liquid cooling system its a Swiftech H220

    If you guys could patch the game so it will use more then One (1) core would be great and i would play the game more often
  2. i19z

    i19z Terrarian

    Support!!!, yes we need this definitely, I think the game has multi-core lighting already, but not multi-core processing.
  3. Shockah

    Shockah Grandson of The Wizard

    Nothing you can do about it. It's how Terraria works; everything has to be updated in order, which means no threading, which means no additional cores. The only thing that does use additional threads is worldgen / world loading/saving / entering hardmode.