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Taking the Journey on the Road: Terraria Journey's End Launches on Mobile Today!

Greystillbrynns III

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haha! Last night my brother and I *finally* found a Plantera’s bulb, and, subsequently, shot through progression and killed the Moon Lord, in Journey Mode. Sadly, my brother’s IPad died shortly after the fight, and we don’t know if his character’s inventory saved yet. I am loving 1.4. so far, though.
Well if you had auto save on, at least you won’t lose a lot of progress.

Dark Sunshine

Eater of Worlds
Well if you had auto save on, at least you won’t lose a lot of progress.

We did have it on, thankfully. I’m just glad I was hosting the server and not him. A couple minutes later, he discovered why the charger wasn’t working. it wasn’t plugged into the wall.

Update: his character did save, but his iPad died literally two minutes later.
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Alex S

Hey Ice Age Sqirrel would like to buy same as mechanics phone.
Erinit you are not right it OPhone (OakPhone from Acorn) 11 Pro it have 3 camers, flashlight and slmething else
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The Destroyer
as long as he sells me ice age baby. I have some business with that... Thing

No the image for this article has the mechanic playing. Zoom in at the bottom and its a replica of the iPhone 12 with an acorn instead of an apple

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What I mean by items is if you need to get any 1.4 items that aren't available in your world, you could go to a new world to get those items.
I got the cell phone and alot new mounts and the bug I was telling you about It wasn't I actually had kill the lunatic clutist but I always summon moon lord after golem to be easier but I do crash if I go on a diff wrld :(


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loki it was there on the Amazon Appstore i had seen it and it was not yet released, i already started a terraria world so large that it cost alot of ram to join my large world, so i don't know when I'm getting the update?

There was a mistake with the first update sent to Amazon, which resulted in going out again... that has since been rectified and 1.4 should have been on Amazon since Friday.

There are such things as phones with 1080p screens, so there isn't a good way to fix it.

As far as I understand Mobile, it renders in whatever the native resolution of the phone is. As for the level of zoom, what you have now matches PC - until you run into aspect ratio issues. As an example - taking from my iPhone X - I reach the allowable maximum horizontal zoom before I reach the vertical. Thus, it will appear that I don't have "PC-level zoom" when I actually do. The issue is that I cannot go beyond that level of vertical zoom without taking the horizontal to beyond-PC standard. This results in a balance and performance minefield.

So, basically, you can take it as far out as you want... until either your X or Y axis hits the PC-level boundary. That's extremely unlikely to change.

I have a question. How do I move the chat back to the bottom im missing events because it is in the inventory

If you mean that chat messages are not showing unless you are in inventory, this is an issue that will be fixed in but for now, just make sure that you have the Tutorials turned off in the Settings (the little Light Bulb in the upper right corner should vanish/be replaced with the Chat Bubble icon).

Yes, my controller buttons work perfectly fine, and I already map it, so I still don't know why it doesn't work, any idea?

What gamepad setup are you using in terms of your button maps? Have you accidentally toggled Swap Shoulders? What gamepad model?

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Loki what happened to the First Fractal sword and why is it unobtainable I heard about it from alot youtubers
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