Target dummy teleporter problem

Gilles Bert


I'm trying to build a target dummy machine, following this video (Terraria 1.3 Wiring Tutorial: Timer Cascades and Automatic Selectors by Joe price) :

But I can't make the dummy-teleporter work more than once. After the first use the dummy seems to became inactive as i must remove it and put it back in its place for the machine to work again.

I've tried to isolate the problem by just teleporting the dummy from one pod nto another but it don't work, there's the teleport sound and visual effect but the dummy just stay in the first pod.
My wiring seems fine as I manage to teleport myself, is there a know issues in terraria 1.4 or is there something I don't get ?

Thanks !

Gilles Bert

I just figure how to record a video on windows 11 😅

Here is a gif of my problem

Terraria _ PAS LES ABEILLES ! 2022-11-25 00-05-54.gif

Does anybody has an idea of what the problem could be ?


Placed target dummy spawns an invisible dummy ghost npc which is the part that takes damage and can interact with pressure plates. Teleporter only teleports the invisible ghost, dummy itself always stays in original location.

Gilles Bert

Thank you for your answer !
Still, I've got my main problem of my dummy machine only working once (wich I've solved using myself instead of a target dummy). Is there any working mod that would allow to see the ghost ? I've found topics on a "Mecamod" that I can't find anywhere ?

Thank you for your time.
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