Tool TConvert - Extract content files and convert them back

Not foolproof: i just "zipbombed" myself into desktop expecting it to create a folder and put everything in it
I'm trying to extract the textures from older versions (so far 1.0, 1.0.1, and and like half of the textures have errors, why might that be happening? It gets these errors:
Reason: IO error (Unable to read beyond the end of the stream.)
Reason: Exception ((window_posn + this_run) > window_size)
Reason: IndexOutOfRangeException (Index was outside the bounds of the array.)

I tried with TExtract too, it just doesn't progress after the first problematic file
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A combination tool for managing Terraria content resources. Extract from Xnbs, convert to Xnbs, backup, and restore. The unofficial sequel to TExtract.

Supports: Images, Sounds, Sprite Fonts, ReLogic's Dynamic Sprite Fonts, and Wave Banks



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~ Extract image, sound, and font resources from Terraria's Xnb files, and extract songs from Terraria's Xwb wave bank ~
~ Convert images and sounds back into Xnb format and copy them to the content directory ~
~ Backup and restore your content folder for when you need to remove changes (Glorified file copier) ~
~ Run scripts that give more control over where files go when they are converted or extracted ~
~ Drop files into the window to automatically process them ~
~ Command line support for use with Windows Shell or the command prompt ~
~ Set paths as "." to use the current directory of the executable ~


.NET Framework 4.5.2 | Windows 7 or later

Downloads: v1.0.2.1

(The main UI-based executable)
(The pure terminal version of TConvert. Works better in command prompt but has no UI)

~ Previous downloads can be found at the bottom of the page ~


Script Guides

How to Write XML
How to Write Scripts
Example Script


Wiki | Credits | Image Album | Source Code


⬅ Other Information

  • Program no longer crashes when failing to find the Terraria install directory and trying to extract a Wave Bank.
  • Both now support premultiplying image alpha when converting to XNB. Note: This feature is enabled by default as most users will be expecting it (especially when A == 0 and RGB != Black)
  • Now packaged with the full version of FFmpeg, which drastically increased the file size of the executable.
  • Numerous non-wave audio formats are now supported.
  • Now launches Terraria from the configured save folder in Terra Launcher if present on the computer.
  • A bit of code refactoring.
  • No longer throws an error when encountering comments in xml scripts.
  • Wave Banks can now extract to and from paths with spaces in them.
  • Renamed extracted tracks and TrackList file.
  • Font checkbox in extract tab should properly disable.
  • No more errors related to invalid or null paths.
  • Fixed an outdated error message window using the old program name and not linking to the correct GitHub page.
The first release. Comes with everything you need to convert and extract Xnb files.​
Im still confused on a few things
Where are the files for say bosses? Like if I wanted to retexture the Golem boss and tried to use this as a guide, where would I find the info I need? Like what to title the retexture, where to put the retexture and what not. I can't even find enemies so I'm confused.
Is this up to date with 1.4.9?
Worked on almost everything: sounds, images and fonts

but didn't work on shaders (gets an error) and music comes all glitchy and painful
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