Terraria Amazon Store Launches Today - Plus Two New Terraria Shirt Designs!


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Happy Thanksgiving, Terrarians!

We hope everyone finds time for friends and family this week – know that we are certainly thankful for each and every one of you! Of course, Thanksgiving also kicks off the holiday shopping season, and with that in mind, we wanted to share some new developments on the Terraria merchandise front!

Starting today, we have launched our very own Amazon storefront! This "one stop shop" on Amazon has links to every piece of Official Terraria Merchandise available on Amazon. From Terraria T-Shirts, Terraria Hoodies, Terraria Sweatshirts, and other Terraria clothing to Terraria home décor, Terraria books and more – this is something we are excited to offer and we look forward to expanding on both our product offerings and designs in the future. So keep a close eye on both our Amazon and Teespring stores throughout the Holiday season!

You can reach brand new Terraria Amazon store by clicking HERE or by clicking the image below.
launch banner 2.png



We also wanted to share that at least some of our Terraria Amazon.com offerings are now available on Amazon.uk and Amazon.de for all of our British and German fans! We cannot quite offer everything just yet – but we are excited to be able to share these with you. You should be able to find all that we have available via Amazon search (TIP: Search under "Clothing" category).

Of course, to serve your Terraria clothing needs, our Teespring store is here as well - and they can ship globally. Simply click HERE or the image below to head to our Teespring store.


Up next, we are rolling out two new Terraria shirt designs. One is based on the recent “box art” design featuring silver armor, and the other is a really cool watercolor take on Shadow Armor. These will be available as Terraria Hoodies, Terraria Long Sleeve Shirts, and Terraria Sweatshirts as well. We hope you all enjoy these as much as we do! Again, stay tuned as we will have more designs coming very soon!

Silver Armor.jpg


Shadow Armor Revised.png



Well, that’s it for today – we hope to have more to share on this front and some other nice surprises during the Holidays. Again, thanks for your support and we wish you all a great start to the holiday season!
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Awesome that amazon's set up for us Brits now! That new silver armour shirt looks amazing too!

Worth noting for those in the UK (and probably Germany too) that if you're searching for the merch you need to filter for clothing in order to get it to appear. I'm sure this will become less of an issue as sales increase and relogic tinker backend though!
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Children with shirts and sweaters from Minecraft (fake or Youtubers merchandise :dryadrolleyes:) and adults with shirts and sweaters from Terraria. Who is the artist of the designs? I love it :dryadgrin:
I'll be entirely honest. I don't wanna start anything, but I play Minecraft. I don't play it for the same reasons I do Terraria, I play it to build cool architectural things because there isn't that much else there, but I do enjoy it. However, I understand why people from this community would have an aversion to the MC community, considering which... side they see constantly. (It's such a ripoff guise!)

Okay, because going off topic should not be a thing, these are fricken amazing. Love the yinyang design.
I definitely laughed when I saw the Yin Yang bunnies. It looks really inappropriate but the fact that you choose rabbits for this makes me think it was intentional. lol
I want the lunch box and show off the school but everyone hates terraria and say Minecraft is better just cuz its 3D? EVEN THO THEY DIDNT TRY IT???? it makes me rage and they say its "PIXELIZED" but everything including irl has pixels.

Excuses man, they just dont know whats a plank length/irl pixel
[doublepost=1550025134,1550025077][/doublepost]btw not to be picky but I want a moonlord t shirt, no rush, just some feedback from a 11 year old
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