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Terraria Community Forums Talent Show

who's participating?

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The Destroyer
Hello Terrarians! I am A Universal Devourer, and I have decided to host a talent show! The talent show is now opened! This is the talent show thread, we will now be accepting submissions!

This talent show is not just Terraria related, it's a universal talent show. Almost every talent will be accepted, here is what will not be accepted:
1. plagiarism, or to put it more specific, no copying of art, videos, music, or any other talent. Use your own talents, not what someone else can do.
2. mature content, nothing that is mature content, cursing is not going to be mature content unless used excessively, but you should know what mature content is.
3. disrespect, please do not put ANYTHING offensive in your submission, nothing racist, sexist, political, etc.
4. don't plug any social media without reason, no youtube, twitter, instagram, etc.

Here are some of the requirements for more specific talents:
1. group work, if you do group work, everyone included in you submission MUST be labeled, and MUST participate in the talent.
2. music covers or remixes of art or music, if you do a cover, make it clear that it is not your song and give a source to the original, remixes also need this.
3. THIS IS NOT TALENT SPECIFIC: you are required to explain in your entry what you are doing and what your talent is.

To finish off the current rules:
please do not try to beg/bribe the judges
make sure you get your entries in before time is up, late entries will not be accepted
do not post more than one entry, unless you've posted a group talent and you're posting one separate from that group
try to not reveal your identity unless you want to, I don't want to be held responsible for anything dealing with identity theft or stuff like that.
ATTENTION: Breaking any rule will cause any and all of your entries being removed, this includes group work

The release date of the the talent show will be posted here so look for it when it is posted:
but wait, this isn't the only talent show, I will host one every month, they will all start on the 10th of that month, and end on the 20th, but you may begin work any time

Best of luck to all in the talent show!

edit: for this show, I will try using a poll for voting for the talents to see how well it works
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Official Terrarian
*checks rules*
*sets alarm for 9 am so I have a lot of time to make a compilation of me showing off because I can*
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