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Terraria.exe will not download


When I connected back to the internet after a long while, I saw that terraria had a new small update that was required to play. But when I tried to install it, I got an error that said Terraria.exe was not found and it paused the update. It just disappeared, and when I ran the "Verify integrity of game files" under properties, it told me that two files were actually missing. I think the other one might be TerrariaOriginalBackup.exe because I couldn't find that either. I checked my AVG Antivirus Free quarantine section to see if it had detected Terraria.exe as some sort of malware but it wasn't there either. I am now at a point where I have backed up my world and character files, and reinstalled the game twice now. The first time, it said (and I checked) that there was no Terraria.exe and that there was a drive disk error when on the installing section. The second time I deleted all of the Terraria files that were still even there and it did the same thing. Before the second time though, I found a crashlog file and it said that there was problems with Microsoft Xna Framework, and I saw in a post somewhere that I should reinstall that too so I tried that and it still isn't working.
I've included some images to help visualize my problem.

Any help with this would be amazing. Thank you.


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This seems like an issue with Steam itself, rather than Terraria. I would recomend contacting steam support.
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