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tModLoader Terraria Extensions

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Orion The Boundary Ryu

Skeletron Prime
Im Just Spamming Sprites Tonight :D
[doublepost=1460084115,1460083780][/doublepost]And another one!


  • Durasteel Bow.png
    Durasteel Bow.png
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  • Durasteel Bar.png
    Durasteel Bar.png
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Orion The Boundary Ryu

Skeletron Prime
jk these are :dryadcool:
What Would A Mod Be Without Undertale Stuff! Right?


  • Frisk NPC.png
    Frisk NPC.png
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  • Npc Items.txt
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Dungeon Spirit
To make your thread a bit less cluttered, so everyone can see all your cool ideas and sprites easier, you could edit your main post and insert the images there :)
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