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  1. Azu

    Azu Retinazer

    Would there be any use for the C-nub though? You could have non-touch controls on a New 3Ds with it.
    The N 3DS has
    Two shoulder buttons
    D pad
    Two "control sticks"
    Four buttons
    Start and select.
    The Console control scheme could be implemented as well on a New 3ds, if it isn't present.
  2. ZeroEdgeir

    ZeroEdgeir Terrarian

    It was likely easier to simply make the controls for just the normal 3DS layout, than also add in extra for a system variant that has a low adoption rate (given there is all of 2 N3DS exclusive titles in almost a year).
  3. ArticReaper

    ArticReaper Official Terrarian

    Another console I'm gonna have to buy this game on now.

    That makes. 5 I will own it on. Joy. XD Well at least got it portable now :3
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    Also question for anyone that would know. Is this gonna be available in Australia on that day?
  4. Ori

    Ori Golem

    It comes out on my birthday! maybe i should wish for a 3DS
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  5. Izzabelle

    Izzabelle Lunatic Cultist

    Great. Now I have to get a 3DS. Thanks, dev team. %-_-

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  6. Spectra

    Spectra Skeletron Prime

    Well, this is certainly a welcome surprise. I'll mark the date. I'm curious to see for myself exactly what changes have been made to this version, both to suit the interface and to accommodate the less powerful hardware. In any case, it won't be long now until I can once again play Terraria.
  7. Azu

    Azu Retinazer

    Couple of things I just noticed.
    The two pictures have two different bottom screens: One with the touch controls and one with the inventory. If the game isn't paused, this means a control scheme without the touch controls (at least for main functions) is available, probably only on a New 3DS as noted on my first post. There also seems to be only part of the inventory shown, meaning certain slots could be visible for easy access without pausing, something that is a welcome addition to non-PC versions. This is visible on touch screen only, with it having the hotbar on non-touch. Also noted on the second picture are several buttons, being the option for cursor option (precise or not precise, further evidence of non-touch controls being present), the map, inventory, etc., but one of them is extremely interesting: a button that seems to be Quickstack to Nearby Chests, a 1.3 feature. We can tell because it isn't grayed out (like what seems to be the quickstack button on the bottom) and there is no chest in sight, because they are fighting Queen Bee. This seems to point to either 3DS having 1.3 or just some 1.3 features.
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  8. YellowPie84

    YellowPie84 Plantera

    I didn't know it was possible to be so hyped.
  9. king40606

    king40606 Terrarian

    Shame that I don't have a 3DS to play it on.
    I still remember the days when I played on my first DS. The original. Those were the fun times.
    Guess I know what I'll be asking for the holidays this year.
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  10. Kaoe

    Kaoe Terrarian

    My body is ready.
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  11. Nitramster

    Nitramster Skeletron

    Wow. Counting all mobile devices (excluding 3DS) as one, and different gen consoles separately, there are now 7 ways to play.
    EDIT: Holy moly, the 3D separation of foreground and background looks truly amazing.
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  12. Spectra

    Spectra Skeletron Prime

    I've been closely following this game's development to the fullest extent allowed by my limited access to information, so I'll clarify some things for you.

    The picture in which you see the touch screen controls is what, as was last reported, is known as "Precision Mode" (the 505 Representative working on the game said this name wasn't final, and thus it may be different now). This mode, activated by the button with the target on it on the bottom of the touch screen of the picture with the inventory shown, is intended solely for precise building and breaking of blocks. It is not intended as the main control scheme for general play. As the 3DS lacks a second stick (and the New 3DS's stick is unfit for precision aiming), the main control scheme consists of aiming with the Circle Pad. When the Circle Pad is pressed slightly in a direction but not fully, you will see a targeting reticle indicating where you're aiming, but you will not move. Press it fully or nearly so, and you'll both aim and move in that direction. In addition, the X button behaves as a lock-on feature that can be used to secure your aim to a particular enemy until it dies or until X is pressed again, allowing you to move and aim in different directions.

    In short, both 3DS and New 3DS possess this Circle Pad-oriented aiming method, meant as the main control scheme.

    As for the inventory when referring to the picture with the inventory on the bottom screen, I believe you can select which item in your hotbar you wish to switch to with your stylus, as well as L and R of course. I don't recall any information discrediting touch screen control of the hotbar, but I may have forgotten something. As for the picture with Precision Mode displayed, the inventory management system is actually really neat. On the left side you'll see the best of every kind of tool you currently possess in your inventory, as well as the weapon you last used when you opened Precision Mode. Tapping this weapon slot while it's already equipped will switch through the different weapons in your inventory. Along the right is a scrollable list of all building materials in your inventory, thus you don't have to leave Precision Mode to change materials.

    In addition to the Map, Precision Mode, Inventory, and Stack to Chests buttons you noticed, there's a dim button above the Precision Mode button that is for dropping items, in which you drag an item from your hotbar to it to drop it (this is intentionally deliberate so you don't accidentally throw items out during intense situations), and to the right of that is, of course, the NPC Housing button.

    As for the game's version, the last word is that the game will be 1.2 with some features from future versions. The interface is 1.3, as Redigit's request. In addition, you'll notice the use of fishing rods and minecarts in the trailer in the first post.
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  13. AlextheGreat545

    AlextheGreat545 Spazmatism

    I really hope it's not exclusive to the New 3DS, for the sake of my friends who just have the original one. I don't see anywhere that it is an exclusive so any 3DS will probably do.
    (BTW love your vids!) :merchanthappy:
  14. ZeroEdgeir

    ZeroEdgeir Terrarian

    Was stated by Loki a few posts after, that it is not N3DS exclusive.
  15. Deamterr

    Deamterr Terrarian

    It looks pretty awesome :3
    Good luck, 505Games!
  16. _direkt

    _direkt Steampunker

    I'm getting this hopefully soon. i can't wait for it!
  17. Dg-vr

    Dg-vr Dungeon Spirit

    Another reason to get a job this new year.... C:
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  18. Alucard_I

    Alucard_I Official Terrarian

    The interface looks a bit weird to me... Is it customizable? I'd hardly use more than 5 slots, and they take quite a lot of space on the lower screen. Having multiple tabs would probably look better. But I'm not the one to decide.
  19. Terramany

    Terramany Terrarian

  20. AlextheGreat545

    AlextheGreat545 Spazmatism

    I saw it. Thanks.
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