3DS Terraria for Nintendo 3DS is Here!

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My brother has this game on his 3DS, and it crashes about 98% of the time he tries to save the game.
Any helpful ideas?
My brother has this game on his 3DS, and it crashes about 98% of the time he tries to save the game.
Any helpful ideas?
I have no clue, i have a 2ds and it saves fine. Takes a while, but it's fine. :confused:
Loving this version been playing since I got it for Christmas. Is there any plans to bring online play to the 3ds so we don't only have to play local WiFi.?
A 3ds/2ds isn't that powerful, so i don't think so.
Can anyone give me an approximation of when the content update will come and what will be in it. I'm not looking for exact dates but just wondering cause I'm done with every thing got the best grapple,wings,sword and most of duke fishrons drops.
Can anyone give me an approximation of when the content update will come and what will be in it. I'm not looking for exact dates but just wondering cause I'm done with every thing got the best grapple,wings,sword and most of duke fishrons drops.
as of the last update I heard, they're putting it in when they can to hopefully aim for end of April.

As for best wings, Grapple, and Sword, my research is this:

My tip - ignore farming for Souls of Flight, just get 1 Platinum coin and buy Leaf Wings from the Witch Doctor housed in the Jungle.
Strongest - Spooky or Tattered wings from Pumpkin Moon Event drops.

My Tip - Start with a Gem Hook as that's arguably the easiest one to build first, then from there to the Ivy Whip.
Strongest - Spooky Whip is currently the strongest available in this version, from Pumpkin Moon Event.

My Tip - Progression can be as follows:
  • Cactus
  • Shadewood (if available), else Gold Shortsword
  • Zombie Arm (if you get it)
  • Light's Bane/Muramasa (obtain both still)
  • Blade of Grass/Fiery Greatsword (obtain both still)
  • Night's Edge
  • Excalibur
  • True Excalibur
  • The Horseman's Blade
  • True Night's Edge
  • Terra Blade
Strongest: Terra Blade
NOTE: I would suggest stepping up from Night's Edge to the Mushroom Spear that the Truffle sells if you can, as it may be a different combat style, but a good in-between on damage for some of these steps.
I think this is a stellar port so well done there. I have played quite a bit of the pc version. My own two cents?

This game needs to make maximum use of the c-stick on the N3DS. It needs to have auto-swing and aim function built in. This stick needs to operate like I am aiming with the mouse and holding the use button. This is a MUST for Hardcore mode endgame bosses if you ever implement a expert mode. The aiming function is wasted on distant objects not shown on screen as in boss fights and kiting high level monsters.

Customizable controls. I know this has been said before I just want to agree with what other people have said.

Dedicate the map button to the SELECT button. Remove from touch screen (for N3DS) and offer me a 3rd row of touch screen buttons relating to my current inventory. That way I can hot swap quickly without having to open the inventory screen. Would really help with mining and staying out of the mining screen (which lags when many sprites are loaded, by sprites I mean torch embers, fire embers, glowing ores, shimmering coins, etc.)

Implement the left bumper and left and right on the d-pad changes from melee weapon to range weapon in mining screen to the inventory screen by making a double tap of the l and r shoulder buttons to hot swap to range from melee and vice versa. Incredibly helpful interface option becomes extraordinarily limited when used in the mining interface.

Dedicate x and y buttons to mean the same thing in chests and in inventory. Frustrating to accidentally delete items when in a hurry to manage inventory.

Make a SORT option. This is REQUIRED when lacking screen real-estate. I need to quickly be able to assess what I have and where it is in my menu without having to micromanage my inventory every time I go farming for gear or items.

Shrink UI enlargement for items when moving them. It is too large and makes the viewing the other items nearby difficult.

Don't make moving inventory items swap one for one when moving from one inventory location to another. Simply implement a fix that shifts everything in the inventory to the right one. The reason I say this is because if I pick up something good and have a fullish inventory it automatically gets put at the bottom. I want to bring it to the top quickly but whatever place I drop it in that item automatically gets moved to the previous items former place. (Very frustrating). Also, this needs to happen because the inventory needs to be tweaked to function well in small real-estate screen area.

Give me sort on pick-up option.

Shrink heart and star size on main screen. Maybe give me a option for a small minimap on the top right hand corner to only extend 10 blocks past what I can see on screen? This would be nice. Or make the active map option shrinkable and usable with another touch-pad screen (i.e. shrink it and let me use it at the same time as I am using my inventory screen).

Otherwise, great, truly GREAT port. I played countless hours on the PC version (beat the game multiple times, automated farms, etc. love the pc game), and I am truly impressed with how well you bridged the gap given the inherent difficulties. I am most impressed by the smart cursor implementation on mining for the N3DS. On the pc it's not as necessary or useful, but on the N3DS it is beautifully implemented.

Also, emphasis on changes goes to c-stick optimization. Please please please change this. The c-stick could be such a powerful game mechanic and is being so incredibly under-utilized. Nobody needs to view off screen on Terraria. It was limited to scopes mainly in the pc version and it's just unnecessary.

Let me know what you guys think.
Hello Terrarians!

We are very excited to announce that Terraria is now available on the Nintendo 3DS! You can learn how to download your copy from the Nintendo e-Shop HERE. And as a launch day bonus, you can check it out with our friend @Pedguin on Twitch!

Here is a quick FAQ for anyone that missed this information - of course, feel free to ask further questions and we will work to answer them!

Terraria 3DS launch FAQ

What content is included?
Terraria 3DS includes all the content from 1.2 with the exception of Dyes which are excluded on technical grounds*. To make up for that, we’ve added Minecarts, Fishing and a few 1.3 UI options like the ability to quick stack to a chest. The 3DS version also features a completely overhauled interface, making full use of the two screens. You can cycle the bottom screen between an intuitive touch to build interface; a world map; or as a quick-select inventory bar. It’s the most intuitive Terraria has ever been on console, and we’ve included a few surprises for the Nintendo fanbase.

Will there be variable world sizes?
At launch, there is a single world size of 1750x900. You can save up to three Worlds and three Characters per console. This is as large as the original 3DS can handle. We are investigating the possibility of introducing larger worlds as a New 3DS-exclusive feature in future, but for launch we felt it was important to start everyone off on a level playing field.

Any other technical stuff I should be aware of?
This game plays in 2D ONLY. This is for a couple of reasons: the way the graphics layers work on 3DS was not conducive to a really exciting 3D effect; and the technical overheard required to run the game in 3D would have meant compromises in terms of world size and other gameplay-damaging areas. The game runs on ALL models of 3DS (original, XL and New) and also 2DS. The framerate on original 3DS is 30fps, whereas the New gets a boost to 60FPS.

Any other New 3DS benefits?
For launch, we wanted a single version that could be enjoyed by all players. There are different control possibilities for New, but nothing that will unbalance a multiplayer game with people on an Original or 2DS.

How does multiplayer work?
Multiplayer is 1-4 players via Local Play. Each player needs to have their own copy of the game.

Will there be a demo on the eShop?
There are no plans currently to offer a demo. I encourage people to seek out the opinions of their peers – there are a handful of people on the Forum playing this already.

Will the 3DS version be updated post launch?
We are planning to support both Nintendo versions post-launch, as we have done with the console versions. Update 1 is already specced out and scheduled, and we’ll be listening for community feedback from the moment the game goes live.

Will there be cross play between the Wii U and 3DS versions?
This is not possible owing to the smaller world size on 3DS.

When will the physical/retail version launch? Wii U?
Both of these are still planned for an Early 2016 launch.

How much free space do I need to install this game?
The game itself is around 80MB, which @Spectra tells me is 640 blocks. The save game and any subsequent content updates will be saved to the SD card.

I have a technical issue or feedback – where can I provide this?
You can always leave a post on TCF, and/or we would encourage you to utilize our new Customer Service Portal: http://support.505games.com/support/home

We will be gathering any additional bugs from our ongoing play/testing as well as your experience and rolling fixes into that first Update.

*We use pixel shaders to implement dyes on the other platforms, but 3DS does not have this capability.

Remember retail copies for 3DS and the Wii U version are still on track for early next year, so stay tuned!

So this has 1.3?
I have been playing and I must say.

0/10 I wasted 10 gold on turkor the ungrateful and i died stupid game 0/10 i actually like it.
No. It has some features from 1.3 like using weapons while mounted.
No, I'm pretty sure that mounts aren't even in the game yet. The only 1.3 feature in the 3DS version is quick stack to nearby chests. Other than that it's 1.2 with fishing and minecarts.
Stackable buckets would be nice. It's a hell of a lot of work to fill inventory with a few dozen buckets, keep going to the inventory screen to change buckets to pick up water/lava/honey, move to the drop site, then in-and-out of inventory again to dump each one individually. I know I COULD wait until getting the Mechanic and use pumps but that's still pretty inefficient if you're wanting to cover a long distance, and doesn't help if you want to relocate something before you've found her.
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